I bring you greetings from the Beyond. I thank you for coming tonight in this bad weather you experience.

I come to speak to you of love, the universal love, the love of spirit which underlaid my work when I was in your material world. This love was not often spoken of - it seems to be largely ignored by those who speak of the red man's magic. In actual fact, love played a great part in it, and I wish to bring this forth and make it known to you, so that there may be greater understanding of the red man's art. We loved first the earth, we loved the plants and we loved the animals. We understood the spirit that was manifested through these for our benefit. We respected them. We took what we needed and no more. We understood our underlying unity with all things. We understood that as we treated these other manifestations of the world, so we treated ourselves.

You hear much about the red man and their braves and their wars and their scalpings and so forth, but you hear little of the love side of the red man. You hear little of the respect that we had for each other. We knew that we were one with all things and with each other. It is true too that we were human. We were not perfect, I do not claim that. I only wish to tell you of the love that we had. We had various arrangements between ourselves and between our tribes. Arrangements that allowed us to live and to survive without encroaching on each other, and without endangering each other, and the conflicts arose when these arrangements were broken. We were capable of great love for each other, and truly, there was great love manifested by the medicine men, We often risked much in our work of healing our fellow men, in our work with what you term the spirit world. There are dangers in this work still. In my day, in our society, it was much more wide than with you today. We often undertook perilous spirit journeys in order to find the guidance that we needed in our day to day affairs, in order to find the knowledge for the healing of the sick and the hurt. It is true that we could have taken other ways, but for us, this was the way we took. Maybe there were better ways, but this was the way it developed in our society because we were much closer to nature. We were closer to the spirits in the trees and in the streams. Sometimes we used material aids (drugs/plants) to go on our spirit journeys. This is not necessary. The way this work is developing now in your society is much more under control and, we think, far safer, if the rules are laid down. We developed our methods, we developed our own protection as time went by. It is true that often these spiritual journeys which we undertook were frightening to us, but through them, we developed the courage to go deeper. And those of us who followed the love aspect were able to go very deep indeed. But you hear little of that. It is not brought forth when you started to learn about us and our ways. You did not see it, because the people who came to us in the early days were far from love themselves. And so they did not recognise it in others. They did not see the joy that we had in nature, in the trees, in the streams and the mountains, and thus they passed over a strong element of the red man's life. We rejoiced much in these aspects. Through our totem we were given part of them, our God dwelt in the forests, in the mountains. He dwelt amongst us and we were able to contact the spirits frequently. I experienced much bliss in my journeys and in my work. I often wished I could bring it through to others. In many cases I was able to lead them to it. I am afraid that people in your society are much the same as they were in mine. Some were open and receptive and some were not, that was their path. I come tonight to ask you especially to meet in love for your world. Just express it through your life, through your thoughts, through your attitudes. It does not have to be an active force in the material world. These days I am much more concerned with what goes on inside people. Remember, the unity in your world. Your society has passed far away from feeling that unity. I ask you to feel it now. Think of the earth, feel what it is like to be the earth. Feel that firmness, that solidity. Can you feel people walking on you? Feel the tree roots spreading down through you, holding you together. Feel the grass and the flowers growing on you. Can you feel that? Can you feel yourself as a tree, growing tall, spreading wide. Feel it in your roots deep into the earth folding on tight, drawing sustenance from the earth. Feel your branches in the wind. Feel the rain on you. Feel the sun. Can you feel the birds nesting in your branches? Can you support their nests, their young ones? Maybe there is an animal in your branches; feel it resting there. BE that animal. Feel the tree underneath you. Jump down from the tree. Feel the firmness of the earth beneath you, and the branches and the twigs and the leaves as you are walking through. Perhaps you are seeking a stream to drink. BE that stream. Bubble and sparkle over the stones and pebbles. Chatter on your way down the slope. Become bigger, slower. Feel the slow relentless movement towards the sea.

BE the sea. Feel the swells of the waves; the surf crashing on the shore.

BE the deeps; deep, deeper than man has ever been. Feel the fish within you, the mighty ones and the little ones, and the in-between ones. See the dark, deep depths where only the shining fishes are, and at the same time see the sparkling sun on your surface. Be drawn up to the surface by the heat of the sun. Rise up into the clouds. BE those clouds. Be those great, slow drifting clouds, floating through the air, higher and higher.

And BE the air, intangible, unfeelable, unseeable. There are currents in the air too, drifting and rolling and waving, and moving higher and higher towards the sun. See the great shining light. The all light giving sun. It is the light of the spirit - that all encompassing light, it is waiting to receive you, so joyfully. Go to it now. This is the journey that removes that dangers in spiritual journey. Those dangers of only of man's making anyway. And when you contact the source of love, there are no more monsters in your mind, and so they cannot manifest in spiritual journeys. And when you can make this journey towards the light of spirit, then you have the knowledge and understanding that you need in your material world. How could we tell this to those early visitors to us? They could not even express the love of their own deity, how much less could they have been able to understand this? There were many of our own people who could not understand it, and so it was seldom mentioned. We responded with that language which we thought they would understand best. Few people in my society could understand their own unity with this spirit and with nature - there are even fewer in your society. We are pleased that this is somewhat improving, but there are still many who will not accept it. There are still many who will not bring it into their daily lives.

Can we add you to the number of those that do? Bring this unity and love into your daily life. You do not have to be meek and spineless creatures, but if you will draw on this for guidance, you will be bringing an added dimension to your life and to the lives of others. But you need to experience it first, and in experiencing it you will find that the monsters of your own creation will be both in your mental world and in your material world. You do not have to talk about this, just express it. It will be healing to you and to others. You may ask questions if you wish.

Gina: Are you basically saying that if you tap into something which is basically love, the monsters will go - the monsters are basically your fears?

Silver Moon: Yes.

Gina: And these will disappear?

Silver Moon: Yes.

Gina: How about those people who just don't like you?

Silver Moon: They will change. Express love to them. Now, you do not have to do this in hugs and kisses and the rest of it. Just send them loving thoughts. Hold a loving attitude towards them. Something will change.

Gina: With some people that's pretty difficult.

Silver Moon: It is an opportunity for growth and progression for you. If you can love them in spite of that, you will have made progress.

Pat: Is there a need in this feeling of love for everyone, of remaining open in regard to what they feel?

Silver Moon: We are not quite sure what you mean by the word 'open'.

Pat: Because of pain inflicted by others, we put up our barriers to prevent that pain, which is all part of the difficulties in giving love.

Silver Moon: You can still give love in spite of that barrier. You may still need to protect yourself from the mental influence of the other person, but what is within you can still be love for the other person. You are not aware of why that person is like that, you do not know what their past life has been. Remember that the other person is still an interaction of Godness. Still feel love within, no matter what they do to you, still send loving thoughts to them. As I said, you do not have to express it, in fact, in some cases, I understand, it would be better not to. Just send thoughts and feelings to them. Picture them wrapped in love and light from spirit.

Pat: What about this that we are told by different teachings of various people, that we should send particular colours and do chanting about colours, does this help?

Silver Moon: It is not necessary. All that is NECESSARY is love and concern and good will.

Pat: Is there a time when we should let go and let God?

Silver Moon: I am not quite sure I understand you. Let go and let

Pat: Let God. Its a saying that some people use when they hand it all over to spirit to look after them. you leave that to it and have faith that somebody else will take it on and deal with it better than you can.

Silver Moon: Yes, but you can still send loving thoughts and feelings to that person.

Pat: Sometimes we feel very inadequate.

Silver Moon: I give up! (He felt that the message that he and the others have been trying to get across about people and their relationship to Godness had not been understood.)

Gina: I can understand that by sending loving thoughts, you are tapping into a higher source, and when you tap into the higher source you are opening, and you are no more vulnerable, because you know you won't get hurt, and so you are channelling this higher source to other people.

Silver Moon: Just feeling it in yourselves, sending it MENTALLY to others. There is nothing to feel adequate about because it is not you anyway. you are still a drop of the Godness, don't put it down. Just do the best you can.

Marsha: Sometimes when you continue to send these thoughts on a daily basis, it is a difficult situation, and there is no outward sign of reception. Spirit is still giving these thoughts, even though the person is not aware of it, so that that person who is sending the thoughts knows it works.

Silver Moon: It is working on some level. It may take a long time before you see any manifestation in your material world, but don't look for it.

Marsha: This is a long way away geographically.

Silver Moon: This doesn't matter. The act of sending the love, that is one way in which you can progress yourself.

Pat: Is worry a negative force, does it decrease in someway, one's love for people?

Silver Moon: There are many reasons for worry. Now, I do not imagine for one moment, that you can spend 24 hours a day sending loving thoughts to people. But watch, if you send a negative feeling to someone, take even just a few seconds and change that feeling to one of love, and sympathy, and concern for that person. in time you will learn to get over your worries. It is true that worry will hinder this process, but worry is involved with something in the material world, and when you can really understand that material manifestation is but a game for you to play, you will lose a lot of that worry. Just do the best you can. I don't ask you to be perfect immediately.

Marsha: Sometimes it seems when you have difficulties with another person, I find it really funny, that sending loving thoughts may not change the other person, but I find that it changes me, how I perceive the other person.

Silver Moon: You have let out my secret.

Marsha: That is perhaps one of the most positive results.

Silver Moon: You have learnt a lot in your journey.

Gina: As well as changing the way you perceive that person, the other person picks up that you are not being antagonistic to them. So they may change their attitude towards you, or at least, they won't feel threatened.

Silver Moon: That's right. It works at all levels.

Pat: Are you a medicine man of the red man?

Silver Moon: Yes.

Gina: What do you think of the current Red Indian revival in America?

Silver Moon: It is a manifestation.

Pat: Could your journeys be compared to the shamanistic way?

Silver Moon: It is one aspect. I do not suggest for one moment that it is the best way or the highest way, but it is one of the ways. Because all ways are of value for some people, and what will suit one person will not necessarily suit another. You try them out, and you find out.

Guy: Did you use a lot of plants and drugs on your journeys?

Silver Moon: In my initial journeys I did. But not for very long, because I learnt that it wasn't necessary.

Pat: Can our meditation be compared to this journey?

Silver Moon: They are a part of it. One person may not be able to experience all. But you will find a thread or path which seems right for you, and it will change. At one time this will be appropriate, at another time something else. So never exclude anything. never extol one way above another. Because, at some point you may discover that that way is necessary for you.

Guy: From where you are now, Silver Moon, the culture of your people passed away - it collided with the culture of the European as they landed - it has now been replaced by the current American culture, which is again starting to change. From your point of view, do you now see that it was perhaps necessary for the culture of your people to pass away? That it had fulfilled its role at the time?

Silver Moon: Yes. And the European culture will also pass away.

Guy: It is changing now.

Silver Moon: That has been the story of the world since it began.

Guy: Do you see that there was a lot of needless suffering and injustice being done to your people at that time?

Silver Moon: It has been the way of the world since it began. It is in your society too, and in all societies in the world.

Guy: But there is no bitterness left?

Silver Moon: Not in me.

Pat: You have reached the level of the Universal?

Silver Moon: No. I would not be doing this if I had. Please understand - there are not really levels in the Spirit World. This is one of the concepts which is extremely difficult for us to bring across to you. So sometimes words like 'levels', 'higher', and 'lower', etc. are used to try to get a concept across to you, but in reality, in the Spirit World there is no 'higher' and no 'lower', and no levels, and no stages, and no planes.

Pat: Just different states of being?

Silver Moon: That is but another word.

Pat: Vibration?

Silver Moon: Do you NEED a word?

Pat: No, but I suppose we do need to understand the concept, and it is very difficult without words, because our medium is words.

Silver Moon: You will only put another word on it which still isn't quite correct. We are trying to get you beyond this need. There are paradoxes, there are ambiguities, there are uncertainties. you need to accept them, because if you come over here with set ideas, you will be trapped in those ideas. We are trying to break them down with you. Try not to have set concepts about the Spirit World. It will be easier for you.

Pat: We try to distinguish between fact and fantasy, and we are confused in between reality and unreality? it is very difficult to grasp.

Silver Moon: Don't try to grasp it.

Pat: Just be?

Silver Moon: Just accept.

Gina: Isn't that the trick to learn how to tap into a much finer reality to open up and tap into universal love and then to be able to turn it off?

Silver Moon: You could put it that way. You do not give university courses to pre-schoolers. So do not worry about it too much, try to keep an open mind that is free. Otherwise you will get trapped in it. Pat; If we really get up tight we can always drop out of spirit back in the material world - play the game as you say.

Silver Moon: That is so. But don't forget us.

Guy: Have you ever wanted to come back here on earth again?

Silver Moon: No. I do not rule out the possibility, but to date I have no desire.

Guy: You have been there for a couple of hundred years or more?

Silver Moon: yes, I left before the white man arrived.

Guy: Let's say, 500 years.

Pat: Why do you seek to help us?

Silver Moon: Why not? It is my way of expressing my love for you.

Guy: Did you do work among your own people as they came over?

Silver Moon: Yes.

Guy: A lot of them came over when their lands were destroyed.

Silver Moon: Yes.

Guy: There was a lot of bitterness in them, no doubt?

Silver Moon: There was, and confusion, not understanding why it happened.

Guy: Why do you think it happened?

Silver Moon: Because the time had come.

Guy: The game was played out?

Silver Moon: There were new challenges needed.

Pat: Are we coming to another?

Silver Moon: There always has been. There are always challenges in the material world. We have to keep you busy somehow, and many of them you throw up yourselves of course.

Gina: So the Indians who didn't understand when they went over now come back as white people to try and learn the new lessons?

Silver Moon: That has possibly happened in some cases, but it was not a set thing and did not happen for a whole group. You see, many of us had simply worked out this material world, and were passing on. And the age of the expansion of the European was the influx of new souls into the earth plane.

Gina: So they were the younger souls or less highly developed souls?

Silver Moon: It depends on what you mean by more highly developed.

Gina: Well, you are more highly developed than we are.

Silver Moon: No.

Pat: If we think about the pre-schooler and the university graduate!

Silver Moon: We are drifting from the point. It is simply a new group coming in. It does not have to be a higher group, it does not have to be a lower group. It may be one or the other, but it may not. It's simply another wave, if you like. Another wave of the Godness coming. Its all part of the one whole.

Marsha: I have found in the past few months that White Eagle has greatly helped me you know, the quiet mind, that kind of thing. Have you ever met him?

Silver Moon: I have never really examined to see what age White Eagle was. We seem to do similar work. You see, each control that works through a medium in your material world has an aspect which they wish to bring through to you. This has to be modified for the person through whom they are speaking, for the group to whom they are speaking, the society at that time. Societies are changing and I can speak in different ways to the way that White Eagle spoke, but he still has a lot of relevance - a great deal, and a lot of people gain a lot of help from him. The aims of this group of controls are slightly different to him. We are in a different setting, we have a different medium and so we bring through something different - a different aspect. But it is all relevant, it is all basically one.

Pat: Is the purpose of the group to disperse information or for development, or merely to keep our connection with the Spirit World?

Silver Moon: Yes. Mainly to bring through the information. But we are interested in the other aspects as well.

(At this point the tape ended.)

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