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I will talk to you tonight - this will be my first serious talk with you - I will talk about evil and magic.

First we wish to establish with you that there is only one force or energy in the Universe. There is one source of it and therefore there is only one kind.

The next point - what do you mean by evil?

When you think of something as evil or wrong or bad, it is something that is contrary to your own interests, or something that you think of as contrary to someone else's interests. But from another person's stand-point that same evil may be good. What is considered to be evil is something which is harmful to someone or something, because we can extend this to the plant world, animal world, and the way you classify it depends on your point of view. So there is the one force or energy and what you do with it determines whether it is beneficent or maleficent.

Forgive me if there is some slight problem with pronunciation or with the use of words. This is the first time I have talked with you, and there is bound to be some slips. We understand you put these words in writing and this medium may vet them.

Everything that you term as evil in some aspect can be viewed as good. It is difficult to find something that is wholly and entirely, one hundred percent beneficent. It is also hard to find something that is wholly one hundred percent maleficent. It might be a good exercise for you to try, not during tonight's proceedings but later, think of something which you classify as evil and just see, if you cannot find from someone else's point of view some way of regarding that as good. It may be only in a little tiny way, but whatever it is, you will find that if you look hard enough you will find someone who could consider it as good.

Now, you will all of you at some time or another be in a situation in which you feel that there is an evil force at work. This is someone who is using the energy for something that is contrary to your interests. What do you do? This depends largely on the manifestation. If you feel that it is some sort of psychic use of the energy, for instance you may feel that someone is draining energy from you for their own use, and from that person's point of view this would be beneficent, and from your's of course, it is not. Immediately, think of your aura, mentally make it into a firm egg-shell shape around you. Remember that energy cannot be taken from you without your own co-operation. You do not have to co-operate with such a person. You may even physically withdraw from that person. You do not have to let that person associate with you, you can withdraw from that relationship. You have every right to protect yourself. You do not have the right to harm that person in your turn, unless it is a life-threatening situation which would be a very extreme case, and that would be manifesting strictly on the physical level. Why would someone want to do this type of thing? Remember we are only using this as an example. They would want to do it, firstly, because they can do it. Secondly, because they do not understand that there is a deeper and vaster source of energy available to them. I am referring, of course, to the Godness from whom everyone can freely draw energy. So ignorance on their part is the major cause of what you may term evil.

Consider the subject of magic. What do you mean by magic? Magic is a term which actually indicates a process by which something may be brought to pass without the use of material means. It may also be used to influence material objects. But there is always an element of the supernatural and wonderful in it. Again, use of magic may be used in two ways. It can be used to cause harm to others; or it can be used for good to others. Use of magic is not favoured, because you are in a material world. You are there for the purpose of using and manipulating material objects. Your experiences are in your interacting with souls encased in bodies, and this is quite a different process to those souls who have shed the material bodies. But this kind of interaction, (i.e., material bodies) in which there can be misunderstanding, helps when you are in the Spirit World and you are using the more direct telepathic approach. When you have experienced the difficulties of communicating with separate material bodies, you have much more understanding when using the telepathic approach. The one leads to a greater skill in the other. So using magic hinders the experiences which you should be having in the material world. It also implies some sense of the use of force. To force someone to behave in a way they do not wish to behave, to force them to do your will. This is a wrong approach, because you are attempting to take away the other person's free-will, and in so doing you are hindering the expression of Godness through that person. You are hindering their experiences, experiences which they need.

Does magic work? If you have firm faith in what you are doing, the magic ritual will strengthen the picture which you have in your mind, will make it much more dominant, much stronger. But if that is developing will-power, you need to exert much more force and effort. It is much more efficient to use imagination, and using imagination still leaves other people, who may be involved in the situation and who you are desirous of influencing, their free-will. The force implied in will-power is attempting to take away their freedom, and to compel them to behave according to your desire. Imagination is a much more co-operative way, and can enable the person's guides to interact with each other so that at that level a suitable outcome may be decided. But remember that even we do not impose such a decision on people in the material world. If they are receptive to us, we can let them know that this would be the best, but it is still up to you to make the final decision of what you will do. There are guides who give you guidance, we are not puppet-masters pulling strings to make you behave this way or that. Do not let anyone tell you that. If you are puppets you will not gain experiences for which you are born in your world, and you will therefore be lacking something when you come on this side. Now, you have probably heard of evil spirits, of spirits possessing people in the material world. Spirits who try to harm you, even trying to kill you, spirits who are trying to influence incarnate being to harm other incarnate beings, and so forth. There are many stories of such evil spirits. You may have heard of witches and goblins and many other variations. I said before that there was but one force, one spirit, so what are these evil spirits of which you have heard? We prefer to use the term mischievous spirits - in the ultimate analysis no spirit is evil, because there is only one spirit. So, there are these spirits who will try to cause mischief in your world, but they can only do it if people co-operate with them. They can only do it if you allow them. Unfortunately, there are people who have certain conditions which makes it hard for them to reject these spirits. These are sad cases, I believe we have talked of them before. There is not a lot that you can do to help these people. Pray for them, mentally put the light around them. Give them some support but beware that they do not start draining your energy, or imposing on you. You do have the right to withdraw if that situation is arising. You do have the right to set your limits. Because as long as these people are getting attention this way, pleasant attention, they will not make the effort to dislodge these spirits. And you have to find ways of making them understand and see what their behaviour is doing to other people. Only when that happens can these people really be helped. How can you know that you are not behaving in some way which is wrong or evil?

We feel that the real sin is when you prevent the Godness manifesting or flowing through you. Remember, you are the equal with all other people, and do not make yourself obsequious to others. When you do that you hinder the flow through you. Providing your actions are not going to harm anyone around you, there is no reason why you should not satisfy your own material needs and desires. And when there is conflict, you may be able to see whose is the greater need. And if it is your own you can accept it.

So do not be afraid of evil forces, in the ultimate analysis they cannot harm you. Just as the unfortunate people who have some sort of what you would call possession or influence from mischievous spirits, in the ultimate analysis they will be all right. They, too, will have their time of progression, and they, too, will ultimately reach the point of merging back with Godness. They may be delayed, they may take a more circuitous path, but in the ultimate analysis they too will be quite all right. Eternity is a long time, and nothing will last for eternity. From your world you understand that material conditions will change and pass, and so will the psychological attributes which you bring over here with you. Because you are trying to express love for all creatures, for all persons, does not mean that you have to give way to all persons and all creatures. Watch that your behaviour does not encourage someone else to behave in a way that is harmful to yourself or others. It needs considerable wisdom, but do not beat your chest and wear sackcloth and ashes if you fail. You are seeing the world and situations through instruments, through material eyes, through a material brain, and therefore you may not have true perception. It seems that there is not much in this evil or magic doesn't it? Perhaps the whole thing is a facade? It is the facade of the way you view things, things that you have been told. Always remember that in the ultimate analysis you are quite safe.

Now, I am quite sure there are points which I have not covered and which trouble you, so you may now ask questions.

Question: In the country where we live there are the aboriginal people. Basically they are nature people from our standards primitive, and yet they are advanced in other aspects. They have practices like pointing the bone and singing others to death, and they are very effective among the aborigines themselves, but not at all effective against white people as a rule. How would you judge these practices, how would you judge the level of the spirituality which our aborigines have?

Answer: We would comment that it works among their own people because they believe it. The white people do NOT believe these things and therefore it doesn't affect them.

Question: What exactly is the mechanism, why does that person die? Is that just his own belief that kills him or are there actually their own ancestral spirits working on him, passing him out?

Answer: It is their belief system.

Question: More than any spirit action?

Answer: They believe that this ritual or rite produces this effect, and so they allow it to. There are people who can request their guides and helpers to perform, or to influence other people. But they would be effective only if the other person allows them (to be). If the other person opens up his aura then the spirits, IF they are being used, can be effective. They are not all virtuous.

Question: I met someone recently who has learnt several of the levels of magic, they asked how much I knew of the occult. I said "Not very much". I decided not to mention my involvement with Spiritualism. What they were talking about didn't make sense with the impression I got of the person. It was the impression I got of a person who was basically quite straight. When they were talking about it I thought "O.K. fantastic." But the person has a very magnetic type of personality and I was just wondering in what way you approach that sort of person. Because, as he said, he was about the seventh highest level in magic and astral travelling is right down near the bottom. I can't even do that. So I was just wondering how you would handle a person like that without becoming vulnerable yourself. I think that person has a lot to offer me in terms of friendship, because of his personality. I was interested in going further, but I was not going to leave myself open.

Answer: We feel you are wise not to let him know that you are interested in this kind of work. If he knows of your interest, you may find that he will persist in talking about these matters to a level beyond that to which you wish to go. You do not want to talk about this all the time. You may find still with this person that it will get to the point where there is only one topic of conversation. You also may find that it will be the area that he wants to talk about, that there will be no room for you to talk about your attitudes or the sphere in which you are particularly interested. You may find that he will try to, as you say, persuade you to go on to his line. Think very carefully and be quite sure that you are going in the direction in which you really want to. Make no commitments when you are with this person. Always delay making any decision till the next day, or the next week, a period of time which you can be alone and analyse the situation without his influence.

This kind of influence works more on the material level than on the Spirit World, etheric type level. I believe you have the word "charisma". Such people can be very persuasive, so question every point you can, if you feel that undue influence is being brought to bear on you. Also think of your own guides and helpers, this will strengthen the link between you and them and they can help you more. Keep that firm centre within yourself. Look always at "What do I want." "What do I feel." "What do I think." You are beginning to open up, and so be very careful. Try deliberately to spend a little time each day forming this egg-shell around you so that it can be quite firm and strong, and so that you can bring it quickly and easily into play if you need it. Watch any interaction that you are having with this person, and check all undue deliberate influence.

I think that is all we can give you at the moment, but let us know if you need any more specific advice.

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