Hail Caesar! In my incarnation in your world I was a general under Caesar Augustus, and I was Caesar's man. And now I serve Spirit in the same way I served that office.

I come to you today to talk on an important aspect which we feel has not often enough been mentioned. You have heard it said that when someone comes on this side, they will review their past life. And so it is. Most people are ordinary people and they have done things they regret, and things they are pleased about. But there are people in your world who have great power and who abuse that power. Have you ever thought what happens to them when they review their life? The ordinary person has many regrets, the ordinary person will grieve and feel repentant and seek to do reparation for those things. But when a person is completely overwhelmed with the realisation that they have caused great harm in your world, they become stifled, they cannot move, they become rigid, as you might conceive it. They cannot get on with their work of reparation. The people they have harmed are now directing hatred towards them, and they cannot move, they sink beneath its strength. Now you may think that this is justified, that that person deserves this. May be they do, but it is a destructive thing. Today, I want to ask you to carry out one of the sayings of the founder of your dominant religion - Jesus - when he said, render good for evil; do good to those who deceitfully serve you. These words which have been translated in slightly different ways several times, are the very epitome of the behaviour of those who would follow the Christ.

I want to ask you and I think it would be good whenever you meet in little groups, each time you meet, deliberately send loving thoughts to the people I have just been talking about, to those who have done evil. If you will send them love you enhance yourself, the people you are concentrating on may be liberated. It may be that your thoughts of love will be the first feeling of receiving love that that soul has experienced. Just one loving thought could be enough to release the soul, so that it can get on with its work of reparation, with its work of passing on love to those whom it hated before. In this way that person can resolve the hate that the people they harmed have been experiencing. In many cases it is only that person who can release their victim from the feeling of hatred.

The victims have often been overwhelmed by what happened to them. We bring them much love and support when they come to this side, but there are many here who are locked in such hatred of the person who caused their suffering that they, too, cannot progress. If we can relieve the person who caused the suffering, they can in turn, as their part of reparation, relive their victims.

I know this is a hard thing to ask. I know that many of you have suffered as a result of the dictates of those in power. But if you can express that love, you will be released from that suffering. It is of benefit to you, as much as to the person you concentrate on. It is not necessary for you to even select a person who is in the Spirit World. There are many people in your world who are in the position of power which they abuse. There are others, humble people, some of their names may not ever reach the circulation of your news media. I am (also) thinking of the mass murderers, that occur occasionally in your society. If you could concentrate on them, sending them love, it may be that you can change their character while they are still on earth. This is one of the most Christian things that you can possibly do. You in this church are in a position to receive some of the highest teachings that Spirit has to give. I am asking you to live up to those teachings, that your love may shine before men, that they have a clear example of the Christian way of life, which is love, love, love.Please will you at least try to live up to that. Every effort you make will be supported by us here in Spirit, for we are concerned that there is much hatred around. By doing this you will relieve hatred in your world and so bring to it more love. You will increase the love that is available. I assure you, we will do our best to help every one of you that will attempt to do this.

There are many here today whom you cannot see. We are joining in a great band of love around this room. The love is building up around and over you. Would you please sit quietly for a few moments and just experience that love.

(Speaking softly and slowly, with many pauses)

Feel the peace ... and the calmness ... that is coming towards you. Feel love through your being ... do not use words ... just feel and experience.When you try to pass on that love, do not use will-power. Use your imagination. Feel that love you feel now, and then think of the person to whom you wish to direct it. You may, of course, use this method with the people around you whenever there is any bad feeling. It is a very powerful technique.

I thank you for inviting me here today.

My love and peace I leave with you.

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