Sertorius: Hail Caesar, Might of Rome. (long pause).

Guy: We live in a different age, friend. The might of Rome is no more.

Sertorius: All armies give way before you. We have conquered to the North and to the West. The isles are ours. They are yours to command, I lay them at thy feet. As Caesar commands, so it is done. (This was spoken slowly and deliberately).

Guy: You were a brave soldier for Caesar.

Sertorius: See the crowds, my love. Rome is ours tonight. Caesar is with us. We are with him. Tonight there will be feasting among us. (Pause) It is marvellous. We march at the head of the legions and none can withstand us. Ah, how nice it is, the strength of Rome. You should see our gains. We will build roads, such roads they have never seen. The might of Rome will spread and will last a thousand years.Ah, it is a fine sight (sigh), the camp fires at night and our soldiers around. The stars above and the moon ... It is a fine sight, a fine sight.We have crossed the rivers by night, we have marched faster than the enemy ever thought we could. The people open the cities to us, no defence. The didn't see the point of defence. We are supreme. We are almighty. What days we live in! These glorious days. I think it is true to say, our army has reached the pinnacle of fighting efficiency. There are no more advances to be made.

Guy: Which Caesar did you serve, friend?

Sertorius: (Quite sharply) Who are you?

Guy: I am a friend to you. I am living some 1,500 - 2,000 years after your time and I am talking to you now because you are in a body which is not your own. You have come here to talk with us over a span of probably 2,000 years. We are in a country which you did not know existed in your day - far across the seas from Rome. Across the big, big ocean, in the south. Nearly 2,000 years have passed.

Sertorius: Africa you mean?

Guy: No. South of Africa, south-east of Africa. A land called Australia. Terra Australia might have been know in your day too.

Sertorius: There were theories.

Guy: Well, the land actually exists and you are in it now. Technology has changed a lot too. We now fly in the air, we have ships that travel under the sea. We have put a man on the moon. It is a different world.

Sertorius: Have you changed men?

Guy: No. Probably not. Man is probably much the same as he was in your day. Just as cruel.

Sertorius: But in my day, the war was glorious.

Guy: Some people think so, even now, that war is glorious. We now have terrible weapons. Much more terrible than you had. We have so powerful bombs that one single bomb would completely wipe out the whole city of Rome. Just one big blast and Rome would be no more.

Sertorius: Rome is invincible.

Guy: Rome still stands, but it is no longer a military power. If you tell me the name of your Caesar, we still know their names, we know who they were, our history covers them quite well.

Sertorius: You admire Rome?

Guy: Yes, I admire Rome. It achieved a lot. Rome is still admired today, 2,000 years later. We still learn your language, though nobody speaks it any more. But Latin is till taught in some schools.

Sertorius: And our roads?

Guy: Some of your roads still serve. Some of the Roman roads are still in use. They have been repaired, they have been upgraded. But some of the roads like the Via Appia, you might know it, are still in use. You built very good roads, they have lasted. But now we have things called automobiles. We don't drive with horses any more. We have horseless carriages that run around.

Sertorius: This is witchcraft.

Guy: No. It is what we call science. We fly in the air too, we have aeroplanes, machines that fly in the air and carry perhaps two or three hundred people in them. My friend, you have been dead a long time. Did you know that?

Sertorius: Yes, I know.

Guy: You did live in a glorious time. The time has gone on. It has changed.

Sertorius: I died of a fever. I spend my life in the battlefields and die of a fever. (rather disgustedly)

Guy: On the battlefield?

Sertorius: No. At home! (disgusted) To die in bed!

Guy: Were you old?

Sertorius: Forties.

Guy: Forties? Well you served your Caesar well.

Sertorius: Yes, he was well pleased with me.

Guy: What was the name of your Caesar?

Sertorius: Augustus.

Guy: Oh, Caesar Augustus, we remember him. We know his name.

Sertorius: They were glorious days. And the feasting.

Guy: Do you still live with your Roman friends, where you are now?

Sertorius: (Ignoring the question) And our parades. I go triumphantly through the city. The populace were waving and cheering. And the prisoners walked with us.

Guy: In what countries did you serve in war?

Sertorius: Gaul.

Guy: Gaul was conquered by Julius, it was before Augustus.

Sertorius: We built on his foundations, and strengthened and extended.

Guy: But 2,000 years have gone friend. What have you been doing for these 2,000 years? Your memories were glorious but it is time you lived now.

Sertorius: Silence. There are many memories of my life impinging on me. Please grant me a few minutes. I remember my son, his birth. It was not often that a Roman General was home for the birth of his son. I had that joy. I remember the wedding, how my wife came to me with joy. I remember our villa in the country, Ponti -

Guy: Pompeii?

Sertorius: No, Ponti something. The name does not come. I see the house, the table and benches where we sat and drank wine, and the goblets, and the sweet scented flowers. Life was pleasant.

Tina: Are you able to tell us your name? Do you have any recollection?

Sertorius: A moment. I had two sons. (Long Pause) My wife was with child when I died. I remember the ships erring sail, those brave ships.

Tine: Where were they going?

Sertorius: Gaul. Part of Gaul. The South Part. (He was having trouble remembering.) We were reinforcements. I remember the hunting birds, and my tutor. I remember my toy horse, my shield and a wooden sword. And I, and my brother, had many mock fights and battles, and we planned how we would take cities, and our sister was cross because we would not let her join (in). (Big sigh) Ah, childhood. Life was sweet. Not all of it. There were quarrels at court and intrigues. I kept out of them. I was Caesar's man. Caesar was the might of Rome and I served him. I would have none of the intrigues and plots. (Long pause) What ma I here for? Why am I here?

Guy: There must be a reason why you are here.

Tine: Perhaps you have problems passing on to your next phase of evolution.

Guy: You are in a woman's body, did you know that? The body you are occupying now belongs to a woman.

Tine: It is only a temporary thing.

Guy: It is certain that you came here for a reason.

Sertorius: I came to speak. I came to bring strength. The strength I had. The might of Rome was with me. I came to bring it. All qualities are needed in this world. You need the quality of love, you need the quality of strength and discipline. I came to bring them.

Guy: Is there nothing we can give you?

Sertorius: The opportunity of coming here, of speaking with you, of leading. The name you should call me should be Sertorius.

Guy: Sertorius, we shall be very happy to talk to you and to listen to what you have to tell us.

Tina: Is that the name you have decided upon at the moment?

Sertorius: It is the name I have brought with me. It may, or may not be the one I had on earth. But it is the one I wish to be known by now.

Tine: Are you interested in us again?

Sertorius: I am.

Guy: Sertorius, you lived a noble life on earth, so it seems. What kind of life have you lived since?

Sertorius: A moment. I have made progress. I am a leader. Now my duty is to lead on here. There are many people here tonight. The room is full of them. Tier upon tier. There is so much energy, you are all to be strengthened by it. I am here to give direction. I shall be here often. I may not speak often. It was of me that was once said : when your guide comes through, you will feel more imperious than you have till now. Do you remember?

Guy: I am not sure. That was said to the lady through whom you speak now?

Sertorius: Yes.

Guy: Yes, I think I remember.

Tina: Can you tell us the nature of your duties apart from telling us about love, wisdom and strength. Are you a teaching guide?

Sertorius: I am leading and strengthening. I am the overseer. Others will bring talents. I intend many talents and aspects to be brought through this medium. I will lead and direct and oversee and protect, and ensure the safety of those who join in this work. Great strength will be needed. I will ensure that it is there. My time tonight will shortly come to an end. There is to be no fear, there is to be total honesty. You will not cringe. We will stand up for our rights. I have but a few minutes left. Does anyone with to ask anything?

Guy: What will be you relationship with Ah-So, Verna and Arrian?

Sertorius: We will be working together. I am the overseer, they will have their spheres to look after, but I will oversee all.

Tina: In other words, you are to your medium as Mr. Jones is to John. The guide and controller.

Sertorius: Yes, that person is here. He is indicating to me the equivalence.

Tina: Your speciality may not necessarily be the same, but that is your position?

Sertorius: Yes.

Guy: Is there any message you wish to pass on to the instrument?

Sertorius: No. She will know. Tonight has enabled me to make stronger contact with her. She will know what she needs to know.

Guy: Is there to be a sign by which we know who you are? A key like the others have?

Sertorius: There will always be the feeling of great energy, of strength. I think we will use the helmet. The feeling of the helmet, with the plumes. If you will grant me leave, I will go. I wish you all good evening.

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