(I was not under control when I first started talking, but the control gradually took over after the first two or three sentences. The control was not identified but, judging from the manner of delivery and the content, it was probably Arrian.)

While I was sitting there, just now, I was being given the sort of picture or impression - I don't quite know what to call it - of the spirit as it came down into the material world. It was just so immense, I just don't know how to describe it, but this spirit was coming down and it wasn't incarnated just in Jesus or in the Buddha or in any of the other great masters of the world that we know about. It has been incarnate in every atom of the universe. It has reincarnated in every person that has lived, in every animal, in every plant, every insect. The whole universe is made out of the spirit of the Godness. This is what the Spirit World rejoices in, what any of the great festivals that celebrate the incarnation of Spirit in the world, and at this time we are especially rejoicing with you as you remember that one particular incarnation. But we ask you to spread your understanding and see the greater incarnation. As the spirit of Godness brought the universe into manifestation from the depths of its being. You have the manifest universe and you have the unmanifest universe, and the incarnation is of that unmanifest universe. As it crossed the border into a more solid material manifestation, a manifestation in which you are, at this moment, incarnate. There are the two sides but it is the one coin, and whenever you have the feeling of peace and of love, of joy, you are reflecting the side of the unmanifest. And when you concentrate on the material objects, when you concentrate on your own need, for it is a need, for material objects, you are reflecting the other side. Please notice that I am not referring to good and evil, for there is only one. There is only the one spirit that is manifest in the material universe. Therefore, there can only be one spirit. At this time in your part of the world, you start remembering love and peace, and in so many, many cases, you let fall away the discordances that have been around you in your life during the year. We pray that you could let them go completely, and through the coming year entirely manifest the love and joy that you feel at Christmas time. As you celebrate your Christmas it is a tremendous mixture of the two sides: You have your busy-ness of your material celebrations, but we ask you to remember the peace and the depth of the spiritual side of Christmas. But remember this all through the year, not just at Christmas time. Not just on Sundays. But in every moment of your life. In everything that you do, let it be from that centre of peace and love and joy that is the real you, that is really within you. And if there are hurts, let them go, do not refer to them. True, we know, you cannot help remembering them. But do not express them. Concentrate instead on expressing your true, spiritual side, the depths of the Godness which in your master, the Lord Jesus, was so fully manifested on earth that a great religion has sprung from his teachings.

Go to the basic core of his teachings. You have so much that has been laid on the top of them, tear it out. Go to the real message that he came to bring, the real message of love and forgiveness. If you can express those two, especially the unconditional forgiveness that the Lord Jesus was able to express on the cross, you will be carrying the spirit of Christmas through the whole year.

Now, we are building up here a pool of spiritual energy for you. In this room there are not only your own guides, your own loved ones, who are drawing close especially at this time to share with you and to bring you their love, their manifestation of love, but we have many other souls here, many other spirits. And they are building up to form a great cathedral of golden light. We are channelling through to you this love, this energy and spirit. And for a few moments we would like you to open yourselves up to us.

There is a great golden dome over this room. Open yourself up to us and receive the love and the joy that we seek to bring you. We will come around you, and to each one we will give a spiritual flower for you to take home. I am not going to tell you what they are because for each person they will be different, but you will get the impression of a flower before you. And over you will be a guiding star to guide you in the coming days.

(Pause for a few moments.)

And my friends, as you remember the innocence of that day so long ago, may you be able to express it too - the innocence of the spirit within. We pray that this peace may go with you all, and may you feel this joy throughout this Christmas time and throughout the coming year as often as you remember today.

My peace be with you.

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