Forgive my long introduction, I have had some difficulties with the English language. I was attempting to speak to you in my tongue. However, I have agreed that I should use this medium's tongue. It may be lacking in some richness of expression that I could use myself, but I will accept these restrictions.

My name is Silver Moon. When I was in your world I was what you choose to term, the 'medicine man' of an Ojibway tribe. I have been with this medium for some time, but until now I have not attempted to speak with you.


Forgive me. I am seeing again the scenes of my life. I am seeing the moon shining through the birch trees; I am seeing the tents of my tribe in the evening, when the camp fires are alight and the smoke is drifting sky-wards, and an owl flies overhead.

It was in this setting that I found it most easy to communicate with the greater spirits. I remember the cool fresh air of the evening and the mountains, my beloved mountains; and the river, the broad swift flowing river, we called Okaptiwete (?).

The memories come fast. Some painful, and some joyful. I seek to bring to you all the peace and harmony to your lives. I remember the peace and harmony that existed in my tribe. When we lived in co-operation with nature and with each other, it was the way we survived. It was the way food was distributed evenly and all had their share. There was peace when we co-operated. And we had contact with other tribes and often messages could be passed right across the land. A trading took account of one with the other when we obeyed the rules that had been worked out over many moons between forebears. Such rules developed out of necessity and were proved to work. And we feel that this is one of the things which you must observe in your society. You have certain written rules of behaviour as well as the written rules. The written ones are the ones that are enforced upon you, I do not deal with those, but with the unwritten rules of your society. In the society in which you are, there are many nations mingling, and they bring different ways of behaviour and often these ways are not understood and friction arises. It is important that you should develop a way of looking at society as a whole, as we did between our tribes.

Conditions in your land are different to those in the land I lived in. You are being forced to live close together with individuals from different nations, and the attitudes and behaviours of people from different nations will rub against those people from other lands. But bear in mind the good of the society as a whole.

You are trying to merge and found a new nation. This merging has the potential to bring forth a new nation, a nation that could be important in your world. A mingling of the races in your society could form in such a way that you can be a starting point of the new types of souls that are about to start entering your world. We have told you before that this world is coming to an end of its usefulness for the people in it at present. We are not going to give any predictions about what will happen, I will tell you that the new type of soul is beginning to enter this world, and the merging of the nations in your country will be the impetus for the entry of those souls. You need the mix of the nations and the races that can occur in your country to facilitate their entry. We cannot tell you how you can persuade individuals to be receptive and accepting of individuals from other cultures. We will only tell you that if you can achieve that acceptance, if you can abolish from your country, from your society, discrimination against those from other nations, from other races, your country could become a world leader. I am not making predictions, I am telling you of the potential. You cannot legislate to force people into this acceptance on an individual level. You have the acceptance officially, and when it is accepted individually your country will begin to realise its potential.

I ask each of you to accept those of other races that you may come in contact with. I do not ask you to join organisations, they become set and bureaucratic. Work individually, just quietly accepting. Be the yeast in the loaf of your society that raises the dough. This attitude can be a great healing force in your society.

I will be working through this medium, helping with healing. This is a new force. I have not spoken through her before, although I have been present. I would ask you, please to switch off your instrument. (That is the tape recorder. He went round the sitters giving energy. He then led the sitters in the following meditation.) Picture you are on the plains.

We have left my beloved forests behind us and now there is a large plain and in that plain there are many tribes and it is evening. They are sitting, sitting silently, and above is the dark, dark, sky and those luminous stars shining down. All is peace and you can see the camp fires, the smoke gently rising. And it is vast, there is space. Nothing else exists but these plains and these people. They are people from many tribes and they are in harmony. Feel the power behind. Can you feel the energy? It is building up.

(There was a few moments pause and then he left. I brought the sitters back from their meditation.)

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