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This transcript was transcribed a few years after the session. The recording was poor, especially the beginning prayer when the entity was speaking quite softly. When the entity was coming through I saw two scenes. The first was the priest as he came out of the temple at the top of the stairs. He was dressed in an outfit of golden feathers. As he raised his arms golden feathers hung down from his arms and on his head was a headdress also made of golden feathers but its exact design escapes me. The second scene was of what he saw as he looked down from the temple. I could see the golden feather clothes as if I was wearing them, then I saw the stone staircase and a crowd of people at the bottom. The scene was surrounded by a dense forest.

           It is the morning sun as it rises over the hills
           Thy rays give life.
           Receive, receive, receive ... (indistinguishable)
           We see, we see (Pause)
           Lord, Thy truths are forgotten ...
           Thy people have forgotten  and turned away ...
           Will they listen once more?  They listen ...
           Since you have turned Your face from us
           There is a terror in the land.
           Help me win!
           They will turn to me again.  I will tell them:
           It is time, the golden eagle has come ...
           Golden Eagle, protect your temples with Thy strength
           Let the strangers not strike them,
           Why do you let this rampage go on? Why?
           What have we done?
           Have we not made the sacrifices every year?
           What have we done that this should happen?
           Can you not hear your people crying?
           Can you not hear the screams?
           Can you not hear the defilers coming?
           God of the eagles hear us! Help us!
           Why is this come to your land?
           Have we not been faithful to you?
           Hear their cries;  They are in Thy city.

Geoff:    (interrupting) What is your name friend?

Entity:   Oh, Golden Eagle hear us crying to you. They are at the doors of your temple. Golden eagle, hear us.

Frank:    Can we help you friend?

Entity:   Sacrifices were made, we gave the offerings, what did we do wrong?  Why were there the conquerors?

Frank:    Perhaps you didn't do enough friend.  Perhaps we can help you in some way.  Can you hear us?

Entity:   (whispering) Yes.

Frank:    Do you know who we are?

Entity:   No.

Frank:    No.  Well, its a little difficult to explain.  We are here to help you and to answer some of the 
          questions you are asking, and to try and guide you.  First of all, you are reliving an incident that
          happened a long, long, long, time ago.  Are you aware of that? 

Entity:   I am the priest of the Golden Eagle (beginning to speak a little bit louder)

Frank:    That's most interesting friend, can you tell us a bit more about that.  Which land are you from?

Entity:   The Mayan.

Frank:    That's Central America.  And would it surprise you to hear that you have died?

Entity:   Not in the least.

Frank:    You are aware that you are dead?

Entity:   Yes.  I am the priest of the Golden Eagle.  (This was said in an affirmative manner but not in a strong declarative way.)

Frank:    And - er - what has happened to you after death?  Is it as you expected?

Entity:   Yes.

Frank:    Mmm.

Entity:   It's just why was the country conquered?  Why were the temples destroyed?  Why didn't Golden Eagle help us?  
          (Each of these questions interrupted Frank who was trying to say something).

Frank:    (at last getting a word in)  Well, we can't answer that question. We can only suggest that it was in the best interests 
          of everybody, for reasons which we don't understand, that happened.  More than that we cannot answer your question, 
          friend.  But you lived in a time that was many hundreds of years ago.  Do you understand what I mean by hundreds of years?

Entity:   (firmly) Yes.  I understand.

Frank:    It seems to me friend that if you are still reliving those times then you haven't progressed very far in the Spirit World ...

Entity:   (indignantly) Not progressed?

Frank:    (conciliatorily) I said it SEEMS to us, we may be wrong.  It seems to us that the reason you have come here - should I say 
          that you have been brought here, is so that we can talk to you and so that we may perhaps help you in your progression.

Entity:   How can you help?

Betty:    Are you one of the children of Ra?

Entity:   No, I am the priest of the Golden Eagle.

Guy:      Mayans, not Egyptians.

Entity:   We had large temples ...

Betty:    (interrupting)  They worshipped Ra under the Mayas (She said something else but this time the entity spoke over her)

Entity:   On top of the hill. 

(Again Betty said something but the entity ignored her.)

Entity:   Its a large temple like that, (describing with my hands a shape) and it had many, many stairs leading up.

Frank:    Temples like that remain today and we have all seen pictures of them, and it is most interesting to have somebody like 
          yourself visit our little group and talk to us about those times.  But, as I said, we do not know why that particular 
          city was attacked, if that is what happened.

Entity:   They were all over the country.

Frank:    Mmm.

Guy:      Were they white men?  The attackers?

Entity:   They were singing, they rode animals, they had big spears. They slashed the people, they desecrated the temple.  We cannot 
          stop them.  Golden Eagle does not come to our aid.

Frank:    Across the sea.  You saw the ships, did you?

Betty:    Do you know the name of them?

Entity:   We hear they came from across the sea.  We did not know them. We could not speak their tongue.

Betty:    They were conquistadors.

Entity:   We did not speak their tongue.

Frank:    Friend, why is it - this had a big impression on you - this happened an extremely long time ago by our standards -

Guy:      About 400 years.

Frank:    And its obviously had a great impression on you.  If you were the priest of the temple, then you - may be you feel somehow,
          responsible for this.  And it seems to us that it may have held you back in your progress in the Spirit World.

Entity:   We were told these prayers were powerful and were taught that they carried power and strength, and as long as the prayers 
          and the sacrifices and the ceremonies were carried out correctly, we would be all right.

Geoff:    While we are on sacrifices - what were those sacrifices?

Entity:   (with surprise, what else could they be?) Human!

Geoff:    You were barbarians.

Frank:    Well, you see, it may be that you were wrong in believing that.

Entity:   Wrong?

Frank:    You see today we see human sacrifices quite differently.  We value human life.

Entity:   (Makes a sound of exasperation or indignation)  They did not value human life.

Frank:    No.  What I'm suggesting is that you were wrong in some of your expectations of what your Golden Eagle could do for you.
          There just is no - even today we know of no source that will come to someone's aid in the manner you expected your Golden 
          Eagle to.  It is just not possible.

Entity:   (truculently) Why not?

Frank:    Well, we can't see why not.  We can just look back over the 400 years and say that in that time nobody has received the sort 
          of aid that you expected your Golden Eagle to give.  It just doesn't happen.

Guy:      My friend, you have been in the Spirit World now for 400 years, in our time and reckoning. The world is entirely different 
          today to what it was in your time.  In you 400 years have you perceived your God the Golden Eagle in the Spirit World?
          Have you met him there or heard him there?

Entity:   I am seeking him.  If I seek him long enough I will find him.

Frank:    If you've been seeking him for 400 years friend, you would have found him by now. But may be what you are seeking does not 
          exist.  If it did, you would recognise it, and because you have been seeking with a narrow mind, you have shut out what is
          there for you to find.

Entity:   I haven't sought hard enough.

Frank:    I would suggest, that may be you have sought too hard, and that you ought to look around you in the Spirit World ...

Entity:   (indignantly) Look around me?  Do you not think I have been looking?

Frank:    You - er - seem to be looking for nothing else but your Golden Eagle.

Entity:   (indignantly) What else is there?

Frank:    Well, you tell me.  You said you've been looking around.
(Pause)   What else is there?

Entity:   Mountains and crags and valleys.  There is darkness, there is rushing water and there are demons.

Frank:    What is a demon?

Geoff:    Tell us about the demons.

Entity:   They roam about.  I always escaped them.

Guy:      My friend, is it possible - it seems so to us - it may be possible that the Golden Eagle was the God of your country.
          Other countries had other Gods, was that not so?  The neighbouring countries and other tribes and nations, their Gods 
          were not Golden Eagle, there was something else.

Entity:   That's right.  Each tribe worshipped its own deity.

Guy:      And to us 400 years later we do not worship deities like Golden Eagle any more.  We now see God as one universal spirit which
          encompasses every thing in all.  There are no separate entities any more - there is only one, the absolute deity.  Could it 
          not be that your Golden Eagle was nothing more than a thought form - the collective thought form of your people?  It has no 
          existence apart from yourselves.

Entity:   (Horrified) What are you saying?

Guy:      Golden Easle existed only as your nation existed and believed in him.  As the nation was scattered, the Golden Eagle dissolved, 
          it is no longer.

Entity:   You mean our Golden Eagle does not exist?

Guy:      It did exist in your day, but it was only a thought form of your people.  It had the force you gave it.

Frank:    But there is more than just that.  The qualities that you sought in your God did exist but in a different Godlike figure, as the 
          other man (Guy) was telling you.  The God we recognise today is a different form of God to what you would recognise, but He has 
          the same qualities. He has the qualities of strength, kindness and love, no doubt the same as Golden Eagle had.  There is a 
          different form of God.

Entity:   (Questioningly) Gods can change?

Frank:    Gods can take many forms.  You've just told us that - you said different tribes could have different forms.  So, as new tribes come
          they are obviously going to have different Gods.  Yes, Gods can change.

Entity:   This is strange talk.

Frank:    Well, friend, we live 400 years after the time you are talking about.  So we can tell you what has happened.  We understand that it
          seems strange to you, but we can only tell you about it and leave it with you to think about.  Now in the Spirit World where you
          are living there is plenty of opportunities for you to investigate these things. Apart from the valleys and hills and so forth that
          you saw, there are also places of learning.  There are also many other spirit people who are capable of helping you and teaching you,
          if that is what you want.

Entity:   My people were strong in their belief.

Frank:    But they might have been strong in the wrong belief.

Entity:   No. (softly)  No, they were not strong.  I see, they carried out their forms and ceremonies, but their hearts were not strong.

Frank:    In your time in the Spirit World friend, you must have seen more than just the landscape.  Have you not met other spirit people
          such as yourself?

Entity:   None like me.  (A little proudly)  Many spirits, yes.

Frank:    When you none like you, what exactly do you mean?

Entity:   I am the priest of the Golden Eagle.

Frank:    Then you mean there is only one priest of the Golden Eagle?

Entity:   In my time, there was.

Frank:    So it was a lofty position?

Entity:   It was the most powerful in the land.

Frank:    Well, in the Spirit World you have no more power than any other spirit.  Why are you maintaining this position of loftiness
          in the Spirit World?

Entity:   Do I not deserve it?

Geoff:    No.

Frank:    What is it doing for you?  Is it helping you?  Do you feel happy?  Are you progressing?  You sit there all day, admiring the
          landscape and feeling lofty?  (Now he is beginning to confront the priest.)  Is that what you want?  You obviously haven't
          come very far in 400 years, if I might say so.  You are still very much as you were when you were on earth.  Is that what you want?

Entity:   I want the spirit of Golden Eagle.  I want to tell him how it happened.

Guy:      My friend, although you were a high priest you had only found one little part of the whole truth in your life.  There is so much
          more you can find, and the God Golden eagle is only one very tiny little part ...

Entity:   (Interrupting indignantly)  Tiny?

Guy:      Very tiny little part of the great universal God - it is NOT the great universal God.  It is just one aspect of it, and you have got
          trapped into the one aspect.  You have not looked for the greater God beyond the Golden Eagle.

Entity:   You are stirring memories.  (Pause)  I questioned once, why there are many different Gods.  I was called a blasphemer.  I was told
          to put these thoughts out of my mind, lest they destroy me.  I wondered - Many Gods.

Guy:      There is one God behind the many.  look for him and there should
                 be some spirits in your Spirit World who could show you the way. 

Margo:    If you ask for assistance you will get it.  But you must ask.

Entity:   My God - why did he let my people be destroyed?

Guy:      Because you refused to see the one God.  You were only looking at
a golden eagle.  You refused to see the one greater God behind him.

Entity:   But the destroyers - what of their God?

Geoff:    If your God was all that he was cracked up to be he would have
told you how to deal with the people who destroyed yours.

Entity:   That's what I did not understand.

Geoff:    He's a dumb God isn't he?

Entity:   My God, My God.

Frank:    Come on Guy, what about God and the people who attacked?

Guy:      Perhaps, high priest, the problem was this.  That you and your people were trapped into an illusion in worshipping a Golden Eagle and
          you had come to a dead end in your spiritual development.  You could not see and never would see the greater God of which the Golden
          Eagle was one tiny little symbol and to open up the way the Golden Eagle had to be swept away, to destroy that illusion.  So some fresh
          air could blow through the country and a vaster aspect would open up.

Entity:   This is blasphemy.

Guy:      But it was the doing of a God that was greater than the Golden Eagle wasn't it?  The foreign men were the instruments the scourge of a
          greater God.

Entity:   They worshipped a man.

Frank:    That man was just a particular incarnation of a God.

Entity:   Ah.  Ah.  (In wonder as though some great insight had been gained.)  Ah.  God incarnate in different Gods, and in that God, the
          man, too?

Frank:    Yes.

Entity:   Ah.  (At this point there was an almost magical silence.)

Guy:      My friend, can you now look around you and can you now perhaps see
some other spirits around you, apart from us?

Entity:   Great God.  Many Gods, but one God.  Talk about God!

Frank:    (Gently)  Yes.

Entity:   The conquering God then could not have been inferior to Golden

Frank:    Quite possible.

Entity:   How do I find this one God?

Frank:    By asking the spirit people around you to help you find Him.

Entity:   If I want to find Golden Eagle, I must find the God behind.

Frank:    That's right.  Golden Eagle is just a manifestation of the God.

Guy:      Golden eagle was simply the form in which your people would perceive the greater aspect of God.  But you did not understand it as
          the aspect of a greater God.  You thought God as eagle was all there was.  Golden eagle was simply an aspect.
          A symbol of the greater God.

Entity:   Ah.

Guy:      It had no separate power of its own.  Only what the greater God gives him.  The greater God is infinite spirit, it lives in everything
          and in everybody.

Entity:   Why did he allow such destruction of my people?

Guy:      People have free will, people are free to destroy themselves -

Entity:   They were destroyed by others!

Frank:    It was just not in the way of God to interfere.  As Guy has said, the people themselves, the people who were attacking you, they
          had free will to attack you.  It probably had nothing to do with their God, any more than you being destroyed had anything to do
          with your god.  It was just one of those things that happened because people are people.

Entity:   Then the Gods have no power.  If they have no power they cannot be Gods.

Frank:    They have power but the power is not to be invoked in the way that you were trying to use it.

Entity:   (Indignantly) What are they for then?

Frank:    That's really up to you to find out.  You have to ask that question of the spirits round about who can help you.  We can tell you
          what WE have found God to be for.

Margo:    It might have been done in the same way as the sacrifices you used.  Why weren't those people you sacrificed saved?  Because they
          may have worshipped your eagle the same.

Entity:   We had to give the best we had.  The best we had were our young people.

Geoff:    Who said you had to give sacrifices?

Entity:   We wanted to show God that we were willing to give anything for him.  The best way we could do this was through sacrifices.

Geoff:    Who said you had to sacrifice?

Entity:   It was the greatest gift we could give him.

Geoff:    Who told you that was the greatest gift?

Entity:   What could be greater than the human life in this world?

Guy:      Perhaps that was a great mistake, priest.  Perhaps that was the reason why your city was destroyed.  Because we believe - in fact, we
          know, today - that the greater God lives through every human being - we are part of Him.  We are all part of his manifestations.
          He does not require any human sacrifice, because there is only one life, and this is His life.  If we take human life, we are offending
          the God who lives through it, and by giving human sacrifices to your Golden Eagle, perhaps you were offending the greater one God behind
          him, because you were killing his own children.  Perhaps that was a great mistake. Perhaps that is why the temple had to be destroyed.
          God is a God of love, the doesn't require a human sacrifice.

Margo:    it is much easier for us to look at it now because it is such a long time ago but in those days you believed that.  You did what you
          thought was right, but may be now you should have another look and see whether perhaps you were right or not.

Frank:    Yes.

Margo:    We all do wrong, we all have to learn.  We can learn from our mistakes and then we can progress.  Seek and you will find.

Entity:   You speak wisdom.  (Margo's obvious love and concern was beginning to "melt" his heart in a way that Guy's logic could not.)

Guy:      There is only one life.  There is only one life and that comes from that one great God.  And that manifests in so many different
          forms - human, animals and plants, in various degrees.  And that one God lives in every one of us.  Now, if we kill another life we
          transgress against His law, and may I suggest that you were transgressing against the laws of the one God, the great God, by killing
          the best people in your country, mistakenly believing that your God requires that.

Margo:    We each have to come to terms with our own conscience and learn what's right and what's wrong.  And then progress.

Entity:   It is so hard to think.

Margo:    It is something we each have to do.  If you ask for assistance and forgiveness you will be given it - but you must ask.

Entity:   We never ask for help.

Margo:    You have to ask now.

Entity:   We had to be strong.  We had to be, to survive.

Margo:    You don't have to be now.  Have another look - ask for guidance and you will be given it.

Guy:      To be in tune with the great one God, high priest, first of all you must have compassion.  It is not to be proud and not to be strong
          because they are the very qualities that separate you from God.  That is what prevents you from seeing.  To have compassion you must have
          love, because these are the qualities that bring you in tune with Him.

Entity:   We were never taught about love.

Margo:    You can learn about it now.

Guy:      You know how a mother loves her child?  That is how God manifests through people - relationship between God and people is much the same
          as between mother and child.  we are all His children.  When we kill each other we are certainly transgressing against God's law.  Even if
          we do it as a sacrifice, we are still transgressing.

Entity:   It is hard to bear.

Margo:    But that was your belief.  You did what you believed in.

Entity:   We were never told.

Margo:    Right, so you did the best you could at that time.  So now you've learnt something different.  You can't turn the clock back, that
          time is gone.  You must go forward and change your way.

Anne:     God is a forgiving God and if you can forgive yourself then you are halfway there.  Because God forgives you.

Entity:   Where can I find this love?

Frank:    Ask the spirits around you to show you.

Margo:    You have some spirit friends who brought you here tonight because they love you and they want you to see the light and lead a
          different life.  So they brought you here.  Now, that's love.  They care about you.  They would like you to see a different life.

Entity:   We never had to care about each other.  It was weakness.

Guy:      When you lived on earth, was there any person you loved?  Your mother, your wife, your children may be?

Entity:   I was taken from my mother.  I was reared in the priesthood. We had to be strong like a God.  So the people would follow God.

Geoff:    Why?

(For some time the entity had been leaning forward concentrating on  Margo and Ann,  his instinct was to tell Geoff that he was not looking
at him.  It seems a person should only speak to the high priest when he looked at the person.  However, he was too occupied with these new
thoughts to do so.)

Entity:   So we would be preserved.

Frank:    That's right.

Guy:      It didn't work perhaps because you took a road that was NOT the right road in God's eyes.

Frank:    Could I just ask you friend, as part of your priestly duties did you communicate with sprits?

Entity:   Spirits spoke through us.

Frank:    They spoke through you just as you are speaking now through this person.

Entity:   Yes.

Frank:    Spirits spoke through you.  And the spirits that spoke through you, what sort of spirits were they?

Entity:   I don't know.

Frank:    Were they ancestors of your people?

Entity:   People who lived on earth.

Guy:      Before you leave us my friend, see if you can find some spirits round you, who are standing by, willing and able to help you, and to
          lead you to the greater truth.  Can you see any helping hand near you who is willing to come and help you along?  There are lots of
          other spirits around here now, the ones who brought you here.  Can you see anybody?

Entity:   I see.

Guy:      Whom do you see?

Entity:   A woman.

Guy:      One of your people perhaps?

Entity:   She is looking at me.

Guy:      Is she willing to help you?

Margo:    Do you want to ask her who she is?

Entity:   She looks like my mother when I was taken.

Margo:    She will help you now.

Guy:      If she calls you, go with her.  She will show you the way.

Entity:   It's love that I am looking at.  I've never felt love.  I had to be strong.  No-one showed me kindness.  I did not know - I never
          knew that it would be like this.

Margo:    Love is more important.  You've got to think about yourself. You've wonderful things to learn now, and to do.

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