(This was the week of the Bangladesh tidal wave disaster and after meditation we spent a few minutes concentrating on that country, sending thoughts of love and peace.)

I thank you for your kind thoughts for my country, for in my day in your world, this area was part of my country, although I was not directly associated with it.

There is much anguish in your world, all over, all around. There has always been much anguish in your world - it is no greater now than it has been in times in the past. Always there has been domination of one country and people by another, always there has been repression, always there has been cruelty, always there have been natural disasters. You should not think that they are any worse now, or any more frequent than they have been in the past.

I am particularly grieved at the moment because it is my country that has been struck. The world has never been free from grief and it is doubtful that it ever will be. Individually you may find areas and times of peace, you may find that peace is taken away from you for a while - it may come back. There will always be fluctuation. This world is but a part of the expression of the Godness. You find in the world what you have yourself created and assigned. You have qualities to express - no one individual in your world could possibly express all of them. You need the whole range of humanity in order to do that. Unfortunately most of humanity in your world gets side-tracked and absorbed in the world. The trick is to be in your world and to live in it, and to take its experiences and to remember what lies beneath. But we have talked about that before, I will leave it for tonight.

When you pray for others, when your heart is stirred to pity and sympathy for them, some of this stays with you too. You have brought a little more love and sympathy into the world, there is a little more love and sympathy in yourself. You remind yourself of the underlying love and so your faith - your faith in yourself - is strengthened a little each time.

Any deed done with concern for another, with benefit for another, will not leave you, yourself, wholly not benefited. By such means you, yourselves, will receive some benefit. You may not be aware of it in your material world, it may not be till you come over here, but it will be there.

The area for which you have been paying, which you now call Bangladesh, is receiving much help from us on this side. There are many spirits concentrated there, trying to calm the survivors, to give them guidance and support, emotionally. They are also attempting to help those who have died, to re-assure them, and to lead them on to the part of our side where they can start their rest and then, their own progress and work. We assure you that this work, on our side, is being done in all the stricken areas of your world. Wherever there are large scale disasters we are there.

Please understand that your material world is not really as you see it. Be involved in it, but do not be totally committed to it. Remember the things of your world will pass from you. Be ready to let them go. Do not hold on to them and you will have greater freedom when you come to this side.

Remember that the people that you leave behind also have their lives to lead. You cannot lead them for them, they have assigned to themselves too, their tasks, their qualities, their experiences. They will grow much more if you allow them to experience them, this is why they have incarnated in your world.

And then you pass on from this world, and it is not necessary to be there more than once. Do not be absorbed with it, you can, if you really want, reincarnate more frequently in your world, but you do not HAVE to. Why not go on, on this side, and see the experiences there are here for you. You grow through those too.

But it is your decision.

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