Although I had quite strong contact with the guides for some reason I was not being given the words. Eventually they told me to start talking. So at first I was not in a real control condition but the guides gradually took over. No identification was given but the manner was strongly suggestive of Sertorius and so this talk has been attributed to him.

Now, they are saying that over time they have given various exercises and instructions on your physical body, things like giving it adequate care but not being overly concerned with it, appropriate clothing, appropriate food, a well balanced diet, no excesses - neither too much sleep or too little sleep. Naturally to keep off the stimulants and other narcotic type drugs. They do not ban alcohol, but keep its use moderate. And they are saying : When you are on this path, those of you who are ON it, you need to protect yourself psychologically. The temptation is to rush in to help people, sort of willy-nilly, but always make sure that you are keeping a reserve on which you can draw for your own needs. Don't completely deplete yourself psychologically - don't be afraid to say "No, this far and no further." Don't let all and sundry impinge on you, impinge on your privacy, don't allow yourselves to become drained by other people. There will be times when you are helping people who ARE in a crisis, but learn to distinguish them from other people who will just drain you and keep on taking from you without eventually returning something to you.Now, when you are with people and especially on occasions when you are trying to help someone, your aura will be mixing with theirs and you will tend to pick-up - vibrations is the only word I can think of at the moment (there was some trouble selecting a word here) from them. They will attach to your aura and so vibrations of other people will affect you. Particularly when you are mixing with a lot of people. After a few hours your aura can be sort of shabby, it can be, sort of, pulled out irregularly. You don't actually get bits off somebody else's aura, but brushing against it, you can get the vibrations and so you brush past somebody who is particularly down, for some reason, and they have a dark coloured aura, you may find that a part of your aura will also become dark and so, in a way, you have picked up something from that person, but it is not an actual thing, it's an impression or a vibration.

In the past we have given you the cleansing technique, if you remember, the one where you put your fingers in the middle of the forehead and bring them down to the nape of the neck and down each arm three times, then bring your hands back to the forehead and bring them down your body to your feet, three times. That is a good one when you have been healing somebody, to make sure that you have not picked up any of the ill-health imbalances.

Now, even when you are not dealing with people who are sick, even just your normal social intercourse can affect your aura as I have been describing. And so there is a technique whereby you can smooth that aura and get rid of other people's vibrations or impressions on it. To do this stand up and shake your hands quite vigorously so you get some energy flowing in them and then sort of go over your aura, a little way away from your body, shake your hands again and do another part. Over your back, down the back, bring it off and shake. Do that wherever you feel inspired to go - all over as much as possible. This smooths your aura, gives it a smooth outline and the more you do it, the more effective it will become and you should find that you are very much refreshed by doing it. It may seem, for yourself, to be a type of healing exercise. (The flat of the hand should face the body making large circular movements, much as you would smooth an area of sand.)Now, what applies in the material world also applies in the Spiritual World and there is often a temptation when you come on this path to extend yourself aurally to other spirits that are around. Now, there are, in the lower part of the Spirit World, or astral world, whatever you wish to call it - everyone seems to have different names for the areas on the "other side" - there are around, souls that we have termed mischievous spirits. They are not, in themselves, evil because they, too, are a little spark of the Godness, but for some reason they are greatly attracted to the earthly plane - and there can be many reasons for this - and they can take great delight in influencing someone. Newcomers on this path are the prime targets for them, because the aura starts to open up and you are excited about this, and perhaps you want some contact with spirits, you want to contact your guides and so forth. And consequently you are really making yourself available. You don't realise you are doing this but you have this excitement about this wonderful new knowledge that you have learnt and so you tend to think about this thing to a great extent. Even in your normal life your thoughts will keep returning to it, after a while of course, you usually settle down and it will be more under control. I think even just telling you about this will help you to bring your aura back under your control.

Be aware that there are these mischievous spirits about, but do not be afraid of them because they are NOT evil. They may influence you to actions which you consider evil, you or your society. Most societies share a sort of common basic idea of what is right and wrong but there are variations from one society to another. And sometimes these spirits don't realise that they are influencing you to do something which you, in your society, consider is wrong because the society in which they lived did not, and because they are drawn to the earthly plane they are remembering that and so have different concepts to yours.

This is one of the reasons why we have been stressing to you that you must always follow the conventions of your own society. This will give you some protection from this undesirable influence, because this is your life and you must live it. We are here cheering you on, trying to inspire you to right decisions, but, as we have repeatedly said to you, in the ultimate analysis the final decision is yours.Now, some people seem to be more open to spirit influence than other people, and again, as you might realise, there are many reasons for this. One of the major reasons is having had some sort of a psychological shock. This may be associated with, perhaps, a physical condition, it may just be something occurring around you which affects you psychologically. Now, depending on the strength of the shock and the strength of your own self-worth, if you have a stable personality basis, you will be less prone than somebody who is less stable, or uncertain of themselves, hesitant and so forth.

The psychological shock can affect the aura, a very strong one may affect it permanently or, if there have been several, the effect will mount up until there is a permanent damage. This sort of damage causes the different layers of the aura to become mixed - the colours will be mixed round instead of in definite places - the aura won't have a definite shape, it could be thick here and thin there and so forth. And understand that your auras are always changing - if you have seen colours in a bubble how they move round, that is how your aura is, but you can see the colours clearly. When there is a damaged aura those colours will be much more mixed up. So instead of having, sort of, bigger patches of colours they will be very much more smaller and mixed round, all in together type of thing. Now, you know when you do this with colours you get a dark murky colour, and with nothing definite there (in the aura) you are more open to these undesirable influences.Now, sometimes there is a limit to this so if you have a shock of some sort the aura can be affected for a while and gradually settle back into its pattern and this is more likely to happen to somebody who is a stable personality in the first place, because eventually their personality comes to the fore again and they can re-assert control. It is the unstable people who cause us the most concern in these matters. Very often this type of - we are trying not to use the word possession - influence is something important in their lives, and to them it seems to be making them different from other people, making them special. And if they cannot value themselves in some way they will tend to cling on to this, especially if it is in some way giving them attention, or making them a focus for other people. They are the ones who can get permanently tangled up and this is why we say that only the stable people should be actively working in this line, this path if you wish. This is also why in many cases, but not all, in most cases, the medium will only really start to develop, to do work, when a stable stage of life has been achieved. Opening up too soon and too fast, too, can lead to this influencing situation. It is necessary to strengthen the aura and know what you are doing before starting active work.Now, you are probably wondering what you can do to help people who have got tangled up like this.

Praying for them; if they will attend church services there they are not being given opportunity to develop themselves but they are coming in contact with our vibrations, will often help, because coming into that kind of area their aura can be strengthened. Particularly if they will come forward for healing. This sort of thing particularly helps people who are in a temporary crisis or shock, or emotional shock, psychological shock - that I mentioned before. Because those conditions have a calming influence, if we can get the physical mind and brain to calm down then the aura too, will be affected and become calmer and it will be a strengthening, building-up process.Where people are getting out of control and possibly becoming a danger, to themselves physically or other people, we feel that your orthodox medical treatments at this stage are probably the best approach. The drugs used will affect the aura and cause it to contract and in many cases - you must understand that nothing will work in every case - in many cases this will break the influence. Unfortunately, we realise that there are often physical side-effects but we feel with time they will be overcome - other people, unfortunately, cannot be helped.Now, you may ask about doing a rescue on this person.But this, too, may work in some cases, particularly in, shall we call them, the temporary cases - these people who ARE stable but who have suffered some sort of psychological shock, and who really WANT to re-assert their own control and come out of this psychological state that they are in. The rescue in that case would probably work. But, in the extreme cases, if you do a rescue without first having done some aural work to build up the aura, you may get rid of that spirit but then another would come in its place - you may get more than one come in, you may get a stronger one come in, a more mischievous one - and so, before doing anything like this, you must investigate what the person's life circumstances were before this condition arose, and if they were in a stable condition and it seems that it is a temporary thing, perhaps they have lost someone, a serious illness, too, may cause this kind of problem, then by all means try a rescue. But if there is anything which leads you to consider that they may have severe aural damage, we feel that you should keep out of it.Check what their life is like, is it stable? Do they have their own home? (This does not refer to actually owning one's own house. Rather it means living in individual accommodation and can include renting a house or flat, but not sharing it with another family or people who do not form a permanent family unit.) Are they usually capable of making their own decisions? Are the decisions they make sensible? There is no reason why you shouldn't make sensible material decisions, nothing wrong with looking after yourselves physically and materially. Have they shown evidence that they have concern for other people, or are they solely self-centered? Do they usually keep their surroundings in an orderly fashion as well as caring for their own bodily appearance? Sometimes over concern with the bodily appearance may be an undesirable or negative indicator. Are they withdrawn or are they an out-going personality? On the other hand, if they are excessively out-going that, too, can be a negative indicator. There should be a balance, they should be able to be happy with their own company - shall we phrase it that way? - as well as being happy with other people's company. These are only pointers to look for.

So always remember, in any relationship you are in - you are a part of that relationship and, therefore, should be given as much consideration as the other parts of the relationship, the other people in that relationship. We have said several times before, always try to look at the whole situation, decide whose needs are greatest, sometimes it will be yours and sometimes it will be others.

(There were no questions that evening, so the session ended with a brief meditation.)

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