Hail Caesar! In my life in your world I was a general under Caesar, and now I serve Spirit. As I served the office of Caesar in my life, so now I serve Spirit. I went with the armies of Rome across much of Europe and, for a short while, across the sea to the land you call Britain. I had many duties imposed on me and I carried out those duties with faithfulness and with trust and with truth. I come to ask you to also carry out your earthly duties in this manner.You need, in your life in the material world, to keep a balance. You need to pay due attention to the spiritual aspects of your life, but you should in no wise neglect the material duties you undertook when you came into your world.

Always there has been this movement which you term 'Spiritualism' in the world. It has taken many forms according to the different societies in which it was manifesting. In many societies it was quite dominant, it performed healings in many cases and we (that is spirits) were often called on to lead and give guidance in the material affairs of the society. Unfortunately, in your society, for many years we were not able to work openly. It is very pleasant to see that this is changing although there are still areas in which many of you must be careful. This grieves us to some extent but we know that it is changing, and so we are working patiently with you. So do not neglect the material aspects of your life. This movement needs to become more acceptable to what you term the 'establishment', and you can do this best by following the conventions of your society - by watching your dress, the way you treat your surroundings, your home, your gardens, the way you perform your work. Do not neglect any of these aspects. Watch your manner of speech that it is respectful where necessary and speak where necessary. You will receive much guidance in this if you are open to the influences from Spirit.

Each day, set aside a short time in which you are open to us, in which you can set aside the cares of the material world and devote yourself to Spirit. Even those of you who are not exhibiting an overt gift of contact with Spirit - you too, can commune with Spirit. It can be that underlying thread through your life, talk with your guides, you can ask their guidance when you need it, you can tell them about the good things and thank them, and just bring them into your life when you can.In these ways you will be working for Spirit, just as much as those who work on the platform, those who work as this medium is working now, by allowing us to work and speak in their body; just as much as those clairvoyants who seek to give more direct help to others; and just as much as those healers who help those that have some physical sickness. We can work through you in many ways, in your day-to-day life we can guide you. We can guide nurses and doctors who are not aware of us, and who probably would not co-operate if they were told about us. We work with teachers who are guiding and moulding young children in your society. We can work with the police who are protecting those who need protection, and those who are keeping order in your society to make it safe for all. We work through your politicians, trying to guide them in the decisions that they make. And in many other areas, too many to mention here, we are trying to guide and inspire people, and those of you, like you, who are open and receptive to us and have a much greater contact and can bring Spirit through much more into the world, even though others do not know what you are doing. You are like the leaven in the bread working there, lightening it. So you, too, can lighten this world.

There are many crises in your world at the moment, this is quite a disturbing period in which to live and you can bring Spirit to bear on these areas too. Just think of all the areas in the world where there is fear, where there is fighting, where there is destruction, where normal life is disrupted, where there is famine and all sorts of pain and stress. Hold, mentally, a picture of that place, and just direct to it love and peace, and it will automatically go there. You can do this to any area of your life where there may be some strife or upset.We have gathered around here today, many spirits, some of them are attached to you here, others are just here helping build up the energy and some have just come to join in the service. There are a few lost souls too who are seeking comfort - and receiving it from you. We would like you, now, as is our custom to ask you to spend a few moments in meditation and sending those thoughts of love and peace, wherever in the world you know that it is needed. Do not try to (use) will or force to direct the thoughts there. Just imagine them going, they will go, and while we have this band of angel helpers with us, it will be so much more effective.

(Long pause. Then a softly spoken prayer followed.)The golden light of love and peace is rising from this sanctuary. It is carrying with it the rainbow colours and spreading them over the world, wherever you are directing them.

This is the highest duty of man to spread peace and love, and carry it too in your day to day relationships. Resolve now to love all those who deceitfully use you, those who have harmed you in any way. Deliberately send them love.

Feel the hurts dissolving away, feel the hurts dissolving away from your country, feel the hurt dissolving away from your world. Ever hold this picture of peace and love and perfection, and so you can help to bring it about in all spheres of your life and all through the world. May this peace go with you, and may it return as often as you remember it, and twice as often whenever you send it to others.Peace, peace. Amen.

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