This has been brought up with this medium on more than one occasion. The basic theory is that a spirit can leave its body and the body can be taken over by another spirit. This is supposed to happen at times when death could occur - in an accident, serious illness or operation, for instance. It has been noticed that some people undergo some sort of character change after such occurrences and the theory has been devised that this is caused by another spirit.

Now, the sort of occurrences I have just mentioned can lead to an opening up to spirit. Many well-known mediums have developed, and this applies particularly to clairvoyance, after they have received an electric shock, having an operation under anaesthetic is also another well-known precursor of mediumship or some sort of development. In cases of accident or serious illness people have died for short periods and some of them remember the events during that period. There have been many books written on these near death experiences as you call them. These people very often have some change in their character. They usually will lose their fear of death, their attitude to the material fields of their life will be changed - it will be less important to them. They may become religious whereas before they were not. Changes of this sort often occur - not every time, but often. And, of course, not everyone who has died for a period will remember these occurrences.

Now, the question we wish to look at is, what is actually happening? The type of occurrences that I have mentioned - and there are others, I have not given you an exhaustive list by any means - often occur in points in the life where death could, or should, have occurred. But, for some reason the life has been extended. This only occurs with the agreement of the person. Not on the conscious level, of course, you understand. And this, shall we say artificial? lengthening of the life, the event itself, the accident, the shock, the operation, lead to an opening into spirit. The aura at such times is weakened and this very often has the effect of making the person sensitive to spirit. Now, the aura doesn't stay weakened, it strengthens up as the person recovers their full strength, but it has changed vibrations, assuring that the spirit communicators can contact that person more easily. So, it is not really another spirit taking over the body but it is a stronger influence from spirit, This is arranged in conjunction with a persons guides and helpers and so beneficial helpful spirit contacts are being made.

Those spirits who wish to work and help the world in beneficial ways can work this way more easily than if they were to actually take over the physical body, because the physical body puts a limitation on them. Immediately a spirit takes on a physical body impressions from spirit are much weakened, they are less, and can be shut out by the material conditions, by the distraction of material conditions as they have arisen in your material world at present.

Some spirits wish to increase the contact between those of you in your material world and the Spirit World. And where there is an appropriate person to work through in this strong overshadowing they can do so. But the person has to co-operate with them. It is by their agreement that they work in conjunction with this spirit and this is the process that takes place while the person is either unconscious or in a so-called 'death state'. Some people, naturally will refuse this arrangement. And so the character changes after the incident will be much less. But this kind of contact with Spirit will ALWAYS change a person in some way. But if they do not wish such strong co-operation it may not manifest at all on the outside, but there will be some change somewhere in a person's psyche. It may not manifest at all to other people but it will be there. Other people are quite happy to give full help and co-operation to Spirit. This is where you can see it most strongly in a complete change of interest for instance. Quite sudden and, of course, to extremes. There will be people of varying degrees in between. But I wish to stress to you that it is ALWAYS by agreement with the spirit that belongs to the body. If that spirit wishes they can say "No". I wish to impress this on you very strongly. This overshadowing only takes place after consultation with the guides and helpers associated with the person. It is not undertaken lightly, because each spirit inhabiting a body in the material world has some plan for their actions in the world, and it is only, I stress, with their agreement that it takes place, when it is a good and beneficent spirit. Unfortunately, as you know there are mischievous spirits and they are the ones who will try to influence people in the material world. No, again I stress, they can only succeed with the person's agreement and co-operation, the strong person can, and does, refuse the contact, and this is why we prefer only people with a strong sense of 'self ' to be involved with this movement. But everyone who is interested will be contacted by such spirits. You see, when you come into this kind of philosophy, your aura expands and becomes brighter. It is like a lighthouse, and naturally, these misguided spirits will be attracted. to it because they will know that this is a person who has the gift of receptivity. The strong person cannot be influenced. Always remember that you can over-ride your guides' and helpers' wishes, and people who get too carried away with this philosophy sometimes do so without realising that they are doing it. They will open themselves up with no restriction, with no discrimination as to whom they are attracting. This is one of the reasons why we usually stress that you should not do spirit contact by yourself. If your guides are wanting to give you information for some reason they can always do so, but by sitting in a circle like this or by attending a church service, you will have the protection and if a lost or misguided soul is attracted to it, there are circumstances there to help that spirit safely for you, sitters. There is little danger in this philosophy for the right kind of person. And what is the right kind of person, I can hear someone asking. The person with a strong sense of 'self', with purpose in their life, who has a settled environment, who will listen to warning and instructions and follow them. The person who realises that he or she does not know it all; the person who does NOT accept everything without questions. We have said many times that we like newcomers to have a questioning approach - it does not have to be a negative, destructive approach - but we do like some questions being asked, checking things out. Now, tell me if there is any point I have not covered?

Does anyone have a question which has been aroused by my talk?

Georgina: How would a mischievous spirit try to influence somebody?

Jhannee: By coming into the aura.

Georgina: And they will influence them to do things that are not beneficial for them?

Jhannee: The usual case is - the spirit is confused, they do not understand what they are doing. The common situation is that the spirit has come from another society or from an older time period, and wishes to influence the person to behave in ways the spirit believes are the correct ways to behave and so there is a clash between what your society expects and what the person is being influenced to do, what is being suggested to the person to do. Always remember that every time you think of anything spiritual your aura will expand and light up. This is another reason for stressing that you only do deliberate contact in the circle, and this is why we like to make sure everyone who leaves the circle is properly disconnected.

Margaret: When you are just meditating on your own, is there actually any danger? I always protect myself before meditating.

Jhannee: That is wise. It depends on the type of meditation. Many of you follow meditation practices which involve things such as chanting which do not leave you open to spirit influence, because it is an ordered, regular set thing. It is people who sit with an open mind. I am not sure that is clearly describing what I mean. Not a blank mind, but with nothing 'set' in the mind. (When) the mind is free that is when the mischievous spirit can intrude or can attempt to intrude. It does no harm to protect yourself, to ask your guides to keep away unwise spirit contacts. You can put light or purple light around yourself, and should you feel that you are being contacted by a mischievous spirit, then stop all such practices until such time as you can ask for help from an appropriate person. It is a good general rule to start off with a prayer. Your guides are not generally concerned with your practices.

Marsha: Is there anything I can do to improve?

Jhannee: So many of you people seem to be looking ALL the time for improvement. How can you improve? You are already a drop of Godness. What is there to improve? I am talking about the inherent nature, not the physical manifestation.

Guy: It would seem that if a person starts meditating that is very often in response to the prompting by guides. Now, I am puzzled why then is it that the guides don't seem to be able to protect that person against possible intruders.

Jhannee: They can and they do, but they can be over-ruled by the person.

Guy: It is the sub-conscious over ruling by the person himself?

Jhannee: Unwise acceptance. Going into these practices too long, too frequently. Generalised enthusiasm without any direction, without any wisdom.

Guy: In other words, the person doesn't know why he is doing it?

Jhannee: Or what he is doing. This is one of those instances when a little knowledge is dangerous. They read a little, they go to a talk and they think that they know it and they just go overboard. You have to keep it in balance.

Guy: So you could assume that anybody with a serious intent and knowing what he is about would be pretty safe?

Jhannee: Yes. Beware of the dangers and pit-falls and avoid them. There are many machines in your world with instructions, it is the same kind of thing.

Ron: Today a man was blown apart by police during an attempted robbery. Did that man have a guide?

Jhannee: Oh yes.

Ron: Where was he then?

Jhannee: Everyone has a guide, but not everybody listens to guides.

Margaret: Not everybody would know they have a guide.

Jhannee: That is true. That man in question is still in the equivalent of a hospital, he is only now beginning to - well, in your world you would say he is semi-conscious - he has reached that stage. You see, when people in your world die, the first thing that is done by those around, they are greeted by their friends and relations, and during that greeting we can see how they are reacting. At first they respond to those people, but sometimes that response does not last very long. Now, someone who has died in an accident, being shot like that young man, it is a traumatic thing. And anyone who has been shot or is in an accident in your world, is taken to a hospital, and so when you pass over they remember what has happened, and they expect to be in a hospital. So we provide one. It has the effect of calming the person down because they are in surroundings which they expect. It also gives us a chance to tend to them in a way which they will accept. When you are in a hospital you expect to be surrounded by nurses and doctors and when you see that, you are going to be receptive to those nurses and doctors, aren't you? And this is the setting in which the young man has been placed. He remembered what had happened, expected to be in a hospital, and so he was. Of course, people have other expectations and whatever they expect, we provide, because in most cases this enables us to contact them and to explain what has happened to them, and introduce them to their new surroundings and the new ways they have to behave and so forth. In most cases it works very well. There are cases where it doesn't and that is when we have a rescue. Or somebody who understands that they have died, but for some reason they are not receptive to their guides and they will become a mischievous spirit. Perhaps - nothing is imposed on you in spirit. Many people have material desires and are drawn back again to fulfil them. Suppose you wished to be a famous singer and you couldn't be one for some reason in the material world. When you come over here, you can. If you sang like a bear with a sore throat but wanted to be an opera singer when you come over here you can sing, beautifully. And you can reach the point where you think there must be something more and you discover that there is something more, and it is even better than what you are providing for yourself. This is why we are not particularly impressed with these theories of reincarnation. Everyone is so happy and has such a good thing over here, why should they want to go back to your world?

Ron: You are always so condescending about this world, how do you know everyone is not happy? I think it is pretty good here.

Jhannee: That is true.

Ron: But you always make out that it is a bag of misery and all happiness is over there.

Jhannee: We do not intend to be quite so depressing about it, but when you come here you will see the difference.

Margaret: It must be much more restrictive in a human body than it is in spirit.

Jhannee: You have to eat. You have to sleep. To name only two things you have to do. Do you not think it would be very nice to be whatever age you wish? You don't have to grow old. You don't get sick. You don't get tired. You wait.

Guy: I think people who reincarnate are driven to do so guilt.

Jhannee: That is the commonest cause. For some reason they think they have to come back to be punished. You don't. There's nobody sitting up there saying "You naughty boy. Go back and learn your lesson again." You can, if you wish to.

Ron: So the fellow who was shot and had a criminal record, he will have a good time too? That does not sound right to me.

Jhannee: At some time you go through a life review, and you judge yourself. And you can, as I have said, if you wish, choose to come back, but you can stay on this side and make such reparation as you feel is fit. You don't have to punish yourself, but .... (interrupted)

Ron: What reparation can you make in that world, because everyone's happy?

Jhannee: You will have some regrets about your life, and there the means of relieving those regrets, you see? Then you will be happy. There are people on this side who come over with their psychological problems, because what you bring over here are the psychological things, the guilts, the regrets - all that sort of thing, and you will be enabled to work them out. And some people will go though their life review immediately, for others it will be delayed.

Ron: If I want to be an opera singer who will be the audience?

Jhannee: The other spirits. You can make music, you can act, you can write, and there will be an audience for you. There are people who wish to be an audience for such activities.

Margaret: I'll go, everything will be free.

Jhannee: That is another thing you don't have to worry about over here - you don't have money. That's going to cause some problems. If you haven't got money you don't have accountants. (Georgina is an accountant)

Georgina: There are a lot of artists who continue to paint after death aren't there?

Jhannee: Oh, some do. Some feel they have had enough of it and discover something else they want to investigate.

Georgina: Are many of them drawn to other people who are trying paint and draw in this world?

Jhannee: Oh yes, some of them are.

Georgina: Is Picasso?

Jhannee: No.

I think with your kind permission I will leave you for tonight.

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