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Conversation with Sidney.

This is a transcript of a defective tape recorded in 1979, the actual date is not known. The beginning seems to be a description of how spirits attempt to help disturbed spirits.

... this is why sometimes the friends and relative working for a person, can't get through to them, why the person can't see other spirits around them. There are groups of us working together because the power of a group vibration is stronger than one person working alone. Similar to your circle, the more people you have, the more energy and power is accumulated and we can use that. The more there is, the more easily we can use it. And so the groups of us form, perhaps you could say, a circle, and we concentrate on these spirits. Some groups, each group - not necessarily each group, perhaps you could say each group of groups - tries to help a different type of spirit depending on the degree of vibration. Some groups are stronger and they try to help the more disturbed kinds of spirits. Other groups help the ones who are not quite so strongly upset. The groups have been formed, some of them for longer periods than others, the spirits may have been over here longer and they have progressed more than, perhaps, another group. Those who have been here longer and progressed more attempt to influence the more disturbed spirits. Am I making myself clear?

Frank: Yes, yes. Who decides which group goes to which spirit?

Sidney: No one person really decides it. The vibrations mesh in.

Frank: What happens if two groups both decide they are going to help the same spirit - unbeknown to each other?

Sidney: That doesn't matter. Usually it doesn't happen because you will be helping someone and when that person has been dealt with another one will come along. Usually you can tell if one group is already helping someone. If a group needs help, perhaps they are having difficulties, then another group can come in and the two groups combine.

Frank: Well, lets talk about the sort of hierarchical structure. So, there's this structure of groups, does each group have a leader? How is the decision made to go and help a particular person?

Sidney: It is more or less a group type of decision.

Frank: What draws to your attention that a certain person needs help?

Sidney: We can feel the vibrations. The friends of that person can also call us in. The friends, the welcoming committee perhaps you could call them, who are waiting for the person. If they can't contact, can't get through to them, then they can come. They don't really 'come' but they sort of appeal.

Frank: They would approach - its equally likely that they would approach any one person in your group?

Sidney: They usually approach the group as such.

Frank: What if the members aren't present as a group at the time?

Sidney: They can always contact a group. There's always a group available. Like my group at the moment isn't meeting just at this particular time. But there will always be some group available.

Frank: Who organises the groups? Who sees that there are groups available to help? Who sees that there are enough groups available to handle any need? For instance, now there are people dying of drug overdoses, who sees that there are groups available to handle these cases?

Sidney: God is the motivating force through all the Spirit World. He organises everything.

Frank: Yes, but what is the link between the group level and God. There must be many intermediate steps.

Sidney: God permeates everything. God is the only substance that exists.

Frank: Yes, but do you see what I'm trying to get at? I'm trying to understand the link between God, this undefinable quality called God on the one hand, and this definable quality called a group on the other hand.

Sidney: (After a pause) I'm looking for words. (Pause) I feel you are insisting on forms which may not exist as you are conceiving them.

Frank: I'm prepared to agree that's quite likely.

Sidney: There are ideas and concepts which are so difficult to bring down to you to be understood because they are so different to earth. (Pause) Things arrange themselves and there is that underlying intelligence. Something like the spirit of God walking on the waters of the deep. There is surface things and there is something underneath permeating them.

Guy: Are you aware whether you, yourself, have a guide too? You know that Robin is the medium's guide, are you aware who your guide is?

Sidney: I know that I have one - I don't see that guide, I am aware of his presence at times.

Guy: Would that spirit of God which you perceive in fact be God influencing you? In other words, what you perceive is God and not the influence of your own guide. This is what I think Frank meant when he said there must be a long line of links between God and the level of your spirit group. Is that so Frank?

Frank: Yes.

Sidney: There is a channel type of thing. It is like the sun and it radiates outwards through different layers. I'm getting images - I'm having difficulty getting them through into words - you could liken it to a succession of spirits. There are different layers and each layer permeates the one below and extends beyond it. Like the atmosphere has its different layers. And the spirits from one layer oversees the spirits on the other layer. I'm still trying to get through the organisation aspect. How can I put it into words that you may understand. Spirits can respond to one another or not as they will, as they want.

Frank: Sidney, I think one significant thing to me is, the fact that YOU feel that there is, as you say, an arrangement. You obviously feel that things are arranged. That to me is an indication of what I call organisation. I am prepared to accept that I can never understand precisely how the organisation is run.

Sidney: Its the vibration that is sent out and through the vibration messages are sent and - something like your radio waves and that there is something about the tuning so that they pick up different waves.

Guy: You would say that a spirit is like a tuned radio-set? It is tuned into a person's vibration and it will receive or perceive what is in that vibration band.

Sidney: Yes. I think that is the best way I can explain it. Especially in respect to the friends of the person who has come over and are wanting to help the disturbed person. And the different groups of helping spirits can tune in and the one who vibration is the closest to the disturbed spirit will hone in and attempt to help.

Frank: So the disturbed spirit is like a transmitter? And spirit groups are like receivers?

Sidney: Well, all spirits can take over one or the other as required. Yes, it would be something like that.

Guy: Can you change your tuning at will? I presume, that if you are concentrating on, say, helping other spirits you are in one vibration band, but if you decide to go to the Halls of Learning you may be on another vibration band, and if you decide to travel and explore the Spirit World, you are on a different one again. Can you switch at will from one to another?

Sidney: Yes, depending what we want to do, so we can change our transmitting or receiving.

Betty: Considering, Sidney, recently there was a disaster with a ship and there was quite a number of unknown persons who drowned. In that case how would they send out a message? You don't know how many people will be received, there might be some more contacting.

Sidney: The spirits coming over send out their vibrations and their friends tune in.

Betty: That means there would be nothing at all in the Akashic records business? Where they say that each person has a certain time in the Akashic record.

Sidney: That's right. That's what I'm just going to say. These accidents are often not accidents at all.

Betty: I go with that. When our time is up but that doesn't alter the fact that before a person passes over the groups are ready before they leave the physical body, that don't have to wait until the person passes over?

Sidney: They don't HAVE to.

Betty: So it's the same as a re-birth? The same as re-birth in the Spirit World?

Sidney: Yes.

Frank told the story of a friend's aunt who had disappeared several years before. He asked if the spirits were adverse to trying to contact the aunt to try to find out what had happened to her.

Sidney: If the aunt's spirit, for some reason, doesn't want the information passed on, we would respect that. As long as the spirit concerned is willing we could pass the information on.

Frank: And what if the information passed on could lead to a conviction of somebody for murder? How do the spirits feel about that?

Sidney: This sort of work has been done by mediums.

Frank: Do they have spirits with them who are specially schooled in this? Are they conscious of the ethics involved? Are they cautious of what cases they tackle?

Sidney: It does depend quite a bit on the circumstances of the case. And generally speaking we are quite willing to help in this kind of work. The main problem is, of course, convincing the police to follow things up. As I say, this kind of thing is happening in two or three places.

Guy: As if his father an mother could be contacted.

Sidney: They are not together.

Guy: I would expect that, they have different vibrations I would think. Send them my love if you find them.

Frank: The impression we have is that spirits are not normally together with other spirits anyway. That, for instance, yourself, Virginia, Robin, although you associate with Valerie, you are only together with her on occasions like this. Its the exception rather than the norm for you to be together and if you went off somewhere, to the Halls of Learning, you would be with other spirits enjoying the company of other people. Is this something that spirits indulge in?

Sidney: I plead guilty. I wasn't being specific when I said 'together'. I should have said 'They are not in the same level'. Although we come together in groups, these groups dissolve and other groups are formed, and then others form. It is just as it is in your world with your groups of friends.

Guy: Would you say that this group of helpers around the medium, yourself and Virginia and Olive and Lanky, that you are based roughly together on the same level?

Sidney: Robin is very much higher, the rest of us are more or less on the same level, but there is some graduation between us.

Guy: I think this would be probably one of the most interesting points for people living here on earth, if we can establish a channel through which they can find out what has happened to those, their parents and relations who have passed on.

Frank: Yes, the point is though that it cannot be proved.

Guy: Yes, but sometimes you may get proof by the information being brought back. Because if the medium is able, for instance, to tell me some details about my father which she doesn't know but I do.

There was some discussion about whether this would be proof. It could be telepathy. It was agreed that it would need to be something which the other person does not know either, but can check up. The analogy of a tuned radio set had been in Guy's mind when Sidney mentioned it. Sidney queried who had been telepathising he, or Guy.

Sidney: Well, in the spirit of enquiry, we will see what we can do.

The session ended at that point.

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