Good afternoon friends.

I wish, first, to thank you for giving me the opportunity of speaking to you here this afternoon. We know that it was not planned on your side, and we thank you for inviting us.

You know me, when I speak through this medium as Jhannee. It is a name I use purely for your conventions, so that you may refer to an individuality easily. The truth, however, is that we are all that one individuality. I use the name Jhannee but I am really not very much different from anyone else whom you meet in your world, or speaking to you from the world of Spirit. It is all the one Spirit - Spirit is all there is. While you are in the world you are focused on those material circumstances around you and you cannot see the deeper circumstance of the spirit which is projecting those manifestations for you. It is all one so truly that I really do not know how to bring the truth across to you, to explain it to you.

It is the one spirit that manifests in each one of you, and it is the one spirit coming again into your world. Many people claim to remember their past incarnations in your world, but with one spirit welling up in different places in different times, you are really tapping the deeper memories underlying it all. So anyone of you can remember an incarnation, say, as your first Queen Elizabeth, or as the chief of an African tribe, because the memory of that life is in the underlying spirit, and some people tap it. You all cling to your individuality when you leave the material plane. There are several layers to the individuality. While you are wholly in your material plane you have a dense physical body. When you shed that, you have an astral body, and when you shed that, an etheric body, and when you shed that you are merged back into the deeper underlying Spirit. Some people give you more than three bodies, some people give them different terms but it is all the one thing.

When you have shed the material body there are no more sudden levels, it is all the one level. I know these concepts are very difficult, we have tried before to get them across to you. There are sort of different qualities. Its like when you look at a rainbow, you can see seven different colours, but where exactly does one colour finish and another one start? There is only the one rainbow but with seven different shades in it, and it is something like that in the Spirit World. You must understand all analogies are imperfect, they are only approximations.

And so, try to grasp this idea that there is only the One. You perceive yourselves as having a personality, an individuality, that is associated with the circumstances of your life in the material world, and you cling to that personality when you have shed the material body. You cling to the material circumstances. Why? We are constantly telling you that life after your material death is so much better than the life you have confined to the material world. So why do you cling to that material world?

There are many reasons, but there are two very broad general classifications of those reasons : one is love. You cling to the people you have known, you care about them. So you worry about them, you try to hang round to help them. This is good. Love is the tie that binds, but love is also the tie that releases - you will let go. Out of love parents will let a child go - spread his or her wings, perhaps move to another country, another city. It is love that lets that child go. And when you have someone leave their material body, you love them, you will say to them "I let you go. Go on your path, go about your duties, your tasks that you have on the other side. I will be all right." That is true love.

The other classification that binds you to this world is hate, and this one is stronger. You get locked in with the person or the situation that you hate.

What is hate? It is when something does not go the way you want and you feel hurt - you want to impose your will perhaps. It has many manifestations, but it locks you in far more strongly than does love.How can you break this? The one word I can give you is forgiveness. When you can truly send love to the person, the situation, whatever it is, that has caused you the hurt, when you can send them love, the hurt will go. And it must be true love from within. That will be when you are expressing the underlying Spirit, the underlying Spirit with forgives and lets go. The underlying Spirit will not force you to come back to the material world to work out you karma, to work out your guilts, to suffer as you have made others suffer, because the underlying Spirit forgives and accepts. And when you do that you are allowing that underlying Spirit to truly express itself. And that will be when you break the necessity to come back to this material world. The individuality will persist for a while in the Spirit World, and so it can come back to the world. But it does not have to. I cannot stress this to you strongly enough - It does not have to. Let go. Let go the hurts, give love for those hurts, and you will find that people have less and less power to hurt you.

You will have feelings, you do have feelings, I am not asking you to repress them, but when you can remind yourself that the other person is also a drop of Godness, the other person too has desires like you, has hurts that they are carrying. When you can be solicitous for them, even if at first it is only on the surface, you will find a miracle taking place. And you will truly love that person. You will be able to give them love and you will be able to let go.

Love is a paradox. It binds and it lets go. Experience both sides of it, remember, you are this underlying Spirit. There is only one, and no matter how far the other person goes you are that person too. So the love you give the other person, you are giving to yourself. Is that not much better than giving yourself hate and locking yourself into this churning, biting feeling. Transmute it. Sure you will slip back and find the negative feelings coming, but as soon as you identify those feelings put golden light around the person, or the situation, and quietly send love. Induce in yourself the feeling you have about someone whom you love, and send that kind of feeling to this other person. Forgiveness is the key to life, it is the key to freedom, it is the key to joy.

I would like to ask you now to sit quietly for a few moments and try this exercise of sending love to someone you do not like. It may be somebody you know, it may be a prominent figure, perhaps you do not know them personally. Select someone and send them love - that true love that swells within your heart. As you do it, be aware that your angel helpers are coming close because they want you to feel that love, to feel that underlying Spirit welling up within you, and they will help you. If you find it difficult just ask their help. Do this whenever you are disturbed and the peace that passeth all understanding will be yours. That peace I leave with you now.

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