This work requires quite a lot of strength and I do not mean physical strength, but rather moral strength. It takes quite a bit of courage to do this work and you will always find, somewhere in the group of guides, someone who is bringing that moral strength. In our particular case, that is my area.

In my incarnation I was a general under Caesar Augustus. I carried out the laws of Rome firmly, but, I believe, with justice. I sought always to understand the situation before passing any judgement. When my judgements were uttered I sought to temper them with justice and with kindness. I must confess I was no paragon of virtue, but I made the attempt, and very often, THAT is the main thing, to attempt. while you are in the physical body, you cannot be perfect, and you should accept this. Do not revile yourselves because you have made a mistake, because you failed. Accept it - O.K. I was wrong, I made this mistake, O.K. It will not be completely erased from your memory - but don't carry it with you. Don't harp on it. Just resolve to carry on trying.

We have said before, that it is your attitude towards life which largely determines your conditions over on this side. That attitude towards life also includes your attitude towards yourself. Be accepting of yourself. You, too, are precious, in spite of your faults and your mistakes and your backslidings. Don't completely ignore them. Acknowledge that they happen, and resolve to do your best. It is the open acceptance of life itself, with its challenges - DARE to ATTEMPT. That is the greatest gift of all, to DARE to attempt. It does not have to be tremendous things that you attempt. Many trials in an ordinary daily life of a quiet person who will never be known to the world at large are very bit as demanding and as serious as those challenges involved in climbing the highest mountain. So if your life is one in the quieter backwaters, remember, it is just as valuable. It was what you selected, at your stage, for reasons known to yourself and to your guides.

My link through this medium is partly possible because of my old association with her homeland. It was there only a short while, I spent most of my time in Gaul. That short time was enough to forge a link.

There is a lot of energy present in this circle, and we will be doing our best to use it. We thank you for your good will. Without your presence we could not do this work. While the centre of attention is necessarily on this medium, you too, are very bit as important. Without each one of you we could not function as well as we do. Those of you present here, in this beginning stage will eventually leave the circle, and we will see you go with regret - but it is inevitable. You will pass through a phase, and we hope you will remember it with a lot of goodwill and affection and go on developing. We hope we will be able to set you on the right path. I thank you.

Question: When you said that some people here would be leaving, does this mean short term or long term?

Answer: I feel in a long term but these predictions are notoriously erroneous. It is difficult to tell - as thing are at the present tonight, I feel that it will be a long term association. But things could change, situations in people's own lives and inclinations can change quite suddenly. Nothing is set and settled. All is change and can change quite quickly.

Good Night.

Jhannee - on Life.

Be at rest. I come to bring peace. I come to bring rest. I come to bring you the blessings of the Godness. There is no need to fear. All is well.

Deep is the well of life. It is within you. It is the eternal spring from which you can draw. In moments of distress seek the inner divinity and peace. It is from this inner divinity that you can draw your strength, your wisdom. It is the well within the spine. Shrink back into the spine.

The brain is the bucket which fills it. Picture the liquid golden water draining into the spine. The brain is the link with the source of life, through it the life-force can enter into the spine and out through the body. We seek also to strengthen your ability to do this. We seek to help you to develop your contact with the source of life. Everyone has this contact. The stronger it is, the more you can use it. Thereby knowing about it starts strengthening the link. There is the inner divinity that is hidden in everyone. Let yours shine forth as a light. You should light up like a Christmas Tree - so can you bring peace and comfort to your fellow creatures. Do not hide your light by leading a cramped life, by rejecting your fellows. Accept them as they are, and realize they, too, have their difficulties, and their problems, and be forgiving and patient with them.

We stress again the acceptance of your fellows. You cannot like everyone, but do not dwell on their thoughts, and when there is someone who is incompatible, let them go. Be friendly, but you do not HAVE to seek them out. Be kindly disposed towards them - that is important for your own peace of mind, and for your own ability to contact the inner divinity because there is that same inner divinity in that other person too.

AUM. Peace be with you.

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