Good afternoon friends. I thank you for inviting me to speak to you to-day. My name is Ah-So and it is indeed a great honour to speak to you at this Easter Festival that you celebrate.

This festival for you commemorates the death of your master Jesus on the cross and also his resurrection - of His proof that death is not the end. Your Lord Jesus was one of the many incarnations of Divine Love - He was that Divine Love come down to earth. I wonder if you can comprehend the sacrifice He made when He came back to earth. He was at the level, highly advanced in the Spirit World, He was at a level where He was almost merging back to the Godness from which we all come. He gave up that bliss, that peace, that ecstasy for which I really have no real words to describe. He came back down through several levels of the Spirit World and into the material world to put on a physical body that is subject to the whims and laws of your world. He brought a message which the people of that time could not comprehend. And so He talked in parables so that those that were ready to receive the enlightenment He sought to bring, could receive it. And those who could not understand would leave the stories (alone), so that the transmission could go on.

You celebrate His death at a time of the year that has always been a sacred festival. For the Jews, from which your Christianity sprung, they celebrate their release from bondage and slavery. For those people you call pagans, it was a time of rejoicing, of welcoming the Sun back, they rejoiced in their freedom from the Winter.Your side of the world is really out of kilter with this because it is your Autumn, it is the time when your winter is coming and your part of the earth is beginning to rest, to die down. But it is not so noticeable in your part of the world as it is in other parts. The symbolism, however, is still there because, before you can have this release, there must first be the dying down. You go down and then you come up. Particularly in your Church is that freedom understood because you can have proof that death is not the end. Just as the Lord Jesus rose from the dead again, so you, too, will rise after your death, so do your loved ones and even the animals for whom you have cared. Death is the release, the freeing from the bondage of the body.We have said it does not matter whether the stories in your Bible are literally true. It does not matter if they are only analogies, you still have the symbolism, and if you look, you can see through those symbols, and those will tell you that death is not the end. Truly this has always been known. All the early cultures have been in much closer contact with the earth, with the vibrations from the earth, and the vibrations from Spirit. Even though they were not so clever, they used their feelings more than most people in your society do. However, your society is progressing, you are making discoveries in your sciences, you are making discoveries in your understanding of people. As this happens it enables us to bring through to you that which could not have been understood even fifty years ago, let alone 2,000 years ago when the Master Jesus walked the earth.

Always when there are great religious festivals in some part of your world, the vibrations of upliftment are around. Those of you that are sensitive to them can have many experiences at these times. They can sense the Joy and Love that is passing backwards and forwards between the spheres, between the material world and the Spirit World. It is always much more intense when the human minds are lifted by a religious festival. Your senses become more acute and more accustomed to these feelings, so that even those people who are more immersed in the pure material level, who give no thought to spiritual things, or to religion of any sort, even those can feel a hush and a wonder.How many times have you felt the goodwill around you at Christmas time, and wished that it could always be like that. Have you not felt the hush on Easter morning? Is there not something special about the eggs which you exchange, the symbols of re-birth. If even those who are immersed in the material level can feel something, how much more can those who already have some upliftment and attunement with the Spirit World, feel the vibrations at these spirit festivals. Even now there is gathering around this group, choirs and choirs of angels - but they are not angels as they are usually depicted with wings and white robes. They are souls dressed in golden light. These are special choirs at this time. They are choirs of the souls who are beginning to merge, who are giving up their remnants of the bodies that they have had here, they are moving on.

And they are enabled, because of the upliftment around you, to draw closer to you, particularly today - your Easter Sunday. Now there is the finest, sweetest singing you can possibly imagine. On our side we have many more colours than you can see in your world, and we have many more sounds. They are wondrous sounds - sounds bringing peace and love. That Divine Love that the Master Jesus had when He decided to come back to your earth, to bring what upliftment he could. He grieved that his message was so misunderstood, but he knew that it would live and eventually it would become manifest in the earth.And now, we would give you some feeling of these souls which are gathered around, the souls that are responding to your upliftment and so bring you joy.

Would you, as we so often ask when we speak to you, sit quietly for a few moments and open yourselves to these souls.

(Speaking softly and with deep feeling Ah-So then said the following prayer):

Let your cares and your worries slip away.

Let your joys and your happinesses slip away.

Be aware. Just be.

May blessings be upon you and your receptivity.

May blessings be upon you for your openness.

May blessings be upon you for your acceptance.

May blessings be upon you when you are pursuing beneath surface things.
We pray that you can take this with you through the coming days of
the week.

We pray that you may be guided by all this love in all your dealings,
so your light may shine before men, so you can show them true
Christian love and the love of Godness.

May the love of God and His peace be always with you.

Peace. Peace. Amen.

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