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This was the first session after a break of two weeks while we were on holiday.

The meeting opened with an exercise in which golden light was passed around the circle and then expanded through the universe. Each sitter was then asked to sit on a stool in the centre while the other sitters directed loving concern and acceptance towards the person. Afterwards sitters reported feeling waves in the air which were very pleasant, one sitter reported that she had not wanted it to stop, it was like a conceptual waterfall.

Sertorius then came through and introduced himself to a new member of the circle. He explained that they had been working on the auras of the sitters to strengthen them, and on increasing the energy available in the circle. They had also been working on the medium - they were trying to increase the depth of trance, work which cannot be rushed. The expansion of light exercise was appropriate after a short break.

He then asked if anyone had some particular concern in the spiritual area and some time was taken in discussing a problem concerning a person with low self-esteem.

Sertorius then explained that they were still working on the sitters and that this was the main purpose that night and this was why there was no set lecture. He then gave the following short talk: Perhaps we should remind you of the importance of what you are holding in your mind. Very often, by changing what is in your mind you can change conditions in your material sphere. Now I am not talking so much about the conscious mind but very often there is something at the back of your mind. You may hardly be aware of it, and that is, shall we say, a picture or depiction, of a condition in your life, an event which is to come, and if you can identify or become aware that that picture is there and change that picture, you can by so doing, change the condition or event in some way.

So try to become aware of what is at the back of your mind. Not quite on the sub-conscious level. Perhaps we can say, a pre-conscious level. It is almost in awareness and - this is where I am having trouble with the words and concepts - I am trying to tell you how to become aware of this. Now, if I say analyse what is in your mind, you are going to think you have to sit down and look at everything that is there in a sort of mechanical type of way. That is not really what I am wanting you to do. Perhaps if I point out to you that this is there. If you spend a period, a relaxed period I am not talking about meditation or anything like that - perhaps the word I want is reverie. (Sertorius was groping for the words to express his idea) You are just sitting quietly, perhaps you are having a cup of tea or perhaps just idly sitting watching the birds in the garden. Something like that - a gentle state of mind. And see what is there, see if you can become aware of what is at the back of your mind.

Many clairvoyants do this quite accidentally. They are more aware of the general thing, and can pick up either what is just at the back of the other person's mind, or an event which is forming in the pre-conscious level in the minds of people generally - that would be a world event or a localised event, something that is to happen to a community or to a group, and of course, to themselves. So try this sometimes. A presentiment or a hunch, might just be this thing on the pre-conscious level, and if you can change the picture that is there so you can change the event. Now, if that event involves other people you may not be able to completely prevent the event, but you may be able to change your part in it, and so by consciously, intelligently saying this event will be there, you can see what your actions or part in it might be. And try to change the picture of your part in that event to see if you can alter the outcome. The stronger people, by strong I mean those who have a greater awareness of this, may also be able to change the other people's actions. But you should at least be able to affect your own. So when you have a presentiment or hunch, look at it and see if there is something in your own actions in that event, and change the picture of them. Change your imagining of them and in this way you may be able to change, not perhaps the event, but the outcome of that event. So that you can change it to a more positive direction. Now, are you all understanding what I am trying to say? Does anybody want anything clarified?

It is one of those things where I have the concepts and have trouble putting them into words that you can accept. Words that you can work on and use.

I think the greatest difficulty is this becoming aware of what is there. When you are aware of it your own development is taking another step upwards or forwards - if you want to use these directional words. This, perhaps I should say, is one of the steps in your development. But you must never do these things with any sort of force in them, or tension. It must be a gentle process. As soon as you start applying force or strain at it, there will be a tension and it will be more difficult. You have to grow in it like a flower unfolding. This may seem contradictory, I ask you to look at it and then be natural, like a flower.

Guy: If I may put it in our terms, Sertorius, if I understand you correctly, it involves concepts which may not be clear to everybody here. Please contradict me if I am wrong. The basic concept is that all physical events, before they happen to us in our world, are first formed on a psychic level. Now if we can become consciously aware of these psychic structures as they are being formed in our psyches on a conscious level, and if we can then change them, not by power of will but by imagination, projection. We then, in that way, change the actual course of the physical. Is that basically what you are trying to say?

Sertorius: Yes. I think that is well put. And the easiest one to start with is yourself, your own actions. So if it is an event in which you are involved, change the picturing of your actions so that the outcome of the event will be changed to a more positive direction.

Gina: So that we basically influence our own destination? Instead of being carried by them?

Sertorius: Yes. You have agreed on certain things before birth as we have taught before, and therefore, it is possible for you to change them. And, naturally, it is easier to change the smaller events, and the more that you find you can change those (small) events, the more you will be able to change the bigger events.

Sylvia: It is being aware of the path you are on yourself, isn't it?

Sertorius: Yes. You can use that analogy if you wish.

Rosemary: I can certainly picture myself imagining, changing myself, but you said before that you could somehow change the other people involved. Is that what you said?

Sertorius: Yes. The more adept you get at changing the picture on the pre-conscious level, the more likely it is that you can change other people's actions. But remember that by changing your own actions they will be reacting to something different. So there are the two ways, you can use the picturing, but also by changing your own actions they have something different to react to. Is that satisfactory for everyone?

Gina: So far.

Sertorius: I think I will leave you there for tonight. Just because I said that tonight would be light and easy, it doesn't mean to say that nothing much has been going on. We have been working on your auras. We would like to have a few more moments in silence with you, and I will then withdraw.

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