The energy this evening was rather low because there were only three sitters present and one was recovering from the 'flu. Consequently the guides decided to have a question and answer session with the answers being 'dictated' to me by the guides. I was in a very relaxed state with my eyes closed during the whole of this session.

Pat: What gender is God?

Answer: Doesn't have one. Call Him 'She', 'Him', 'It', anything you like.

Pat: What was the word in the beginning?

Answer: There wasn't one.

Guy: You mean there was no beginning?

Answer: There was no word.

Pat: If organs are transplanted to another body, this helps to sustain life in that body. Does that tend to hold the entity that has passed toward the earthly plane for the duration of that second person's life?

Answer: It doesn't have to, because the person has already left the body when the organ is removed from the dead body. Now, sometimes the spirit will have an interest in the transplantee, and they can hang around that person for a while. It depends - as usual - there are no fixed rules.

Pat: Does it matter what organ it is - the heart, the brain, something like that?

Answer: The brain might be a different thing, but we have not had any experience with that yet. The organs that you are doing at the moment, in the majority of cases the departed spirit just doesn't have any interest in what happens to their body. There will be occasions when they will want to visit the person they have enabled to live and, of course, there could be somebody who will persist in staying with them, or something like that. But it is not a foregone conclusion by any means and largely the spirit has lost interest in what happens to the body anyway. There have been cases where the spirit has been rather pleased to be able to help somebody else. There have been some who have taken the attitude "Well, my death has not been in vain."

Doreen: What happens to people who take their own lives?

Answer: This again varies from case to case. It also depends a lot on why they took their own life. If it was done in an attitude of sparing others, if that was the MAIN reason, they will just go on to a fairly normal transition. You see, when you pass over, what you take with you is your mental attitude. Your psychological 'baggage' is what goes with you. So if you are doing it in a state of despair you are more likely, for a while at least, have sort of 'despairing' type of surroundings over there. People who pass over thinking that they will have to reincarnate, since they have suicided, will, sometimes reincarnate quite quickly for the term, or length, that they would have had if they hadn't suicided. But, of course, with the absolute love and forgiveness that there is in the Spirit World they will be helped as soon as they are receptive. They, too, will undergo a life review and they will understand a lot better the influences that caused them to take their own life. And they will sort of judge their actions, and, as you have probably heard, you will have the opportunity to work out your guilt complexes in the Spirit world. You do not HAVE to reincarnate, it is purely your own choice. So they will be able to work anything out there if they will take it in that way. A lot of it will depend how they react to their life review. People who are able to accept their 'humanness' and the fact that they weren't perfect will come to terms with things a lot quicker than those who have a, sort of, rigid attitude that they had to have done everything perfectly. So it depends largely on the psychological 'baggage' and the reasons why.

Guy: Are there many worlds? Worlds like ours, parallel to ours?

Answer: Yes, there is certainly more than one.

Guy: Is it possible for a personality living in this world for part of it to 'split off' or, branch off, and continue in another?

Answer: You understand that they are not fully in control, so they are having to impress on me the answers. They don't seem to like the idea of the soul or spirit actually SPLITTING.

Guy: Projecting another branch to continue in another world.

Answer: Just a minute. This is one of those cases where it is a difficult concept to get across and they are trying to show me so I can get the words for them. The picture I'm getting is: You know what a galaxy looks like? Its like two galaxies, but intersecting like that (holding hands at right angles) at right angles. You can pass from one to the another - and I am being told, Karl, that this is what was happening in your dream and that is why you were seeing a different star pattern.

Guy: That's why I asked it.

Answer: Its that - you have got the underlying spirit which, as you know, sort of wells up - and forms the incoming souls in the world. At some level, spirits are connected and this gets quite complicated when it comes to the interlinking of the universes. Rather than the souls splitting off into that other universe, it is more like that you can 'pick up' from this underlying spirit what is happening in another universe, and so you can link up with somebody who is having the experiences you want to have, and so you can experience them like that. Analogies are never perfect, but they are showing me two trees growing close together and the branches are intertwining, and in some cases the branches of one tree touch the branches of the other tree. And so you can have your experiences that way, it is like a touch or link through. But you know it doesn't exist anyway!

Pat: What is the reasons for individuals suffering disease.

Answer: This is sort of like the previous question. It is one of different layers, sort of come together and they don't mesh properly. The germs and viruses that cause ill-health in the body have their own sort of universe or world. Their consciousness is completely different to yours, and your two, sort of, world views clash rather than just intersecting. With people whose body vibration is vibrating at the correct speed or in the correct manner, the viruses, the bugs, won't adversely affect the body. This is why stress or being over-tired or not eating a well balanced diet can make you more prone to the infectious type diseases, because it affects the speed which the soul's atoms of your body are moving. Of course, your own consciousness, whether it is the conscious level, super-conscious or sub-conscious, can also pre-dispose you to this sort of thing. If you have got to the point where you are just longing to have a day in bed, or you hate work and you want a day off, sort of thing, that can pre-dispose you to coming down with some minor illness. Of course, with the more serious types of illness, when you come into this material world you have got the broad general plan which also includes the method of your passing. I know this is probably going to get a bit repetitious, but your behaviour in one situation can influence the next situation, so it is not complete pre-determination. You can alter things. Its just that you are born with the very broad general outline of your life, and you can change it by your behaviour in different situations. So it is possible to alter the method of passing over, but it is one of the things that is most difficult to alter. So that will be another reason for succumbing to the serious things. This, too, is the category where things which just simply go wrong in your body are assigned. Certain behaviours may mitigate that, such as how you take care of the body, eating a balanced diet, getting sleep, relieving stress, that sort of thing. As, of course, can your mental attitude. If you take a defeatist attitude and give way to the whole thing, or whether you are going to overcome it, battle it type of thing. Your body is always going to need an excuse to die.

Pat: I had not thought of it that way. So it would keep going regardless, unless we gave it an excuse?

Answer: It makes its own excuse.

Doreen: What happens to a person's spirit if they are in a coma? If they have been in a coma for quite some time?

Answer: The spirit is sort of betwixt and between, it's neither fully 'over there' nor fully in the body. It can pass from one state to another. It's rather like dreaming, they can go off as though they are dreaming, but they will be visiting the Spirit World as you do sometimes in dreams. And then, of course, they would come back and watch what is happening to their body until the spirit makes a decision one way or the other. It would be a spirit who hasn't made up its mind whether to go or not.

Pat: What about a person who has been in a coma for a long time, say a year or more. The patient has been taken off life-support services, but the body has not re-covered, nor has it died but it has obviously deteriorated. What about a situation like that?

Answer: The body will deteriorate to a point where it dies regardless of what you do.

Pat: It seems strange that even when the body was taken off the life-support it is still surviving in a deteriorated condition.

Answer: Because of the life-support systems which it has been on, there has been some repair to the damage to the body, but it's not sufficient. So the body may be able to keep itself breathing and, of course, with things being inserted into the body, that will help to keep it alive. Without that technology the body will die quite quickly. The body will continue to deteriorate until death occurs, despite food being inserted into it.

Guy: What about the spirit in cases like Alzheimer's disease? There the brain slowly degenerates and shrivels up, the person from our point of view becomes an incoherent, babbling idiot and in the end no longer functions like an intelligent human being. What are the experiences on the spirit side?

Answer: Frustration, because the spirit is still trying to act in the world but its got a faulty body to work with. And the body isn't responding to the signals or the impulses that the spirit is trying to give, to pass on. Just a minute, they are trying to give me an analogy. I can't quite get it. Its something like the brain is like a telephone exchange, and its sort of getting the impulses from spirit, and it's not passing them on because the connections have broken. So, the impulses from spirit, in some cases will still get through but not properly. So there may be an impulse to movement, there will be a movement, but not the correct one. That type of thing. Its not purely the motor movements, but also the impulses, the things to say, that sort of thing. The brain is also not passing on correctly the inputs from the environment. So the spirit does experience quite a bit of frustration in that circumstance.

Guy: There are two sets of consciousness then? Because the affected person does not seem to experience frustration. In other words a person who is sick with Alzheimer's disease is not frustrated but the spirit IS. In other words how do you have the consciousness split on two levels.

Answer: It's the personality - er - it's the - the spirit is inside, in the middle, and it's operating through a personality. So its that, the very inner spirit in which there is some frustration. Now, being closer to the pure spirit it isn't necessarily going to express the frustration but it will be. You see Alzheimer's isn't the only dementia that you can have in old age, and in some of them in the resulting character change the frustration can be expressed. In some of them the spirit can sort of go to sleep, so that it is - that of course is in inverted commas sort of thing - so that it is the personality that is just reacting sort of like an automaton type of thing. There will be just enough of the life energy there to produce some sort of movement, but its not sort of directed or purposeful sort of movement.

Pat: What is the best way to treat patients in that sort of condition, is it just making them comfortable and being in families and accepting circumstances.

Answer: I think the best thing is to attend to the material circumstances. Keep it as stress free as possible, keep the body itself as comfortable as possible and constantly surrounding the person with loving thoughts. Apparently pink and purple light combined is beneficial, specially in cases where there are the negative attitudes coming through. It can help the spirit there. The spirit receiving the loving impulses around it will be enabled to be calmer.

Doreen: In haunted houses, why is it that a spirit stays around one particular place for so long, may be years or a hundred years.

Answer: For a ghost to actually manifest there has to be somebody there with proper energy for the spirit to use in order to manifest. This is, sort of, one of the cases for rescues. Usually it is a spirit who doesn't realise it has died. It would usually be somebody who doesn't believe in life after death so when they find things have sort of changed, they are obviously still alive and they don't realise what has happened. Apparently, on the other side it is fairly easy to block out surroundings, much easier than it is in the material world, because in the material world we have so many inputs into our senses - hearing is particularly difficult to block out, very difficult to block out sounds. This is one of the reasons why rescues are usually successful because the spirit is put into the medium's body and they can't block out through the material ears the material sounds. So they have to hear, whereas on the other side because communication is by thought, you can block that out. You do have to be rather strong minded to do it for a long period. So the long-lasting persistent ghosts will be people who were particularly strong-minded and are clinging to that place. Of course the most typical thing is a sense of revenge. Another typical one is a sense of possession of that place, and resenting the new people coming there. If there is the correct energy available for them, they can start doing things to annoy the people in the hope that they will move out. The people who can enable a ghost manifestation are those with a lot of vitality but without a strong sense of self. So, typically, it will be a teenager who is providing the energy, not always, but typically. And people who have opened themselves up to spirit and haven't closed off. Some people, especially those just coming into this movement, they will open up to spirit and they like all this contact. You know, its quite exciting to have all these spirits contacting them and giving information. So they don't close themselves off, so you, sort of, have this spiritual energy running riot around them. So they are another type that the attached spirit can use to manifest themselves. In most cases where the ghost is only seen by someone, the person has to have the psychic ability to see them. And anybody seeing a ghost should try to do a rescue on them, starting trying to explain to them that they have passed over, their body has died but they are still alive in spirit form. Ask them to go towards the light, just talking about the light can make them aware that there is a light there. Tell them to look around for their loved ones - are your parents there, wife or husband, whatever is appropriate, that sort of thing. That can be enough to, sort of, get them to see that there is something else around them so that they can start responding. Tell them there is more than they can see; that sort of thing. Also be quite certain to close yourself off.

Pat: What about instances where you have closed off, but they insist on visiting and want to talk to you when you don't want to talk to them. Do you just ignore them and do something else but they insist they want to talk to you. What do you do in such circumstances?

Answer: They are the persistent spirits who for some reason or other really want to contact you. They can be good helpful spirits, or they may be what we term a mischievous spirit. So, depending on what you feel about the input that they are giving you, you either tell them in no uncertain terms to clear out and leave you alone, or you can say "Look, I will set a time and you may come back then and we'll have a talk." In that case of course, the best time to suggest is when they come into a circle. But also step up your closing down process, you know, imagining the shell around yourself. You can strengthen that by picturing golden light going from your body as far as the shell and back so that it is doing that sort of movement (demonstrating with hand moving backward and forward rapidly from the body outwards about 10-12cm (approx. 4"). Just use whatever symbology appeals to you. Some people like to use a wineglass or a sheet, or whatever you like. Also talk to your own guides and ask them to keep the person away. I've had this sort of experience a couple of times and told them to skedaddle, and I've also called on Sertorius and Ambrose to protect me and keep them away. For me that was quite effective. Anybody who comes here of course, is quite welcome to 'borrow' Sertorius or Ambrose (Laughter) because if I need them I will over-rule your call.

Pat: That's fair enough.

Answer: Ask your guides to call up somebody like that to give you the extra protection. Whatever appeals to you. You may like to think of a massive Zulu warrior standing there or something like that.

Guy: I will jump to a different subject then. Can you tell us what REALLY was a place like Stonehenge or Glastonbury, and do they actually have any significance for us in this day and age.

Answer: I think they would rather have that as a full evening.

Guy: About seeing spirits. Does a spirit actually have a spatial boundary in the spirit world? Or is it limited to a certain area of space like our physical bodies are? If a spirit is actually a centre of consciousness it's simply a mental image. Now, if a person like myself sees a ghost, what do we actually see? Do we see a spatial spirit which is actually there, or do we get a telepathic image planted in our mind and we project it outward in our own thought. What actually happens when we see a ghost?

Answer: Sometimes it's one thing and sometimes it's another.

Pat: So it doesn't really matter? Its just a matter of whether we can see it or not?

Answer: It partly depends on your own ability, and of course the spirit can take on the appearance that it had when in the material body. Much as they do when they show themselves to a clairvoyant. It is usually that sort of thing. In the ghost type of thing a clairvoyant would be bringing the energy for the spirit to use to manifest a form. This is what happens when a group of people see a ghost. There would be somebody in that group who gives the spirit the necessary energy to manifest. Now, when only one person sees a ghost it is sometimes just the mental image that the spirit is sort of impinging on to their aura, then it can be a mental image. Does that answer it all?

Guy: Sort of. This is what I was wondering. If a person is under hypnosis and you tell that person, all right, you are in the middle of the Sahara Desert, that idea is planted in the head and the person sees the Sahara desert. Ditto, if a departed spirit is projecting the image, 'Look, I am Aunt Mary' wearing a pink dress and carrying a bunch of roses, then the person in a similar manner will project an image of Aunt Mary in a pink dress carrying a bunch of roses. It doesn't actually follow that Aunt Mary has a pink dress and a bunch of roses.

Answer: But the spirit will be projecting that image as a means of identification.

Guy: That's what a clairvoyant would get? See a mental image and project that in his mind. Or sometimes externalising it.

Answer: Well, do remember that Spirit communicates by thought which is largely pictures. So the spirit will form an image of themselves and project that.

Guy: Fair enough.

Doreen: I was thinking about animals. I love animals a lot. What happens to them when they die? Do they have a spirit that wanders around the house or ...

Answer: Sometimes. I have twice seen a cat of mine after it had died. In the one instance I didn't know it was dead, in the other instance it was at the vet's and I knew that it was very sick. What we've been told in the past is that your have the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom, and the analogy that I was given is that the three sort of twist round to make a whole. Eventually the animals finish up at the same place where we finish up. It's just that they are taking a different strand to get there, and animals that we have kept as pets and loved very much, they will come to greet us. They will be part of our own spirit world, at least for a while. I dread to think of all the cats that are going to greet me! They will go on their own evolution. Of course the wild animals won't do that, they will just go on anyway. So its something like - you know knitting wool, you have several strands twisted round together. Now in some knitting wools if you separate out those strands you will see that each of those individual strands is also made up of strands that are twisted together. So you've got the different categories of animals, the pets, the wild ones, and they are sort of twisting together to form the animal strand. So you could even say the same sort of thing about people, you've got the Western person, but you've also got a different type of person, I think we have sort of lost the pure tribal types, but they would have been another thread. You may take perhaps the peasants in some of the more backward and isolated countries, Mongolia or something like that. But they are all forming the one humanness thread. Now I know this analogy may make it sound as though they are all separate, but they are not really. Its about the best way they can give me of putting the concept across. There is no real clear demarcation.

Karl: What about dreams? Are they messages from Spirit or other people? Are they symbols?

Answer: Sometimes. Sometimes its impulses from your subconscious, old fears, or something that has worried you in the past or something like that. Of course, it can also be the remembrance of something pleasant and joyful. Sometimes they will be a message from spirit. Sometimes they are just a diffusion of electricity through the brain. Which of these they are depends largely on your receptivity. The electrical discharge ones are usual those where you wake up and say 'Oh, I had a dream and I can't remember what it was.' The ones from Spirit will be more clear, and some dreams, of course, will be astral travelling. They usual have a different quality about them, so you would be inclined to say 'I had this dream, but it wasn't like a dream.' That sort of thing will usually be astral travelling.

Karl: What about a person with nightmares? Are nightmares coming true regularly?

Answer: That is more likely to be something from the sub-conscious mind. Again, we are talking about sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious. This sort of classifies them into separatenesses, well, they are not. Its all one, but if you have a piece of paper with a hole in it and hold it at arm's length you can move it up and down and you will see different parts of your surroundings, and its that sort of thing too. So the nightmares are usually an old fear that you have repressed and is coming up. That's the most frequent cause. Sometimes though it can be a warning from Spirit which you haven't fully received, you haven't fully understood, so they keep trying to give it to you until you can grasp the meaning. So the nightmare things recurring, you need to do some sort of work on them to find out what it is. (That was the end of the question and answer session. The remaining time was spent giving healing.)

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