Good evening to you all. You know me - you know me as Jhannee and I greet our visitor tonight. I hope you will find my talk interesting. I wish to talk to you tonight on a very difficult topic. It is something which I do not believe has ever been asked or discussed. I am going to try to explain to you how the process of guides first arose in your world. You will understand the difficulty of this as I go on. The species known as man has been in your earth for some few thousands of years. The development was, in some respects, a gradual process but there were sudden leaps. Now we have pointed out to you before that at certain times in the earth's history there has been a change in the consciousness of at least a part of mankind at a particular moment. There are peoples in your world who have remained at a static level of development but, if you think back, you will see that there have been sudden changes in the consciousness of mankind - most particularly in those people living in the Mediterranean-European areas. Now, when the process of individual guides first started in your world that was another of these points in the jump of the consciousness of those creatures that were becoming man. At any one point in your world, you have an entity, or group of entities or spirits, who are interested in a particular life-form manifestation in your world. So you will have a group who are particularly interested in a type of plant, the trees, the wheat, the flowers or whatever. You will also have entities who are particularly interested in a particular animal, so there will be some who are looking after the cat family, or the aquatic family, or perhaps the bears, and so forth. Now, some evolution in the development of the human type of creatures had been gradually taking place, and then there was a group of souls attracted to your earth. If you like, they were hanging around' in the atmosphere and they were looking at the earth and at what was going on, and so they influenced the development of these creatures so that they could incarnate in them in your world. So there was a leap in the consciousness of these early man-like creatures. Your researchers have found the remains of different types of these human-like creatures, and they are attempting to place them in the order of development. Now, I am not going to give you any advice or information on that aspect, because it does not concern us in which particular order these fossils should be put which you have.

Now, there had then been a jump in the consciousness. For the first time the entities interested in these creatures had actually entered these creatures to work directly in the earth plane. So, instead of having an entity or group of entities who look after a particular animal from - if you like - the 'spirit' side of manifestation, these souls actually entered into those animals, those creatures. I would prefer the word 'creature' to animals because there is a difference at this point in the consciousness. Now, those spirits, because they were particularly interested in the earth and in their fellow spirits, when the physical form died, they stayed around because they were still interested in what was going on. And so they started from a spirit angle trying to help those who were left behind. This process also attracted other spirits to the earth plane and so, every now and again, there would be a leap in the quality of consciousness. And some of the first group of spirits stayed around and moved on with this development, and some continued on their way in the Spirit World, and some of those, at a later point, came back to try to help in the progress that was going on because they still had some interest. Others did not return. It is all a part of the upwelling of the Godness, this joy in existence that the Godness has. And so there were spirits accumulating around your Earth. They all, at some point, incarnated into your earth, this was the way in which they sought to help the development. To take part in it - perhaps is the better phrase - it was just their expression of the Godness. Everyone of you has creativity within you - the natural creativity which the Godness has. Each one of you has this creativity and each one of you expresses it in a different way, and this is how those souls, those individualities that were around at that time, were expressing their creativity.

Now, there were some of them who became really absorbed in the Earth. They stayed very close to the earth, if you like they really got, sort of, 'entangled' with the Earth plane. So they stayed much closer and reincarnated more frequently. And it was this attraction that held them here - the desire for the earthly things became stronger, especially as the civilisation developed. And as man was able to make and create more desirable things so these souls became more and more attached to the Earth plane. And with that attachment it happened too, that when their physical bodies died they started linking up in a personal relationship with people still in the Earth plane. They started blocking out the knowledge of the greater opportunities that were available in the Spirit World, and so was set up this process: the

personal guides, the other guides who are trying to enlighten both those of you still in the physical body, and those who are entangled with the material world although they are in spirit, to broaden their horizons and remind them of what else there was.

And, as they succeeded, so certain spirits were moving away from the Earth. But it has set up a sort of magnetism and was attracting others, and so there have been these waves every now and again of a different type of consciousness coming into the Earth. As each wave of souls works on the development or evolution, if you like, of the Earth plane, this forms a stepping stone and a different type of consciousness can come in. As long as the incoming souls can also remember the Spirit World and the conditions that they had before they incarnated in your material world, they do not get entrapped. But it is this forgetting, the forgetting of the real nature of the inner self that causes the attraction to the physical world.

But the physical world also has its counterpart in the Spirit World, and so when you move into the Spirit World you can take with you your concepts of the material world into the Spirit World, and, as we mentioned to you a little while ago, there have been changes in the Spirit World too, at least on that level where you go when you first pass over. Because you are coming over and bringing with you different concepts. Those early people, the ones who started off living in the caves, they brought back with them different concepts to what someone in your society would bring over with them. Those early people had much fewer things to bring over with them. They were closer to the Spirit World.

But now you are preparing the way for another type of consciousness to come in. These different souls are already moving into your world, and you are going a sort of 'full circle'. The early spirits were much closer to the Spirit World, and you are reaching a point now where you have gone away as far as you can and you are coming back to that higher consciousness. You are at the point where each wave of incoming consciousness is bringing with it a closer link with Spirit. So from being drawn closer to the material world you are turning the corner now and you are having a greater contact with Spirit. And from now on, each succeeding wave of spirits that comes into the world will have a closer contact with Spirit.

Your world, your material, physical world, will not be for ever in the material manifestation. There will come a time when it will not be there. And it will be there fore many thousands more years, so do not get all worried about the end of the world being nigh - it is NOT nigh. There has always been this paradox of the Spirit and the attraction to the Material. In some respects it will seem as though your material world prevails - as though the EMPHASIS is on the material conditions in your world, but in reality there will be this higher contact with Spirit. Do not worry about the developments in your material World. It is a paradox or seems so to you, but they are enabling the higher contact with Spirit to be brought into your Material World. And when your world ceases to exist there will still be the etheric form there. This is what your astronomers are picking up in areas of the sky that they are investigating with their telescopes. They have recently seen a star explode, and what they will be seeing over the next few centuries is that star's etheric body. And in time, that too, will fade away and there will be the astral body, more or less just like the difference of atmosphere - which is quite the wrong word because there isn't an atmosphere there - but this is a point at which there are not the words for me to use. There will be a difference in that area of the universe and in time that will fade. You understand, I am talking about what you would term 'time-span' of thousands of years. There are many thousands of years yet before your sun explodes like that. So don't get worried about it, it's not going to happen tomorrow. So this is an interesting time in the development of your world, with this new consciousness starting to incarnate in it. Some of the souls presently incarnate or still attracted to the atmosphere of the world will get caught up in that consciousness and will develop into it. Others will pass on to other areas of the universe and, of course, there are many who are realising that there is something more than the material universe and they do not have to re-incarnate into it. We stress this again, because this is one of the important points which this group of guides wish to get across - you do not HAVE to reincarnate in your world - it is your own decision. If you think that you have got to be punished for something which you have done in your present life, and if you think you can only work that out by reincarnating in the material world, then you WILL bring yourself back in, but you do not HAVE to. There is so much work to be done here helping other souls, bringing this message to them, helping them to come to terms with their material life. In this way you can work out any guilt feelings which you may have. But, remember, you don't even HAVE to do that. Just realise the freedom which you have inherent in your inner being. You can 'shoot' off into the Spirit World at any point.

In a moment I will be willing to attempt to answer your questions, but first I must thank Jhannee for introducing me and helping me to come through. In my incarnation I was a priest in Egypt. And if you have questions I am now ready.

Pat: Can the medium pronounce your name?

Entity: I am using the name Isis of Amun-Re.

Pat: When you were a priest, was there any development of the land of Egypt along the Nile or was it later. Can you give us some idea of where your life fell in that era.

Isis of Amun-Re: I was there at the building of the first pyramids.

Pat: Where did you fit in to the life of the people?

Isis of Amun-Re: I officiated in the temple as a priest of the Oracle. Guy: Who was the Oracle?

Isis of Amun-Re: The Oracle spoke through me.

Guy: Then you were a medium?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes.

Guy: In our terms that would go back about five thousand years ago. Have you ever reincarnated in that time?

Isis of Amun-Re: No. This was why I needed the assistance of Jhannee.

Guy: Do you still have reasonable memories of that time?

Isis of Amun-Re: Very few. They have degenerated to the level of impressions. Impressions of the ceremonies mainly of the entombing of the dead.

Georgina: With what work have you been busy since then?

Isis of Amun-Re: For a while I worked as a helper to those left behind. I sought to work mainly with my fellow priests, and sometimes I worked with the ordinary people. Then again, I worked with the souls that have passed over into the Spirit World, and as my understanding of the Spirit World increased and developed so I sought to bring this understanding to those souls coming over. To use your concepts and words which, as you know, are highly unsatisfactory, you would say that I am approaching the end of the next level of the Spirit World. I shall shortly be moving more into the last sphere before the uniting back with the Godness, and I must stress that these are not separate levels. It is just that we have to use words in an attempt to bring the basic concept across to you.

Georgina: Was it very common for a priest to be a priest of the oracle, were there many mediums on earth in those days?

Isis of Amun-Re: I would not describe it as very common.

Georgina: It was commonly accepted, though?

Isis of Amun-Re: There were two or three in each temple and, naturally, some of those would be training, developing their gift. There was, however, I think the term you would use, a 'high-turnover' because lives in those days were not as long as they are in your society. So if you look at it in that way, it would probably be somewhat more frequent than in your society, but at any one time we would probably have had fewer, shall we say, 'working' oracles than you have today. And, of course, remember that in this century of yours, people have been able to manifest this gift more frequently than they have for some hundreds of years.

Pat: Is the process of mediumship or the experience of mediums today similar to that in your time?

Isis of Amun-Re: There are some similarities but, naturally, the conditions in your society affect the expression of the gift or ability. Guy: Can I ask you a hard question? Egyptian civilisation lasted a very long time, certainly about 2,000 years at least, possibly three thousand. During that time there continuously were priest oracles operating who were in contact with Spirit and transmitted messages from Spirit. And, to us today, it seems that the practice of mummification and the extreme emphasis on preserving the body after death, we see it as a strange aberration. How come that the oracles never came to reveal the fact that the spirit doesn't really need the body to be preserved?

Isis of Amun-Re: As in your society there were certain constraints on the full operation of our gifts. Society in general had developed certain ideas and concepts. They liked those ideas and concepts, they found them comforting and insisted on clinging to them. There were a few of the priests who tried to explain this true state, and I confess I was not one of those. I was using my abilities more on the material plane. I did not have the opportunity while in the material body, to develop the awareness of the higher realities. But there were some priests I remember who tried to bring this through. And may I point out to you that there were a great many more people in Egypt at that time for whom no effort was made to preserve the body than there were people whose bodies were mummified.

Guy: Only the rich ones?

Isis of Amun-Re: True. At my stage it was only the Pharaohs. I know that later the practice spread down to other layers of society.

Guy: Yes, that's true. In your time was the Step Pyramid built already?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes.

Pat: Were you, as oracle, involved in any ritual for informing or interring of Pharaohs?

Isis of Amun-Re: No.

Pat: Did the Pharaoh consult you as an oracle, for his advisers?

Isis of Amun-Re: There was a higher oracle than I who dealt with the Pharaoh. I was still in a period of advanced training when I departed the world. I worked mainly with, I suppose you would call them, the aristocracy and, to a small extent, I tried to help some of the ordinary people.

Pat: Was your status regulated by the amount of reward the enquirer would make? Or by your level of ability as a clairvoyant?

Isis of Amun-Re: Both were in operation. There was also politicking going on in my society just as there is in yours as I understand it. Some were placed in positions for which they did not have the true ability but they made up for ability by quickness of thought.

Pat: Did they help anyone?

Isis of Amun-Re: Oh, yes.

Pat: So the enquirer was always happy with the results.

Isis of Amun-Re: They always went away with some advice.

Pat: Do you have any advice for budding clairvoyants in this age?

Isis of Amun-Re: Remain true to the inner voice. Be sincere and use your gift. But do not set yourselves up as authorities because it is given to you from Spirit. If you set yourself up as an authority you will be emphasising your Self and that will get in the way of the contact. Always acknowledge the part played by Spirit.

Guy: You seem to have lived at the time of the First dynasty in the Old Kingdom. We distinguish between the Old, Middle and New dynasties. You would be of the Old dynasty. In that time the cult of the dead was supreme. Many people still think today that the old Egyptians possessed special wisdom, which we don't possess today. Do you think there was any such special wisdom.

Isis of Amun-Re: Those with true understanding were as numerous then as they are today in your society. There were sincere ones but there were many who were not.

Guy: There is a belief which we call 'the curse of the Pharaoh', that whoever disturbs the Pharaoh's sleep will die. Do you remember such spells being put in your day?

Isis of Amun-Re: Yes, we frequently used those spells, those threats, against disturbing the Pharaohs. They were not very effective though. Guy: They depended on the belief of the person?

Isis of Amun-Re: It also depended on the degree of hunger and need and misery. For some would break those curses because they thought that they may be struck down but at least they could help their family.

Guy: Very, very few of the tombs survived without being robbed. The great pyramid was not yet built in your time?

Isis of Amun-Re: No.

Guy: Were the pyramids just tombs, or did they have other significance?

Isis of Amun-Re: They were just tombs.

Georgina: Would you mind telling us for a few minutes how you explain the opportunities of the Spirit World to people who come into the Spirit World?

Isis of Amun-Re: We try first to make contact with the spirit or soul. Some people are very receptive but others, especially those who have been very attached to earth, will set up those earthly conditions. Because in the Spirit World you do not have physical objects and it is much easier to - shall we say - think into existence certain conditions, and sometimes it is very difficult to break down that rigidity, to break through those expectations. Sometimes we have to fulfil those expectations. Other people with less rigid ideas are much more open, and we can explore with them their material life, we can explore with them what they would like to do, and just help them through that way. And gradually they go on expanding their horizons, realising that there is more or asking for more, and it is with them a natural process. Everybody eventually will go through this evolving and expansion stage. We simply have to keep trying to make contact and to reason with them. Sometimes of course we have to resort to a rescue. But, I think my friends that it is time for me to depart. I hope that I have helped you to go forward a little on your path of progress. We need many more people like you - open to this philosophy and ideas, both in your material world and in the first stage of the Spirit World. May peace be with you and may you go through your life with joy and understanding. And I pray that you may join us one day in full peace and happiness.


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