Good Afternoon to ye all.

Indeed it is an honour to be with you today, you see, I've never before addressed a public meeting like this and I've been told I should introduce meself to ye. My name is Margaret MacMurray, and when I was in your world I lived in the country called Ireland. I spent my life caring for the wee ones and this is why I've been asked to come and speak to you today. I understand that today you are all celebrating and saying thank you to those wonderful men who are fathers, and also I know that recently you had a special day - you were raising money to research into why some of the wee ones die so suddenly. And so I've been asked to day to come and tell you about what happens to some of those wee ones.

Ye see, I loved the wee ones, and when I came over here I decided that I wanted to carry on caring for them, just as I had in life. I concentrate mainly on the ones who pass over when they are very young. Now, ye see, what happens, everyone when they pass over here, is met by their guides and helpers. And very often with the wee ones, their helpers or their relatives will take care of them and introduce them to the Spirit World. But, every now and again, there is a baby who has no-one over here to whom it belongs, to take care of them. And so people like me step in and we look after them.

Now, the very young ones who pass over, those who pass over before they have been born or those who pass very soon after birth, don't need very much care, because they are so recently into the material body that when they come back here, they are more or less as they were when they incarnated. That is, a fully aware spirit, and so they can go on with their guides, perhaps you might term them, as adults. But the ones that are a little bit older have already gain the concept of themselves being a baby and, therefore, they expect to be cared for. These are the ones I like to have.

I also take a few older ones, especially the ones who were somewhat neglected and have a need for the love. I like to do that, to teach them to love and see them blossom and start opening up to me. They are with me for varying lengths of time. Now you must understand that on our side, time is quite different to time on your side. And so, a young baby, let's say, three months old, who passes over quickly, may come to me. It has the concept that it is a baby and needs care, needs taking care of. But, in a matter of days in your world, that baby could already be several years old. And I take care of them until they have progressed to the point where they can leave, go with their guides and carry on with their spiritual work. Of course, sometimes they absolutely insist on being incarnated into the body anyway, but that is their decision.

Now, I try to give them what they need. I have a cottage by the sea, and they can run and they can jump and they can express themselves as much as they wish, until they have worked through it, and this is all part of their development.

You see, no-one on this side is ever left without someone to care for them, providing, of course, that that person is willing to open up to them. And so I watch these young children grow, and if they want to stop at a certain age and stay with me, they can. There is no hurry over here - when you have eternity. All things are provided, and I have had some very sad cases. I remember one wee laddie who came over when you had one of your wars and he had lost part of his legs. And I had to teach him that now, he had legs again and that he could run, and I shall never forget the experience of watching his face, how it lit up with joy when he realised he had left the old faulty body behind and now he had a beautiful, new, whole body. I tell you, he spent a long time just running around. I gave him a hill with a tree on the top. He used to run up the hill to the tree and run down again. And with that realisation, ye see, he gained a lot of understanding, and it wasn't long before he had taken the grown up form and had passed out of my care with his guides and he was going to work. He was going to work with those people who passed with these disabilities. He wanted to explain to them and show them the joy and release that he had experienced.

Sometimes the wee ones that have been neglected are quite afraid when they come and I must confess that I resort to some subterfuges with them. My favourite one is to have a tiny baby animal there. Kittens are the best because they are really so cute and mostly harmless, apart from the wee scratch. But, of course, over here it's only pretend scratches. After all the wee ones have to learn some restraint and consideration for others too. But I have seen many a wee one cuddling the wee kitten, and, from the kitten, they expand out to me and to my helpers.

I have to have at least one helper I find, because sometimes you see I have children who want to have the sun out and go swimming in the sea, and them I'll have some who want a hillside covered with snow so they can go toboganning, or skiing and things like that. Sometimes I have to have both for them.

And then there was the time when I had a wee laddie who wanted an elephant. He was just beginning to understand how he could conjure up what he wanted and all of a sudden I had the elephant. Fortunately, he'd had enough sense to put it out in the garden, but there were a few who were a bit, er, apprehensive. But in a short time, well, I've got no way to measure hours, of course, but I'd got them all over their fear and they were having the most marvellous rides on the elephant. All the same I did think I had better explain things to that wee laddie. But, you see, that was one step on his development and understanding.

And, each time, I watch the children leave I know that that is one soul I have helped along. And I know, too, that one day I too, shall grow out of this work and I shall go on to other work. But that time is not yet for me.

What the wee ones who pass need most, is your loving thoughts. Most of them have not realised that they have died. Most of them have not realised that they were in a body, those are the fortunate ones, they can go on. It is the other, sadder ones who need the care. There are many people like me over here, who care for the wee ones and we tend to take the different types of children. Some take the bit older ones, some may specialise in those who have died as a result of illness or an accident, or that sort of thing. I, myself, have cared for a few who have passed over because their mothers were on the drugs. Those needed a lot of care and attention from us, quite intensive for a while, but we got there. We brought them through and we passed them on.

So I was asked, when I'd finished talking to ye, to ask ye to spend a few moments thinking of the wee ones, and thinking of people like me who care for them. Send them your love and direct energy to them, so that we can use this in understanding the many different needs these wee ones have from us, and remember that we will bring them to a point where they will return love to you in due course. And I've got a few of my wee ones with us too. They are seated just in front and many other baby spirits have been brought. They are around the edge of the room. So, would you please, for a few moments, send them your love. (Speaking quietly and more slowly)

Think of the love that comes to ye from Spirit. Direct it, channel it to the wee ones and to their helpers. And we promise you no wee one will be left unattended or alone.

May God be with you.

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