We wish you good afternoon and we thank you for inviting us here to talk to you this afternoon. I have spoken with you before and the name I use when I come back to you is Ah-So.

I wish to talk to you this afternoon on the subject of prayer. I am sure you have all, at sometime, prayed, even those who were in a state in which they did not believe in a higher guiding spirit. It seems to be instinctive in the human mind to pray in some sort of way when in moments of distress.

There are many concepts of God. He is usually thought to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. He knows all, he has all power and he is always present. He is present in every atom of the universe and so the question may be asked "why is it necessary to pray? If God knows everything he knows the situation in which you are in, he knows what help you need. So why do I need to pray? Is not prayer, in a way, an "out" showing that one has little faith?"

You pray in order to bring yourselves into a stronger link with that higher spirit. The act of praying can bring to you some calmness. It can calm your fear or your worries. And with that calmness there is a greater link with Spirit and consequently we can help more than if you are still tense and nervous and anxious.

Perhaps more words have been written on prayer in the religious literature than almost anything else. You have been given many ways of praying, many prayers to repeat. But if you follow a strict formula you lose your natural spontaneity and when you repeat a prayer many times, unless you are careful, it can become mere repetition of words and your mind is elsewhere. Repetition of words does bring results if you are concentrating on them, but it is an inefficient way. You must concentrate on the words, you must think what you are saying and this brings into play, will-power, as we have said to you before, imagination is stronger than will-power. As soon as you use will-power you re-introduce an amount of tension, and tension gets in the way of the link with spirit.

So then you may ask how do I suggest you pray?

Hold in your mind the picture of what you want, hold it there. If someone, or some place, is the subject of your prayer, picture it as clearly as you can. Perhaps it is necessary for you to send love to that person or place. Just hold the feeling of love in your heart as you are picturing in your mind what you want. You see, to do this you need to be relaxed and the relaxation will increase and with increased relaxation, the contact with us is improved and you will be better able to understand the circumstances you are in and the benefit of those circumstances for you. You will understand better how the situation arose and how to deal with it. For you are in a material world and it is usually necessary for you to take action in the circumstances you are in, and this method, bringing you the greater understanding, you will know more easily what is the right way for you to behave. There are times when you will be in a situation in which you can do nothing. In this case the greater contact with Spirit will help you to achieve a measure of acceptance and, again, understanding and strength to continue to the end.

There is much help available for you from our side of the veil. We wish so often to bring it through to you, but your vibrations of worry and tension and nervousness make our job much more difficult. There is in your world at the moment, much conflict, much fighting and bloodshed and war. Many of you are probably praying that these conditions will pass. We would ask you all to join in sending loving vibrations in the manner I have suggested. Hold in your mind the picture of the part of the world that you wish to bring peace. And hold the feeling of love and peace in your heart. Those feelings will go to the area of the world you are thinking about. You do not need to will it to go, it will just go. We would like each of you to do this at a certain period or time each day. It does not really matter what time - just a few moments whenever it is convenient for you. Would you like now to try that?

Sitting comfortably, select a part of the world where there is trouble, picture that place - you may form a picture of the map in your mind, perhaps you have seen a picture on the newsreels you might prefer to us that. And now hold thoughts of love and peace. Picture the people sitting down to talk instead of fighting ... picture them agreeing ... picture them coming to a decision that will benefit all. With greater co-operation between you and the Spirit World and your guides, you can do much to soothe the world and to guide it through this period of change.

This period has, as its main focus, the mixing of the races. The different races are mixing, travelling about the world much more than ever before and we are trying to guide the world through this period and we ask you to help us in this way.

As is the custom with those of us who speak through this medium, we would like to have just a few moments of peace and meditation as we leave you. There is a golden light over this room now - picture the golden light raining down on you and bringing peace and love to all of you.

Just hold that feeling for a few moments and open yourselves up to us. (A few moments of silence, then, quietly):

Thank you.

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