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Imagine you are in a narrow little lane with hedges on each side. Look at the countryside. It is wintertime and everything is covered with a layer of snow which is shining and glittering in the weak winter sun. See the icicles in the hedges at the side of the lane, and the shallow pools crackle as you step on them because they are covered with thin ice. Feel the air, crisp and cool, everything is sharp and clear. As you walk along, the road is gently sloping upwards. Somewhere near by you can hear a waterfall, and you can see a small river which becomes a waterfall. Hear the sound of the water dropping. As you walk towards it you realise that it isn't snow at all, it's fine crystals. As the water falls over the edge of the waterfall, it, too, becomes small shining crystals. As you stand there, notice that as the crystals land they are sending up a shower of sparks of golden light, and you are gradually immersed in the shower of golden light. You are surrounded by its peace and by its light. A safe cocoon of peace and light. As the cocoon changes it, too, is a crystal, and you are in the centre of this crystal, but it is really the safe secret inner deep spot within yourself. Now the crystal has expanded and inside it, with you, you can see your guides. Greet each one of them. For a few moments I will leave you to talk with them. (Pause) Your guides have left your crystal now, but they are still with you, outside your crystal. The crystal is moving upwards like a lift, bringing you back to your brain and the consciousness of this world. Bring with you the peace that you have experienced and the information which your guides have given you. It may not be in your conscious mind but it will certainly be there somewhere. Take two or three deep breaths and wake again to this world, to this room.


I bid you good evening. Allow me to introduce myself to our visitor. My name is Verna and when I was in your material world, I lived in Sweden. (She suddenly had difficulty speaking.) I passed over when I was 18, when the horse drawing my sleigh bolted in a snow storm. I have been over here about a 100 years. As part of my development I am looking after the organisation of this circle. I wish to thank you for coming tonight.

(She bent over. I felt the energy increasing but did not understand what was happening.)

Silver Moon.

I bring you greetings. It is sometime since I have spoken with you and I wish to bring you much tonight. I will greet our visitor. My name is Silver Moon. When I was in your world I was a member of the Ojibway Tribe in the land you now call America.

There is much energy building up here tonight. I see it in the centre as one of my camp-fires. And there is smoke drifting upwards taking with it our prayers and supplications to the Great White Spirit; to the great Spirit who formed the earth out of the chaos; to the Spirit who gave us all good things; to the Spirit that is permeating the world today.

There has been much change in the world since my time. The condition of my peoples has changed. One Spirit has given way to a different manifestation of that spirit, and one day, that spirit too, will give way to a different spirit. For always there is change in your world. Change and development. As the people in your earth move and mix, so they create a different type of person. There are physical characteristics that change, and there are also mental and spiritual characteristics that change. And, there is a large change coming in your world. To us it is building up and forming quickly, but to you it will be a slow, gradual change, and it will be more than a hundred years before you can really notice the difference. To us time is different.

There was hardly time for me when I was in your world. Our time was the day and the night and the seasons. You have added, morning, afternoon, evening; you have added hours and minutes and seconds and fractions of seconds; and fractions of fractions of seconds. You measure so precisely something that does not exist. It exists only in so much as you have instruments with which to measure it. And you rule your life by it. And, because of the type of society in which you are, you will continue to rule your life by it. But we ask you to be aware of this process. Allow this process to be only in your outer, social, life. Let the 'within you' be free of this thing you call time. It surely brings you freedom if you can live within the timeless state. The timelessness which you will experience when you come over here.

Truly it was said: A thousand years in your sight is but an evening gone. To you it may be a thousand years, but to us it is barely an evening gone, and so we can perceive the changes occurring. To us they seem rapid, to you they seem slow.

Make contact with the soul within you, it is not really separate from you although to night I speak as though it is. As we have explained before, it depends on where the window is focussed. To change the focus of the window of your consciousness you will actually have to LEARN to focus it on your daily life. Think of a new-born baby, to that babe time does not exist. It becomes aware of inner sensations and cries. That is all there is for that babe. You have to teach the babe about time. Time goes much more slowly for your little children than it does for you. Is it not so when you think back, how long a year used to seem to you and now, how quickly does it go? This is because you have been taught, you have developed the concept of time, of scheduling your life. You even feel quick disturbed and restless when you no longer have to schedule your life to that time. You become so used to it. You can pack so much into it.

To those who are lucky enough to live to an old age, time again gradually slips away from them because they are preparing to come over here. You often talk about your elderly becoming disorientated in time, they spend their time in their childhood again - they re-live their childhood. They remember it, they work through a lot of things in that state, so that when they come over here, sometimes they have already finished their life review. Sometimes of course, they have only got part way through it. Some of them will have a chance to remember those old hurts, to have dealt with them, to have forgiven them and let them go away. And so that is one little bit less of the psychological baggage which you bring over here. Lucky are they who have some one to listen to what you term their ramblings. Someone who will listen and be interested in what they are hearing. Lucky are they who have the interesting pleasant memories to pass on. Lucky also are those who have got the hurts to get rid off, they have the opportunity to get rid of them. Some of them are lucky enough, indeed, to see and talk with those who have gone on before them. Again, they are often described as wandering, or rambling, or being confused. They ARE NOT. They are preparing for their transition. They are being given information, explanations that will help them with their transition over here.

If you have the opportunity to know someone like this, do talk with them about what they are seeing, about what they are hearing, and accept it. You will bring great comfort to these people doing this. Just to have someone else accepting and understanding what is happening to them.

So now, you may be asking me: How can I develop this timelessness when I am in a society where the time is ruled and measured so precisely and so consistently. Start off, by spending a short period each day in which you can be still, at peace and in a timeless state. Feel the relaxation that comes in that state - that state in which you know that nothing REALLY matters. Feel it as a period of refreshment, of re-charging your mental batteries, and when you go about your daily life try to carry that feeling, that attitude with you. Carry that timeless attitude with you. Naturally, you will forget, it will not last very long - that doesn't matter, this is only the first step - it will gradually increase and lengthen if you will but remind yourself of it. It doesn't matter how fleeting the memory. It is better to have temporary reminders than no reminders at all. Carry something which might remind you during the day. Can you arrange some sort of a sign which, when you see it, will remind you to be timeless. This has to be brought about by you - perhaps a knotted handkerchief in your pocket, when you put your hand in your pocket you will feel the knotted handkerchief and that will remind you to be timeless. Arrange something like that and every now and again, change it. Otherwise you will become too used to it.

As with time, so there is with space. When you are in our world not only are you in a timeless state, you are also in a spaceless state. You can - you will - reach a state where you can see the whole of the universe. You can reach a state where you can see the minutest atom, and you will realise they are not there anyway, but never mind that. It is an experience of consciousness throughout the universe - throughout the creation. And that state I cannot describe to you. I cannot suggest ways in which you can experience it. But I will promise you this, that one day you will experience it. It is impossible for you NOT to experience it, sometime.


Verna came through again:

I hope you enjoyed that talk. He didn't give me chance to introduce him. It was such a tremendous amount of energy building up tonight and he was just carried along with it and into the medium. I don't know whether there was much in that that I hadn't really realised myself. It drew my attention to things that were happening, that I was experiencing myself, but I did not realise.

I wonder if any of you have any questions.

Doreen: He talked about finding your inner self or talking to your inner self. Does that come gradually? I am not quite sure what he means.

Verna: It's - just a moment I have to check out myself. In the material world you only use a part of your consciousness - I am trying not to say mind because mind is really just the physical brain and a little bit beyond it. But for you the self is much bigger than that, and has a much wider range of what we can experience. You know, in your world you can only hear sounds within a limited range of frequencies, and dogs can hear a much wider range of frequencies than humans. It is something like that. There is much more existing than you can see or experience if you have to focus on a narrow band. So, if you can go within you can expand the band of that consciousness, of that experience. Some people, even while they are still in the material world can expand that band very widely. It does take some practice.

Guy: Silver Moon said that a change is coming in our world which will be gradual for us, and the difference will be seen about a hundred years from now - we won't be here any more. Can you elaborate what you can see the change to be? What would be the major features of that change?

Verna: Many things will change - the physical appearance of people; there is going to be a change in consciousness, but it is as difficult for me to explain it to you as it would be for you to explain to one of your prehistoric ancestors the change of your consciousness that would be in, say, compared to Roman times. It involves concepts that you do not yet have. There are things which I do not yet know myself. I can only tell you that the change is coming.

Guy: For better or worse?

Verna: For better, for worse, what's the difference? For the sameness. Guy: The game will go on?

Verna: Oh, yes. The group of souls that are mainly manifesting in your earth at the moment will be moving on, and a different set will come through.

Guy: Less attached to material possessions than we are? Verna: The material circumstances will be very much different. Whether it is the attachment or non-attachment is difficult to say. They will have different concerns. Just as today you have concerns with your technology that would have been inconceivable two hundred years ago. So their concerns will be things that are inconceivable to you now. But since you won't be there, what does it matter? Guy: Curiosity, just curiosity.

Verna: Be curious about the things that can help you.

Guy: Do our children and grandchildren whom we already know to some extent, represent part of that change already?

Verna: The grand-children are some of the precursors. Guy: Yes, I can see some of their concerns - sitting in front of the TV all day long.

Verna: Did someone's mother ever complain about the books he was constantly reading?

Guy: Yes. Yes.

Verna: So did this medium's.

Sheila: Books can be good, but there is not much good on TV. Verna: Everything has its good and its bad points. There are negative aspects of your technology but there are also some positive ones. Guy: I am interested in time, I am currently attending lectures about it. Last week's lecture was attended by scientists and mathematicians. They now accept, in theory, in physics, that it would be possible to travel backwards in time - something like Dr. Who. The Theoretical possibility of that exists, possibly also forward in time. In other words, time, as such, doesn't exist as we see it. So, some of us already understand it.

Verna: Or think you do.

Guy: Well, we can't grasp it, but we understand it mathematically. Verna: It will be possible one day to have a machine that will show you the past. The future is another matter.

Guy: The theory that we are talking about admits only the possibility of going back in the past, not in future. We actually discussed how such a machine could be built.

Verna: First will come one to show you the past. Then there will be one to take you back, but you will not be able to leave it. You will have to observe from the machine.

Guy: You must stay in the machine?

Verna: Yes.

Guy: If Dr. Who goes back in time in his Tardis and meets his own mother in the time before he was born, and he is very wicked and he kills his mother. That means he never could be born. It means he couldn't be there but he is. Now how do you explain that. Verna: He won't be able to, because he will be unable to leave his machine.

Guy: So he couldn't actually enter the past? You couldn't alter the past by going back into it?

Verna: No. He will be an observer.

Guy: Well, the answer that has been given to that question would be this: Yes, Dr. Who could do that and kill his mother, but then there would be an alternative universe where he could not be born. How's that for a conundrum?

Verna: All things are possible. Are you not guilty of wasting time? Perhaps it is time to draw tonight's session to a close. Unless there is something else you would like to ask?

Guy: One more question. There is a concept which we speak about, the 'eternal now'. Where there is no past, present or future, where everything, past, present and future is now. That is, the state the mystics claim to have. From you point of view can you say something about it?

Verna: It is very easy to attain that state. You have only to pass over.

Guy: Is that the kind of state you are in?

Verna: Basically, yes. Because I am associated with this medium, I get some contact with the material world, and so I am conscious of the material world, past, present and future. But when I am not in contact with this medium, then my state could be described as the eternal now. But I am aware of this. Many people when they come over here are not aware of this. And so they will still think, still thinking in material world terms, that they have been over here for a few hours when in fact they have been over here a hundred years or more. But it is having the concept and the realisation of that eternal now. It is basically the state you are in when you come over here, but you have to realise it. And those who are approaching their merging back to Godness, of course, experience this state much more clearly than I do. But merely by coming over here you will see.

Guy: You make dying sound really attractive, don't you? (General laughter)

Verna: There is no death. So I think I will leave you tonight. My good wishes, I hope I will see you again.

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