The identity of the entity in this session was not clear. A few sessions have been given by such an entity who is often referred to as 'High Unknown'.

Entity: It is so oppressive.

Guy: Is it you Robin?
Entity: It is difficult after so long - To be accustomed to your atmosphere. (The entity was speaking very laboriously and breathing heavily). Do not be afraid. The medium is not distressed. It is we who are under difficulty. The weight of the physical body is hard for us. Please relax, any tension you are feeling makes it more difficult for us. All is well, have no fear. We have been waiting patiently for the chance to come through again. Is there someone who would like to ask a question?

Guy: Who are you?
Entity: We have no name.

Guy: Are you the entity we used to call Robin?
Entity: We are closely related.

Guy: You belong to the same 'tree' as Robin?
Entity: It is one of my vibration. Not quite the same, very close.

Guy: Tell us what you want to tell us. Where do you exist and how do you relate to the instrument?
Entity: It is like a diamond. It is like a diamond shining. It is expanding. The diamond of knowledge, it is expanding. There it is round us. It is focusing rays down. There is a lot of hard work to be demanded from members of this circle. We want to expand and develop this work, but we cannot do it without co-operation from the rest. You all have a role to play. Each one fits like the facet of a diamond, helping to channel the rays of knowledge down to this place. We cannot work without you, but you will get nowhere without us. It is the two halves of the yin and the yang. We work with you and you work in with us. This is what I want to emphasize. By your conscious desire to work with us you can be guided. You can also put up barriers to us.

Guy: What kind of work do you have in mind?
Entity: The expansion of knowledge of you individually and of the human race as a whole. You must keep an open mind. Listen to your inner being, being aware of when we are trying to speak to you. Progress may be very slow, I do not promise quick results. You may feel that you take one step forward and two steps backward, but remember that there is always that step forward. Do not be tense and concerned, but do not be upset if you do become tense and nervous. It is when you are calm and relaxed that we can advise you. But remember, as has been said before, it is your decision whether to go along with the impressions that you get.

This is a physical world and it needs physical action. You cannot leave everything up to us. Just as we do not leave everything to you. It is well to set aside a time and place to relax and to meditate. Try to carry this through in your everyday life. Remember to take action. If you think something is right and needed, then do something about it. Strength will be given when you need it. Protect yourselves. You too, are the temples of God, those temples need care. The Godhead that is within you deserves consideration too. It is right to protect yourselves. Others may make demands upon you, it is your choice how far you go with these demands, but do not run yourselves down. (A fly was flying around and was flicked away). As I drive away the fly, so you, too, must sometimes flick away obligations and duties that interfere too much with you. But listen to the still small voice within. That will guide you as to what is too much for you, and provide you how to protect yourself while still caring for others. You should not be completely self-concerned, but neither should you be completely "other" concerned. Strike a balance. This is the message I gave before. On that occasion I could not stay long enough to say everything I wanted. Everything I wanted to say then.

I am seeing a crucifixion. It is that strength that is available. It is that love that you can call on. (That is the strength and love that Jesus had).

You are all interconnected with the higher realms, it is really a matter of gradation. You hear much talk about planes, this suggests a discontinuity. But there is no discontinuity. it is merely a gradation from the highest down through you, and down through lower realms still. This world is in about the middle position. it is a gradual procession from your world upwards.

You can hinder your progress but you cannot halt it completely. Have no fears, do not strain or strive, or be disappointed. Accept yourselves as you are, eventually you, too, will progress, you, too, will reach those higher realms. Do not be concerned. (Perhaps worried or anxious would be better words than concerned).

There is the notion of love, it is love that permeates the world, the universe, it is love that is beyond and holding everything together. The higher realms are only higher in terms of your concepts and consciousness. We do not see them that way. We are trying to put things into concepts that you can grasp and understand. So you may legitimately use the idea of higher realms, but there is no higher and lower. It is a matter of density, not weight, but density. Sparkling diamonds are souls, (or rather, souls are like sparkling diamonds). The diamond we talked of earlier is this soul which I have to call 'me' in your concepts. We are all so intermingled, that it is difficult to identify a 'me' from a 'you'. It is like an expanse of water with whirlpools in it, each whirlpool can be a 'me'. The whirlpools also touch and merge, and beyond the whirlpools there is the still water. Eventually the whirlpools become still water. And as water in your world goes through changes and different states, so this water, too, goes through changes and different states. It can go down to the densest realms and then back up again. It is a continuous process. And you, too, are like whirlpools, or vortices in the air. But you, yourselves, (are) enclosed by body and, therefore, you have the concepts of 'I' and 'me' and 'mine', and 'you' and 'yours' and 'thine'. you are at a certain stage of development. You will progress, accept the stage you are at, don't fight against it, don't rail against it. It is necessary for you, accept it. Go along with the situation in which you are, it will change eventually. Enjoy what you enjoy. If you can, avoid what you dislike. If you can't avoid it, and many things cannot be avoided, try to accept it. it is something that is necessary for you in the stage at which you are at.

You are human beings, we love human beings but eventually you will loose that human shape. You will become amorphous, perhaps egg-shaped as some people have said, and then diamonds, and so on, until you will be re-united with the infinite.

How can you be re-united with something that you are already united with? But these are your concepts. you have the concept of separateness, you will loose it. Human beings are so often attached to their bodies and to their personalities. They do not like the idea that they may loose them, that they will loose them. If I could only show you, if you could only experience, the bliss when you loose those identities. You don't loose consciousness, rather your consciousness expands, you have all experiences in the Universe. When your consciousness is all over the universe, then you understand that time doesn't exist. You measure time because you are aware of your world, going round the sun. That's all time is. when your consciousness is throughout the universe, and you are aware of all the worlds and all the suns, which time do you adopt? When you see all these little atoms of solar systems and universes, which one do you pick out to be the timekeeper? That's why there is no time, that's why time is only relative.

My friends, Good night.

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