19th January, 1986.

Hail Caesar! This is my customary greeting when I come amongst you. I use the name Sertorius and in my earthly life I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I served the office, not the man. In those times this was the safest course to take. The man came and went, but the office remained. It is like this in many things, you may observe it in your world, in your own sphere of existence, for yourselves. It will occur in a school - the teachers will be there for a while and then they will go, the students will be there for a while, and then they will go; but the school remains. It occurs in your businesses, in your offices, both those of your government and of the private businesses. over the course of a few years you may find that every person in that office has moved and their place has been taken by others. it is still the same office? I will leave that to you to deliberate. This also occurs in the Spirit world. When you come over here you will come to a certain area. The guides attached to this medium try not to use 'level', because using the word 'level' implies that there is higher and lower. In the Spirit world there is no 'higher' or 'lower' - there is no direction, and so we will use the word 'area'. We must confess, this concept sometimes causes us some difficulty in trying to get our ideas across to you. Many people coming to this for the first time find it difficult to grasp at first. We repeat the age old original instruction - accept what you can, and what you cannot understand or accept, leave on one side, that will be for you at a later stage.

So, you come to an area. You come to an area that is compatible with you, if you like - that suits your vibrations. now, that type of vibration will always be attached to that area, but the souls in it will not remain the same. You will be there for a while, and eventually you will start to think, there must be something more, and as you think that so your consciousness will start to expand, and it will experience something more.

Perhaps you will come to an area where you can still enjoy earthly type surroundings, there are many reasons for coming here. Perhaps you have desired to have certain types of surroundings and experiences which were denied to you in the material world and, before you can progress, you must go through those experiences here. And that, we stress, is your choice. Nothing is strictly ruled and laid down in the Spirit World. And so you may experience different types of vibrations. Perhaps now you are moving on to the Halls of Learning, perhaps you wish to develop in some way, or to have some understanding of something. The Halls of Learning can cover many things and many different types, and after a while there you may become one of the teachers in that area, but in any event you will eventually pass beyond. But I should explain first, although we use the term 'Halls of Learning', they are not necessarily, actual 'Halls'. Some people may, indeed, see halls, others may be in an outdoor setting, and others may be in an abstract setting. You may simply be aware of lights, flowing and melting around. But whichever setting you are in, you will be gaining understanding and experiences necessary to you. And, of course, at some point you will be passing on understanding to others. This is the whole point of the process which you call 'progress'. But, again, 'progress' implies direction, but it is the best term which we have at our disposal to get our concept across to you. It is a development and change.

And these areas in the Halls of Learning, too, will always be there. Particular areas may change, but there will always be somewhere where there will be those types of vibrations.

Passing from there you may experience a particularly wonderful state. We often describe in through this medium as 'sliding down rainbows'. The surroundings there are nothing like your experience on earth. There are colours, and there are sounds and it is at this level where you will start to have a greater influence in making universes. There is a state in which creation is taking place and, again, that state is always there, but the spirit in it has different experiences and memories. It is a state at which the individuality is very much less. As you move through these different areas of the Spirit World, your individuality is beginning to break down, and you are merging with other spirits. First of all, with very compatible spirits, and as the process goes on you merge with those who, earlier, you would describe as incompatible. But, of course, as the process has been going on, differences have been dissolving, and so everything and everyone is becoming compatible. The individuality and the differences are most noticeable in your material world, and by the time you are getting to the state of creation, the individuality has almost broken down. So there is still some communication between one and the other at this state, so there is always that state of creation, but there is - there are - differences in the spirit inhabiting it. Notice that I am saying Spirit, not spirits. Because at this level, the real understanding of the underlying Spirit is really beginning to be UNDERSTOOD, not just accepted, UNDERSTOOD.

And, the next stage from that is merging back with Godness. merging back to that perfection which the Master Jesus spoke of when he said 'be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect'. How many of you have read that and thought 'It is impossible, I cannot be perfect'. May be you won't in your imperfect material world, but I promise you - eventually you will attain perfection, and joy, and bliss. And the first step in your material world is remembering that that state exists - remembering one day that you will attain it, and do your best to remember that it is in every person, even while they are in your material world. It is there in every person and when there is someone you dislike, spend at least a short time each day, quite deliberately sending that person loving thoughts, because in every person there is some good. It's just that in some people you cannot see it. Remember, it is there. This is the first step towards that perfection. Remember, people come and people go, but the office will stay. it may change a little, but it will be there.

And now, it is the custom with this group of spirits when we speak with you, to ask you to spend a few moments in meditation. And today I would like you all to think of someone who has, perhaps, hurt you, someone you disagree with, someone you dislike, and quite deliberately, feel love for that person. Hold a picture of that person in your mind now, and love them. That love will go to that person and the more you do it, the more the difficulties will resolve. The more peace will come to you, because the thoughts you have are magnets, and what you think is what you receive.

(Pause. Sertorius is now speaking very slowly and quietly.) I thank you for that my friends. There are spirits here who are being released. Spirits being touched by that love.

There is just such joyous singing.

I pray that this peace may go with you, and stay with you through the coming days.

During the clairvoyance given later in the service I, Valerie, was moved to write the following message.

Many spirits here - a heavenly choir, more the guiding, protecting type. But also many other spirits attached to you and some unattached spirits. Some of these experienced release through your loving feelings. For some it was the first time they had experienced love. They had a tremendous out-pouring of their own love that had been bottled up and repressed. You help not only the person you are directing your love to. The love infuses your aura and affects yourself and other spirits too.

This is why it is important to watch your thoughts. One small pebble thrown in a pool will cause ripples to expand all over the pond. Your thoughts are like that pebble. You think they are small and insignificant. But years of that feeling build up and permeate you and your surroundings and that includes spirits too. Both those permanently with you and those transient passing souls. You never know who you are influencing when you feel and think. So watch your thoughts and always count your blessings. Concentrate on the good things you have in life and in other people and they will increase around you.

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