Good afternoon. It is a pleasure to speak to you today.We are always appreciative of any opportunity to talk to other people about the message which we wish to bring through to those of you who are still caught in the material conditions. The guides who speak through this medium do not, usually, cause change of face or of voice characteristics. We do this because we wish you to concentrate on our message, not on the phenomena through which it is given to you. The important part of our message is that God is love. Moreover, God, as you say in your service, permeates the whole of the universe and, therefore, God permeates you. In fact the innermost part of your being is a drop of the Godness. Your material world is one of the manifestations of this Godness, the energy of that Godness which bubbles up and forms your material universe and all that is in it. You forget this because in your material world the new-born child gradually focuses more and more on the manifestation and gradually forgets the knowledge that the child has brought with him. This knowledge, however, is not completely lost, it is not completely forgotten, it is merely covered over with your concentrate on the material aspect of your being.

True progress comes as you forget the material aspect. Some people in your world can forget their concentration on the material and see, contact, the underlying spirit and through them Spirit can manifest and spread the truth of its being. Those people whom you revere as Masters, such as your Jesus, your Buddha, your Krishna, or the great ones, were able to bring this message through to your world and to help those people in the world. These people were able to bring the power and love of God through in the purest form possible. With other people it is still contaminated to some extent by their concentration on the material conditions.

But always there is this love underneath, this love that cares and wishes to remind you of itself. This is the joyous message which your Lord Jesus, who is so revered in your society, wished to bring through. God is merciful, God is love, that was his main message. He came to bring hope to those who were reviled by the society of his time. We reinforce that message, we try to bring love and hope to all of you, for we know that everyone of you has cares, has griefs and regrets which you carry. As the saying is, bring unto me ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. The Spirit of love within will lift these burdens from you. While the Godness is also forgiveness, as you forgive one another so you forgive yourselves and the Godness is manifested more greatly in you.

Forgiveness is everything. Love is everything. These two are the opposite sides of the one coin and today we are focusing on bringing comfort to you. There are many souls here who have gathered here, attracted by the spiritual vibrations of this congregation. Some come to ask your forgiveness, others come to give you their forgiveness, others come just to absorb the vibrations of peace and love that are building up here. When you let go of your hurts you manifest the Godness to the highest degree that you are capable of.Friends I would ask you now to think forgiveness. Forgive everyone who has ever harmed you in any way. As you forgive you will see the star of love and hope, you will feel its rays shining on you and you will know that there is a greater xxxx behind the Universe. Please, for a few moments feel the forgiveness around you. Pass it out to souls you feel you should ask forgiveness. Receive it as it is being given to you. Open yourselves now to Spirit. Feel the joy that comes with forgiveness, whether you are giving or receiving it doesn't matter, it is all the same.

Peace, go gently. There is love all around. Holding on now to that feeling of peace and love and forgiveness, let your attention return to the material world. Hold on to those two dualities, the material world and the love that you have received from Spirit. This love, this peace, will go with you through the coming days. It will lighten your material cares. It will guide you to what you should do. Listen to it and may it stay with you.

Thank you friends.

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