Good Afternoon. I thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.

I will talk today about the pre-birth process. You have often heard about what happens after death, but today I wish to talk about the beginning of your material life. Now, the first thing I wish to impress upon you is that there is no one way that things occur in Spirit. If anyone ever tells you that it is thus and thus and thus, do not believe them. It is one way for some people, another way for others, yet another for others. So I will try to tell you briefly, about different ways that it can occur.

We will take first the instance of a soul that is incarnating for the first time. You see, you have the Godness, the underlying Spirit of all manifestation, the one Spirit, there is only one Spirit. And, this Spirit can manifest in many souls in many parts of the Universe. An analogy which I will use with you and I cannot claim credit for it myself, is to think of all your electric lights in a city, but there is only one electricity underneath those lights providing the energy for them. So, with a new soul there will be a welling up of the Godness to form an individuality. That individuality will overlook all the choices possible and select according to its wish, to both experience and to give out to other individualities. There will gather around that soul other individualities, they will accompany the soul. In this way they can share that soul's experiences, they can also attempt to advise that soul from the broader perspective which they will have. But that soul is always free to ignore that advice. This applies to you too, you are not puppets to your guides. They will give you advice, but it is your decision to accept that advice or not.

Now, this soul has different types of worlds in which it can choose to inhabit, but for the purposes of my talk today which must of necessity be brief, let us think of a soul that has decided to incarnate in your material world. It has no previous experiences, it is totally free and so it can look around your world, it can look at different conditions. It will re-act to the vibrations. It is the vibrations that we communicate with and so the soul will be feeling different vibrations. And, eventually, it will pick up some vibrations coming from an area of your world. It will narrow the vibrations down to a specific country; to a specific area of that country; to a specific place, whether it be country or town; and finally, it will be attracted to the vibrations of a particular human being.

It will hang around that mother-to-be, it will enter the child's body from time to time and it will step back again. And if it decides that after all this is not correct, it will leave. It still has the choice, you always have the choice. If all is well, it will finally enter the baby's body sometime shortly before birth, and so it will go on in its material incarnation.

Now, let us turn to the souls who have already had one or more incarnations in your material world. What is it that will draw a soul back to your world? It is some connection, some interest, some concern with your world, or a person in it.

When that soul came back to the Spirit World it will have undergone a life review, and I must impress on you now, that no-one judges you in the Spirit World, except your SELF. This is why we urge you to always make up for anything about which you feel guilty that you have done. This is what the Christ meant when he spoke about agreeing with your adversary on the way to the judge. Do your best to make friends if there is discord between you and another. If the person rejects you, you have done your best, you have no more to feel guilty about. If it is someone that you cannot make friends with - perhaps the person has already passed back to us, perhaps the person has left your country and you cannot make contact - then make some form of reparation somewhere else in your surroundings, it doesn't matter what, so that you can come over here with an easy mind.

Now, suppose in that life-review the person feels guilty about something - and we repeat to you again, you do NOT HAVE to return to the material world in order to be punished. You can make such reparation as you deem fit on this side. There are many opportunities here. There are souls passing over here who are frightened, who do not know what to expect. There are some passing over in very bad circumstances through the use of drugs, and there are all manner of reasons why souls passing over here need help and enlightenment. You could work with them if you wish. On the other hand you may return if you want to make a reparation in the material world, but I stress to you - you do not have to. Now, before birth you will have had discussions with the group of guides who have agreed or decided to accompany you this time. It is possible for a guide to be with you for more than one life, but it is quite possible for you to have a different set of guides each time. You and they will discuss the conditions of your material life to be, and you will agree to certain things but because you have agreed to them, you can also change them during your material life. There will be times during your life when you are offered choices, and your future life depends on the choice. If you listen carefully your guides will be telling you what will happen with the different choices, and then YOU decide what you want to do. This is the limit of karma. It is not a millstone that you carry around your neck from one incarnation to another. It is simply what you agree to take on in a material life. It is true, you can reward yourself; you can also reward yourself through the way you handle the situations you find yourself in. You can very often change the situations by the way you behave, by changing your perceptions of them, as well as taking sensible action. So this being agreed upon, the search will then begin for suitable parents. Again you will consider areas, you will consider countries, areas of those countries, and you will search until you find parents with the appropriate vibrations for you. Parents that can provide a set of circumstances that you need. Why you need them is entirely up to you, it is your choice whether you punish or reward yourself, or whether you feel you lack a quality which you wish to develop. A new soul is free to develop all qualities, you may feel - the case of a reincarnating soul - may feel there are special ones that they lack, that they wish to develop.

All these are reasons for coming to your world. I have but skimmed the surface, I am certain there are many questions I have left untouched, unanswered, perhaps in a future talk I will be able to answer them for you.

But for now friends, I would like you to meditate with me for just a few seconds as I leave, this is the way this group of guides wish to leave this medium. For just a few seconds of quiet, tuning in with you, I would like you to feel that you are a new-born baby in this world. You are going to tune in with your guides and together the rest of your life will be glorious.

My peace I leave with you.

Thank you.

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