It is pleasant to be with you again. Allow me to introduce myself, I see a new face. My name is Silver Moon and when I was in your world I was a medicine man of the Ojibway Tribe. I have been working with this medium in a healing capacity.

When I was in your world, in my duties as medicine man I employed many ways of healing. I used the wild herbs, I used what you term massage, and the laying on of hands. I also used the shamanistic approach in which I journeyed into the Spirit World on behalf of the sick person, to see what spirit influences there were on the illness. Sometimes I would find what we term an attaching spirit and I could help that spirit on its path in the Spirit World, to heal the person in the material body. These spirits by entering someone's aura can obstruct the flow of energy into the material body. This energy is a special vibration of the Godness. It enters the material body at the top of the head, moves down the spine and out through the nerves on the spine into the other parts of the body. And an attaching spirit can cause physical illness by interfering with the flow of this energy into the physical body. They draw the energy into themselves which should be going to that material body. By teaching the spirit the truth of its whereabouts and the opportunities open to it. I was often able to move that spirit on.

The absorption of this energy is different for those spirits who are not in a material body. With us, we can absorb it all over, we no longer have the shell. Our spirit bodies vibrate at a higher rate than your material bodies. We can adjust that vibration to some degree, the ability to do this varies from spirit to spirit. Those of us who are working as guides need to be able to adjust our rate of vibration so that we can match the rate of the medium so our auras can mesh and we can speak through the medium. In time, we let go even of the spirit body to an even finer body, the ethereal, which, itself, vibrates in time with the vibration from the Godness. And eventually even that body is let go and that is when the spirit merges back with the Godness.

This whole process is a gradual change, only your departure from the physical body is sudden. After that all so-called progress in the Spirit World is gradual. Please always understand there is only Spirit, you are already in the Spirit World, it's just that you will insist on focussing on the material objects. When you can focus on spiritual aspects you will see them. The only levels that exist in the Spirit World is in the understanding of spirits as individualised egos. When that individualisation realises there is something else, when it starts remembering its oneness, so it will see that state. There is just one. Please always remember that. If you wish you can picture that One as a mass of some kind of gas, or, if you wish, steam, which does not have clearly defined boundaries.

As it curls up, that is, it forms what you would term, an individual soul, in a material body. Of course, this analogy is not perfect. I doubt if I would even describe it as 'good' but it is the closest I can get that ties with your understanding and experience. The material body is subject to material ills. It is but a temporary dwelling for the spirit. Unfortunately it can impose itself and dictate much to the spirit. As people forget or ignore the inner spirit and its source, as people become absorbed by the conditions in your world, so they forget. So they impose their own concepts. But it is all change, the only thing that does not change is the underlying Godness, the source of all. But its manifestations change. Even its individualities can contribute to the change. That is a proof of the source of the individuality. Look always for the source. Attempt to tune yourself with that source. Remember that that is what is working through you. No matter what the sphere of your life that you are focussing on. It is still the source working through you. These attaching spirits are clinging too strongly to the material world, they refuse to look around for something more. Sometimes it is only when we can bring them into a material body to experience the difference that we can help them to understand. Each case is different and requires a different approach. Sometimes it takes someone to enter into the Spirit World to deal with them, because they see the person from the material world and when that person's spirit comes into the Spirit World, the attaching spirit sees the body and the spirit. Very often that is what enables us to work with that spirit and help them on their way.

Even in my time and in my culture there were those who doubted the spirit and what came after the veil of death. And so, even then, there were spirits needing help. They were much fewer than the spirits in your culture today. We lived closer to the earth and more in tune with it. There were less material things to distract our attention. Our lives were simpler, but had their difficulties in other ways. Our life span was shorter, mainly because we were not so attached to the world. We could see a stronger link with spirit and its manifestations. We understood the spirit in the mountain and the spirit in the lake, the spirit in the trees and the animals, and in man. The teaching was always there for those who wanted it, and only those who did not want got into trouble in the Spirit World.

We revered those who had gone on before. There were some who thought that these spirits always had bad intent towards those in the physical body. It is true that some did. But by far, the majority had good intent. And a large proportion of those were able to let go the material world and pass on in their spirit life. The discoveries of your world are moving into directions more out of the larger, physical universe, and they move into the cells and physical atoms. Your scientists are learning much and one day they will be surprised at the conclusions which they reach. They are going in a different direction to the one we were going in, but they will arrive at the same conclusions. You will see the Godness in everything.

We hope and trust that you will pass with understanding when your time comes. Your spirits have a different quality. There will still be work for you to do on this side to hasten your fellow spirits in their spirit life, too.

We seek to light the flame of understanding in your heart that it may burn like the camp fire that I remember. The smoke from the camp fire would drift, it could be smelt from quite a distance away, so will your spiritual understanding be spread around you and enlighten those with whom you come in contact.

There is a short time if you wish to ask questions.

Gesella: How do spirits attach themselves to our bodies or our auras? How do we go about it?

Silver Moon: They attach themselves only to your aura. They do not enter your body. They enter the aura at some moment when - forgive me I am seeking for a word - when your aura is distorted or shocked in some way. your physical consciousness is shocked or jolted in some way, especially in a state in which your aura is being expanded without your understanding it. Sometimes people do this, and they do not realise what they are doing. But they, sort of, broadcast a state of mind rather than actual words, that can be interpreted by the spirit as 'Come to me'. It can happen in states of distress or in states of happiness. It is in conditions in which a person over-rides their door-keeper, the spirit who is always with you from your birth. You can over-ride that door-keeper. Perhaps the word I am looking for is vulnerability - a state of vulnerability when a spirit can enter your aura. It is usually a person who does not have a strong sense of Self. I am not talking about selfishness, but that inner sense, self-esteem perhaps is a word you may accept. But a certain inner strength of Self is the best protection from an attaching spirit. Should you ever feel that for some reason, someone is trying to influence you unduly, you can evict them. Telling them very strongly to go away, almost rudely, and stop any spiritual activity, especially anything such as meditation which you do by yourself. Firmly ask your guides and helpers to protect you, to allow only right spirits to come to you and absolutely mean this request. Busy yourself with things in the material world, especially things which will help other people. And, by all means, request prayers from others to protect you. But do no other spiritual work other than attending church services, orthodox, spiritual church services, anything except those where a heightened state of excitement is induced in the congregation. Remember that these are mischievous spirits, they are only attaching. There is no such thing as an evil spirit because there is only one Spirit. Some of the individualised spirits are mischievous, they will like to play pranks. They will try to influence you to behave in certain ways, but remember, how you behave in your material world is your decision. You can go along with Spirit, embrace us if you wish, but you do not have to.

Does that answer your question?

Georgina: How does a person know if a spirit is attached to you?

Silver Moon: Impulses to do inappropriate things, behaviour that is inappropriate for your society.

Gina: It is not just getting up and doing something mean. But where you think, 'This just isn't me'.

Georgina: Does it happen very often? (I.e., an attaching spirit.)

Silver Moon: No. Perhaps to one person in a thousand. It only becomes a serious problem when a person allows it to continue.

Georgina: Most people wouldn't know, would they?

Silver Moon: Most people would be aware of the impulses towards inappropriate behaviour, and many will fight against it. It is the ones who don't who get into serious trouble.

Georgina: So does the spirit often leave of its own volition if the person doesn't follow the impulses?

Silver Moon: Yes. Especially if the person is very firm and insistent that the spirit go.

Guy: We have in society sometimes people who we call eccentrics, people who delight in challenging society by doing the unacceptable and unexpected thing. Some of them are brilliant, such as artists, would you say that some of this behaviour is due to attaching spirits?

Silver Moon: Occasionally, but more usually, it is the person's deliberate intention to behave in that way. In the case of those who you might term 'specially talented' people, it might be their way of discharging 'excess energy' that they are receiving in order to exhibit their ability. In the majority of those cases it is a deliberate decision on the part of the person.

Guy: What proportion or percentage of people in our mental institutions who are schizophrenics or paranoid, are suffering from attaching spirits?

Silver Moon: The schizophrenics, almost entirely. Some of the remainder will have an attaching spirit, others are suffering a material imbalance in the body. Those in this category who have the attaching spirit, the attachment will be facilitated by their imbalance in their body and being associated with a weakness in the character. Where there is an imbalance in the body, but a strength of the inner character, there will not be an attaching spirit. But there will be what you term a mental illness.

Georgina: You said that people with a strong sense of 'self' don't attract attaching spirits, so if a person does not have a strong sense of 'self', how do they go about fostering a strong sense of 'self'?

Silver Moon: This condition usually arises during the material life. Some of your psychologists can help, but the person has to really understand and want to develop the strength. It can be done, but not very often. Please understand too, that not everyone who has - its a difficult term to give justice - not everyone who have this weakness of character will have an attaching spirit. It is a difficult thing to overcome. Younger people can be helped, but not the older ones because a sense of 'self' develops from the early days in your material world.

Georgina: Well, how is a weak sense of self brought about?

Silver Moon: Unfortunate incidents in the childhood.

Georgina: Can you give an example?

Silver Moon: There are many. Being derided, neglected, not made to feel they are wanted.

Georgina: Perhaps not honoured.

Silver Moon: Perhaps that is a good term.

I am being told that, for tonight, it is time I left. Thank you.

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