Tonight I am mainly going to talk about the responsibilities of mediums.

Mediums take upon themselves many great responsibilities. They need to have attained a stage in life that is settled. They need to have worked through all those personality changes and crises that are associated with your material world these days. In my day and in my tribe, life was much simpler. We may add that in your society and the world you have at your disposal you do have the opportunity for many more experiences and many more challenges and, in a way, your souls are much harder tempered than ours were. On the other hand this does tend, in some degree, to distract you from the world of spirit, but nothing is perfect in your world. Always remember that everything has its good points; we like to encourage people to keep an optimistic outlook, so always look for the good points. Deal with the bad ones but don't dwell on them too much - it's the good ones you need to watch for.Now, anyone in your material world who takes on any position of responsibility will need to be very firmly centered. There will be much adulation of a medium, people will tend to think that they are some perfect, incarnated being. They will tend to take their every utterance as gospel law, as your saying is. We would remind you that they are only human beings - they will have their faults too, they will have certain characteristics. During the course of the tempering that we referred to, they will have acquired different characteristics, one from the other, some may take a gentler approach than others, some may be quite firm and dogmatic, some may be extremely jolly and hearty, while others will be quieter and more introvert. All these things are the sum total of the interaction of the person's in-born character - the things they bring with them - and their particular life experience.We like a medium to have had many life experiences, and to have developed a degree of self-reliance, self-control, and what we term 'centeredness'. To have a kind of individuality, and yet by the very fact that they are a medium, they are also able to tap the inner core; to tap the spirit world and to act as that link between. Because of the awe in which many people hold a medium, they need also to be very practical people. There are not many mediums who are rich and able to lead a life of leisure. They also have to be very careful what they say, and in their dealings with other people who sit with them.You will inevitably, as a medium, reach a point at which you are starting to encourage and help others in their development. And again, you will need to be very judicious in your handling of this situation. Look at the person's whole life, look at what responsibilities they already have, look at their character: are they confident, are they centered, and those kinds of aspects. You may come across people who have a definite gift or ability, but you need to be able to judge whether this is the particular right moment to encourage that person to develop actively. Look for the people with the qualities I have just mentioned, the people with their settled life who have struggled through, and got over their doubts and uncertainties. Particularly look at family responsibilities. You may be much more encouraging to people whose families are with them in this work, who understand and will encourage and support them. We are always very wary of actively encouraging anyone that has family difficulties because a lot of resentment can be directed towards spirit and this movement if one person in a family comes into it without the others. The others perhaps may be resentful if that person is spending too much time in this philosophy. Children will always need a parent, a spouse will expect the other spouse's company. There are certain expectations which you have of your partners in your world - do not neglect those expectations. Do not change the way that you carry them out when you come into this philosophy, because all these things can cause resentment, disturbance in the family and that, in itself, can hinder a person's development.

So a medium needs to be aware of all these aspects when trying to help others to develop also.

Now, a clairvoyant medium has to tread a very fine line. You will be given information from us, and there are different ways in which that information can be given to you. You may hear a voice, you may 'see' something, you may get an impression. Particularly you will get things in symbolic form. Now, you have in your society a saying - a picture is worth a thousand words - this is why you will get so much in symbolic form. And it is then up to you to start working with that symbol, to find out what we are giving to you. I think I have touched before on the difficulties of these symbols, particularly in a country like yours where you have many people from different cultures. Because a symbol to you may mean one thing, it may mean something quite different to the other person. This is why we always recommend that you say first what the symbol is that you are getting, then you can start talking around it: Is it this? Is it that? Maybe its the other. And eventually you will 'know', you will know your own little 'signals' from spirit when you have got the right thing. The other thing you have to contend with, of course, is the memory of the other person with whom you are working - they may have forgotten something. You may be giving them something which they do not even know. So work with it and try to tease out the information behind it.Now, one of the great difficulties is if you are given a negative message. Let's take the extreme case of a death approaching. This can really frighten people and we recommend that you never actually say that there will be a death. You may say there is a danger around so-and-so, be careful of something. You need to be aware of what effect your words can have on the other person, and to tell someone that there is going to be a death can be very scary to people, and very distressing. Of course you also have to be aware that you may have misinterpreted the symbol, but if you come straight out and say there will be a death, the other person will be very upset and distressed, and their upset will interfere with your link and so you may not get the full import of what you are giving. (To say that there will be a death may in some cases take away hope if someone is ill, and we wish always to give hope.)

And always be honest. Say if you have lost a link, or if for some reason your source has 'dried up', is the phrase that is often used. Do not try to go on if the link is weakening or you are tired - your accuracy will only decrease if you try to do that. And you are the ones who are having to live and work in this material world, so you will have to phrase things tactfully.

I hope you all realise that in your everyday interaction it is not necessarily WHAT you say that causes upsets, it is HOW you say it. And a medium often needs to be very tactful. Now, sometimes we, on our side, can forget about these rules of everyday interaction, and this is another reason for so much 'stuff' being given to you in symbols. It is to leave you free to work with it more, in a way that is going to be comfortable for you and the person sitting opposite - or with whom you are working.

You may say that - to use one of your phrases again - the medium is the jam in the sandwich. He or she is in between, they are trying to satisfy what is coming from Spirit and they are also to some degree trying to satisfy what is in the material world. This is why I said that mediums tread a very fine line. It is a difficult task, and the medium's every day personality can both help and hinder the work. The more introverted mediums may be more shy and hesitant to speak up. The bolder types may tend to speak too soon and too quickly, before they have worked out those fine shadings of tactfulness. These balances can be quite tricky at times.

Mediums will often be given instructions from Spirit of what we would like them to do, and again, sometimes there will be clashes. They need to balance things again. We give what we think is ideal, the medium then has to work with it in the material surroundings.So be aware of these conflicts around mediums, and if you have a gift which you are desirous of developing, also look at your own surroundings, your own life, and check out whether it meets the criteria which I have mentioned. And, above all, be patient. It will often take a long time, often many years, before a spiritual or psychic gift is fully developed to the point at which you can usefully use it. Never rush, because to actively, forcibly, develop a gift before conditions are right for you may actually be a hindrance in that development. And if you were to be more patient it would have reached its full maturity sooner than it actually did.

Now, you may ask your questions.

Question: When you used the phrase 'hard-tempered' did you mean it as like steel or being hard-tempered as a personality trait?

Answer: As in steel.

Question: I am having lessons in reading cards and in numerology, astrology, etc. in the hope that this will develop my psychic gifts. I know that my life is unsettled; do you recommend that I continue with these lessons?

Answer: We see no harm for you in this kind of thing for the moment. You see, you are learning these skills, it is something you have to learn, you have to remember, and this is not quite at the same level in which you are really actively developing your psychic gift. It will lead to it in time. It is a learning type of thing, something which is on the mental level AT THE MOMENT. It is easier for us to work through somebody who has some sort of skill and training. If you were actively trying to develop as a medium, the kind of medium through which I am working now, we would AT THIS STAGE counsel you against that. But these things which require mental learning and skill are quite all right for you at this stage. It is all right for you to learn and practice them. It will be a while before the psychic gift of using them as a focus will develop, but that is quite all right. We see nothing wrong for you at this moment.

Question: Thinking of your own people, the Red Indians who are still surviving in the U.S.A., and our aborigines, who are facing the problems of cultural transition from one culture to another, would you say that adopting the Western culture is for them a step forward or a step backward, from the spiritual point of view.

Answer: In each epoch of the world, there were spiritual and religious practices which were appropriate. There are many layers of societies in your world and some have reached the end of their development. There is approaching the real mixing of all these races and of religions, and this will enable the new type of person to come through, and so all these disturbances are really an advancement of the world. But there is a new type of person starting to incarnate. If you look back to your history, you will see certain waves coming through - I think there have been about four so far. So you have the one type that comes through when you have your pre-historic one. You had another type coming through after them in your ancient world. Then there was another with the increase - there are concepts which I am having trouble bringing through - when the European races started to spread, that was another. And there is another one beginning to come through now. This is how evolution is working, but it is not the one 'lot' of spirits which is evolving up through them. There will be one wave which will prepare the way for the next wave, and the first wave will go on. Often the 'wave' will leave the material universe and will carry on in the spiritual world, but you get some remnants left behind, and there are some who will want to go to another material world. But to a large degree that wave of souls will usually continue their own evolution in the spirit world. But now, there is this 'mixing up' which at this point is beginning to occur to a greater degree than has happened previously.

And those who go on into the spiritual world sometimes decide to come back - to reincarnate. They will have evolved so far over there and will come back as a different type of soul coming into the world. And this is what has happened with those coming through now, which is why they need the greater mixing up of the races. You can perhaps picture a circular motion - maybe something like your Catherine Wheel - where you have the main sparks going round but others are shaking off. It is not an easy concept to bring through. But many of the remnants need to be mixed up, so that they are not so many little 'dead ends', and this applies not only to those who you regard as more primitive than yourselves. There are institutions in your own society in this state. The main one which is most noticeable will be your religious institutions, they will be undergoing great shake-ups and changes. They will be forced to this. You already have been having some shaking up in your social institutions. This has been a forerunner. You have things like the attitude of the colonial powers towards the countries which they have been ruling, that has changed. Be prepared for a great many more changes - you need to get rid of a lot of your set ideas.

Question: What can we, as individuals, do to help this process of change?

Answer: Be open to others. Work with spirit. Get rid of your prejudices and your set ideas that things must be thus and thus. Try to establish harmony in your own immediate surroundings. Be aware of spiritual concerns, so that you may be the one to stay in the Spirit World.

I think, if you will excuse me, I will bring tonight's proceedings to a close.

Farewell, and may Spirit go with you.

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