Tonight we thought we would say something about the Christ, and about your Lord Jesus. We know that this topic has been requested. The Christ is one of the manifestations of the Godness. It is more a state of mind that is very close to the final realisation, the final merging with the Godness. You all have the potentiality to experience and become part of the Christ, before you merge back into the ultimate source of all things. This is always a very difficult concept to get across to those of you still in the material world, as are most concepts over here. I think it has been said to you before, if not in these words, that it is often necessary to suspend your own ideas of logic when considering matters on our side. It is possible for those still in a physical body to attain the Christness or Christ consciousness - This is a phrase that is familiar to some of you and I will use it. Such people are very few. Usually it is a case of a special incarnation, a case of a sort of splitting off from that Christ consciousness, not entirely breaking away but protruding from it, and incarnating into the physical body. There is such a person alive at this moment, but he is not seeking publicity. Most times there is at least one person in your world like this. They do not always make themselves known, but there is always something special about them. They seldom attain prominence in the world at large. They seldom attain positions of power, political or militarily. They seek rather to spread a certain something amongst those around them. Sometimes they will be secluded in, you might call it a monastery, though that word has very strong connections with Christian faith. I hope you understand that it is not necessarily any one religion that has a monopoly on such people. Many religions like to think they have - it could be any religion. At one time the incarnation was in Africa, in a Negro body, and it has been to China and Russia as well as to America and Europe. At the present moment it is in India. These people have a special calmness around them. They may have only a few close contacts, (or) they may have many. They may spread their message only to those who are in their, as you would call 'order', or they may travel and spread their message more widely.

One of these beings was the man you call Jesus. And perhaps I should point out that the word you use 'Christ', is not the only word that is used for this state. Each time that there is an incarnation, they will be awarded a title of some sort. In your case you use the word 'Christ'. Some have linked the word back to the Sanskrit word, the Hindu avatar Krishna, and it is true that that incarnation had connections with India. He was born in a country, as has been pointed out, that was at the junction of the world and it was easy for contact to be made with the Indian beliefs, and ideas, and practices, and teachings. It was a country where there was much coming and going, and where many tales were told about other parts of the world. And so it was perhaps comparatively easy for him to hear of other beliefs and practices. We here do not really believe that details of his earthly life are of great interest. That particular incarnation has merged back, back into the Christ Consciousness and to the Godness. However, we have been asked to talk about his life.

Many of the tales you have of him are true. Some of the broad outlines are indeed based on fact. He was a teacher, he travelled about the country. But he was in an age where information, as I have said, about other parts of the world was brought there, but information about that part of the world was also being carried away to other peoples. So it was not necessary for him to travel very far, and he chose to stay in his own country during the years of his teaching. He travelled indeed to Egypt and there came in contact with the Egyptian religion. At that stage much of the ancient Egyptian beliefs were already hidden away. But he was able to come in contact with their basic beliefs, beneath all their dogma, and all their rituals and traditions. This is one of the features of an Incarnation, that they can come in contact and find their way to the basic beliefs of their religion.There was a merging and a blending, and He was able to give forth the basis of the one true religion. He was able to teach this, but it was not easy for Him. He had shelter from the sect which you know as the Essenes, and with the scrolls we can see the influences, one on the other. For the Essenes too, had some of the basis of the true religion. And in contact with them, again, that incarnation was able to go to the source, and basis beneath their dogma and doctrines. Unfortunately, much of what he taught has been lost. He became, as you would call it, something of a cult figure. The crowds impinged themselves on him, and to some extent, hindered the work he had to do. He wanted to concentrate on his inner discipline, but the crowds were attracted to him and followed him, pulled him out more into the world. He had great compassion for them and time and time again, devoted himself to helping them, to healing them and bringing them comfort. This mean that he spent himself quite quickly. He left behind a great legacy, but again, so much of it has been distorted, so much of it has been 'interpreted'. It has been built on. Much of what he said has been discarded, much of what he has been reputed to say, was said by others.

I ask you to hold on to the basic fact that there was a Christ, there was a Jesus. He did bring the knowledge and the peace of the Godness to this world. He was indeed a very special person. He was born privately and obscurely. He needed little teaching but he absorbed what he came in contact with. He was truly able at an early age to teach his elders, because there was a purity about him and he went to the heart of religious matters. He picked out their bases, and where the learned ones were concerned with crossing their T's and dotting their I's he was able to bring out the basics. For many people it has been necessary to enlarge upon him, to adorn him, to try to make him more attractively wonderful to others. He did not die for your sins - that is not necessary for a loving father-God, a loving father-God does not judge you. We have said, and we will repeat it, you will judge yourself. It was not necessary to have someone else die for you. Those who come in contact with this teaching are special people, you did not come here by chance. You need to be autonomous and firm in yourselves. You can call upon Spirit for help when you need it, but you are in your world to live your own lives. You will stand and fall according to your own self.

The crucifixion of your Christ was more in the way he spent himself doing the work of his father, as He put it. Doing the work of the underlying Spirit, with which he very clearly knew his identification. In his compassion for the common people he spread himself as much as he could. He knew the time for his work would be short, and he left of his own free will. He died at a time when there was crucifixion. He had been prominent in the country, and there were wondrous signs at his death, but he died peacefully and many around him saw his spirit ascending, as it is termed, into heaven. Let me remind you that there is no direction. These are terms which we use in an attempt to get our concept across to you. He was close to the scene of the crucifixion and sought to help those who were being crucified. He became identified with one, he spared him the suffering. For many years he was close to the world and working through his closest disciples. They did not attain the full Christ consciousness while they were in this world, but they came very close. They were able to give communications from your Christ who was their link with the Christ consciousness, and so they, too, were able to comfort and help the people they came in contact with. They were able to travel and to spread the news of Jesus the Christ, and their sufferings were as nothing to them, so elevated was their state of mind.(There was a pause of several minutes.)

Question: Are we to understand that the body on the cross really did not belong to Jesus?

Answer: He entered the body. The body on the cross was not His. His spirit entered the body.

Question: Why did He do that?

Answer: He was overwhelmed with compassion for those being crucified. It was his last act of healing.

Question: But He, himself, was not convicted and tried?

Answer: No.

Question: Where did His body go after the crucifixion?

Answer: He died when his spirit entered the crucified. That was the body on the shroud. His own body dematerialised. They started the crucifixion story because no-one would have believed the truth. And as His spirit entered the body on the Cross, they were still telling the truth.

Question: When was he born?

Answer: Our concepts of time are very different to yours. The time you give is approximate but not far wrong.

Question: Was the time what we call Christmas?

Answer: Forgive me, I misunderstood your question. I was thinking of the year. It was rather closer to the Spring.

Question: An astrologer has calculated that it would have been closer to September.

Answer: Close to the equinox.

Question: They say it was in the Spring equinox.

Answer: One or the other, because of the balance. It was more conducive at the times of the balance for Him to be born.

Question: We have some transmitted writings - the Miracle Course - the author claims to be Jesus. Do you know whether it is true? Did He communicate the writings and messages in our time?

Answer: Rather it is from the Christ consciousness region, and so you may say it is the same. But remember that the souls which attain that region are blending and merging already. One becomes the other and they are indistinguishable. The source would be the same.

Question: it would then be reasonable to say that the teaching given in that particular course would be what He tried to teach when He was here?

Answer: Basically, but not exactly, because of the differences in the society and culture. These days higher truths can be stated more plainly and clearly because of the advances in your understanding of the physical world. The knowledge and use of forces, such as electricity for instance, have helped immensely in getting concepts across from our side to yours. And this accounts for the differences. But basically they are the same.

Question: Was Jesus born by immaculate conception?

Answer: Jesus' body was born like any other. You may say that every conception is immaculate.

Question: Some say that the Holy Spirit caused this incarnation directly. (This question was almost inaudible. This probably is what was asked.)

Answer: It is an interpretation. There are many other religions whose founders were born in such a way, so they say. It is not necessary. You are all of you an incarnation of God.

Question: Jhannee, are you able to tell us something about the present incarnation in India? We know the names of quite a few holy men in India, have we heard of him?

Answer: No. There are many there - comparatively many - who are close. India is in great need of comfort and help, and so at the moment the Incarnation is there. It is a boy about 12. That is all we wish to say. The others are making the way easier for him, preparing the people.

Question: Will we ever get to hear about him?

Answer: it is indeterminate at the moment. Things are never fully determined, there are only tendencies and they can be changed. The person, and this applies to so-called ordinary persons not just the Incarnation, the person can change, alter what was set out, there are always only tendencies. The present tendency is towards obscurity - not seclusions, but obscurity - but that is what is necessary at this time. He may stay in obscurity for this incarnation; he may change and decide to become more prominent. It will depend on circumstances and events; on what He decides.

Question: Jhannee, over the years since the time of Jesus, there have been many prominent holy men in various lands whose names we may have heard. Can you name any other incarnations in other times and countries which have now passed and of which we may have heard?

Answer: We do not think so. Perhaps only Lao Tzu. (Afterwards Jhannee wanted to add Buddha and Krishna.) I think, with your permission, I will withdraw if we may have a few minutes quiet.

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