A Talk given at a Church Seminar by Arrian.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to address you this morning. The name I have chosen to be called is Arrian. I will give no details of my incarnation in your world, which was many years ago. I wish you to concentrate on the message I have to bring you, and there will, therefore, not be a change of voice or a change of face in this medium while I am talking. These things have been amply demonstrated and we wish you to concentrate on our message and not be distracted by physical phenomena.

We have chosen as the topic of our talk toady "Spiritualism from the Other Side", that is from our side. What does it mean to us and why are we working this way?

First, perhaps we should look at what is meant by Spiritualism. Stated as briefly as possible, it is the contact between the material world and the Spiritual World. It is the deliberate fostering of that link, attempting to make it stronger and clearer.

Why do we, on our side, wish to do this?

We wish you to understand what you are. We wish to help you become less involved in your material world. You are so absorbed with that world that you don't realise that there is another world interpenetrating. This state of affairs is clearly understandable for you have a physical body and you must attend to it, and you must keep that body healthy. You live in a society which has certain ways of behaviour and we wish you to follow those ways. We wish you to be a normal, fully contributing member of your society. If you do not, you tend to stir resentment against you. You get, shall we say, bad vibes directed towards you. It is best if you can keep the vibrations around you smooth, calm and loving. So we wish you to take a full role in your society.

But at the same time be aware that there is something more. Treat this life as a game, a game which you are playing to the fullest. And it is a game. There is more underneath it.

We see people coming over to this side, they are afraid, they believe they have sinned during their life, and they have been told that the wages of sin is death, and hell-fire, and damnation for eternity. We see others who go to sleep, they are waiting for the archangel Gabriel with the trumpet - you would be surprised how many times we have had to dress up as Gabriel and go around blowing a trumpet. We see people who do not realise they are dead because they are still alive. They hang around their old home, they are puzzled by these strange guests who won't speak to them, they feel guilty because they go and buy things in shops and they don't pay - your check-out operations won't take their money - and that state of affairs can go on for many years in your time measurement.

The interaction between our two worlds is the normal, natural thing. Many more of you will have experiences and understanding if only you could be told about these things from an early age. Unfortunately this does not happen in your society. We note a particular fear of death in your society - you go to great lengths just to keep people alive without wondering whether that is really in their best interests.When you come on this side, you will have a finer body, for a while it will resemble the one you have now. It doesn't have to, but people, somehow, are attached to their physical body and so for a while you will still maintain that appearance. You can change the appearance if you wish, you can appear to be younger than when you died, if you wish. It is a body that feels no pain, is not sick, doesn't hunger, doesn't tire.

What else happens when you come here?

At a certain point which varies from person to person - it may happen immediately, it may not happen for a while - you will review your life. This is the only "judgement" that will occur. I repeat to you - God does not judge. YOU will judge.

This brings us to a very important point, one of the main points that we wish to bring across to you - forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the central core of true religion. Forgive everyone who has harmed or hurt you in any way. Offer them the olive branch of peace. Make friends speedily. As the master Jesus said, make friends before you come before the judge. He wasn't speaking of an earthly judge, He was speaking of your own judgement when you pass on this side.Think of your life - No-one is perfect. Every person who has ever lived has done certain actions which they consider to be wrong. If you feel you have acted like this, seek them out and make amends. And, if for some reason, you cannot make amends to the person you have harmed - and there are many reasons why you cannot do this - then forgive yourself. This is one of the most important things you can ever do. Accept that you have done something which is against your own ethical behaviour codes.

There will always be chances for you to make some form of reparation if you wish. You do not HAVE to reincarnate in the material world in order to work something out. If you believe that it is necessary for you to reincarnate in order to work something out in the world, you can do this, if you wish, but you don't HAVE to. You can forgive yourself.You can work on this side. There are many ways in which you can work to help others over here. You see, when you come here you bring with you your psychological quirks and habits, your guilt and your fears. And when you can work these out you will start progress on this side. And progression over here can be very wonderful.

What sorts of things can you do?

You can help work with those coming across who I mentioned earlier, the fearful, those who have died (young?) perhaps drug addicts, which is becoming more common at present. You may have the alcoholics, you have those who do not know that there is life after death. It can be quite difficult convincing them what has happened.

You may choose to do some form of study. There are places you call the Halls of Learning. You do not have to learn things about reading and writing. There are also healing places here, places of great beauty and peace in which the damaged soul can rest and be renewed. Places in which auras can be strengthened and straightened. It is one of the joys of work here, to work in that place, and you see the people realise (what has happened), and then you can see this look of joy and peace as their fears and their doubts vanish. When they start to realise the truth - they too are an incarnation of Godness. I will repeat this to you now - each one of you has deep within a divine spark.If there is a truly spiritual sin, it is in denying that divine spark the opportunity of expression. You do this when you believe that you are hopeless at something - naturally you all have different talents, no-one person can express every talent. But if you do not look to see what you CAN do, if you say about everything "I can't do it", you hold back. If you repress yourself you stop yourself feeling and experiencing.

Live the life in the surroundings which YOU have selected, to perform to the best of your ability. Not everyone can climb Mount Everest. You may have selected a very quiet little backwater. You may, you think, be ONLY a mother of four children, you have no time to do anything else. You are not ONLY a mother of four children, you are a MOTHER of four children - and that is a very important task. Perhaps you think you are ONLY a bus driver, but what an important task that is to do well. Think of the people who could not go about their daily business without a bus driver. So value the setting in which you have placed yourself. You have chosen that setting for reasons which you may never fully understand while you are in the world. Look at the life you have and live it to the best of your ability.Living your life, taking what it brings without resentment and with joy, knowing that there is some reason for your trials, will assure you of a wonderful reception when you join us. And remember EVERY life has its trials. Even the rich people have their problems. Even the important people, the successful people as you see them, they have problems too. They may have a difficult teenagers, they may have a parent who is suffering an incurable disease. NO LIFE in this world is entirely happy. You have chosen an imperfect world.Why? Why is this world imperfect?

This medium has a saying "A camel is a horse designed by a committee". Your world was designed by a committee. There have been many spirits who have added their contribution to your world and consequently there are many features that cause conflict. A germ may make you feel ill, but that germ has life. A falling tree is not in your best interests, if you are standing near it. Yours is a world of challenge. You have chosen a certain path of challenge and when you come over here there will be other challenges.

But, in the ultimate sense, EVERY SINGLE person will advice, will progress and develop. You are in your world for a reason. Learn to make your own decisions. Do not rely on us ALL the time to tell you what to do. You do not need us to tell you what to wear to-day, what meals to have. There will be times in your life when you are confused, and upset, and worried, and then, by all means, seek advice. But if you do not have experience in making decisions in your world you will be lacking something when you come over here.

The first stage of the Spirit World will be very much as you picture it. You can have a country cottage if you wish. If you think you will suffer hell-fire and damnation, then you will, at least you think you will, until eventually somebody gets through to you to enlighten you.And then, you start to think, "Is this all there is?" And immediately you think that, then you will see somehow things you haven't noticed before. There are different colours, what's that beautiful sound? And so you start to look out of your surroundings.

Now, this is where I start getting some problems in talking to you. Those people who have heard me talk before have heard me say, in the Spirit World there is no better, there is no worse. But, in order to get across to you certain concepts I have to use these words that you understand. So please do try to remember that even though I am using directional words this is only my effort to help you to understand.So, you start to realise that there is something else, and you will have a look at where you are. There is a different landscape. It is finer, there are colours, there are sounds. The structures, if you can call them structures, are somewhat like gems, like crystals, diamonds, amethysts. Have you heard a description like that before? If you have read your New Testament you will find it in the Revelation. The author of Revelation had a vision of this which he called the 'New Jerusalem'. He had to put this experience into words and concepts that the people of his time understood. I can express to you the same things in a different way because you have changed since those days. Your science, your understanding of things like electricity and radio waves, make it so much easier for us to introduce these concepts to you.But even when you are at that stage, there is something more. And eventually you, too, will progress to this "higher" level - and remember what I said about no direction - the level at which you are "playing with rainbows". By this stage you have shed any form of a material body. This is the level before the soul merges back into Godness, your confining body has become finer and finer. The barriers between individualities have been breaking down and you have been merging, and so you remember many more lives than the one you are inhabiting now.

Think of a tree, at the moment those of you in the material body are those little tiny twiglets, several twiglets make a twig, several twigs make a branch, and the branches merge into the trunk. This is how life is - and its many manifestations. I assure you that every person in the world who has ever lived, will eventually reach back to the trunk.I ask you again to remember : forgive, forgive, forgive. Forgive yourselves, forgive others, and truly be a light of love to all men.This is what we are trying to bring to you. We are not the only group trying to bring this through to you, we are but one manifestation and we take a broad approach. Another group may take another. All approaches are valid. One approach cannot possibly satisfy every person. So do not feel that yours is the THE right, the ONLY approach and everyone has to conform to it. One approach is right for you, and allow others their approach, because that is right for them. So live and love, and let be. This is forgiveness.

There is building up here a large degree of love. There are many souls here, some of them known to some of you, others are not, they have just come to bring love. May I ask you, please, to sit quietly for just a few moments and make yourselves receptive to that love.May it strengthen you. May it give you understanding. May it give you peace of mind and reassurance. You ARE cared for. You ARE loved. You ARE important, in each and everyone of you is strength, is calmness.(Some sentences are lost at this point because the tape is very indistinct.)

After a few moments meditation, The Chairman, Mr. Ron Davies, thanked Arrian for the talk and called for questions.

Question: What is the position of people who are on life-support systems, perhaps for many years, who are unconscious. Are they unconscious on the spirit level, or are they fully conscious there?

Answer: On the spiritual level they are fully conscious. They are trying to get back into their body. It is as though they are the rope in a tug-of-war, they are being pulled back to the body, but they are also reaching to the Spirit World. They are in between, they are like Janus, they look in two different directions at once. While the material body is alive they will attempt to re-enter it. But they can also conceive what is being offered on the other side. This is a recent dilemma which has arisen with the increase in your medical science. It is something which I think each of you should think about. The ethics of it vary from place to place. With more spiritual contact and understanding each case could be resolved more satisfactorily.

Question: I would like to know what Spirit thinks of heart transplants. Does a heart transplant make any difference to the physical body, or to the spirit body.

Answer: It does not affect the spiritual body. The spiritual body does not have the circulating fluids that your material body has. There are effects on the physical body. As you know, these people need constant monitoring. But I would remind you too, that this is something which they agreed they would take on before they were born. For some reason known only to their inner, deeper, selves, they agreed that they would have this experience.

Question: Is a trance medium able to astral travel to other places while the body is asleep?

Answer: Many of them can. Again, this is an individual thing. Perhaps we should explain for the new comers here, you can have a full-trance medium and you can have a control medium. A control medium is conscious and knows what is being said, a full trance medium does not. When they are in trance, it is as though they (full trance mediums) are asleep. Both kinds of medium may do astral travelling, both kinds may not. It depends on what abilities the medium wishes to have and to use. When I say 'wishes' I do not necessarily mean 'wishes' on the conscious level. You have three layers (of consciousness) There is your sub-conscious, your conscious and your super-conscious, and so you conscious mind may have developed a wish that, perhaps, your super conscious does not have. And you will have an ability when all three layers of your mind are in agreement. So some will want to have this astral travelling ability and some will not.

Question: What about euthanasia?

Answer: We think it is preferable not to have euthanasia. But we also concede that different people have different levels of what they can tolerate. Again, I think it is very largely an individual decision. We think it is preferable to live your life to its full length, but some people may reach a level at which that is intolerable. And so we will qualify our answer. We are against it, but .... . May we leave it there?

Question: I would like to ask about suffering. It appears to me that people to-day suffer much more so that it was the case, say, 30 years ago. Does that have a special meaning?

Answer: Before you are born you will agree to have certain experiences and the depth of those experiences, their strength and weakness is something which, for some reason, each person agrees to take on. Does that fully answer your question? I am not certain.

Questioner: No it doesn't. I did not ask for myself but more for my surroundings. I can see suffering increasing and it seems to have reached a level mankind has not experienced before. What can we do about it?

Answer: There are changes taking place. At this time the world is undergoing an upheaval and many people, like yourself, are aware of it, and are trying to help. If you wish to help try to radiate around you the feeling of love, and care. Hold this feeling in your mind and mentally see it spreading around. Try to spend a few moments at least, every day, doing this and you may see a great improvement. You may be able to change the direction of society if enough people do this.

Question: There are views that postulate different reincarnations simultaneously rather than at different times.

Answer: Reincarnation is something that can happen, it does happen, it doesn't HAVE to happen. Now, if you will think back to my analogy of the tree, I said there are several twiglets that make up a twig. They do not necessarily all have to be incarnating in the material world at the same time. Also, if some of those twiglets, at least, do have more than one incarnation there will be memories of different times in the different lives, and so to someone who at the level of the twig, they can remember - this is the only word we can use - different time incarnations. Time is one of the concepts we have problems explaining to you. In your world time is linear. The only reason why time exists in your world is because you have ways of measuring it - whether it is the succession of the seasons or whether it is your time devices. And so this impression of incarnations simultaneously in different time slots occurs to some who is at the level of the twig and therefore has access to all the memories of the twigs, or to someone who is at the level of the branch, and so has memories of the twigs and twiglets, which is a much larger memory bank to access.

This section of the seminar ended at this point.

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