(Jhanee's identity uncertain- he had no accent, could also be Arrian). We are preparing for your great Christmas festival. We are seeking to make the next two weeks times of quiet peace wherein we wish you to make a particular effort to open yourselves to Spirit. Tonight and the next two weeks when we link, we would like you to particularly open yourselves to Spirit by thinking of your guides and your helpers and deliberately drawing golden light into yourselves. The usual imagery is to think of the light coming down from above and flowing over and through you. This should help to cleanse your mind and your body of all negativities, which should affect the cells of your body so that they behave harmoniously, letting go of all toxins, refreshing you for the busy time ahead. Let the golden light flow through your mind, cleanse it of all negative thoughts, concepts and feelings, Particularly during the coming weeks you should hold thoughts of love and kindness to one another. Even to those people who may be annoying you or who seem to work against you - make a particular effort over the next few weeks to hold positive feelings towards them and to consciously send them love and good will.

The vibrations in your society will be gradually heightening during the next few weeks until they culminate in your Christmas Day. You will be caught up in the material aspects of your celebration, but we wish to also prepare you for the spiritual aspects. People who are interested in this philosophy can, during the next few weeks, take advantage of the heightened sensitivities, the heightened energies that are around you, that are being generated by the excitement and goodwill that is always generated by this Festival.

It is important for you to spend a short time each day in remembrance of Spirit. If you sit quietly for a short time each day, making yourselves available to us, you will achieve greater development and unfoldment now than at any other time of the year. Make the effort now, it could very well lead to much greater sensitivity in the new year, giving you a greater assurance of the working of spirit and of your link with spirit. Without your co-operation while you are in the material world it is difficult for spirit to link with you, it is difficult for us to strengthen that link. It needs to be a two way interaction between the two sides - those in the material plane and those of us working in the spiritual plane. We cannot do it all ourselves, as we often remind you, you are not our puppets, you are free independent spirits occupying a denser body than us. So if you wish some sort of unfoldment of closer contact with spirit, you must play your part too. It is little that we ask of you, but a few minutes each day. If you want greater spirituality and contact you, too, must make the effort, and the next four weeks are particularly important ones. Try whenever the opportunity presents itself during the day to draw the light into yourself, it can be done quite briefly in just a couple of seconds. It is an activity that can be disguised during your normal work, but those small seconds, those small minutes, you remember us will add up.

Bring us more into your daily life and we can help you much more than we do now. Also at this time your helpers will be drawing closer, and people who you have known who have passed on will be making the visit to you, even though they may not be permanently or frequently working with you. They will come to share your Christmas season. Such souls are always particularly pleased when you can feel their presence and possibly even identify them. Achieving that, even briefly, helps them on their way, it is one of the steps of progression when you come over here.

(Pause. The entity slipped away and was replaced by Ah-So.)


Ah-So's Message.

Greetings my friends. I come to thank you for your help you gave me earlier this year when there was that great upheaval in my country (China). We are still continuing to work with those souls that came over to us at that time.

Although my country does not share your great festival I ask you to remember it, to send your thoughts of love and concern there. Send to my country the light and the energy which it so badly needs at this time. There is great freedom coming in your world, freedom for those who have been oppressed, but it will not spread to my country for a while yet. We rejoice that freedom is coming to part of the world. We try to work that that freedom should spread further. I hope that that freedom will reach my country. We have a long history of wisdom and understanding, but that has not spread right through all layers of society there, it never has. We are working that one day it will, for all souls are capable of partaking of this wisdom and understanding. For many hundreds of years it has had to work quietly as a yeast fermenting in the society. At the moment it seems to be completely wiped out, but it is merely repressed - at some point in the future it will come forth again, and this time it will reach all layers of society.

So while you take part in your Christmas activities, remember those who are excluded, again even momentary thoughts of love, of sending the energy to them, will help, for someone, somewhere will pick that up and it will enable their link with spirit to be re-awakened, strengthened. Never think that what you do is too little to make any difference. Remember that many drops join together to make the ocean. And your drop is just as important as anyone else's.

I wish you much joyousness this coming season.

(Pause. Then Silver Moon came through.)


Silver Moon's Message.

From the spirits of the Red men I bring you greetings. We understood the incoming of the spirit into the world, to reactivate the love and knowledge of spirit. Always the spirit has been in the world, but sometimes it was necessary to particularly concentrate that spirit in one particular embodiment. In this way it was able to be disseminated to many people who otherwise would not have understood. Because the person bringing the spirit into the world understood the conditions of the people in that particular part of the world at that particular time, and therefore they were able to enunciate it for them, to make it more manifest, more obvious to them. Many people at all times in your world are oppressed in spirit, so that all they are aware of is the material world and its objects and conditions. This arises when the thoughts of men become clouded, and there is the intention to oppress others in order to gain the glories of the world. This sets up a chain re-action, so that others born to these spiritually oppressed are in conditions in which they, too, cannot lift their eyes or their mind to anything beside the material world. And so by concentrating spirit into one person, a great many of these oppressed souls can be released, can be awakened to something beyond the material world so helping them to break the link to the material world, so that they can go on in spirit when they leave the material body. For people do get caught in the aura of the world and will be unable to escape it after death, and these people will reincarnate until in some way they can lift their vibrations and so break free.

You people will be amongst that number of free spirits when you pass over here. Some of you will deliberately choose to come back to the world to help enlighten the others. Some of you will choose to stay on this side, to work with spirits over here - for often this enlightenment can take place on this side. Others of you are ready to let go the material plane and to streak onwards through spirit. This is not a selfish attitude - it is a cause of joy. It is a natural progression of merging back into the Godness. Every drop of Godness that is embedded in any sort of soul in a material body is equal, it is all from Godness. Whatever slowing conditions there may be are only temporary. Remember there is eternity, and all souls shall be eventually returned to Godness.

Please concentrate now on your planet, try to picture as I speak to you. Picture your planet as it is seen from space. Picture the beautiful blue oceans, the greenness of the woods, the yellowness of its deserts, the whiteness of the clouds. And feel now the joyous uprising from that earth, the eager souls of millions of people, feel them being uplifted, feel the shouts of joy. Feel the souls escaping from the world's pull. Join now in the joyousness, feel joy within you. Feel you are shouting with joy with these souls who are streaming upwards and outwards.

Feel the stream of joy encircling the world, feel the excitement - you are part of it too. Feel the joyful love of spirit. Hold it in your mind. Understand that you are already a part of that joyful spirit. You are more than this material body - you have other concerns than your daily life. And shooting through the spirit world is one of them.

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