Update 17/11/2008

I have presented the talks on an "as-is" basis, just as they were recorded. My own comments are only on the Mediums' page. There are a few obvious questions, which need answering:
  1. Do the talks genuinely originate from outside the medium?
  2. Are the spirits, who they claim to be?
  3. Do they speak the truth?
  4. Are their statements corroborated by other Trance Mediums' spirits?
This in ascending order of difficulty. So lets take the questions one by one: 1. Do the talks genuinely originate from outside the medium?  Since I knew Valerie's husband Guy personally, and he assured me, that his wife was not faking the whole thing, at least I can say, that in her case she was convinced, that the spirits were external to her, and the talks were not given by her subconscious or superconscious mind in the guise of spirits. But there is no way of knowing for sure. That genuine spirit communication does take place can be proven, if the spirit gives information, that was previously unknown to the medium and any guests, and then can later be independently verified. Such cases have been well documented, probably the best known involve Emanuel Swedenborg. Closed minded sceptics have however put up theories, that the medium itself was searching the world for this information via astral travel, and then presented it to the spectators as a message from spirit. Even more fantastic is the assumption, that this process could have been controlled subconsciously, with the medium thinking, that genuine spirit contact had taken place. 2. Are the spirits, who they claim to be?  Well, who knows? As they themselves state, names do not mean much in the spiritual world, and can be assumed as the entity wishes. When they talk about their lives on earth, not often one has the opportunity to cross-check their names with history. One possible exception is Valija, Guy's and Valerie's sister in law. However the situation, she found herself in shortly before her death, is unfortunately all too common. Guy also missed a golden opportunity by not using Latvian - a language that of all people present in the group only he and Valija could speak - to communicate with his late sister in law. Still, even if one can verify, that the person, the spirit claims to be, had lived during the stated time on earth, it is not sure, that the spirit really was that person. Sometimes however the claims of channelled spirits can be proven false - see for instance: How to distinguish spiritual trash from spiritual treasure. 3. Do they speak the truth?  The age old question: "What is truth?" comes to mind. It certainly seems, that they speak "personal truth", matters, that they themselves have accepted as truth. And they state, that nothing in the spiritual world is "one way only". It stands to reason, that these accepted "personal truths" will depend on the spiritual development of the spirit talking. Just like with people "in the flesh" there probably would be those, that have very little understanding, but still think, that they "know it all", and simply show off. In case the spirits talk about historical events, some of their claims can be checked. From what I have read, I suspect that not all of the spirits have been 100% truthful all of the time. It also begs the question, where the spirits derive the historical information from. Surely not all spirits know everything about all historical events!  4. Are their statements corroborated by other Trance Mediums' spirits?  The answer is: Partly, but not 100%. If you are an experienced web surfer, you surely have found several other sites like this one here. There are also a few books about Trance Mediums and the messages of their spirits. If you compare the messages, you get the following pattern:
In Conclusion:
Channelled spirits will tell you, what they know. Well meaning spirits will not try to deceive you, but they may be unaware of lots of facts or may even be misinformed themselves. Different groups of spirits will be aware of different facts. A particular medium is in touch with a particular group of spirits - that's why there is no 100% sameness of the transmitted information between mediums. Thus, if you look for absolute truth, you probably are asking too much. It is possible, that there is no such thing, and you must be content with personal truth, that is yours onlyEach person's truth will be dependent on the level of their current spiritual development. So please examine the talks, and take aboard, what sounds right for YOU at this moment in time. If in doubt about the appropriateness of any suggestion made by a spirit use Immanuel Kant's "Categorical Imperative" as your ethical guideline.  An example of "personal truth" are the so called "stigmata" - the "wounds of Christ", that appear on some people's palms and feet for some religious occasions. The latest documented such case was shown on Prime TV on the 24th of August 1999 ("Signs From God"). It is well known now, that in order to be crucified a victim has to be nailed to the cross at the WRISTS and not at the PALMS, lest the soft tissue in the latter break under the strain of the body, whilst it is at the cross. But stigmata appear on the PALMS of the affected. Why? Simply because they have accepted the "fact", that Jesus' palms were used to fix Him to the cross as their personal truth!
 Under hypnosis or autohypnosis many such "personal truths" can be accepted, opening the potential for healing addictions and even severe illnesses, but also enabling negative thoughts to take hold - like a shaman "pointing the bone" to kill a suggestible victim.   
Waldis Jirgens.
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