Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Margaret McMurray. I have come to the circle a few times. I am not, strictly speaking, a guideor a helper, I come occasionally just to talk. The job that I have undertaken in the Spirit World is to look after the wee ones - especially the wee ones who need the love. Now, I came tonight very specially to talk to you because of this monk which you have helped us to put into the Light, and they wanted someone who was a bit bright and cheerful to talk to you after that heaviness. He was a sort of a rescue, but his guides felt that it was not appropriate to bring him through this medium. And we wanted the energy built up so that we could get him into the Light and away where he should be.

Now, tell me, did any of you have any other sensations, anything at all apart from those which we were told about by our two new friends?

Pat: I had all sorts, but now I can't remember any.

Margaret: You can't tell us what they were?

Pat: Yes, but I'd rather not. (Laughing)

Margaret: You mean, they were personal thoughts not to do with the monk?

Pat: Perhaps, yes.

Karl: I had pressure on the forehead.

Doreen: I just felt calm.

Margaret: But no-one got any particular impressions about the monk? (Silence) He was very silent and he was just sort of standing there, and we felt that he was a rather depressed person. We also had a feeling that he had been involved with things that he shouldn't have been involved with during his life. He had also been over here about three hundred years and wasn't making any sort of progress, not the way he should have been. And so we managed to lift him up with the golden light and he should now be away from the earth plane. He had become rather earth bound and some of the guides in this circle had been quite busy with him tonight. Anyway they wanted someone a bit cheerful just to counterbalance things.  Now, have you any other questions about our monk or what we have been doing to-night?

Guy: You know nothing about who the monk was or what he had done?

Margaret: No. The guides actually felt that it would be better not to get too, sort of, involved with him, so they just accepted that he had a problem and we feel that we have got him up and now his people will be taking charge of him.

Gina: I had the general impression of someone in a simple, robe, very bulky man, just walking away from me. Like when sunshine comes in shafts, and you see them and they walk into the sunshine its like something almost solid. Its akin to water. I saw a bulky man just walking away.

Margaret: Right.

Pat: He had a shadow when he was walking towards the Light, but when he was in the Light there was no shadow.

Margaret: Yes. That Light does not cast a shadow. So -

Pat: Margaret, how is the other twin of the medium, who has passed, her grandchild? Do you know.

Margaret: I understand that he is doing quite well for himself.

Pat: Good.

Margaret: I have looked at him a few times but he has not actually come to me for care, because he did not need the love. He is quite happy and he is growing fast.

Pat: Oh good. And how about your charges? Do you have many new ones since your last talk?

Margaret: Now, let me see. There's been so many of them, some have been and already gone.

Pat: I thought there might have.

Margaret: Now, perhaps my latest one is a young Chinese boy who recently passed over.

Pat: From China?

Margaret: I understand there have been some problems there.And he passed over, not as a direct result of the troubles, but he was very upset by what was going on and he passed over at that time. He told me he came from the city where the big trouble was. And he was rather worried about all this and he passed over as a result of an illness, but because he was frightened by what was going on, he sort of passed over sooner than he would have done otherwise. Because of the fear. So I have been able to provide a very safe place for him and he's beginning to get his 'Spirit legs', I can't very well say 'sea-legs' but 'spirit-legs'.

I've also got three from Africa. The poor wee ones, they died in the troubles there too and they hadn't had enough food, and they finally just came over. So we are having to look after them too. They are developing into very attractive youngsters. There's two boys and a wee girl. But you know what some of their names are like, don't you? So I've Christened them Harry, and George and I thought something pretty for the girl, so I called her Marietta. I once had one of my helpers called Marietta. I don't think I've told you about her before because this was a few helpers back. I can't say time because there is no time over here, we haven't anything to measure it by you see. So I have to say - a few helpers back.

I've still got Lily with me. She's coming on very nicely but she is beginning to feel that she has some other things to do over here. I'm a bit disappointed because she has been so good with the wee ones, but that's the way it goes. So I've got another young lassie who is going to help me and is in the process of, shall we say, training. 'Training' isn't quite the right word over here you know, because we attract the people who can do the right things anyway. We are showing her the ropes and settling her in. Especially with these four who have come over in such tragic circumstances, I think you need a little bit of an extra help.
Yes, and then there's young Janie. She has come to me from America. Poor wee lassie she was. She passed over as a result of violence. Poor wee one. She's settling down and she's beginning to trust us. We provided her with a kitten and that has been a great help to her. We have shown her how to stroke it gently, to feed it, and she's made it a little bed. She wanted to put it on four legs but we had to explain to her that kittens prefer a bit of a basket, so she made the basket and the kitten sleeps in there sometimes. 'Sleep' there should be in inverted commas for you because it's not quite the same as your sleep. It's more like a state of blissful feeling, not so much as the lack of consciousness as your material side is. Just very nice blissful state.
You especially go into this sort of sleep state if things are getting a bit difficult for us. This happens mainly with the material memories, you see, and if we feel that the memories are getting bad and we are having a bit of difficulty then we can go to 'sleep'. We get this bliss state and then, after a while, we can come out and carry on. This sort of helps us to cope with the bad memories, because we have the bad memories and we can go into our sleep state, then the next time the memory comes it's not quite so bad. Do you understand the working? Sometimes I am not all that good on the explanation side of things and it is a very difficult thing to explain. It's like you deal with it and then you have a break, and then go back and deal with it again. You get the idea?

Pat: Yes.
Margaret: I do hope so. Sometimes you can feel things more than you can actually put them into words can't you? So, so young Janie is sleeping with her kitten, pretty little white one it is. They have lovely games, playing with the balls and chasing butterflies. Of course, the butterflies ALWAYS get away, but they are quite happy to come and play. I've had a few who've gone on to, shall we say, better things. There's a wee fellow, I think he came to you, and he sort of really got going in quite a short time. He had grown up and grown past what I was offering and set out to explore the Spirit World. I always have mixed feelings when that sort of thing happens. It's so nice to think that I've helped them over their problems and here they are going on and yet I feel a little bit sorry to see them go. That doesn't last very long though, because there is always somebody else coming along to take their place, of course. And sometimes they come back and see me and tell me what they've been doing and all the rest of it. Now, I suppose I should make a confession. I've had a holiday.

Pat: What did you do?

Margaret: Well, I plucked up my courage and I went along to the Halls of Learning.

Pat: Not for the first time surely?

Margaret: Well - yes.

Pat: Good heavens. What did you get?

Margaret: Well, I sat and I listened to all this talk and somehow it seemed to make sense.

Pat: You don't think it's time for you to go off, do you?

Margaret: Not yet. Not yet. I know I will eventually but not just yet. But the funny thing was that when I came back I couldn't quite remember what they had been talking about. I just knew that there was something different. So, I suppose I shall mull over it for a while, I might even go again.

Pat: Did the children notice the difference?

Margaret: Well, now you said it, there was a couple of children giving me that sort of funny look as though they are trying to work something out. And also I saw one of my guides too. Tall fellow he was. He was an African, and I saw another one too. A lassie from the Roman times and we had a bit of a talk about looking after the wee ones. And the African guide gave me some advice on the young African children and explained a bit about their background and what they had been used to and that sort of thing. Because he's been taking an interest in the things happening in his country. Now, since things have been getting really bad there he has been hanging around quite a bit there and doing his best to help. He explained to me that he had seen these three young children and he had decided that I was the best one to look after them, so he brought them to me.

Pat: Do they first just appear?

Margaret: They usually just come walking up the garden path, you see. Of course, to me its the garden path but to them it could be something quite different, because we see what we expect to see - this is when we first come over here, you understand. Now, I still like to see my wee cottage by the sea. Now, it's a very wee cottage but you would be surprised at the number of wee ones that we can pack into it.

Pat: Shades of Dr. Who.

Margaret: We just expand it as necessary you see. Now, I see my cottage the way it was. So, I see the wee ones walking up the path and they could be seeing anything except, you see, they respond to me. They feel the love that I bring and they respond to there being someone there. I am not always sure whether they see me the way I think I am. But whatever they see, I seem to be providing them with something. I haven't had any more problems with elephants. I had one wee one who wanted an elephant and he conjured one up, you see. Well, some of the others were not too impressed with the elephant to put it mildly. We had a bit of fun there for a while. We sorted it all out.

Pat: Was it only a small elephant, or a big one?

Margaret: Actually it was pretty big.

Pat: You wouldn't be able to fit it in your cottage.

Margaret: Well, he didn't come inside but he was in the garden. But that's the good thing about being over here, you see he may have trampled the flowers but as soon as he had gone they sprung back anyway.

Pat: Did you plant some bananas for him?

Margaret: No. Well, there was a wee bit of confusion that I didn't get around to thinking of things like that. But he did trundle over, you see, into the wood, and I think he sort of grew his own bananas there. (general laughter) Anyway, he seemed quite content

Pat: The kids didn't have a ride then?

Margaret: The braver ones did. I mean, he was a wee bit high for some of them. We tried to 'shrink' him but he didn't want to be shrunk, you see, so it was only the bigger ones. And we had to put a ladder for them to climb up so they could sit on his back. Very good he was, he sort of flapped his ears back, you know, they were quite safe between
his ears.

Pat: Did he not take them up on his trunk?

Margaret: No. No. We thought they had better go up the ladder. Sort of being, how shall I put it, more independent. I think they rather preferred it that way too. So he trundled them around a little bit and then we decided that perhaps it was time he went off, because he had his things to do. It was good of him to come and see us. You know, things have been going on as usual.

Pat: Have you heard from Anderson? He is supposed to working as a guide to someone about to be born, or something.

Margaret: That's right, he was too. He has probably been hanging around the wee one, the very wee one. I wonder if it's been born yet.

Pat: I hope so, it should be soon.

Margaret: We must find out. We must ask one of the others, they must know. So, that's how my life has been going.

Pat: Ours has been moving along too.

Margaret: Have none of you anything to say?

Pat: Its a joy to hear about the children.

Margaret: Sometimes it does seem a very mundane thing to talk about.

Pat: Most mothers talk about their children.

Margaret: At least we don't have any problems with the nappies or with the teething.

Pat: Don't they?

Margaret: I don't have any problems like that here.

Pat: No, you have elephants instead. (laughter)

Margaret: Oh, sometimes we have a psychological problems. Especially with little Janie, we had some problems with her, she was very afraid of people for a while. But we just kept putting the light around her. I found singing the old songs very helpful for her, and after a while she started to realise that she was in a very safe place and that we cared about her, that we loved her. The kitten was a great help because it gave her something to love herself. This gave her some understanding of what we were about. I don't know how long she's been with me in your terms, but she's already grown two or three years. I expect she will soon be helping me with the new wee ones too. Because they all join in together. You know, I've got the two helpers at the moment but the other children do help with the new ones. That's part of their path of development and progress. They should be able to understand that there is so much to do here, and then they are less likely to want to go back to your world when they know the possibilities here. There's not so many of the wee ones who do go back to your world - a few - but there is quite a high percentage who grow up here because they get so fascinated with the place, you see.

Gina: Why do people come back them?

Margaret: That's what I often wonder too. But there are some of them who feel a bit cheated, that they have missed out on something. Some who want to come into your world in order to express the love that they have learnt here, that sometimes happens too. They are very often the unusual souls in your world.

Pat: I have been hearing about one recently. A child who said, Mummy the sun is following me. Wherever she goes, symbolically the sun goes with her. As a young child she used to counsel the other young children in pre-school, and as she got older she teaches her mother and everyone she comes in contact with about so many things.

Margaret: That's right, she has obviously learnt a lot while she was over here and has kept the contact.

Pat: She brings sunlight into so many people's lives.

Margaret: And did she explain what the sun was that was following her?

Pat: Well, it was her mother who was talking to me and mother didn't quite say, but I got the impression that it had something to do with the light and being light and being in people's lives. She understands so much and has great wisdom.

Margaret: I suspect that it was one of her guides following her because you see, very often when you meet your guides, they are shining.

Pat: It could be, but at the time she was in a child's seat in the car, driving along, and it was a sunny day, and she was saying that the sun was following her. The sun would always be shining just for her.

Margaret: She could also be picking up the spirit light. That's another explanation. These unusual ones, they usually have a different quality about them when they are quite small. They are somehow different to the other children. Its hard to say exactly HOW they are different, but you can somehow pick them out. If you had a crowd of them together you would be able to pick out the one that was different.

Pat: It is always the one that shines.

Margaret: They are just different in some way. Perhaps more thoughtful, that sort of thing. They seem to be thinking things out, working things out for themselves. Of course a lot of that is the contact with their guides and helpers, because they will be mentally talking with them at times when you think they are just gazing around, looking at the world. They will really be, shall we say, away with the fairies. There is more truth in that than some people realise.

Doreen: Do you look after many children.

Margaret: I usually have somewhere about 12, it goes up and down a bit, one time I had 20. You see, the older children help with the younger ones, and, of course, there is no time here so we don't have to have everybody in bed at a certain time. We do bed them down, we read them the stories and tuck them in, five minutes later they are out the back racing around again. So when you haven't got any set time like that, things don't matter so much. Most of the time we are playing with the wee ones anyway.

Doreen: There must be an awful lot of people looking after children who
have passed over.

Margaret: Yes. Especially times like this when there are so many passing over from Africa and other such places. I had a wee one from the Lebanon at one time, it took us quite a while to convince him that, yes, he did have a whole body again. Because he had lost his legs, you see and that was when he had passed over and he couldn't understand how he had got his legs again. Took us quite a while to get him to really accept it. You see, just like you in your world, you can know something but, sort of, you have to accept it inside you. We have much the same sort of thing so we had to keep explaining to him, and eventually he really accepted what we were saying, and then, of course, he was all right, because then he had his legs all the time. Had a lovely time after that, running around all the time. He grew up quite quickly too and he went on into the main Spirit World. Actually one of his uncles came to get him and they went off together in search of adventures. But its the wee Africans. We have had more - what would you call them? - orphans sounds so dreadful - sent up here and we have to cope with them.

Pat: Is there no one else who wants to take them?

Margaret: Well, there's so many of them you see, and many of them dying so young haven't got enough relatives over here to care for them. And, you must remember, too, that many of the relatives have their things to do too. And so, you see, in those circumstances we need to organise something for the wee ones. And some of their relatives will come and help for a while and some will take them away for a while and bring them back - you know, sort of baby-sitting type of thing. No-one over here is ever forced to take on anything. It only works if it is right for you at that time to do it.

Guy: Do you ever have an 'old school re-union'? Where your old wee ones who have departed come back to welcome you?

Margaret: They do sometimes call in to see me. We haven't actually had a group re-union because, you see, when they leave me they are all going to such different places. They come back when they want to.

Guy: So it is in our schools, after they graduate they go to all kinds of places, and then they come back again . . .

Margaret: No, we haven't actually done that yet. I know, one day I will leave this place.

Pat: After a few more holidays?

Margaret: Yes. I should take a few more holidays. I'll have a look at a few more things over here. And then I shall make my decision, which way to go.

Guy: Have you ever met Dr. Smith?

Margaret: I have seen him a few times when you were going to that circle - just sort of in passing.

Guy: But you haven't contacted him?

Margaret: No. He takes a bit older children than I usually have. I like to help the really wee ones, the ones that really need the love. And one day that love will break out, but for the time being I am content to still be with the wee ones.

Guy: You haven't been thinking what your next step might be?

Margaret: Ay. I've thought about it. I just haven't made my decision yet. There is no hurry. I think I should bid you all good night.

Pat: Good night, thank you for coming.

Everyone: Good-night Margaret.

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