On this evening the answers to the questions were dictated to me by the guides without me going into trance. In this process I am fully conscious but receive impressions of the answers.

Question: How do we know if we have guides?
Answer: Everybody has a guide - at least one. And the way guides make themselves known to their 'person' varies a lot from person to person. Look for things which occur regularly and for which you can't think of an explanation - perhaps a breeze on a cheek when you are in a closed room, or something like that. Or you might have a prickle up your back or on your hands, or something like that. But something that occurs regularly. They might make themselves known by a smell in the air, or it might be a physical manifestation, perhaps a door that opens or something like that. The ways in which they make themselves known to you are just so different that you can't really give a definite answer. I am being told for you, watch for a feeling of warmth on your face. In addition to guides everyone also has helpers and helpers are usually people who have known you during your life in the world, and for some reason they have decided to come back and be with you. They stay for varying lengths of time, whereas your guides are more or less permanent. Although you can have changeovers in guides. You always will have at least one of your guides with you, although they tend to come and go. Some guides will sort of 'go off' and do other things and they come back to you. You can also talk to your guides and helpers, you can ask for their guidance and help if you are in a real difficulty that you can't sort out for yourself. Or you can ask them to give you that extra bit of guidance if there is something difficult you have to do, or that sort of thing. Even if you don't feel their presence they will always hear you - there will always be someone to hear you . Sometimes you can ask very strongly or deeply for your guides to show him or herself to you. You may have to persevere for quite a while, and you may have to contend with the fact that for some reason your guides don't want to show themselves to you. In that case, of course, you have to respect their wishes. But very often if either in the evening or early in the morning, you very strongly and deeply ask them to make themselves known to you, (they may show themselves.) You may have to persist for a while. Perhaps the strength of desire has something to do with it, but persistence certainly does.

Question: How valid are procedures like the I Ching as used by the Chinese?
Answer: It is as valid as any other method. Like most of these things it is better when it is used as a focus for the attention then when it is used strictly as a 'cookbook' method. A good practitioner will always be able to go one or two steps beyond the literal interpretation of the set interpretations. It should be kept under control, by that I mean that you don't have to use it for every aspect of your life. Things like the I Ching are best kept for when you have a specific problem - if you start using it for all sorts of questions every day, it sort of dissipates it or trivialises it. It tends to keep it more on the surface level rather than going into the full meaning that you could get out of it. What I meant with that is that if you are using it for yourself constantly, or if another person is constantly asking you to use it for them. Of course, if you are giving several readings a day with different people it is a different type of thing, but don't be constantly using it for yourself several times a day. Its one of those things which was developed as a result of someone's psychic perceptions. It was developed as a tool for really important questions. About the most important one in the time when it was being developed in China was forecasting a babies life to give guidance to the parents and those around the child. At that time this was the most important question anyone could ever ask. Another occasion when it should be ideally used is at weddings and marriages. It could also be used when setting up a business or starting out on a journey - those kinds of situations. Used in this way it can be a very valid procedure, but like all other methods of divination it depends a lot on the ability, experience and psychic ability of the user. You can get something from it on a superficial level from somebody who has just learnt the 'cookbook' type of approach, but you get much more from somebody with psychic abilities because they can go one step further and relate it to other areas of life.

Question: What does the spirit world think about uranium mining. Should it be left in the ground because we don't have a valid use for it, and too much of it could fall into the wrong hands?
Answer: There is a very good positive use right now in treating cancer patients. Everything has its place in the scheme of things. In a way it is a step in our progress which you can't really halt - we have got this tremendous development of technology at the moment, and it all forms part of the progress round the world. There is nothing inherently bad with it, it boils down, like a lot of other things, to the use in which it is put. As you realise there are some quite serious uses (meaning - negative, warlike uses), to which it could be applied. But, on the other hand, it could be the one thing that has prevented a serious war breaking out. There have been many situations when, if we hadn't had these weapons, a war could have broken out. But because of the fear that the other side might use nuclear weapons, it has been sort of 'calmed' down. But man is very ingenious and has help from the other side. In a way Spirit was guiding the development of all this. If you go back through history and right back to Madame Curie and the pitchblende. Remember what they are always saying, everything has its good and bad points.

Question: When people die who have no belief in life after death, or no other Christian beliefs, how do their guides contact them? Are they still looked after?
Answer: They start off in the same way that they do with everybody, there is a sort of 'welcoming party'. The Near Death Experience studies have shown that its a pretty general thing to find a sort of rural setting. And lots of people who have these experiences describe walking across a meadow or walking along a country lane, that sort of thing, and meeting up with someone. Many of these people have not had any sort of religious ideas at all and so were probably people like the ones you have in mind at the moment. So this condition isn't necessarily one that will lead to difficulties in the Spirit World. In some ways people who have no real beliefs when they pass over are better of than people who have very strong set ideas - particularly those people who believe that you are going to sleep until the last trump. They have told us before that sometimes they have to go so far as to dress up as the Archangel Gabriel going about blowing a trumpet in order to get through to some of them. So its not necessarily a difficult situation. The Near Death experiencers sort of just accepted those beings, relatives who they knew were dead. And that seems to be the way, actually, take them by surprise, to get talking to them before they realise 'Oh this person is dead'. By the time they realise that, the link has already been made. It doesn't always work and we can get rescues from this kind of situation. We feel that the biggest difficulty comes from people who are 'closed in' on themselves. Now, this kind of person can be a religious type just as easily as they can be a non-religious type of person. Its not having this capacity of going out, of being receptive. You must know people in the material world who are sort of 'closed in' on themselves. They get very dogmatic about things, you can't reason with them. And you can see that, if you try, they are not even listening to what you say. This causes more problems than not having any belief at all, of being completely irreligious. The rural type settings are usually presented to them because people have the concept that this is something pleasant. And you are much more likely to relax when you are walking in a country scene. The main criteria is the personality characteristics of the person. They also might come into the category of those who believe they are going to sleep until the last trump. It can lead to difficulties but not always. That person might become a rescue case. Eventually the person will become aware that there are things going on and most typically too, they don't realise that they are dead. They could be these people who are still in their material surroundings, but are confused because they have these strange house guests whom they have never met before, who won't speak to them. Or they go shopping and nobody will take their money and they get free rides on the buses and this sort of thing. That is another consequence.

Question: Suppose you have a person with a strong belief pattern, a good believing orthodox Hindu, who believes absolutely that he must be re-born because he has not become enlightened in this life He practices Yoga but he hasn't succeeded, he still is not enlightened. So he dies, so he believes that he must re-incarnate. How over-ridingly strong is that kind of belief in driving him to reincarnate.
Answer: Tremendously.

Question: Can the guides talk him out of it? Can he be convinced, or in most cases does he automatically go on with his belief and is back again?
Answer: In most cases that sort of person will reincarnate. You see, there are shades of belief about this reincarnation - some people believe that you have a period in the Spirit World before you reincarnate, other people believe that there is a set period before you reincarnate, others believe that you reincarnate immediately. So that is one of the factors to take into account. Also whether they really DO, deep down desire to reincarnate. They may have these beliefs, but in the very core of their being they may not really want to reincarnate back in the world. That is another factor which may prevent them reincarnating.

Question: Does a reincarnation as an animal actually happen?
Answer: It CAN, but not very often, because once you have been a person you are sort of, carried along with our outlook on life, the possessions, that sort of thing. So even if you believe it is possible, or even if you believe that you deserve to be, then your thought patterns are already set and so that will mitigate against it. So it is extremely rare, but I wouldn't like to rule it out altogether. They (the guides) would hate to give a definite 'No', but it is extremely rare.

Question: Do we make contact with our guides in the dream state?
Answer: You can do. You have all sorts of experiences with your guides when you are asleep but you don't very often remember it. You can have contact on the astral level, which if you remember you would probably interpret as a dream, though if you are very perceptive you will be aware that there is a difference in quality between a dream and this experience. Sometimes you can have contact with them in a dream if that is an easier way for them to come through to you. They may feel that they can give you more information that way than the direct contact on the astral plane.

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