We are having a bit of trouble with the heat and the lay-off that we have had (a break of two weeks) so start with the light in the centre of your forehead as usual. And that light is beginning to spin like a globe. (Pause) Now it is spinning faster and faster, it's revolving round its axis, and so it spins. It is getting bigger, until it fills the inside of your head. Now it is expanding beyond you, and all the lights from each of you, are circulating and intermingling, interacting with each other around the circle. And now, your light is so big that it is completely filling the circle, and so is everybody else's. So we have all the circles circling with their individual points around the periphery, the circumference. (Pause) While each of you are at the centre, each of you are the centre of the universe. And it is revolving around you. You are the centre. . . And you are going within . . . And the more you go within, into that centre, the tiniest little space, that atom at the very centre, the more you are spread throughout. You are spreading right throughout the universe, the universal space. Because when you are spread throughout the universe, nothing in this world really matters any more, you are beyond it. When you carry that feeling with you, you can play your part in this world . . . but with detachment, and therefore, you can enjoy this world without becoming attached to it, because you know what is beyond it. You know that this is the toy that the child plays with, and you, too, can enjoy playing with a child's toy, but you know how much more there is besides the child's toy.

(Pause. Then Jhannee came through.)

Good evening. We are going to talk to you tonight, quite a short talk about progression in the Spirit World and what it means.First, we are going to make the point to you that you are already in the Spirit World. All too often you seem to think that the Spirit World is separate from your material world. We wish you to understand that it isn't. It is not just, as some of you understand, that the Spirit World is interpenetrating the material world. We want you to broaden your horizons and understand that the material world is part of the Spirit World. Because everything is Spirit. As you say quite often, you address God as present throughout the universe. And we are not the only ones who have this concept.

Now, if God is thus present throughout the universe, Spirit is present throughout the universe, and, therefore, the Spirit World is throughout the universe and your material world is a part of it. We are using the words and phrases you are conversant with; words and phrases that you use, and understand certain things by them. Now, you need these in order to get some sort of understanding, but they also have the effect of limiting your understanding because you tend to focus on them, tend to focus on the part. One of the things which we are trying to get you to do is to break down the boundaries and try to look at the whole.Now, we are talking about progression. What is meant by progression? You see, again, you have this idea of two separate aspects. You think you incarnate in the material world and then there are the discarnate spirits in the Spirit World. You are as much spirit entities as are those of us, as we usually say, on this side. There is no 'side' about it, it is all one. Understand you are already a spirit. You think you are encased in a material body. You see the material manifestation.Now, what is meant by progression? You seem to think that you, in the material world, are a different lower type to those in the Spirit World. You know that we are of the same level, we are always saying that there is no higher, no lower, there is no up or down. We are now expanding that concept; there are no materially incarnate spirits separate from the discarnate spirits in the Spirit World. It is all one. You can only see your material world because you think that is all there is, but you are just focusing on it. We want you to try to expand your focus. Now, therefore, we put it to you that there is no progression. You THINK there is. You THINK there is a difference, and so, therefore, from your point of view, there is. You think you have to do certain things in order to progress. We put it to you that what you have to do is merely REALISE that you are a spirit. We have explained to you that progress in the Spirit World is really an expansion of consciousness. But you don't HAVE to come to the Spirit World to have that expansion of consciousness. You can attain it in the material world. And I know that some of this is contradictory to what we have said before. We are having to give things on different levels to give people what they can absorb. We are now trying to give you that little bit extra.

You are born attached to a body in the material world, and that new baby learns to see the material world. But you don't HAVE to ONLY see your material world. Please give us a moment. (Pause) As you learn to perceive your material world and to come to terms with it, you start developing these categories, you are trained in certain ways of thought, and this prevents you seeing beyond. If you like, the material world becomes opaque to you, you cannot see through it.We have explained to you that there is no real purpose to your material life, that it is sort of the bubbling up of the Godness expressing itself. If you can take away that opaqueness, you will feel and experience this.

You know, these days, about the structures of the structures. what is there? Energy, nothing! Can you see that it is something which you have to feel. We have been giving you certain terms and concepts. When I say 'we' I mean Spirit, not just this little group, all those of us who have been working through the medium. So you have been giving through your world concepts, and if you look at them you will see that there is a sort of progression. It started off at one level and, these days, we are not the only group doing this, we are bringing through a different type of approach. With the changes in your knowledge and understanding we can bring this through. Do not be afraid for your world - there is nothing to be afraid for, or about. You are still a part of this universal beingness, and you can only see your world because you have learned to only see your world. You are passing through that world. As we said, enjoy it and play your part. But also experience what is beyond. Start now, making the effort not to be limited by categories. Not even by the categories that we have given you. We try to give what you can use, but we are also trying to give more than this. And I am still referring the whole of the Spirit World when I say 'we', I am not just referring to this group working with you. Try to go beyond, particularly your categories of race and class, nationality and even of your planet. And of your universe. Try to hold with you this expansion of 'ALL'. We are trying to take you beyond the early steps, and we know that much will be incomprehensible to you.

We will, in a few moments, give you a chance to ask questions, but for a little while, you may switch off your machine (the tape recorder), we would like to leave some peace with you. And I will tell you when you can talk again.

Now you may ask questions.

Question: Before you have talked about little bits of Godness getting together and manifesting in, say, plants or something like that. And then more and more of them getting together and manifesting in a more complex animal, and then being complex enough to manifest as a spirit able to control a human being. If you say 'expansion of consciousness' that means, the more humans getting together and so developing that process. Is that true?

Answer: I feel there has been some misinterpretation. We must ask the medium to read through your transcripts.

Question: I think it was written by Myers or someone. I had a talk with Guy and the medium one afternoon and Guy tried to explain it, but it was beyond me. But thinking about it now I can understand the concept. Is that the idea of progression?

Answer: Not as we were using the word.

Question: Yes, you were using it differently. You were developing the idea of the human being and developing the higher emotions, as in human beings.

Answer: That is a different type of progression.

Question: How many different types are there?

Answer: We would rather say it is not so much little bits of spirit getting together and manifesting in plants, and so on. You have the Godness, picture it, if you like, as round; its not really but I've got to do something to bring it down so that you can get some sort of a concept. And it has spikes, perhaps, or little mushrooms, and those are the manifestations in your material world.

Question: So it's a fourth dimension or something like that?

Answer: Another idea which might appeal to you: when you boil water it bubbles, and so the manifestations which you see are individuals, whether it is individual plants, animals, people, or what have you, these are bubbles on the surface of God, and this is why if you can get away from the categories of your world, progression isn't needed. There is no progression. But we have to give these terms or concepts because that are what some people can accept.

Question: If we are part of God, how come we are having such a difficult time understanding the higher life.

Answer: Because you have trained yourselves to only see the world.

Guy: So the people who can see auras, they have this specific power to see auras, is it because they have not trained themselves to see only the world, or are they exceptional?

Jhannee: They have - there is one category they have not shut out.

Marsha: It's there but we are shutting it out.

Guy: But with the idea of progression, you are saying that it's basically there all the time?

Jhannee: Yes. You have only to realise it.

Guy: If you look beyond the material world ...

Jhannee: If you can realise what is beyond the material world.

Guy: Then why are we in a material world?

Jhannee: Because you wanted to be. It is one of the forms of expression of the Godness. We have to more or less give you these other concepts and ideas because that is what you want. You want to think that there is this progression and you are down here and one day you are going to be up there. We are trying to tell you that you are already up there. And you cannot grasp it with your logical mind. It's a Zen koan.

Guy: You're saying we are already progressed and we don't know it. Are you saying that?

Jhannee: Yes.

Guy: Then are we smaller bits of the God?

Jhannee: You are not a 'bit' of it. You are just a coming up, you are still part of it. You are not really separate.

Garry: You have to dissolve the surface tension of your own bubble?

Jhannee: Yes, that's right.

Guy: It's a good simile. How do you translate the simile in the small context into what Jhannee is talking about in the large context? That's where I am having trouble.

Jhannee: That's where we are having trouble. Because - it is THERE. You have to realise it for yourselves. We are trying to give you things to break down the categories you have imposed. That is the best we can do.

Guy: Where is the place of spirits in this scheme of things then?

Jhannee: They still have categories to break down, otherwise I would not be interest in working this way.

Guy: So is it, breaking down the concepts of the categories, the further you break them down, the faster you progress.

Jhannee: Yes. The less the curtain, the shield, is that blocking you from seeing it.

Guy: Oh, so the idea of - you are you and a distinct individual and the previous ideas we had is as you progress you become a finer, and finer mechanism until we blend into each other.

Jhannee: But what we are trying to add to you is that it doesn't have to be a gradual thing. You can have it instantaneously. You COULD, I'm not going to say you will. We are trying. We can but do our best with the material which we are given. (General laughter.)

Guy: So it's a different slant on the idea of becoming a less and less distinct, defined human being.

Jhannee: Yes. A different, slant, different angle.

Gina: Another idea that I don't quite understand is the idea of the higher self while you are down here.

Jhannee: What higher self?

Gina: I read somewhere that if you pray to your higher self that is an effective form of praying.

Jhannee: Contact the divinity within.

Guy: You mean the three levels of consciousness? That kind of thing?

Gina: I don't know because I didn't understand the concepts they were talking about. It was sort of like there was you up there looking down at the little bit of you down here.

Jhannee: We are saying the within looking out. Stop using your logical mind that you have been training for so many years. Don't think, feel.

Gina: It took me ages to get that other concept ...

Jhannee: You see, you swat one concept for another concept.

Gina: I'll have to integrate the two.

Jhannee: Don't integrate - get rid of them.

Gina: But it leaves you with a big void - nothing to think, nothing to contemplate, nothing to hang anything of the intellectual or emotions on. There's no reason for anything. There's no reason for trying.

Jhannee: Stop trying.

Gina: That defeats the purpose of being here. I still prefer to have some reason for being here.

Jhannee: All right. Have your reason for being here if you need it.

Gina: It's like a security blanket.

Jhannee: Yes. Have your security blanket - it doesn't matter. You don't have to ACCEPT EVERYTHING we say. Take only what you can accept. And if something troubles you, don't accept it.

Gina: I can understand what you are getting at when it's put into terms of being slowly dissolved and blending into each other. But I think I will wait for the transcript of the tape before I ask you any more questions.

Jhannee: Well, hang onto what you can accept and understand. Don't worry about it.

Gina: May be there is a limit to how much you can try and teach people who are still tied into the material world.

Jhannee: We know this.

Gina: Somewhere, sometime.

Jhannee: Now, we would like to draw the proceedings to a close. We would be very happy if you continue your discussion, we will listen and we will prompt where we can. At the moment we feel this is the best course for us to take.

Marsha: Why do we have guides?

Jhannee: Because you and they, think you need guides.

Marsha: We think we need each other, eh?

Jhannee: You think you need each other.

Gina: Because it's the person's higher emotion trying to help someone else who is not so far up as they are ...

Jhannee: That's it - they are trying to help somebody else. Remember you are still all linked.

Gina: They are trying to help someone else and consequently they are helped too.

Jhannee: So they think. Now, as I say, this is a Zen Koan.

Gina: What is a Zen koan?

Jhannee: The medium will explain later. Good night.

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