1987 - Undated.

The evening opened with the entity coming in and singing softly:
Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus going on before.
Raise the royal banner,
It must not suffer loss,
Onward into battle .....

Guy:     It is very good.  We know that song too.

Entity:  Sinners - repent!

Garry:   We will.  Where are you at the moment?

Entity:  I am addressing you.  Save your soul for Jesus!

Therese: That's very good of you.  Thank you so much.

(Pause.  She did not know what to make of such a response.)

Guy:     You have come to save us?  From where do you come?

Entity:  You deal with the devil.

Guy:     We deal with the devil?  Where are you from?

Entity:  I come from Jesus to save you.  To call you to repentance.

Guy:     What is the place of Jesus like?  Where are you coming from?

Entity:  I come from that land beyond the veil.  Give up your evil ways.

Guy:     What evil ways?  What are we doing that is evil?

Entity:  Poor misguided ones.

Guy:     Is talking to you evil?

Entity:  Not to ME.  You deal with the devil.  You deal with magic. Give it up.

Guy:     We are dealing with you.  Are you devil and magic?

Entity:  I come to save you from your evil practices.

Garry:   What should we do?

Entity:  Give up your evil ways and repent.  Call on the Lord.  Go down on your knees and beg his forgiveness.  Now, before it is too late.

Garry:   Who shall we say is doing his work?

Entity:  He does his own work.  He has sent me.  He works through me.

Guy:     How do we know that you don't come from the devil?

Entity:  Because I call on the Lord.

Guy:     Can you describe to us the place from where you come?

Entity:  It is a land of beauty.  I have left it to come to save your souls now, before it is too late.

Therese: (gently)  I don't believe I'm a sinner.

Entity:  (shouting)  You suffer the sin of pride.

Therese: (firmly)  I am a child of God.

Entity:  (sadly)  That is pride.

Therese: That is your opinion.

Guy:     Is it not also pride when you say you are representing the Lord?

Entity:  He sent me.  He is working through me -

Guy:     He sent you?

Entity:  - to save you from evil practices.

Guy:     Do you see Him face to face?

Entity:  No-one can SEE Him.

Guy:     How do you know He sent you?

Entity:  I know from within.  He grieves for you, His lost children. Return to the fold now, before it is too late.

Guy:     We talk to Jesus occasionally.  We say the Lord's prayer and we recognise God.

Entity:  (Earnestly)  Occasionally is not enough.

Guy:     Some do it more often than others.

Entity:  You have to give up these evil practices.

Therese: What evil practices?

Entity:  Of talking with the spirits.  You conjure them up from the dead.

Guy:     Are you dead?

Entity:  I had a body once.  To you I would be dead.

Guy:     We fully agree you are not dead.  What religion did you belong to? The Salvation Army or -

Entity:  Oh, so you HAVE heard of us.

Guy:     I have heard of General Booth.

Entity:  Why do you not flock to the banner then?  Why do you not see our message and hear it?

Guy:     I give a bit of money to the Salvation Army when I see them.

Entity:  A bit of money!

Guy:     They do good work.

Entity:  (Getting excited)  Why do you not rally to the cause then?

Garry:   It is not our way.

Entity:  But your way is the way of the devil.

Therese: That's very good of you.  We thank you very much for what you are doing.

Entity:  You break the commandments. I have come to beg you to give up your evil ways. It pains me to have to join you but I make 
         the sacrifice for you.

Therese: Thank you so much.  What is your name?

Entity:  You may call me Sister Dorothy.

Therese: Sister Dorothy, welcome to this evening.

Dorothy: I can see that you at least are receptive. Can you promise to give up these evil practices?

Therese: I won't promise anything.

Dorothy: Come to the Lord.

Therese: I am with the Lord.

Dorothy: He weeps for you, because you break the commandments.  (Almost crying)

Therese: In which way do I break the commandments?  Could you explain it to me?

Dorothy: You come here and you conjure the dead.

Isia:    That's not breaking any of the commandments.  Which one are we breaking?

Dorothy: You have not read your Bible my dear.

Guy:     Well, King Saul did that.

Dorothy: That is right.  He broke the commandment.  You do not call up the dead.

Therese: But there are no dead.  Sister Dorothy, you prove it.  There are no dead.  We all are spirits.

Dorothy: That's right and you call the spirits back to your world. Leave them in peace where they are.

Garry:   It seems no trouble to them.

Guy:     We have been able to help quite a few spirits.

Dorothy: Will you not be in trouble yourself if you continue?

Garry:   No.  I don't believe so.

Dorothy: Truly, you are lost.  You do not accept the word when it is brought to you.

Guy:     How do you spend your time, Sister Dorothy, where you are?

Dorothy: In worshipping the Lord.

Isia:    Are you by yourself or are you with others?

Dorothy: There are many of us praising the Lord constantly.

Therese: I can see that.  That's wonderful.

Dorothy: But my heart bleeds for you.  And so I was given permission to come, to tell you -

Garry:   To rescue us?

Dorothy: - to bring you to Jesus.

Therese: But we are with Jesus.  We can't be otherwise, we can't be anywhere else than with Jesus.  There is only God and Jesus and the
         Holy Spirit and then we are all one and we are all his children.

Dorothy: (Unhappily)  I thought YOU were listening.

Therese: I am so sorry you are so troubled to find us so sinful.  I am very sorry for that.  I don't feel a sinner.

Guy:     Have you ever come across the devil where you are?

Dorothy: Of course not.  I am with the Lord.

Guy:     We haven't either.  We don't believe there is one.  There is only the Lord.

Dorothy: Then why do you indulge in these practices?

Guy:     We feel we are helping.  We are helping other beings.

Dorothy: You THINK you are.  Do you not see it is all a deception?

Guy:     No.

Dorothy: You are being deceived.

Guy:     By whom?

Dorothy: By the devil.

Therese: There is no devil, darling.  There is only God.  No-one else. Only God the Good.

Dorothy: Have you not read how Satan tempted Eve?  In his guise of the serpent?

Therese: I have read it, but I don't believe it.

Guy:     I think it was a symbol, an allegory.

Dorothy: You are suffering from the sin of arrogance.  How can you know so much more than I who have experience?  I have come with the 
         blessings of the Lord.

Therese: You think you have that, Sister Dorothy.

Guy:     In what way do you receive the blessings of the Lord?  We are not sure that you are telling the truth to us. You speak of blessings 
         of the Lord, in  what way do you perceive the Lord?  How do we know its not just you that imagine it?

Dorothy: (Sighing)  Hearing they shall hear not.

Guy:     You see there are so many people going around, there are the Mormons, there are the Seventh Day Adventists, the Jehovah's Witnesses
         - they all preach the Lord in their own way and they all fight with each other.  So we prefer just to take the Lord in our way, without 
	 doctrines and dogmas. There is only one God, only one Love.  There is no devil to us.  We don't see that he is tempting us. Spirits come 
	 like you have, and we have been able to help them.

Dorothy: Do you not see how you are helping him by these ideas?

Guy:     Helping God, yes, maybe.

Dorothy: Helping the devil.  You're co-operating with him.

Therese: There is no God and Devil.  There is only God, my darling. There is only one, never two.  Only God, the Good.  It is very hard for 
         you to think so.

Guy:     How did you get here?  Who brought you here?

Dorothy: I came down the pathway.

Guy:     Right.  You came down the pathway leading to the devil.

Dorothy: I came to save you from him.

Guy:     Yes.  But you went the devil's way.  Who lead you?

Dorothy: I HAD to, in order to speak with you, to make you see what you are doing.

Guy:     But you couldn't come here without help, someone is helping you.

Dorothy: The angels arranged for me to come, to help you.

Guy:     Well, how do you know that the angels didn't also arrange for the other people to come, with whom we spoke before?  Why do you think 
         that all the others were lead here by the devil and only you were lead by the angels?  Perhaps they were all lead by the angels.

Dorothy: Because I came to SAVE you.

Guy:     But others came to be saved.

Dorothy: I came to help YOU.

Guy:     But others came to be saved.

Dorothy: I came to help you.

Guy:     And the others came to be helped  Perhaps the same angels lead everybody here.  Because there is only one way to get into this medium,
         there is only one group of people who can lead people to this medium, and you were lead here in the same way as any other who has ever come.

Dorothy: (Indignantly)  I came in order to speak with you to try to tear the scales away from your eyes.

Guy:     Look, it was the same people who lead you here, who lead the others here.  So you agree with that, that you came here the same way
         all the other spirits have come here?

Dorothy: Of course, I had to in order to come through to you, because you wouldn't listen to me.

Guy:     Right.  But why do you think that those people who lead you here were doing good work, but when they lead others here, they were doing
         the devil's work?  The same guide lead both.

Dorothy: But I am doing God's work.

Therese: May I ask you Sister Dorothy, who is 'I' and 'You', is it still Sister Dorothy?

Dorothy: Of course.

Therese: I see, then I do understand.  Because I try to give up my ego, or my personality, or whatever you call it, and I try to be humble.
         And I don't think you have in that way yet.

Dorothy: You could be such a marvellous worker for the Lord if only you would change your ways.

Therese: I see that, it is a great pity.  What can we do for you Sister Dorothy?

Dorothy: Just worship the Lord.

Therese: (Earnestly)  I do.

Dorothy: Give up these practices.

Isia:    But if we gave them up we wouldn't have the pleasure of meeting you.

Dorothy: (Angrily)  You won't have the pleasure of meeting me again, I can tell you.  I come with this marvellous, marvellous, message to
         enlighten you.

Therese: We appreciate that.

Guy:     What response have you received from the Lord, since you are all praising him?

Dorothy: He blesses us constantly.

Guy:     How do you experience his blessing?

Dorothy: With the joy that comes from praising him.  And now I wish to work for him.

Guy:     That is excellent.  That is very good.

Garry:   That is what we all want to do.

Dorothy: Well, why don't you?

Garry:   We think we are.  We believe there are many ways to God.  Not just one singular way, as you might believe.  The Buddhists, the
         Moslems, they too have their way.  Do you deny that?

Dorothy: I am the Way.

Garry:   You deny them their way do you?

Dorothy: Jesus said.

Garry:   And there is no other?  No other at all?

Dorothy: Jesus is the way.

Garry:   And all the Buddhists go to the devil?  All those lovely children who died so young, they all go to the devil?  All the Jewish 

Dorothy: They are doomed.

Garry:   All doomed, the young innocent children, all doomed?  Straight from the womb?  Immaculately intact, doomed?  Is that Jesus' 
         justice, the Lord's justice?

Dorothy: The Lord is presented to them and then they reject Him.

Garry:   They haven't had chance to reject Him, have they?

Dorothy: They are going after their parents.  The sins of the fathers will be visited onto the children unto the fourth generation.

Isia:    Does that sound fair to you?

Dorothy: It is so written and therefore it is.

Isia:    But does it sound fair to you?  Whether it is written or not does it sound fair to you?

Dorothy: They are still part of their parents.

Isia:    And because of that they are doomed?

Garry:   Are your parents there?  Do they sin at all?

Dorothy: My parents were good Christian people.

Guy:     Are they with you now?

Dorothy: I have not seen them.  (Defensively)  But that is nothing, there are so many.

Guy:     I think it would be a very good idea if you tried to see your parents and had a good talk with them.

Dorothy: They are busy too, with the Lord's work.

Guy:     They can spare a minute to talk to you.  Surely your parents would be glad to see you and have a little talk with you.

Garry:   Yes.  It must have been a long time.

Dorothy: I do not disturb people from the work of the Lord.

Guy:     But the Lord never said that parents should not talk to children.

Garry:   A loving connection is always a blessing in the eyes of the Lord.

Dorothy: (Indignantly)  I am no longer a child.

Guy:     But don't you want to have a talk with your mother?

Dorothy: I don't want to disturb her.

Guy:     But you can still talk to your mother.  Didn't you love her?

Dorothy: 'Course I did.

Guy:     Well, don't you want to see her?

Dorothy: She has her work to do and I have mine.

Guy:     Yes, but you can take a minute off to say "Hello" to your mother now you have both passed over to the other side.  See 
         where she is, what kind of work she is doing.  Maybe you can help her, maybe she can help you.  Apart from praising the Lord, 
	 what else do you do?

Dorothy: That is all.  What else is there to do?

Guy:     Well, there could be other people to help.  The Salvation Army helps poor people here on earth and I am sure there are 
         a lot of poor people on the other side too who need helping.

Dorothy: (Amazed)  There is no poverty.

Guy:     No, there is no poverty but there are a lot of people who were hooked on drugs or alcohol or other problems, who haven't 
         found their way.

Dorothy: They have only to call on the Lord and to praise Him.

Guy:     Yes, but somebody has to show them how.

Dorothy: There are those doing that work too.

Guy:     Well, why don't you try?

Dorothy: Because I chose to come to YOU.  I felt your need was greater, because you KNOW what you are doing.

Guy:     Yes.  I think we do know what we do.

Therese: What about this saying of Jesus Christ - forgive them Father for they don't know what they are doing.

Dorothy: That is what I am doing.  I forgive you.  That is why I came to take you to the Lord to reveal Him to you.

Therese: Thank you for much Sister.  But I really feel I am with the Lord.

Dorothy: You suffer from the sin of pride.

Therese: I don't think so, Sister Dorothy.  I really don't.  I am very sincere to myself and that is important.

Dorothy: The self must be destroyed.

Therese: Yes, the little self.  My name is Therese, and I try not to live Therese but to live the life of the Lord.

Dorothy: Then why do you do these practices?

Therese: Because I don't see anything wrong with them, Sister Dorothy. Nothing wrong.

Guy:     What is so evil with us talking with you?

Dorothy: There is nothing evil in talking to me.  But to the others.

Guy:     But the others are no more evil than you are.

Dorothy: But you call up the dead.  This is against the Lord's will.

Therese: Where is that written?

Dorothy: You shall destroy the mediums from amongst you.

Guy:     Witches.  It does too.

Dorothy: You see, you know and yet you still contravene that law.

Isia:    Who wrote the Bible?

Dorothy: The Lord through His prophets.

Isia:    Is there any chance that it might have been misinterpreted by any chance?

Dorothy: You are blaspheming.

Guy:     We think that the priests wrote a lot of it.  The priests wanted to keep their authority for themselves - they wanted 
         to be the only one who could interpret the Lord - they wouldn't tolerate anybody next to themselves.

Dorothy: Even on the prophets you have bestowed your own sins.

Guy:     Have you read the Bible?  I suppose you have.  You know the vision of the prophet Micah?  Where Satan was one of God's 
         own angels, and he said 'I will go among the prophets and I will confuse them and give them false prophecies.'  And a lot of 
	 those got written down.

Dorothy: How do you know that that vision is true?

Guy:     It is written in the Bible.  The Bible records that vision, so it ought to be true.  And the Bible also says - well, 
         the prophecies of others may not be true.  So how are we to know what is true and what is not true, because they are all written 
	 in the Bible.  So we have to acquire our own judgement, and we see nothing evil in talking to you and you are just like anybody 
	 else we have talked to.  The others have not been any more evil than you are.  They have been unhappy people, lost people.  We have 
	 talked to them, we don't see that any evil has come out of it - they have been better off after that.  I think there is much, much, 
	 more in the world where you are than just singing to the Lord. He doesn't need your praise. Why does the Lord need the praise?

Garry:   Sister Dorothy, do you have a sister?

Dorothy: (Sulkily) We have many sisters.

Garry:   I mean a blood sister.

Dorothy: No.

Guy:     Do you have any family?  Brother?

Dorothy: No.

Guy:     You were the only child?

Dorothy: Yes.

Isia:    Did that mean you were alone?

Garry:   They are trying to make contact with you but they've lost you. You are by yourself and they can't contact you, they can't 
         talk to you, they want to communicate, but you isolate yourself in your praise.

Dorothy: Why should they want to?

Therese: They love you and they long for you.

Isia:    Just because they were mother and father to you on the earth plane don't you think they are still mother and father to 
         you on the plane where you are now.

Guy:     You can now all go together.

Garry:   Surely you can spare a few minutes for them.

Guy:     It is human kindness.  Should you reject human kindness because you have to praise the Lord?  Did Jesus suggest that kind 
         of thing?

Garry:   Jesus the Lord loved to be re-united with His Father.  Your parents want to be re-united with you.

Dorothy: Why should they?

Garry:   They long for it.

Dorothy: How do you know?

Garry:   We feel it.

Dorothy: How do you know what my parents want?

Isia:    Do you not feel it?

Garry:   Do you try feeling for it?  Did you try looking for them?

Dorothy: They do not need me.

Garry:   I feel they need you.  They are wanting to communicate with you.

Guy:     Jesus also said this: Unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom.  Now, you cannot become like 
         a little child if you reject your parents.  You have not entered the kingdom, you are singing praises to the Lord and that is 
	 all you see. But surely you don't imagine that THAT is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dorothy: What else would there be.

Guy:     What I said to you, what Jesus said - You cannot enter unless you first become like a child.  And are YOU behaving like 
         a child?

Dorothy: I am an adult - adults don't behave like children.

Guy:     All right, in that case you can't enter the Kingdom, can you?  And you haven't earned it: The simplicity, the love and 
         the joy which a child has.

Dorothy: That is right.  I have that with the Lord.

Guy:     You think you have.  You seem very high-handed to us.

Garry:   What do you stand to loose by looking for your parents?  There is nothing to fear, you have grown up with them.  There 
         is nothing to worry you, why do you not want to take a few minutes and greet them.

Dorothy: They have their work to do.

Garry:   What are you worried about?  They are wanting to see you and to meet up with you.

Dorothy: How do you know what they want?

Therese: Because, ourselves, are parents, Sister Dorothy, and we would be grieved if our children would not speak to us any more.
         Especially if they are the only child of the parents.

Garry:   I feel they are here.

Isia:    And they love you very, very, much.

Garry:   They are there, just have a look.

Dorothy: No, they are not.

Isia:    They are.  Why don't you want to see them?  They are there.

Guy:     How old were you when you passed over?

Dorothy: Sixty.

Guy:     Sixty, so your parents surely would be over there too.  Do you know how long you have been over there?  When did you 
         pass over?

Dorothy: It was '77.

Guy:     Now its '87, so you've been there ten years.  Ten years you have spent praising the Lord - that's not bad.  But surely 
         there must be something else.  You don't spend all eternity doing that.  Do you expect that the Lord demands that kind of 
	 thing?  What good is it to the Lord in all His Majesty to require all these souls who have passed over to do nothing but 
	 praise him?

Dorothy: It is just the joy we have in His presence.

Therese: But is not that very selfish?

Dorothy: That is why I came to help you.  So that you, too, can have this joy.

Therese: We are very sorry, I had forgotten your mission.

Guy:     Have you tried to give that message to other souls where you are? Who haven't joined those who praise the Lord?

Dorothy: I felt your need was greater.

Garry:   We thank you for your consideration.  Your parents are still there, though.

Isia:    Your parents really want to talk to you.  They are there.  Just open up your heart to them.  Are you angry with them 
         for some reason?

Garry:   Are you disturbed about your parents?

Guy:     You think we are more important than they are?

Dorothy: You need saving.

Therese: Are they of the same religion as you?

Dorothy: Yes.  They brought me up.

Guy:     But they are not in the group where you are?  They are not praising the Lord the way you are?

Dorothy: They have their work to do.

Guy:     How do you know?

Dorothy: They always did.

Guy:     What sort of work are they doing?

Dorothy: They worked for the Lord - saving the sinners.

Isia:    Did they spend a lot of time with you?

Guy:     Is it not better to work with them and save sinners like you are trying to do with us now, than just sit there praising 
         the Lord all the time?

Dorothy: This is why I have come to you.

Therese: Do you feel somewhat neglected Sister Dorothy, by your parents?

Garry:   Were they too involved in their work?

Therese: Perhaps you missed their love.

Garry:   They want to make up for it now, because of that connection.

Isia:    But their love for you is so strong, Sister Dorothy, its overwhelming you.  They love you.  They do.  But you have to 
         let go and let that love flow into you too. But is so strong.

Guy:     Are you completely happy Sister Dorothy?

Dorothy: (Defensively)  I am happy with the Lord.

Guy:     Don't evade the question.  Are YOU completely happy?  If you were with the Lord you would be completely happy, if you 
         are not that means there is something missing - something very much missing.

Dorothy: (Sulkily)  I am happy when I am praising the Lord, when I am doing His work.

Garry:   Your parents were only human.  They could err, by doing too much of the Lord's work while in their bodies.

Therese: It is understandable that you are longing for them, or longed for their love.  Now you think praising the Lord is the 
         only thing to do.

Garry:   You don't have to give that up.  Just see your parents.  They do really want you.  Just talk for a short while.

Isia:    Did you have a husband or children?

Dorothy: No.  I was busy with the Lord.

Guy:     Well, I will tell you honestly what I think, Sister Dorothy, it might be wrong or so.  I think that you have locked 
         yourself in, in a very rigid belief system which you have built, and you cannot get out of it.  And you have been brought 
	 here to see if we can possibly help you to see beyond 	 that shell which you have built round yourself.  But I just cannot 
	 see the way that I can get it across to you, I am just speaking what I honestly think. I am stumped - I don't know. There 
	 is something wrong and I just cannot see how I can get out it.  I need guidance too.

Garry:   We love you Sister Dorothy and so do your parents.

Guy:     There is such a wonderful, wide, infinite world round you - it is the Lord's world, and you have locked yourself in 
         a shell and you are not willing to look beyond it. Talking to your parents would be one way to go beyond it. Talking to 
	 angels would be another way to gobeyond it. But you won't talk to anybody. All you will do is sing your praise.

Therese: Is that a stirring in you Sister Dorothy? When we speak of love?

Guy:     There is so much love and wonders around you, but you are not going to look.

Dorothy: I have the love of the Lord.

Isia:    Is that enough for you.

Guy:     There is so much more love of the Lord than what you are experiencing.  You're shutting the love of the Lord out.  
         You will not let him in because you're singing all the time. You are not letting the Lord's voice through to you because you 
	 are too loud yourself. 

Garry:   You don't want your parents to have a closer relationship with you.

Guy:     I think what you should do is keep quiet for a while, stop singing, and hear what the Lord has to say.

Dorothy: The Lord has already said it.

Guy:     Not in the Bible, he will talk to you directly.

Isia:    Why don't you speak to some other people on your side, just to have a nice discussion.

Guy:     You are shutting the Lord out, because you insist on talking all the time - singing rather, not talking.

Isia:    Let the Lord open your ears.

Garry:   Dorothy, we all love you and we are wanting so much to talk to you.  Your parents are so much wanting to talk to you.

Guy:     Be still and know.  You know that saying in the Bible?  Be still and know that I am God. Be still - don't sing - be 
         still, and know and God will then talk to you.

Dorothy: They did not before ...

Garry:   They are there now, they have a greater vision now, they know what they've done and they are calling 'Dorothy', 

Guy:     Just be still and listen.

Garry:   Listen. Can you hear them?

Dorothy: It's too late now.

Garry:   It's never too late. They love you Dorothy and they want the connection.  It is not too late.

Isia:    I feel it.  I am aware of the feeling that they are here.  You know it.  You are angry with them.  Let that anger go.  
         Forgive them. They want to repent in their own way now.  They are here to give you all their love.

Garry:   You need to forgive them too.  Just like - -  the Lord forgives these things.

Guy:     The Lord is forgiving absolutely everything.  You don't have to fear the Lord.  All you have to do is to open yourself 
         up and be still.

Therese: Dorothy, open your arms, you are shutting yourself out of everything.  Open your eyes and welcome the love of your 

Isia:    They each want to love you.  You have them back.

Dorothy: They don't need me.

Garry:   They do.

Therese: They do.  They are longing.  Their only child ...

Garry:   They need your forgiveness.  They long for your forgiveness.

Isia:    Don't make the same mistake they did.  That's what you are doing.

Garry:   Exactly the same.  Praising the work of the Lord and forgetting others.

Isia:    They love you, Dorothy.

Therese: They did not know better.

Isia:    Open your arms and hug them.  They are here in front of you.

Guy:     They are here, are they?

Therese: (Gently)  Come on darling.

Isia:    You feel it, Dorothy, I KNOW you feel it.

Therese: Let go darling.  Let go, open up your arms.

Dorothy: (Crying)  I can't ...

Therese: Come darling.  Open up.  Its good you are crying now.  Let go. Let the love come into you.   Love is so warm in you now.
(Dorothy was now sobbing.)

Isia:    We love you so much Dorothy.

Therese: Open up darling.  Its very hard, but do it.  For your own sake and for your parents' sake.  They are longing.  They are 
         longing for your forgiveness - for your understanding. Love them and they love you. Open up darling.  Good darling. Just say 'I 
	 am delighted to be re-united with you. I was longing but I couldn't show it.' Say it:'I love your parents, Mum and Dad. I love you.' 

Isia:    Just reach out and they are there to hug you.

Therese: Its only a little step now - just a little step and we all love you.

Garry:   Can you see them Dorothy?  They want you.

Therese: They are reaching out.  They love you so dearly.

Garry:   they do.  let them in.

Isia:    Do you feel the warmth that is coming from them.  Can you return it?  Its wonderful.

Therese: Come on Dorothy.  Just a little step forward.  Just say 'I love you.'

Dorothy: They don't!

Therese: Perhaps you don't listen yet.  Let go of your own thoughts, and let their love embrace you. Let go of the old ways.

Garry:   Jesus the Lord needs you to forgive.  He needs your love, that is why you were brought here. You have to give up.  You have 
         to give up your old ways. You have to forgive. It is time now.

Isia:    Let them be part of your life now.

Garry:   Your parents are doing all they can.  You need to take that one little step.  They were only human.  It will all be better 
         for you too. You've got nothing to lose.
(During this conversation Sister Dorothy was sobbing quietly but towards the end she was recovering and was sniffing away her tears.)

Dorothy: It's so hard.

Therese: I know it's hard.  But just let go darling. Jesus is helping and He rejoices so much that you will feel His love flow.  
         Give His love to your parents, and He will rejoice with you. And we love you.

Dorothy: Nobody else ever did.

Garry:   You were too busy praising the Lord.  There is time for other things as well.  The time is now, Dorothy.

Therese: Let go.

Garry:   We love you Dorothy.

Therese: Just a little step.

Dorothy: (Unhappily) I only wanted to play in the woods.  Such a lovely day.

Garry:   Which woods Dorothy?

Dorothy: At the end of our garden.

Garry:   What happened?

Dorothy: (Speaking in a monotone)  They wouldn't let me.

Garry:   So what did you do?

Dorothy: I had to go to the service.  The other children were playing...

Garry:   Yes?

Dorothy: And I wanted to play.

Garry:   Rather than going to the service?  They went to the service and you went off into the woods?

Dorothy: I went to the service.

Garry:   And sat there while the minister talked, but you wanted to go to the woods to play with your friends?

Dorothy: They never asked me to go again.

Garry:   And you were left isolated?

Isia:    The friends are here.

Garry:   Yes, those friends are still there.  And you parents will even let you go this time.  Just ask them.  You can see them 
         saying yes, can't you?  Go on ask them.

Dorothy: Yes. ...

After a few seconds Sister Dorothy slipped away with her friends.  We do not know whether she has yet been reconciled with her parents 
but this is sure to come.  This rescue very clearly shows that no matter what hurts we have suffered on the earth plane, what rigid 
structures we have built to protect ourselves from being hurt - as Sister Dorothy did - there will be opportunities beyond the grave to 
remove them. Always remember that this life is not the be all and end all of existence, everything can be resolved in the 'beyond' and 
love and fulfilment can be experienced there to an even greater depth than here.

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