(The main activity that evening was a rescue on a man who had been resisting attempts by his guides and friends to make contact. He wanted to be left alone to work things out for himself. On this earth he had been something of a recluse. The name of the speaker has not been recorded but it was probably Verna.)

He had been badly hurt when he was a fairly young man and he had not forgiven him (the person causing the hurt) and others. This barrier prevented him from experiencing and exhibiting a certain joyousness of life. He was hedged in, boxed in.

When you forgive the hurts you have experienced, you open yourself up to not just spirit, but through the whole life that is around. You have but one life, and you experience different states in it, and when you box yourself in, when you shut people out, you shut out from yourself that light and you cannot then express yourself. You hinder your progress - if you like to use that word - and the life that is within you that comes from the Godness, cannot express itself. You are boxed in to a point and cannot become the whole, the everything. We, in the Spirit world, try very hard to help such people contribute to the Light - call it light with a capital L - of the Godness. They usually have much strength and could contribute much to other people. They build up this strong shell and when that shell can be broken, then you can see a tremendous outgrowing of the Light that has been so cramped in.

Do not shut yourselves out from this experiencing. Forgive, forgive always. Trust again. It is true that you will often have trust betrayed, but there will be many, many times when that trust will be accepted and built on.

Often in your world you do need to protect yourselves, but you also need to take the risk of not protecting yourselves. When you protect yourselves too much, as our friend tonight did, you prevent yourselves from experiencing many wonderful things, many kindnesses. Life, and I mean it in its broadest sense, can never be wholly joyful. You can never expect to only experience kindness from other people. It will always be a mixture.

Do not dwell on the hard things that come to you; look rather, more for the beautiful things and concentrate on them. If you are hurt once and you hold on to that hurt, whatever happens to you, you will interpret as another hurt. But, if you accept that you have been hurt, if you remember the ten times that you were hurt, remember the ten times when there was pleasantness. So often people remember the hardness, the unpleasantness, but overlook the pleasant things.We feel pleased and privileged to have been in a position to try to help this gentleman tonight. We hope that he will learn this lesson and allow himself to experience the many joyful splendours of letting the life flow through him and of accepting it back from others. We thank you for that privilege.

Thank you for letting me speak.

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