Good evening to you all.

I apologise to you for taking so long coming through. We were working on the medium tonight and I would like to thank you for your great patience. We know it is not always easy to sit still and quiet at such times. But we decided that tonight would be a good time to work on the aura and vibrations and things like that.

I will, tonight, give you a brief talk on giving spiritual healing. By spiritual healing I mean the various forms of healing by laying on of hands. As you are probably aware, you can give contact healing or you can give absent healing.

In contact healing, the client is present and you can heal directly, with absent healing the client is not in your material presence and you heal by means of prayer. You can also give healing by actually placing your hands on the client and you can give healing by merely holding your hands near the client. There are other forms. Some people give healing by using their head as well; or even their feet. It does not matter, whatever way seems right for you to direct energy to the client is correct.

Now, I should perhaps say quite clearly that in spiritual healing YOU DO NOTHING. You are merely providing your body as a means of directing, focussing, channelling - whatever term you like, whatever concept you like to use - the energy to the client. Everyone can heal to some degree. Some people appear to be more effective than others, but everyone has the capacity. Those who appear to be more effective are probably those people who have been working longer or who are more aware of the spirit influences, or they are simply more open to the spirit influences, or can allow themselves to be open to the spirit influences at certain times. It cannot be stressed too often that the spiritual work is always under your control - you are leading your life in the material world and you make yourself available to spirit at certain times. Now, this does not mean that spirit will NOT be able to work through you, or contact you at other times, your guides can do that, but when you deliberately make yourselves available to spirit it is under your control and you do it when you say.

So, the next question, of course, is how do I give healing? Of course the easy answer is to say, by wanting to give healing or comfort or reassurance, or whatever. Perhaps one of the most obvious forms of spiritual healing is the mother with a young child, when the child falls over, and mother says:

"Let me rub it better." And she does rub it better. And almost instantly, the pain will have gone. It is not just a placebo effect, mothers and children have a very close contact and when the child is small, that contact is particularly strong, so the mother can heal. As long, of course, she has not got emotionally caught up. This perhaps is another point that you need to be aware of. If something quite drastic or serious is wrong with a member of your family or someone who is close to you, you will be emotionally caught up. It is quite likely, and I concede that this is not always the case, there are exceptions, but it is quite likely that you will have lost your calm centre and that is important when giving healing. Very often when you start out, in healing, working as a healer, developing your healing gifts, you will not be aware of this calm centre, but with time it will manifest to you. When you are emotionally involved with your client, when you are emotionally upset, your aura is being affected and it is difficult for us to work through you. This is why you will very often find people saying that they cannot heal their close members. They maybe able to heal if it is something small, like a bruise or having touched something hot with the back of the hand, or something like that. But if there is something big, you may find that you cannot help a close person. And that, of course, is when you call in somebody else.

Now, back to the healing process, it is very nice if you can have a special room for it, a room that can absorb the vibrations. But it is not in the least essential, you can heal anywhere. You do not have to make it obvious that you are healing. If it is someone who you think will not be receptive to what you are trying to do. You can think up some excuse for putting your hand on their arm or knee, or something like that; there may even be occasions when you can sit very close. It isn't always possible or acceptable. In some way you can make contact with them. As I say, you do not HAVE to make actual, physical contact, you can just be sitting near a person in such a way that the palms of your hand are directed at that person. Or you can simply think of the healing stream coming forth from you to that person. Let us think of the situation in which you are, shall we say, 'officially' giving healing. You have been asked by someone to give them healing. The first thing to do is to say a short prayer - you don't have to say it out loud, you can. But you can say it just mentally. If you know the name of your healing guide, then ask that guide to work through you. If you prefer to take a more abstract approach, you can simply ask spirit to work through you. Offer your body as an instrument or a channel, whatever concept or visualisation you like to use. Offer your body for the energy to flow through to the person.

Now, it is often a good idea to start by simply holding your hands a little way from the head. Just for you to pick up the first vibrations. Alternatively, you may place your hands on the person's shoulders, or on their upper arms. Some sort of neutral position, such as those I have mentioned. In your society, healing is usually, at least partly, done from the back. There are areas of the body which are sensitive and which people do not like to be touched by others. These parts are usually on the front of the body. It is usually acceptable for you to touch the back, so most of the healing will be done from the back.

So you have taken up your starting position and for a short while just be receptive to spirit. Listen to what we are trying to say to you, to what advice we are trying to give to you. Your healing guide will be trying to direct your hands to the part that is giving trouble. Always listen to what is being said inside you. There are various things that can be done, but always listen to what is inside - that will be telling you specifically. You may want to simply move your hand up and down the spine, a few inches away, you may want to actually touch the spine. You may want to make circular movements. You may want to massage or knead the shoulders. Or something like that. Just listen, be aware and just feel what you are to do.

Now, you can work through the person's hands and arms, in this case you may move round to the front of the client, or side, or something like that. You may also be drawn to work on the knees or the feet, or the soles of the feet. Again, this would, naturally be done from the front, and again, let your own guides tell you what should be done. You will know when YOU have given enough healing to the person. You will learn to recognise your switching off point. Very often a client can only take so much and your spirit guides will know when that level has been reached. At other times it may simply be that YOU have given enough healing and so, again, you will be "switched off" for that person. It is seldom that a healing of something long-lasting or very serious will be healed in one session. Minor things, may be but it is usually necessary for the client to return ands because of this you should never promise to give instant healing. Actually you should NEVER promise that a cure definitely will take place. It may be that the client, for some reason, will not be healed it does not necessarily reflect on your effectiveness as a healer. So, explain to the person that it is usually necessary for the client to come back several times. Somebody who is new to this movement and who has been recommended that they come, of course, will not be able to take too much of the higher vibrations which you will be directing to them. This is another reason for the cutting off of the energy at some point. You may need to sit down and talk for a few minutes with such a person. So that they understand what you are doing, so that they understand a little of our philosophy. Always be aware that in the past our movement has not been welcome in certain societies and so people who have no real background or experience of the movement can be a bit uneasy, a bit scared or anxious and so it will be more effective if you can sit and calm their fears. Explain our basic philosophy. Explain to them that our movement acknowledges Jesus the Christ, that we often use the Lord's Prayer and that in no way are you associated with witchcraft or secret societies and that everything is over and above board. For this reason too, there is no harm in having a small cross not in a prominent position, but just at the side somewhere, whether you use the cross or not it will help to calm people who are new to the movement and who are anxious about coming to you.

Now, when you have finished the healing you must always "close down" the client. You have been forming the link between the two of you, the client will almost certainly have been opened up to spirit and you must close them down before they leave you. Otherwise you have them opened up and receptive to all sorts of spirit influences. Now, there are, believe it or not, several ways of closing down a person and you should always use the way that suits you. One way is to put your hands above the person's head and bring your hands down their sides, several inches away from the body so you are soothing down the aura, you are enclosing it. Other people will picture themselves sort of wrapping the person up as a package and tying it on the top of the head. Another one is to write the sign of the cross on the top of the person's head. You may like to run your hand down their spine. You may do different things with different clients. The one cardinal rule is to always do what you feel inside you is appropriate for that particular situation. You may have some other way of doing it, that is all right. My personal feeling too, is that it is helpful to close with a "God bless you friend." This is my personal approach.

It is also important that you have the energy flowing from you to the client. Never, EVER, try to draw a person's complain out of them towards you. This can lay you open to developing the person's ills or complaint and this we do not want. It can also make you open to undue spirit influences if the person's trouble is being caused by a mischievous spirit. So always have the energy coming into you through your head and out through your hands and arms or whatever part of the body you are using. Keep the flow from you to them. Some people also like to give a good strong flick to the hands. Either when they have finished healing a person, or sometimes during the healing. You can do this if you wish. We also feel that it is almost mandatory for you to wash your hands after healing someone and before healing someone else. It does not have to be an elaborate wash, it can be just dipping your hands in some warm water and then drying them. You see, water has a capacity for equalizing your aura, it can absorb vibrations and it is so fluid that those vibrations can be equalled out, or negated, or dissolved, transformed, transmuted, so even just dipping your hands in water and then drying them can remove from you untoward vibrations. And , naturally, you should always, when you have finished healing, cleanse your own aura. There are two methods which we tell you from time to time. One is to hold your hand two or three inches away from your body and just make a washing type of movement all over your body. If there is a particular area that needs attention then you can give a little extra attention to that area. This will help to soothe your aura, to balance it, to get the vibrations even all over. The other one which is quite well-known is to place your hands in the centre of your forehead and bring your fingers down to the nape of your neck. Then slide one hand down the other arm and then the other hand down the first arm and flick. Repeat that three times. Then start again with your fingers in the centre of your forehead, bring them down over your ears to the nape of your neck. This time bring them down the front of your body and down the legs and off your toes. And repeat that three times. There are other methods of doing it too, but those are the easiest two.

Now, another aspect of healing which some people have used is the use of colour and tonight I am speaking specifically about mentally using colour giving spiritual healing. You may be given an impression of a colour and if this comes to you, you can mentally put that colour around the person. Colours having different vibrations will assist in different illnesses for different people. We are reluctant to particularly specify a particular colour for a particular illness because people are so very different and it can vary from person to person, but generally shades of red will give more energy; blues and greens will be calming; yellow will bring more cheering. We use the purple and mauve shades as a general all-purpose colour. They contain colours from the two extremes of the spectrum. They contain the reddish colours and the bluish colours, so these are mixed to form the purple and mauve shades. So you have a colour that is balanced, has both warming and soothing qualities.

Another way in which you can use colour is quite simply to use all of them. You may like to the person in the colours of the rainbow, just all over, so the person will first be red, then orange, then yellow, then green, then blue. You might like to give it all at once so you have red at the top, orange across the chest, and yellow across the middle and so on down to the feet.

Some people will get alarmed with the red colour because they associate it with anger. But red is basically an energy vibration, it is particular types of red which would be associated with anger or various negativities - they are the darker kinds of reds, the dull reds. In your colour spectrum they would be reds with a lot of black in them. So, be particularly careful with the colour red, be sure that you are visualising a good clear, vibrant, red. Similarly with the blues, keep to the clear pastel blues or the vibrant blues. If you are getting into the dark blues, you are getting to a colour resembling black, and this is a colour which you do not use in healing. Black and grey you do not use. They are very deadening vibrations, they also absorb all vibrations and this, of course, is not really a good idea for someone is who is not well - they need livening vibrations around them. White light and gold are good colours, too to use. White symbolised purity in your society. So you will be feeling that you are giving them something pure. And if you are telling your client what you are doing they will be receiving the purity of that light. And those of you who have been coming here for a while will know that we use gold light as a sort of general purpose light. You cannot really go wrong with the golden light. In your society, gold is a precious metal, it is highly valued, and so using the golden light, will also have those connotations both for yourself and for your client - something precious and valued. It is also the colour that is usually associated with a vision or manifestation of very far progressed souls - those souls who are approaching their merging - they will usually come with this golden light. It is the colour which is also traditionally associated with haloes around depictions of saints, angels, in your society. And so it carries all these connotations with it too. When you are giving absent healing, the white, the gold and purple colours are good ones to send to someone. They travel particularly well.

Now, a colour which often gets a bit of a mixed reception is the colour brown. Again, it is the type of brown which you visualise and we do not REALLY recommend using it as a colour to put round someone during healing. But it is an excellent colour to put underneath someone's feet. It is the colour of the earth bringing strength and stability and by putting it under a client's feet you will be helping them to ground them. Some people will not be feeling steady in you world - and I am not talking about the way the physical body behaves. They may not have a fixed purpose perhaps, they may not be operating in your world to a satisfactory level, perhaps they have got a bit carried away with intellectual pursuits, or even some types of religious beliefs and so forth. And so, giving them, shall we say, this little mat of brown you will be rooting them, grounding them, giving them some solidity, stability in their life. And again you should be careful about the shade, make it a good clear strong brown. The medium is suggesting the phrase 'donkey brown' you might know that. Keep away from the fawny, beige, shades or tones. They are a bit too wishy-washy, they don't have any strength left to them, there are no real vibrations. So make sure it is a good, strong, healthy type of brown which you put underneath them.

Now, lets go over the main points before I finish: The opening prayer.

Your own starting position to centre yourself, to be aware of what your guides are trying to tell you, to open yourself up to them. Do what you think is right for that particular person. Be aware that there are sensitive parts of the body which it is not appropriate for you to touch. This is particularly strong for men healers who are treating women.

Use colours if you feel they are appropriate.

Close off the client afterwards.

You may even say a brief farewell prayer.

Wash your hands and when you have finished the healing session, close off yourself and close your aura.

There are a few minutes for questions.

Pat: Is there any way that we can know that healing has been done or must this be taken on faith?

Silver Moon: Usually during the actual healing you will have to take it on faith. At the end of it, you may ask the client how they are feeling or how the condition is. If they feel some benefit, they will usually say so. But healing is not always instantaneously effective. It may be the next day or the day after that, that the client will realise that an improvement has taken place. You must also be aware that sometimes you are dealing with someone who is not going to be healed. And in that situation you may only be bringing peace of mind and tranquillity and that in itself is a great thing. As long as the patient wishes to come to see you, peace of mind is a great gift to give. And sometimes people can bear quite serious, quite painful, conditions if they know that someone cares. This is a big thing that you would be giving to that person too - that you care about them; that you wish to help them. Do not belittle even that. It is a big thing to give to some people.

Pat: Can you tell us something about psychic operations.

Silver Moon: That is a big topic. They can be performed by people who are very closely in tune with guides who have a very clear understanding of the structure of physical matter and therefore can work at the molecular level. This is how these operations are performed.

Pat: Can this equate with what is termed faith healers?

Silver Moon: It depends on what is actually meant by 'faith healers'. It can be a synonym for spiritual healing, its a very vague term.

Pat: I was thinking in this case of Arrigo who lived in South America and the Philippinos who have been seen and photographed removing physical matter from the insides of people or doing operations with their hands without the aid of sharp instruments and very little blood.

Silver Moon: They are people who have these guides who clearly understand the structure of physical material and they can work on the molecular level, parting the molecules.

You do not need to use force or tremendous will-power or concentration, indeed, sometimes those things can get in the way of healing. Because they cause you to be aware of your body, of your material self. You do not need to bombard a person with thought impressions, the gentle approach is just as valid, if not more valid. Just give yourselves up to spirit and we will do the rest. You will learn to know when the energy is passing through your hands, you will get various sensations in your hands - one person will feel one thing and another will feel another and both sensations are equally - what shall I say - valid. You will also find that the clients are giving different reports of what they are feeling. Some clients will feel nothing, but it does not mean that healing has not taken place. Always accept what the client reports.

Good night.

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