Jhannee requested a topic and a question was asked about what happens to babies who die before birth.

Before a spirit incarnates in your world it will be around the mother for periods during the gestation period. The spirit will not be there all the time, but will come and go, and towards the end of the nine months it will be with the mother for longer and longer periods. In the case where a pregnancy was terminated early and the baby cannot live, the soul has several options open to it. It can withdraw and seek some other parents, it can decide not to incarnate at all at that time.

In the first case it simply goes through the process of choosing its parents again, it may choose similar parents. In some cases of course, the pregnancy terminates because the spirit decided it was not the right birth for it after all. This, of course, is only one reason for early termination of pregnancy, it is not so in every case. It may then choose something more in keeping with its reason for incarnating. If it decides not to incarnate at that time, it can go on in the Spirit World with such experiences, tasks, duties, as it may feel are necessary before incarnating, or, of course, it may simply stay on its path moving back towards Godness and its final reunion. One thing with this particular type of instance, is that the soul may have been re-incarnating, but with the purpose of punishment or to make some sort of recompense for deeds which it considers evil in its previous life. And then, before the birth takes place, the spirit realises that it does not have to reincarnate. It may have realised, perhaps, that the things that it felt guilty about, it did not need to feel guilty about. The soul may have realised that it can work things out in the Spirit World. As we have explained to you, there are many souls coming over who have difficulties and much work can be done on this side if you wish to work out your 'guilts'. And so the soul may continue the process on this side.

Naturally, the spirit will, very often for a while, hang around its would be parents to console them, to see that they are all right, before going on with its path on this side. if it is a new soul incarnating for the first time, it can still work on this side bringing a special aura with it, a special quality, which I am having trouble describing to you. It is a special sense of calmness, of wisdom, of wisdom of the ages, if I try to put it more poetically. Or the soul can simply withdraw back into the Godness. There does not have to be any particular reason for these things - it just decides to withdraw. (The questioner said she had aborted a baby about two years before. A medium has told her that there is a two-year spirit child with her. Her impression and from the above comments was that the spirit is an adult spirit until it is actually born. So it did not make sense to her that there is a two-year old spirit which has not incarnated.) Now, in this case, the spirit is wishing to be identified by you, and the best way the spirit feels this can be accomplished is by giving you an age which you can identify with a particular period. (The sitter asked if, now that he has been identified, can this spirit now reveal himself as a fully aware spirit?)

If the spirit so wishes. On the other hand, the spirit may wish to stay with you and work with you as a helper or a guide of some sort. This very often happens if the spirit can stay with the mother or the father, and helping in those lines. You see, the spirit also had some input into the decision that you made. The spirit was well-aware that the pregnancy may not reach full termination. And I wish to stress that things are never one-hundred-percent set - there were choices, so that spirit knew there was a possibility of an early termination. Gina: What have you been doing recently?

Jhannee: I have spent much time in the second area of the Spirit World. I use this terminology in an effort to get the concept across to you. I know that you in particular understand the concept that there are no levels, no areas, no regions in the Spirit World. There are different qualities of experience.

Georgina: I have been told that I have a healing gift. How can I, and the other sitters, develop our gifts?

Jhannee: The first and most important is to have the desire. After that is prayer and meditation. And after that is practice. Having the desire is the first impetus to set the rest of the actions in motion. You need regular periods when you are quiet, when you can feel Spirit with you. The ideal, of course, is to feel Spirit with you all the time. And I am not talking about actually communicating with your spirit guides, I am talking about Spirit, the whole. So have a regular time for this experiencing of Spirit presence. Ask for Spirit to come to you, to strengthen the link with you. You do not have to meditate for hours every day. Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes is sufficient. No more than an hour at the most. You really do not need to make drastic changes to your life. We do, however, recommend that you do not smoke, alcohol should be kept low - you do not have to give it up altogether, but do not drink it every day. Also things such as tea and coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine, should be drunk only in moderation. This is because the alcohol and, to some extent, caffeine although caffeine has the lesser effect, affect the vibrations of your aura making it more difficult for your spirit guides to mesh in with it. When your guides are working through you, whether it is in trance work, in healing or clairvoyance, their aura has to mesh over and link in with yours. And to do that, the vibrations of your auras have to be similar. In the case of full trance, the vibrations exactly match, but if they are similar they (the guides) can ease into place. So those things, smoking we do recommend removing, the other things keep low.

See that your diet is balanced. You do not have to go to extremes unless there is some good medical reason for it. Just make sure it is well balanced with your fruit, your vegetables, your proteins, your starches and so forth, a good range.

A practice we would recommend, is a bath or a shower before hand. Wear clothes that are comfortable and of a light colour, because you want your aura to be comfortable, to expand to its proper depth, to have its correct vibration. You do not want to dampen it which dark colours do, you do not wish to jar it which strong, harsh colours can do. So we recommend light colours. The actual materials do not worry us very much at all, because basically every substance in the world is made of the same thing. So we do not mind whether you are wearing artificial substances or natural substances or what. It all comes down to the same thing if you go down far enough, which we can do. When you have a client, before you start giving healing say a short prayer. If you know who your healing guide is, ask that guide to draw close to you to work with you. Ask the divine spirit to flow through you to your client. Above all remember, you are doing nothing. You are simply making yourself a channel for the love divine. You can help, if it seems appropriate to you, to picture the energy flowing in through your head and out through your arms to the patient. This is why you do not need to be in good health yourself, you can still give healing. Many people expect a healer to enjoy perfect health, they do not necessarily, they too can get over tired, they too can have genetic abnormalities which manifest. They too, can have an accident that leaves something permanently wrong. If part of the body has been removed for some reason, naturally, it cannot be grown back. You need to establish a rapport with your client, so if you have some illness, such as a cold, naturally you would cancel all healing sessions because your client will be thinking 'I hope I am not going to catch that cold.' And this will set up a barrier.

Likewise, if you have something which is draining your energy, you would be wise not to heal, because you will not be behaving in a way that will inspire your patient with confidence in you. If your energy is low you will not be acting very energetically, will you? Of course, you should not present an overly energetic attitude, that, too, can be off-putting. Just be you, your natural self. For ourselves we do not think that excessive close contact is necessarily a good thing. You do not have to hug your patient. Many people do not like this, especially from strangers. If you know the person and you know that that is all right, well all right, if you so wish. In general however, we would advise against it in a healing session.

When you are giving healing you can be opening up yourself to the other person and so, if you have overly close contact, you may pick up that person's vibrations into your own aura and that will affect you afterwards.

So do not be too overly gushing on your client. Friendly, yes, welcoming, yes, make sure they are comfortable, yes, but do not overdo it. I wish to stress also that picturing of the energy flowing through you and from you to the patient. Never, ever, picture anything coming from the patient to you. Doing that increases very much the risk of picking up the patient's condition, or, if there is an attaching spirit to the client, you may attract that spirit to yourself. So always think of the energy flowing from you to the patient. We are aware that in your society there are areas of the body which one does not touch on another person. These areas are mainly on the front of the body. Now, those of you who have been coming here for a while will know that nothing is laid down and set. There will be cases when it will be all right for you to touch those parts of the body, but in broad general cases, we recommend confining touching, if you wish to touch the body, to the head, the back, the arms and hands, and the lower parts of the legs and feet. For one thing, the main area for healing is the spine itself. Now, energy comes into your physical body through the top of your head, comes down into the spine and from the spine it branches out into parts of the body. And so, by working on the spine you can affect all parts of the body. I should, perhaps, make the point that you do not have to actually touch the body, you can work an inch or so away from the body. You should do what feels right for you and for that particular client. Your healing guides will direct you to the places that particularly need healing. You may also be given some information about the person, it is important that you pass that on. If you do not pass it on, you are forming a sort of dam or blockage, and nothing new can come in. If you give it out, you open it up and more can come in. A general rule is for silence during healing except when you have this information from Spirit. Now, you will always know when the client has had enough healing. It will manifest to you in different ways. It will be idiosyncratic to your self - this knowing, when that has happened, and you will recognise it quite quickly. When you have that feeling you must always close down the client. Smooth down the aura, again, how you do this is largely idiosyncratic to yourself, your guides and to the patient, but in general terms, smoothing down motions a few inches away from the body. If you wish you can use the sign of the cross perhaps on the person's head or in the air, it is not important. Only do it if it feels right to you, or some other sign. It is also a good idea to use some sort of finishing phrase such as 'God be with you', or whatever phrase appeals to you.

Other things in conducting the healing is basically up to you. You need to make quick rapport with your client, you might like to take a few minutes and sit and chat; you may seek to have a past history of the illness. On the other hand, you may prefer to go straight into it, so much of it is up to yourself and the particular situation. You will learn to sense those people who, usually without realising they are doing it, are contracting their aura in on themselves, and you will find it difficult to make 'contact' with them. These people will particularly benefit from some preliminary talks; some reassurance; explain your philosophical background; explain to them what you are doing, and this sort of thing.

Never, ever, promise a cure. There are many reasons in a person's life for having that illness, and it may not be in their life-plan to receive a spirit healing. The patient really may not wish to be healed - you will come across people like that. You will also come across those people whose life is approaching the end, and these people you will not cure, but you will be able to bring them reassurance and comfort and perhaps some understanding. Again your guides will inspire you what is the right thing to say to them. Do they need reassurance about the people they are leaving behind? Are they feeling guilty about something that they need reassurance? Do they really simply need to have the Spirit World explained to them? To have the understanding, to be reassured that there is a life after the death of the physical body. There may be instances when you feel it appropriate to tell them of experiences you have had which strengthened your faith. Always be reassuring. You may find people who you feel will not get well, because they like coming to see you. This can be a very difficult situation to handle. In some cases you need even to say 'I can help you no more'. You may feel it appropriate to suggest someone else they can go to. Or you may feel it is better to just break. Your guides will inform you. On the other hand, you may be perfectly willing to have that person continue to come to you. Always trust what is within you. You will pick up the undesirable cases and the cases where it is appropriate to let them keep coming. Usually, in the former case, you will feel drained after they go. If you feel particularly tired or exhausted after a particular client, beware, for they may be taking too much from you. Too much from you that they are not going to put to good use themselves. You must always remember that healing is an interaction, it is a feeling between you and the client. After the healing, wash your hands in between each client. Water being a fluid can take away from you the negative vibrations, and since you are usually touching the person with your hands washing your hands is sufficiently. Sometimes people use other parts of the body. Wash your hands and then do an aura cleansing on that other part of the body smoothing with your hands. When you have finished your healing session for that day be sure to cleanse your aura. Now there are many methods for doing this and you may develop your own method. I think I have taught all of you, or someone in this group of guides has taught you, our favourite methods, the one of 'washing' the body, with the fingers a couple of inches away from the body. Or the one starting with the fingers in the centre of the forehead, bring them down to the nape of the neck three times. Then start again at the forehead, bring the fingers down to the nape of the neck and then down the front of the body, and do that three times. And finish with a prayer to close yourself down. Always look after yourself as well, remember you are an incarnation of a drop of the Godness and you deserve equal rights with other people, and they deserve equal rights with you too, because they, too, are an incarnation of the Godness.

Now, is there any point which you wish enlarged or clarified? Georgina: When meditating, is there any particular thing like light, or energy, or something that I should be focussing on? Jhannee: There are many books written on how to meditate. You may follow any method which feels right to you. Basically, your meditation should also start with a prayer, it should be at a regular time of the day, so that your guides know you are there and will be with you. We can always come any instant that you call, but it helps if there is a regular time for the meditation. So start with a prayer, the words we leave up to you because the words will vary from time to time. You can ask for inspiration, or protection or renewal, or whatever, or just for their contact and help, and so forth. It is very often helpful to do a breathing exercise of some sort, the very basic level of two or three deep breaths and out again, and then just let the breath come and go. You can, if you wish, meditate on some particular theme, you may have some music playing or just have silence. You can vary these things, you don't always have to do the same thing. You may give yourself a guided imagery. One of the very basic ones which is very popular, is to picture yourself walking down a garden path, through a gate in a fence and in a beautiful setting, which you may design for yourself, on the other side you may meet with your guides. And then, afterwards, when you finish, you come back through the gate and shut it. This is very good visualisation for opening up and closing down - the opening of the gate and afterwards the closing. You will never completely shut off the contact with your guides. But you do need to disconnect from the contact enough, so that you can operate correctly in your world. Remember that you have a life to live and you must live it. If you don't have full experience in making decisions, you don't have practice in life itself, you are not going to have the understanding when you come on this side to help others. And when you have come through your gate, say a short farewell to your guides.

(After some personal messages Jhannee left)

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