There are many spirits here today, they are banked up on all sides, they are singing and praying with you too. There is the most glorious, golden light, which is a light, not only as you understand the word. It is a light also of the spirit. A light of love, and strength and truthfulness, of steadfastness and kindness and gentleness.In my previous life I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I was Caesar's man. I gave him my allegiance and it stayed with him. I was faithful to him and I survived. For a man in my position, life in those days was dangerous. But I survived because of my steadfastness, my honesty and faithfulness. But also there was love and justice, and understanding. I applied the rules of Rome faithfully and honestly. This is what I want you to understand is necessary. But understand the other person. Look at their circumstances, their point of view and be gentle with them. You do not have to be harsh or stern. You do not have to be rigid, nor inflexible, temper all with love and gentleness. Let no-one fear to come to you. Before you pass judgement, listen, and look at yourself. I would remind you of the saying, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

So often in this world there is great injustice. If you feel you are the victim of this injustice, try, my friends, and I weep for you in that circumstance, try not to become bitter or resentful. Don't let the flame of love that is in your heart become extinguished by the thunder and storms of other peoples' harshness and thoughtlessness. If you can give out that love to others, there will be people who will return it to you. There are those that know the truth. There is a pattern, a meaning in all things. The injustice which you feel you are suffering may have a deeper meaning than you are capable of realising at the moment. Treat it as a step of growth for you and keep that flame of love in your heart. Keep it burning brightly. If you let that flame be extinguished, then your life indeed becomes grey. Often and often it is the way you look at things. If you can accept what is happening and stay cheerful, if you can make a joke out of things, if you can laugh (no matter how weakly) in the midst of sorrow, you will overcome eventually. It may be that your struggles are there for you to set an example to others. We can often draw strength from knowing a story of what others have overcome. If one person can overcome difficulties, so can another.

To live life, and not be defeated by it, takes courage. We all have our dangers and our problems, our difficulties and our bleak, dark patches. But if you can keep that smile, keep that flame burning in your heart, in time it will pass and you will conquer and become triumphant. You will become a bigger, stronger person. Remember, you are never alone. There are always people with you who are bringing you strength, who are bringing you love, who are cheering you on. They may be people known to you, and if there is someone who has passed on to the other side, with whom you feel you had a close link, think of them. That will enable them to bring you succour and support more easily. If you cannot think of any particular person, then just address yourself to your guides and ask for their help. If you ask them for guidance and sit quietly, try to keep your mind calm - and I know how difficult that can be when you are worried and upset but just the very act of trying to be calm - they will give you guidance. It may not come immediately, but it will be there.

You may not understand why you are prompted to do things, it may seem illogical, but if it feels right in your heart, then follow those promptings.

Oh, my friends, there is such a wonderful feeling with you today, there is much strength and energy here, and there is love. And if you could but see those who are with you from the other side. They are calling out names to me, Lillian, and Arthur, Frank, so many (laughing) I can't bring them all through.

Wherever there are services such as this one, there is much joy amongst those of us on this side. At last, people are listening to us. At last, we have an opportunity to meet you, to reach out to you. We have our sorrow too, when we can't reach you on your side. We try, and so often the person we are trying to reach isn't receptive. No-one has told them that we are here and that we can give guidance and help.Please remember us with love and kindness, and if there is someone who has passed on who hurt you while in the physical life, send that person your love and forgiveness. Hurts are very often so hard to wipe out and they linger, as a cancer, in the corner of the mind. The very attempt to remove that hurt will help both you and the person on this side tremendously. If there is someone in the physical world and there are things between you and them that aren't quite right, I beg you my friends, try to make peace. And if the other person rejects you, leave it for a while, and try again. Keep sending them your thoughts of love and goodwill. It is better if you can heal wounds before one of you pass over.

My friends, my time is up today. I thank you all for listening tot me, and I pray that the blessings of God will remain with you all, all through your life.

Thank you.

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