The first requirement is for receptivity on behalf of the person receiving the healing. Without receptivity healing cannot take place. The person must not only believe that the healing can take place, they must really want it, and you would be surprised how many sick people do not, really, in their heart of hearts, want to be healed. They will say on the outside that they do, but on the inside they do not.The reasons for this are varied. One is that they receive much attention from their sickness and this they enjoy. They are prepared to suffer bodily ailments in exchange for this attention. I am not saying that the ailments are imaginary, they are real enough. Another reason is that, for some reason, the person believes that they deserve to be punished, and so they allow the sickness to manifest in their body. Another reason for the illness manifesting is in order to demonstrate that healing can take place. This is the manifestation of Christ's saying that the person was born blind to manifest the goodness of God.

Other reasons for the illness is purely abuse of the body. If you do not follow the laws of health by caring for your body, then sickness will manifest in the body. There are some people who can break every health law and who will be healthy. They are manifesting that for a different reason. They have a tremendous input of energy and this enables them to break all these rules. Because you have a tremendous input of energy does not mean that you necessarily manifest it in the work for Spirit or in ways to benefit mankind. it is just something that the person has decided will be one of the conditions of their life in this world and there are many and varied reasons for that. It depends on the individual souls.

When the person really wishes to be healed right through all layers of their body, then they will be healed, whether they follow the path of normal medical practice or whether they follow other physical methods of healing, the so-called "alternative" methods, or whether they seek spiritual type healing.

There are three main branches of healing, one we may call 'normal' physical methods, which is much propagated by your doctors and medical profession. This we will leave aside from our discussion. There are mental methods of healing. This is most effective when the healing is of psychological causes or, as I have mentioned before, healing of guilt and punishment.

By mental healing, talking through the problem for instance, the root cause can often be discovered but this must come through the sick person's own mind. It is no use telling them what the cause of the illness is, it must be realised by them spontaneously. There are many ways of doing this. There are many teachings to be followed. But it is also possible for mental healers to develop their own methods and to have no sort of training in any of the others. Sometimes, good old fashioned common sense is extremely beneficial and useful. In this category can also be allocated those 'alternative' methods which employ quite rigorous and sometimes unpleasant practices such as fasting, water cures, etc. Also the adopting of postures and other methods, which it is very easy for you to discover by reading. There have been many books, many regimes published, if you believe it is right for you it will be effective.

Of greater interest to us is the spiritual healing. In spiritual healing, the healer receives inspirations from spirit as to what will help the sick person. The instructions may be to the laying on of hands, in which case energy will be channelled through the healer's body through hands, or whichever part of the body they choose to use for healing and so into the body of the sick person. The influx of energy serves to strengthen the cells in the body usually making them rotate faster. This increases heat and can be effective in destroying germs in a similar way to the raised temperature that often manifests in certain illnesses.

In rare illnesses, the cells of the body are vibrating too quickly and the influx of energy will calm them down. This can occur in certain types of growths. It often happens that the body is working overtime and this causes a growth to manifest in some part of the body, because the excess energy must be channelled somewhere and a certain area is selected.

Sometimes the healer, by laying on of hands makes a stronger contact with the aura of the sick person, and this enables them to pick up more easily where problems lie. There is thus a dual interaction going on in the healers, he receives input from Spirit and input from the sick person. This interchange greatly increases the healer's effectiveness. Sometimes the healer will be inspired to suggest various physical remedies, perhaps vitamin tablets, perhaps sun baths, perhaps contact with the earth or any number of other suggestions may be made. Sometimes the healer will need to soothe the aura of the sick person. This is done according to the ways that the healer feels is right for him - it may be soothing, stroking the aura, it may be simply the holding of the hands a few inches away from the sick person's body without movements, it may take the form of massage type movements on the aura. There are variations on all these. Each is appropriate to the individual healer and their rate of vibration in proportion to the rate of vibration of the sick person's aura. Sometimes, Spirit can channel energy through the healer and again, the healer may adopt different ways of channelling this energy into the sick person. They may choose to do it through the aura by just holding their hands some way inside the sick person's aura. They may prefer to place their hands on the sick person's body. It may be on the place where the sickness is manifesting, or it may be preferred to concentrate on some significant spiritual spot; areas on the spine, the solar plexus, or the feet, or the hands, or the third eye, or the top of the head, or wherever the healer feels will benefit the sick person. Very often the spot chosen will be on one of the meridians used in acupuncture or acupressure teachings. Certain spots along these meridians are more receptive to energy and the energy can flow more easily into the body through them. These spots vary. The receptivity of these spots vary from person to person, and the use of these spots also varies from healer to healer.

The healer needs to be able to sustain increased flows of energy into him or her. Some healers will have vibrating energy, others will have soothing, calming energy. This may be perceived as hot or cold by either the healer or the sick person. It does not follow that if the healer perceives the energy as hot that the sick person must also perceive it as hot. There can be a difference between the two. Sometimes a person who is very sick will benefit if more than one person is directing healing towards them, and in this case not every person in the group needs to be a healer. The healers or healer, if there is only one in the group can take advantage of the extra energy brought by the other people and can direct it for them. This is very beneficial in people who are terminally ill.

One should not be discouraged if the healing in a terminally ill person does not appear to take place. Sometimes such people seek spiritual healers only as a last resort. In this case sometimes lessening of pain will occur but very often and more importantly, this kind of healing can lead to a healing of the spirit, leading to calmness and acceptance of the coming so-called death.

This calmness of spirit is extremely beneficial to the dying person. It means that they are not fearful when they pass over, they do not fight their death, they let it come naturally as a child would. They are more receptive and can see, or sense the presence of their loved ones who have died previously, and so their passing is easier and they are more awake when they come to this side. They will receive more readily our instructions. They will look about them and they will see people around them, people they have known and loved. And then there is much joy in the passing. There is a welcoming and a receiving, on both sides. Much pain is caused when the person who has just arrived here rejects the people around them. In some ways this is more hurtful than when a so-called dead person tries to make contact with those who are still in the body, at least then there is an explanation, an excuse, for the ignoring. But when the person has already joined us, there is no real excuse for ignoring us and so greater pain or hurt can be caused.

Some of the mental methods that are used are colours. This can be in the form of lights or in the so-called colours of the physical objects in your world. It is known that you perceive different colours from different objects and this depends on the wavelengths thrown off by these objects. It is the vibration of those wavelengths which cause the differences in colour to be perceived by you. These vibrations can affect the vibrations in your body, speeding them up or slowing them down.

The two slowing vibrations are white and black. These are at opposite ends of the continuum; white throws off all wavelengths, black absorbs them. In the case of white the vibrations are calming, in the case of black the vibrations are absorbed and are deadening. The colours in between have different effects according to their wavelengths, according to the intensity, according to the amount of white or black in them. The best colours to use for healing are the vibrant pure tones, and different colours are beneficial for different types of illnesses.

The red, warm colours have the most energy associated with them and these are best used in debilitating illnesses, the anemias for instance, in which the person is weakened. The cool colours, the blues are most beneficial in illnesses where there is temperature or an excess of body activity, as in growths and eruptions, such as boils.The purple/mauve colours are particularly beneficial in mental illnesses, but it is better to use the quieter shades of these colours, not the strong vibrant colours. These colours, i.e., the purple, however, may be used to some benefit in the depressive type illnesses, and when you have violent mood swings, it may be necessary to change colours according to the mood. So when there is mania use blue/greens, when the depressive cycle occurs then use the purples. In violent cases, greens are particularly beneficial. The yellows in the greens tie in with the energy manifested in the violence and the blues can link and calm that down.

Oranges are particularly beneficial in the depressive/suicidal types, the red part of the colour serving to bring energy, the yellow bringing hope and cheerfulness.

Sound vibrations can also be used to good effect, and again, the types of sounds should be chosen according to the type of illness. It is necessary here, to choose particularly harmonious sounds, beware of using music that has a strong vibrant beat, especially when there is any mental illness about. Strong, vibrant beats in music can tie in with rhythms in the brain, causing further dislocation of mental faculties. If there is any sort of mental illness involved then music must be chosen in which melody is predominant. There is rhythm in all music in your society, but in some it is very much less dominant. So with mental illnesses you should avoid your very strong vibrant rock music. But also avoid marches and waltzes, even if they are melodious and obey rules of harmony as used in your music.

It is necessary to take the person's musical background into account, for what you may find harmonious may not be harmonious to a person from another culture in which the music has a different tonal base. The music should be selected according to the sick person's background. There are instances when strong music is beneficial and one particular instance is in the labour ward. The woman who is in the process of giving birth will need different types of music during the birth process. Calming music during the first stage and the more vigorous type of music during the second phase. But when the baby is born the music must instantly change to quiet, soothing music, because at the moment of birth the baby is particularly sensitive to everything around it. It is necessary at this time to speak calmly, shouting should be avoided. Even though the birth is usually joyful, have consideration for the new infant's very tender and sensitive sense modalities.Soothing, quiet, music is also beneficial at the other extreme of life, during death. The dying person will receive much benefit from quiet calm music. But you should never have an air of sadness or woe about it - funeral marches are to be avoided at all costs. Again, the beat should not be very obvious but it is important to take into account the person's own particular tastes in music, and if the person requests silence, then, of course, they must be given silence. The dying person knows instinctively what is needed, and their whims and requests should be met without argument and at any cost. The feeling of having met the person's last wishes will help the loved ones left behind, they will gain some peace of mind from feeling that they did all possible to help the dying person. This is why dying people should be encouraged to express wishes of what they want around them. Many such people will feel that they do not wish to trouble their loved ones - their loved ones are already grieving and upset enough as it is. if necessary explain to them this fact, that it is for the sake of the loved ones they are leaving behind that they should be honest and say what they would like. It will bring much comfort to those left behind, to have been able to be of service during the last dying days.It is important, if the dying person wishes to die at home, to allow them to do so. The vibrations in a person's own home will be more in tune with them than were the vibrations in the hospital. Hospitals are very often associated with death - they are where you go to die for many people.

If the dying person is at home it is less likely that extreme measures will be taken to prolong their life. Often these measures are only administered in order to comfort the medical staff. By bringing the person home, the person and the person's immediate family can have much more control over the surroundings.

The dying person may particularly benefit from the presence of a beloved pet. A dog or a cat by its presence, by being there to be stroked, can itself bring great peace and calmness to the dying person, and sometimes the presence of the pets can be more beneficial than the presence of the family, because the pets do not make demands, they will just be there.

If you visit someone who is dying, do not feel that you have to entertain them or talk to them all the time. Very often (it helps) just to have someone sitting quietly there, just to know there is someone there who is not making demands, who is not forcing the person to talk, to pay attention to the surroundings.

This may sound contradictory to what I said a few moments ago, but the dying person goes through different phases and you must adjust your behaviour to the phase that person is in. The phase can change in the course of one day, and the same set of phases may occur several days running, or the person may be in one phase for several days and then pass into another. They can pass backwards and forwards. There is no set system of phases but try to be attuned to where that person is at that time. Towards the end, just sitting with them is more appropriate. Let them talk if they want to, do not hush them up to conserve their strength, let them dictate the conversation if they want to talk. Do not reason with them if they say their mother, or Uncle Arthur, is standing by the bed. Those people probably are. Talk with them about that person, how do they look, are they saying anything, are they making gestures. Distress is caused if people around the dying person will not acknowledge that there are other, so-called dead people there.

If the dying person is distressed, perhaps because of misconceptions of what is happening, you particularly can bring calmness to them. Tell them what you have heard about the other side. Sometimes it would not be possible to tell them how you have gained this information. In that case you can say something like : I wonder if those old stories about the other side are true. You know, the one about so-and-so; or lead into it gently in some way. Tailor your remarks according to the person. If it is someone who has been in this teaching you can talk more openly and ask much more questions about what they are seeing, because such people will be very calm, and very accepting, and very willing to pass on what they can see. you do not need to be a medium to do that because at death, as they approach death, they are gradually withdrawing from this world and are paying more and more attention to the other world. We have digressed haven't we?

Another healing method which uses vibration is a very little know one, of using aromas. And again, the aromas must be selected according to the illness. Strong spicy aromas will serve to rouse people, the gentler flower aromas will be calming. Incense and myrrh are often used in religious practices because of the effect these perfumes have. Again it is a matter of vibrations. Some perfumes affect the mental states much more readily than others. These are the incenses and the myrrh. Different incenses, different perfumes of incense again are suitable for different types of practice. Very sweet, you may say sickly, incenses are best used when purifying a place, and these are useful when used with a dying person and the person who has just died. For a little while they are still near by. The link with their physical body is (only) gradually weakening and so they are affected by the perfume.

Strong spicy smells are particularly good for gastric disorders, they will stimulate the digestive system. But if the problem is too much stimulation then you will need to use a very small quantity so that the perfume is not very strong.

For sleep disorders calming perfumes are best. The violets, the lilies are good. Where there is too much sleep then you will need a strong vibrant perfume. Pine is particularly beneficial here, some roses, the strong hybrid tea-roses also. The perfumes used should preferably be extracted oils from the plants. The artificial cosmetic type perfumes are not really beneficial. They are designed more allure than for really beneficial purposes. Smells such as tobacco are particularly disturbing and should not be used near a sick person.Artificial perfumes such as those of disinfectants, the drugs, are in the same category. They are artificial and are jarring as far as healing purposes are concerned.

Do not use jarring methods for a person who has a mental illness, the catatonic schizophrenia. These people often go into this state because there is too much activity in the brain, and so the use of artificial, very jarring products will make the condition worse.Absent healing belongs in the same group with the spiritual healing. It is not so strong as healing in presence, because it is sent by thought waves and these are weaker than a solid physical manifestation. I am not saying that absent healing is ineffectual, otherwise we would not suggest that you use it in this circle. It takes longer and is best used as an adjunct to other types of healing. It is a prop or adjunct, a prompt, it can occur at times when it is not possible for the healer to be with the sick person and so the healing process can by prolonged. It needs a very strong healer to attain quick results with absent healing - a much stronger healer than is necessary for present healing. The healing rays travel along the thought waves to the sick person. The picture of the sick person forms in the mind of the person who knows, them and the energy from other people, if they are present, can link up with this and pass along. It is not necessary for people to know the person they are sending absent healing to, simply knowing their name or even knowing that such a person exists is sufficient. Somewhere there is a concept of the person.

It is possible to send healing to someone known by another person not present. In this case the healing thought will travel to the person who does know the sick one, and from there along their concept, their image of the sick person. Naturally, absent healing will be much stronger and more definite when the person is know to the healer. A photograph is a next best substitute, knowing just the name is next in order, and just knowing that such a person exists is the weakest, but still brings some benefits.

We have tried to cover many aspects of healing. The energy here tonight has been very intense and we will shortly have to go.We thank you for coming here tonight. No doubt you are curious about me. I have spoken to you before. I am Jhannee. The method speaking to you tonight has been another of our experiments. We have focussed all energy in the head and this medium has been virtually unable to move any other part of her body while we have been speaking. This enables us to deliver to you much more information much more rapidly. It has enabled a much stronger and closer contact between us. In fact it is going to take some effort to break the contact. Do not be alarmed, there is no danger.

(It was some time before I could really move freely again. I felt as though the walls of the room were very close, only a foot or so away from me. It seemed to have contracted in.)

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