We decided to start tonight with Marsha to give a little gift of energy to take with her. (She was preparing to leave for work in India). If you are tired or distraught, just think of our love and you will receive comfort. This should also put you in touch with your guides, so that you will receive guidance. We give you, symbolically, a pair of golden wings, that will help you on your journey. We have been pleased recently with the attitudes you sitters have been building to this circle. We detect in many of our regular sitters the determination to progress in this work, and there will be some who will eventually contribute too. You will not all contribute in the same way. It would be extremely limiting if you did. We need a variety of abilities in this work, no-one fits the same mould as another, and so paths are open to all approaches, to all personalities, to all attitudes. It is the variety of personalities in the world which gave rise to the necessity for many approaches to God. All approaches are valid for someone, there is always free choice in spiritual matters.We bring a particular viewpoint through this medium, we know that we cannot bring something for everyone, but we also know that not everyone is suited for us. At the moment we have a good harmonious circle. We are very pleased with the way this is supporting this medium. There is always a good deal of love and concern manifested here, and it is very gratifying to realise that people who are busy, as most of you are, should find the time to bring this to us so that we may work too. This kind of work is always an interaction - we cannot work without you, you cannot do this work without us. So always realise that you have something to contribute.

Always be prepared to take part in life, do not reject the experiences that come to you, unless there is something deep within which tells you it is the wrong way for you. Always listen to what is within. There are people who have the gift of prophecy to some degree - the clairvoyants. But do not blindly take their advice, especially if it conflicts with what you feel within - what you feel within is the correct way for you to follow. The advice you may be given may not be appropriate for the immediate situation. You may find that it is appropriate later on. So if, within, you feel that something is not quite right, then do not push it. Do not take it just because 'I was given this'. Listen within carefully and when the two coincide, you will know that conditions are right. We spirits are often concerned when people in your world leave all the decision making to us - even down to the point of what to wear that day. We are not here to make your decisions for you. We are here to channel energy to you, to encourage you in your endeavours. But the final decision is always yours. You are not a puppet. Remember you will be answerable for your deeds. Think of your stay in the world as a class, and at the end of that class you will examine yourself. And you will sit your examination - you will look at what you have done. There is no higher spirit who will judge you, who will punish you for this, or reward you for that. You, yourself, make these decisions because you will understand more clearly why you did those, you will understand the pressures and you will understand what are the appropriate outcomes. Then you will have a period in the spirit world, again you will sit an examination, you will look at what you have been doing and, for want of a better word, you will look at the 'progress' you have made.So often people in this philosophy talk as though this first stage of the spirit world is all there is - it isn't. It is very much a transition, it is the area where you really break the bonds of the material world. It is that area where you have the opportunity, if you so wish, to work out the desires and the unfinished business left from your material life. There are opportunities there where you can work with souls who are lost, perhaps the souls of drug addicts and others like that. But that is not the end. It is true, you DO have the opportunity to come back to the material world if you wish, but you are not forced to. It is your own choice and decision.There are other areas in the spirit world which are further removed from the material conditions, and these areas are much more difficult to try to explain to you because you do not have the concepts available for you to really understand any analogy which I may try to give you. It is an area of greater - perhaps - abstraction. Please understand that I am fumbling for words and no words that I can use can really explain what it is like. And very often I may use words which to you may seem negative, perhaps, depressing, or distasteful. I assure you it is NOT. It is an area of greater bliss than the first state of the spirit world - which we usually refer to as the World of Illusion, because there you can create the surroundings that you wish.You come then to an area in which those barriers are breaking down, they are not so clear. That is where you can start working to help other spirits. And then, beyond that, is an area of this much great bliss and joy. This is when you really lose the material form which most people have been using up to this point. Now, I am talking as though these are definite, separate, divisions. They are not, it is all very gradual.

We are often forced to use words such as level and stage and area, but please do not understand these as meaning separate places, they don't. It is rather a change of your perception of what is there, and when you see this less formed area you will start to enter a greater state of bliss. And from that level you will be able, when you wish, to come back to the other levels and to work even more to help the souls that are still there, to help change their perceptions and to bring them with you into this greater bliss. Some souls need definite help, some of the types mentioned earlier.

Others can naturally evolve. Nothing is ever set on this side of the curtain of life. Just as I said earlier that there are all approaches open to God in your world, when you come over here there is even greater choice. And all things are possible.

Unfortunately, there are still many spirits who pass into the Spirit World in a distressed state of mind, not understanding what is happening, with false concepts which cause them great distress. It often takes the more enlightened spirits considerable effort to make them see, to drop the scales from their eyes and understand what is happening and lose their fear. Because this fear, these concepts set up vibrations in the aura which make it very difficult for us to contact that soul. It is very similar to someone in your world who is having hysterics, and you can't contact them, they don't hear what you are saying, they don't understand. It is SIMILAR to that. There is a lot of work to be done there. And these spirits who help these souls, as they succeed in helping one soul into a better state, as they feel joy and pleasure, that is how they, too, can progress. That is only one of the ways.

And eventually there is a state in which you pass even beyond this point, and of that I can tell you nothing. It is a state of such awe and bliss that I cannot even bring any analogies for you to hold onto. It is from this level that the great avatars in your world come. They come to try to bring through some knowledge about the Spirit World and about the Godness. They can often help people immediately around them to understand, but their message is very frequently misunderstood by others, but they manage to bring through a bit more of the truth that the people of that time can accept. And beyond this, there is the Godness Itself, which you will all ultimately reach. Do not be in a hurry, remember you have all eternity. Godness is ever patient and ever loving.


Pat: I was visited by some Jehovah's Witnesses last week and they were telling me about their philosophy. It was causing them great joy to be able to tell me these things, and they did it with love which I appreciated. But their philosophy did not quite coincide with mine. I didn't tell them so, because I felt that they had a need for their belief as I did for mine but surely we are not supposed to make an effort to change other people's viewpoints when it comes to a particular religious philosophy, or is this just part of the plan for all life?

Jhannee: Yes, we know of these people. Unfortunately, they are very often very strong and dogmatic, and will usually totally reject anything that you say to them. I think that the best approach you can take with them is to ask questions. Question what they are saying. You can try to put an alternative viewpoint, but if you feel that it is being totally rejected, that there is a total barrier there, there is not much point to continuing the discussion any further.

Pat: They seem happy in their service.

Jhannee: That is right. They need that particular point of view and they will probably not let it go. It could be quite shattering for them if they did. This is why we suggest, by all means, question is the best approach to take with them because it forces them back into themselves to look at their beliefs. And try to put across an alternative viewpoint, but you have to do it very gently and tactfully with them. And if that barrier is there, there isn't much point in going on. But you never know, you may have succeeded in planting a small seed which in the future may sprout.

Pat: There is a two-year old child in Spain who is reported to be a reincarnation of a Tibetan Llama of some kind. The family have taken the child to Dharmasala in India with the Dalai Lama where he will be educated in the Tibetan-Buddhist way, and to bring those teachings to the West. Is there some truth in this report?

Jhannee: We are not fully conversant with the case. As you know, we are constantly saying that reincarnation can occur, it DOES occur, it doesn't HAVE to occur.

Pat: Its just that to Western thinking it is a little difficult to believe that one could, at such an early age, assess whether a young child is a particular reincarnation of a certain person.

Jhannee: We were just about to question what the evidence is for this. You see, it may not be a true reincarnation, it may simply be that the child has a guide from the Tibetan area, and that that guide is impressing himself on him. But we would point out that this is quite a major event in that child's life, and would therefore be something which he would have agreed to take on before birth.

Pat: The story is that the Llama, before he died, told the mother of the child that he would reincarnate in a child of hers, and I believe that it was 1-2 years after his death that the child was conceived.

Jhannee: We hold out the possibility that it is true, and that is all. This concept is somewhat at odds with our own ideas, but cannot be completely ruled out.

Stina: If one lets the body go for a while, how can you get back into it?

Jhannee: Just by wanting to. You cannot permanently leave your body until the time has come. You will always have that link with it. It belongs to you.

Pat: How do you protect it from intrusions?

Jhannee: Those of you who have been coming here for a while will know the aura strengthening exercises which have been give, they will strengthen your aura and will also set up a stronger link with your body and that, in itself, will automatically protect it. It is not really possible for another soul or spirit to take over your body. What you term 'possession' occurs when a spirit enters the aura of the person. They do not really enter the body, they enter the aura and thereby influence the person.

Pat: Should such a contact be made, would the aura exercise rid the aura of the entity?

Jhannee: The aura strengthening exercises we have given you will strengthen the aura to the point where stray entities can not inhibit your aura.

Stina: But if you have one there already, will the aura strengthening exercise expel it?

Jhannee: This is always a difficult situation. They should help to remove the entity, but it depends a lot on how long the entity has been there, and it depends a lot on what is REALLY the attitude of the person. They may be saying consciously 'I want to get rid of this entity' but sub-consciously they may not want to. I hope you are conversant with this kind of psychological problem. It sets up a conflict. There are a great many things which can affect auras - severe psychological shocks for instance, can permanently affect the aura, especially if there has been more than one, and usually if the personality is not strong in the first place. Also, taking the narcotic drugs, as you call them, can permanently affect the aura, so can prolonged excessive use of alcohol. In these cases the aura loses its form, it is 'all over the place', and this makes it very difficult for the person's guides to protect, to control, the aura, especially if there is this ambivalence in attitude by the person. A strong personality and a strong aura are usually sufficient protection. Always remember, there is no such thing as an EVIL spirit. You will get mischievous spirits, you will get misguided spirits, but because there is ultimately only one spirit or Godness, there cannot be an inherently evil spirit.

Pat: Do we tend to remember only those dreams that have a strong message for us?

Jhannee: Not every dream has a message. There have been many theories about dreams put forward and all theories are correct sometimes. So some dreams will be something from the daily events, a 'film-clip', some dreams may be surges from your sub-conscious, some dreams will be just static electricity through your brain cells, and several things will govern whether you remember a dream or not. Some dreams will be remembered if you are woken in the middle of them. You will more likely remember dreams that occur later in the night, towards the time of your awakening. Very strong emotional dreams will be remembered, or very clear ones, or something very unusual or very strange. There are lots of reasons for remembering dreams and there are lots of reasons for forgetting them too.

I think, with your permission, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. I thank you for coming and for your contributions.

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