Allow me to introduce myself to our new members. My name is Sertorius and when I was in your world I was a general under Caesar Augustus. To my great shame I died in bed of a fever. I will leave it to the others to tell you the rest of the details that I have given in the past.Now, you have requested a talk on guides. The first thing I should explain is what IS a guide. A guide is a soul or entity - whichever word you like to use - who has been in the Spirit world for a number of years and has made some progress in understanding and wisdom. Now, there are - and I regret that I have to use this word but, by now I think most of you understand my difficulty - different levels of guides. With a working medium you will usually have at least one guide who is well on the way to merging back to the Godness. This will be the chief guide and when that guide comes through the talk will usually be of some deep philosophical context.

Then you will have a guide, or guides, who have not progressed quite so far along the path of merging, but have made some progress along it. Very often you will find that there is a guide who has taken on the job of organising the circle, and that guide will very often be someone who has been on this side for the shortest period of time. You must understand that in Spirit nothing is ever cut and dried and absolutely set down. So there is always going to be an exception somewhere to what I am saying, but I will give you the usual, general way, that things are.

Usually guides will no longer have anyone left in the material plane whom they knew when they were in the material body. In my case, I have been over here for some two thousand years.

Now, each guide usually has a particular aspect which they try to help their 'person' with. My particular aspect or interest is to give strength to this particular medium. As you know, Verna is the organising guide. She has been over here for the shortest period of time - very approximately for one hundred years. Our main or chief guide is Arrian. Arrian has not given any details about his material life. Although I am using the masculine pronoun it is merely a matter of convenience. He has not indicated the sex of the body he inhabited, nor has he given any details of the country or the time that he was in your world. To do so, he believes, increases individuation, and he wishes to stress the underlying oneness of all people. And so he will give no details about himself.

Now, Silver Moon is the healing guide for this medium. Ah-So is concerned with philosophical aspects. Jhannee is the one who helps with meditation and contact with the Spirit World. Wung-lo also has some interest in the prayer or contact aspect. He prefers to remain more in the back ground than the rest of us do, generally keeping an eye on what is happening and seeking to assist when special help is needed. He will, in cases of emergency, bring in special spirits to assist.

These are the main guides working through this medium, and everyone will have at least one guide who acts as the door-keeper. Their job is to protect the person from undesirable spirit contacts, and in the case of a working medium, to control the spirits who actually work through the medium. The door-keeper seldom actually speaks through the medium. Very seldom will the door-keeper make himself known to the person.There are two classes of spirit who attach themselves to a person in the material world: the guides and the helpers. The difference is that helpers are souls who have known the person during their material life or have some connection - how would you put it - some relationship, some genetic relationship. They may be a great-grandparent, an aunt or something like that. And their purpose is to help the person with the material aspects of the world. Now, you can have changes of guides. Usually, your door-keeper will stay with you throughout life, and usually also the main guide will stay with you throughout life. You do sometimes get changes but not often. The other guides may be with you through life, but very often you will have changes in that level of guides.

You see, guides are those spirits who still have some interest in the material world and who wish to assist or help people in your world. Now, this can also be a way for us to work out any guilts or regrets which we may have left over from our material life. By maintaining our link we can attempt to help people in your world until we feel that we have repaid. That is very often the case when a guide will leave a person - they will have worked that out, or decided they no longer have any interest in the material world and will be drawn into other aspects of their life in the spirit world. And so they will leave to continue with that aspect. Again, you may have a guide attach themselves to a person. This may happen when a guide has left, or it may simply be to increase the number of guides around a person.

The guides may also increase when the person becomes interested in this kind of philosophy. The overall number MAY also decrease if the person loses interest in this philosophy. Sometimes a person will be interested for a while and then for some reason become disillusioned, or it may be a case that previous conditioning makes them feel uncomfortable with it and so they will drift away. This doesn't matter, you have all eternity, and also remember, when you come in the spirit world you can satisfy any desire which is unfulfilled. You do not HAVE to reincarnate in order to work them out.Now, how do guides become attached to a person? It is, as most of you who have been coming here for a while, will probably realise, a matter of vibrations. The person's aura must vibrate at the correct speed for the guides to link up. The guides and the person must be compatible: that is, in general interests, in certain personality characteristics, but the personality does not HAVE to be the same, but just that some aspects of the person's personality matches with some aspect of the guide's personality. Otherwise the auras cannot mesh and there can be no sort of communication between the guides and person. This communication will often take place even if the person is not aware of it. You would probably give it the term 'the subconscious' or 'super-conscious' level. It might even take place during the sleep state, but there is ALWAYS at least some attempt on the side of the guides to contact and to communicate with their person. Very often the person will attempt to do the same thing even though they may not realise it. Even thinking to yourself - 'Oh, what am I going to do now!' can be a form of trying to make contact with your guides. Naturally it would not be so strong and so certain as somebody who tries to deliberately do it.

Now, there are certain people in your world who are completely materially orientated. The people who do not thing beyond the material world. There may be people who do not really fit in with your society, there may be people who have some mental problem, or the ones you term as 'mentally retarded'. Now the first class of person, they are focussing purely on the material plane. This is all they are concerned with, they do not indulge in any sort of philosophising about things beyond the world. They may even be totally self-centred, worried or thinking about only their immediate family. This kind of person is one whose aural vibrations are such that one of the more progressed guides cannot really link with them. And this kind of person will usually only have guides who are (we are forced to use this term) from a lower level. The type of guides who are mainly interested in this material world. Now, those guides will attempt to expand that person's sphere of interest - that attempt will ALWAYS be made. Sometimes that attempt will be successful and you will sometimes see, in such a person, a sudden change of direction of thought and when that happens then higher guides can attach themselves to that person. The - how shall we term them? - the misfits of your society, are usually people who have some psychological difficulty and this will affect the contact with the guides, so that the guides are having a much more tenuous link with the person. We will often find that working mediums will have had certain traumas in their lives, and they will have had to work through those, perhaps they will have had to come to terms with them. It has been said that to be a working medium one will have HAD to have a tragic life, that is not necessarily so, but the person will have been making attempts to come to terms with those psychological problems which have developed during their life. And please remember, as I said earlier, this is a general thing - there are always exceptions. That process of working though them will enable the person to sort of grow, to develop psychologically, and this psychological growth in itself can correct the vibrations of the aura so that the guides can link up more strongly. A working medium does need to have quite a strong sense of 'self', to have a good deal of self-confidence, without necessarily being domineering or bombastic, or that sort of person. I think 'sense of self' is the best term I can use because it is not somebody who is really FORCING their own ideas on other people, but you do need to be very strong in yourself. You need to be able to trust your guides and that sense of self, of centeredness, is an important ingredient of that sense of trust. You need quite a deal of psychological strength to be a working medium. The retarded people are, again, different. Sometimes the retardation is a genetic, inborn thing, sometimes it occurs as the result of an accident. Now, in the case of the first kind, the aural vibrations are such that it is extremely difficult for the guides to make contact. But on the other hand, their guides are particularly loving. You also find that this kind of person has very few guides - possibly no more than three, two or three at the most. It is quite difficult being a guide to this kind of person. Very often the guides will even have been the guides of the person's parents, and will have left the parents to come to the child. It can be a frustrating link for the guides, because it is so difficult to make contact with them. It is, for instance, difficult to warn that person if they are getting into some physical danger. It is difficult to try to inspire them to assist somebody else. There are so many different forms of mental retardation that it is very difficult in that particular area to give any sort of general forms, it depends a lot on the character of the person. You will find that some of these people are very loving people for instance. Others can be quite aggressive, and the guides who are around them will be trying to deal with them. It is really a very difficult job to take on, to be a guide to such a person. Such guides make a great deal of progress in developing love, unconditional love. If you take the case of a person who has brain damage from an injury or accident, this again is a difficult case. And in this case there are a lot of very complicated interrelationships. It affects the relationship between the person and the people around in the material plane, who are associates of that person. Sometimes there is a situation where the people have come into the material world with this as part of their life plan, it will help them to develop certain qualities. Unfortunately, sometimes there are negative aspects to it. Sometimes such people will be trying to avoid some area of life, and so they sort of, more or less, have the accident in order to withdraw somewhat. They usually do not know that they have this kind of attitude, it is something that will be very much at the sub-conscious level.

Now, I have done my best to cover all aspects, as I see it, about guides. So, at this point I will ask you if you have any questions.

Gina: Are there any exercises to help get in contact with the guides, just meditation?

Sertorius: A short period of meditation each day is a great help. Being aware that you have guides, of course, will strengthen the link. Involve your guides in your life. You do not necessarily ask your guides to make your decisions for you, as you know, this is your life and you must live it. But when you have difficulties, there is no harm in asking for help. You should also thank your guides for their help. You may also ask your guides to show themselves to you - they will not necessarily do it, some guides do not wish to be identified or revealed. But there is no harm in asking, because sometimes your guides will agree. You may see them in a sleep state, you may even see them during your meditation. Now, there are some things which do affect the aura, making contact difficult: Drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee. These substances do affect the aura but NOT very strongly. Smoking also affects the aura, a bit more than tea or coffee. Next in increasing order of difficulty is consumption of alcohol. You do not have to be a complete teetotaller, but large amounts of alcohol can severely interfere with the contact, and, of course, the narcotic drugs are the worst of all. They can completely ruin the aura so that contact is VIRTUALLY impossible. People who can break the habit, their aura will improve to some degree depending on the seriousness of the addiction. So the degree of recovery and the time taken for recovery will also be affected. The stronger and longer the time of addiction and making recovery, the longer and less certain is the time of re-establishing contact. So watch your consumption of those substances. You should eat a balanced diet making sure that you have all the necessary components of a well-balanced diet, your starches, proteins and carbohydrates and so on. Getting sufficient sleep is a great help, because you can make a lot of contact during the sleep state. Excessive sleep, however, is not very helpful. It can lead to a deadening of the senses, so sufficient sleep is needed. Desiring to help other people in some way also strengthens the links with your guides. For someone interested in this philosophy, the desire to help other people is almost mandatory. You find people becoming interested in the spiritual aspects of life will have this desire. There are a few people who don't, and these are the people who will get into trouble through this philosophy. I think I have covered all aspects on that.

Guy: Let us assume that we have an intelligent person who has guides of corresponding status. That person may suffer an accident or illness, as a result of which the brain may become damaged, and he is now a retarded person. That person, as a spiritual entity was aware, let us say, at a pretty high level before the accident. He is after all a spiritual entity incarnated in a body with a brain. Does the brain damage automatically degrade his awareness as a spiritual entity in line with the capability of the brain, or is the guide still able to see him and communicate with him as the intelligent person he was before that? In other words, is the intelligence automatically gone as the brain is gone?

Sertorius: The intelligences that 'goes' is that of the material level. With all forms of retardation, when the body is left behind, the spirit will live. This kind of person - the accident type - will have contact with his guides but usually in the sleep state. Depending on the degree of damage, there will be great difficulties in bringing it into their material life. So the problem is on the material level. I should add, perhaps, that guides of the retarded person would also be paying attention to the people around that person to help them. This is one of those instances when extra 'free-lance' guides are brought in to assist the care-givers.

Guy: Suppose that person now dies and passes into spirit. Does he now function on the level which he had after the accident, or is he now able to function on the level which he had before?

Sertorius: He will function on the level he had before.

Guy: So the accident is now wiped out?

Sertorius: Yes.

Jackie: Is there a chance that persons who have mental retardation may attract people of the lower levels as their spirit guides?

Sertorius: There is the chance that retarded people will attract the lower level spirits. This will be the case in those retarded people who are particularly violent or manifest the more negative side of human nature. As I said earlier, you do have a door-keeper whose job is to keep away these spirits, but very often the door-keeper can be over-ridden by the person they are attached to. So the person being attracted to this philosophy who gets too carried away with it, will attract to themselves willy-nilly any spirit who is around. It becomes very difficult for the door-keeper to keep them all away. Also, if a person's aura has been damaged, this can occur by psychological shock, a severe psychological shock, very often there will be more than one. Their aura will not then have a firm shape and will be all over the place. Something similar applies to the retarded people - em - because some retarded people cannot, sort of, focus on something, sort of, they would have no aim in life, and these are usually the very severely retarded people. Their aura will not be very firm, they will attract the lower or mischievous spirits. They also may be aware of them at some level, not understanding what they are. And that also can cause some problems for their door-keeper, because any kind of spirit entering your aura will bring a vibration with it. And if the person likes the vibration then, of course, they will be happy to have that spirit there. And sometimes with these mentally retarded people they will sense the change in their aura, and it is something which they really feel and so they tend to like any change in their aura, and so want the spirits to stay there. There will always be spirits around to protect them but this is their life and they can always be over-ridden by them.

Jackie: I am wondering if there is something one can do to increase the vibrations to protect such people who have that kind of mental retardation.

Sertorius: The carers can help the retarded person by mentally placing golden or violet light around the person. The vibrations of golden or violet light are usually those that the mischievous or 'low' spirits find uncomfortable, and so they will leave or stay away from that person. Naturally, the stronger the carer can make the light, the more effective it will be. Of course, they can also appeal for more 'free-lance' spirits to come and help. Pray directly to the Godness, or whatever your concept of God may be, will also materially help. The more light that care-givers and even others around the retarded person express towards that person will also help to keep away the mischievous spirits. So deliberately mentally surrounding the person with love, no matter how obnoxious they may be, will help to keep away the unwanted type of spirits.

With your leave, I will say farewell.

All: Farewell, Sertorius.

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