The evening started with each person in turn sitting in the centre while Silver Moon gave healing through me. Then Silver Moon spoke. Good Evening.

We are desirous of trying many different things out, and tonight we decided to try healing with the laying on of hands. We wish to thank all of you for being our guinea pigs. Now, I would like each person to tell me what you experienced.

(The sitters did so. They reported feeling peace, concern, relaxation, energy in my hands amongst other things.)

Quite a bit of what we did tonight was actually working on the aura itself as you probably realised, because the condition of the aura affects the body and if we can keep the aura tuned as it should be, there will be less obstructions to the energy flows in the body itself. You understand I hope, that everyone's aura vibrates at a different rate, and ideally the rate should be steady both over time and over the aura itself. It should not be vibrating aster at one place than at another. And tonight is probably a good occasion to remind you about the aura cleansing techniques which we have mentioned from time to time. I am not sure whether Pat or Eva know these techniques, they are not our own, they are general techniques which are fairly well known. It is very useful to do when you have been in very crowded places such as your shopping centres or your public transport, where you are crammed willy nilly against people you do not know, and indeed against people who if you did know, you would like to keep a little distance. In those conditions it is possible for your aura to pick up conditions from other people's auras, and this can make you feel tired and drained and so forth. The technique is quite simple.

(The technique is described in other transcripts and will not be repeated here. Copies can be obtained from me.)

People like yourselves who are interested in this philosophy, this way of life, at times will be rather susceptible to this kind of thing. Especially in that period when you are just becoming interested, up to the point at which your own development is REALLY beginning to take place, you are particularly susceptible at that time. If you are one of those who is not going to actively work in the spiritual field in the material world, the period of susceptibility will gradually diminish and you will be far less susceptible. But there will be that beginning period, different lengths of time for different people, when you will be susceptible. You may find that there are people who seem to 'drain' you, there are people who can pick up energy from someone. The people who are most vulnerable to this are those who have a spiritual gift, but do not know it and are not interested in spiritual matters - they are particularly vulnerable to people who can 'drain' energy from them. Now, I am not saying that people do this deliberately, although that can happen, naturally, by someone who knows about it. Some people do it without realising it. Now, if you feel that you are having to associate with someone like that, there are various mental techniques you can adopt. One which we usually recommend - it is only a starting point, you may find that it suits you and you can us it, or you may find that you need to adapt it or alter it to suit your own particular wishes, that is quite all right. But we just offer it as a starting point. That is to picture yourself as though you are in an egg-shell, the life energy from your body goes as far as that egg-shell and back, so that you've got this vibration. now, you don't have to imagine an egg-shell specifically, but we are trying to get this 'egg shape' across to you. You can make it of whatever substance you wish - crystal is probably a good one, but you've got this vibration going backwards and forwards. This will also help to strengthen the aura itself.

Another technique you may like to try is simply picturing a waterfall between you and the other person, because water has a cleansing effect and movement down would be able to wash away the other person's aura - wash it away from you, that is, not sort of disintegrate it! And, of course, you can also draw energy into yourself quite deliberately. The basic technique is simply to imagine energy pouring into you. You may choose to consciously picture a certain part of your body where it enters - the top of the spine is a very common one, or the third eye - it can enter your body wherever you wish, and just feel your body absorbing it. This, of course, works in cases where your life energy is being drained. It can help to some degree when you are simply suffering from physical exhaustion, simply because you have been working too hard or something like that.

However, we do like to stress to you that when you have been in this state, even if you have used the spiritual energy, do still be quite sure to rest physically. Even though you have used the spiritual force you will still need the physical sleep to thoroughly re-charge your body batteries. Do not neglect any sensible health precautions, because just as your aura affects your body, so can your body affect your aura. And if you neglect it or harm it in some way by your life style you can be affecting your aura. And that, in turn affects the link that you have with your guides and helpers and will make that more difficult.

We feel we should remind you tonight of what we have said before, there are various substances which are in common use in your society which affect the aura to some degree.

Now, your tea and coffee have a slight effect on your aura, it normally does not trouble us very much and usually dissipates quite quickly unless you drink a lot of tea or coffee. If you are constantly putting it into your body, then of course, the effect will be there constantly. The next substance that causes us difficulty is tobacco. This is not usually strong enough to actually PREVENT our contact unless you are smoking extremely heavily and constantly - the person who always has a cigarette in his or her mouth.

Alcohol is the next effect and, again, the amount that you consume will affect the aura - the more you drink naturally the more your aura is affected and with chronic drinkers the aura can be very much weakened. I will leave that point for the moment.

And the fifth class of substances is the illegal drugs the marijuana, heroin, morphia, the various mushroom things, all those. Now the excessive alcohol taker and the person who uses drugs can both weaken their aura to the extent that you can see glimpses of the other side, but it will be usually negative impressions. It depends a lot on the situation in which the consumption takes place and the reasons for it, but it is usually the negative impression. And the weakening of the aura also makes the person vulnerable to those mischievous spirits. The spirits in particular who would like to lead a life in the material world in those circumstances, without having to be born there. Because a spirit who is attached to someone in the material world can experience that person's world, but it can also experience the spirit world, so they are getting a bit of both. They see things little bit differently and so they do not wish to go into another body in order to experience it that way.

Basically we like people who are drawn into this philosophy, particularly those who are willing to develop their gifts, to live sensibly. Eat a proper balanced diet, watch your fluids, get your proper rest and pay due attention to the material aspects of your life. If you know people with whom you do not feel comfortable, and there will be degrees of this - there will be some who are just a little bit grating, ranging up to those who have a very negative effect on you - watch that kind of company. If you can, avoid it, we know you can't always. When you can't, remember the little protection technique which I mentioned just now, and remember too, that the more you employ them, the stronger and more effective they will become. Seek out the company of people with whom you feel compatible and also have time alone. Now, there is just time for a few questions from you if you have any. Q: If you are getting a spirit attaching itself to your aura, surely you can close your aura down and thereby prevent the spirit getting to you.

A: Yes. If you understand what is happening, but I was speaking specifically about people who are damaging their aura with the drugs and the drink. You are quite right. This can be done by people who know about it and understand what is happening.

Q: If you close down your aura after meditation surely you can't have anyone attach themselves to you?

A: There are things which can weaken your aura, so that a spirit who wants to attach itself can at least start to do so - over tiredness, worry, starting a cold, etc.

Also understand that an attaching spirit does not have to be a bad spirit or a negative spirit. A spirit may attach themselves to you in order to have vicarious experiences through your life - they may attach themselves in order to try to help you. They may be there just to help you over a particularly 'rough spot' and in these cases it will be with the 'blessing' of your own guides and helpers. There are a few people about who rather LIKE to have these attaching spirits for various psychological reasons. It makes them special. In that case the person wants them there and won't let them go. Fortunately such cases are rather rare, but it can happen.

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