Tonight I am going to talk about the psychic vibrations in your world, and how they affect the plants and animals and human beings. You recognise in your world, four principal seasons of the year: the dormant stage in your time called winter; the awakening stage which you call spring; the time of maturity which you call summer; and the time of decline, passing into rest which you call autumn; and then the quiescent stage of winter.

There are, of course, many fine shadings within those four major divisions. And parts of your world do not have the same divisions, in some parts of the world the cycles may only consist of two parts, and of course in some parts it is steady most of the year. These cycles, as you can observe for yourselves, affect the growth of the plants. In some parts of the world there are no fresh plants available at all during the winter time. Then there is a sudden quick growth of plant life during the summer. In other parts of the world, over all the plant life is steady, but you will find that certain plants flourish at certain times at the time when other plants are resting or quiescent. So all over there is some sort of a cycle going on. This is brought about by the movement of the earth around the sun, and the way in which the sun's rays fall upon parts of the earth. They are also affected by the direction from which the sun's rays strike the earth. When the sun's rays fall almost directly, they will be stronger, where the sun's rays strike at an angle, they will be weaker, because they pass through more of the atmosphere and so more of the rays are absorbed before they strike the earth. And, of course, there are parts of your world where for part of the year the sun's rays do not strike at all. In the other half of the year there will be some sun's rays all the time, but they are weaker because of the angle at which they strike the earth. At the moment in your part of the world you are experiencing the new spring growth when everything is growing, everything is fresh and green, when you, yourselves, feel this rush through your own body, this upsurge of energy. This is the active time of your world. In a few months time, the growth will be ceasing, the plants will be gradually maturing and you, yourselves, will not be quite so active as you are at present. And then, it will be autumn, your principal harvesting time, and the slowing down, retreating back into the earth of many plants, the scattering of the seeds of many plants, trusting that in this way the cycle of that plant will begin again. Other plants will simply, sort of, close down and rest, before reproducing their own new growth in the spring.

You respond to these cycles in your bodies each year. I am sure that you are all aware of this. Do you not suddenly feel the joy when there is the first real warmth in the sun? Feel like getting to work again, do you not feel more cheerful? And do you not respond to the heat of summer by slowing down and resting? You can feel these cycles, each one is always somewhere in your world as the world turns in response to the sun. One side will be at rest while the other is in full growth. This is one of the reasons why you feel some upset in your bodies with the present fast travel around your world. I believe you refer to it as 'jet-lag' because when you suddenly get to the other side of the world, the vibrations there are quite different to those that you are used to. Your scientists have been looking at your body rhythms saying that they are out of synchronisation with the day and night cycle. But your body is also out of synchronisation with the larger yearly cycle too. If you are going from a state of summer which is your full maturity stage, that period when things are maturing, and you go to the other side of the world where it is winter and things are sleeping, then, naturally, you are going to be out of synchronicity with the seasons and that also is going to be affecting your body. It is still doing one thing and it is put into a climate where the opposite is more appropriate.

Now, the plants in the spring have more energy in them than they have in the summer. In the spring they are making their growth, and in summer they are simply maturing. We can liken this to your body strength: think how much growth your bodies make during childhood and the adolescent periods. Think of all the energy that you have during those periods, and how in adulthood you become somewhat calmer and more sedate. And towards old age you are beginning to slow down. And in old age itself you are reaping your lifetime's work. It is much more a spiritual time.

The childhood and teen-age is the physical growth - spring time. The adulthood - twenties, thirties, forties - is the solidifying time. It is the time of maturity when everything is approaching fruition. Then, with the later forties, fifties, early sixties, you are reaping the fruits of that growth what has been done previously. And the period after that is one of quiescence, of watching the world, of withdrawing somewhat and preparing for your next step of growth and development. So for each of the seasons of your life, they all have some growth and value, in all of them you are contributing and receiving. Now, those plants that are ready in the spring, they have much more energy, spiritual energy and growth energy than the plants that mature later. It is a different type of energy - I am tempted to say, much more 'energy energy' - because they are coming with the first flush, that first upsurge. Its a little different to the fruits and plants that mature and are ready in the summer and the autumn. Both kinds are valuable - I am not saying that one is better than the other, but simply that they are different. And you should try to make the effort to grow those foods which mature early in the spring so that you get that particular kind of spring energy in them, because that will counteract the quiescent period that you have been through. It is a very valuable type of energy to have. Those fruits that mature late, say in the autumn, have had a longer period in which to absorb the energies from the sun and the air. They are much more of the storing type fruits. They will store that energy for use during the winter. It is a much more stable energy. It has accumulated, it has settled, solidified and will last for quite a while. So you have those different types of energy. Do your best to take advantage of them. Eat those fruits at different times of the year to give you the energies you need to cope with that cycle of the year that you are in, and the autumn ones are holding on to what they have accumulated during the year to last you through the winter. There are plants which you could grow at different times of the year. You could make an early planting and a later planting of the same plant, and you will find that the early one and the later one are somehow different. There seems to be a different quality about them. Try to notice it in the coming year. Perhaps now that I have told you about it you might even notice it. I am not just referring to differences because of late versus early varieties of a plant, they will have their differences in taste and shape and firmness, but the same type that you planted at different times of the year will have a different quality between them. You should do your best to co-operate with this fact. Do your best to eat those fruits which are in season. In your county you have the advantage of a much wider spread of climatic conditions, and fruits can easily be transported from one part to another, so that where there is a lack of a certain vegetable in one part of your country it can be brought from another part to fill that gap. For most of your country this is quite all right, because you have similar climatic conditions. But you will not get the same benefit from foods imported from the tropical areas into the temperate areas. You still get benefit, I am not saying, do not eat such foods, but there is still a different quality to it. By all means take advantage of it, you will still be getting your vitamins and minerals. But tonight I am thinking more about the actual vibrations, there will be different vibrations there. In the tropical areas the seasons are not quite the same as in your temperate areas and so there is this different vibration, there are different needs of the bodies there and in your area. So there is a bit of difference in the vibrations. On the material plane things will still have value for you. It is just the different vibrations that are there. I wish to stress this, because I do not wish you to go away thinking - I must not eat those fruits. You can, they give you some value, but I am telling you that there is a difference in their vibrations because of the different climates.

As you know, health is my main area of interest, and I am particularly interested in foods and the properties that they bring you. And, naturally, from the spirit point of view it would seem that fresh foods have the best vibrations in them. But, unfortunately, in your material world you do have to preserve foods for later use, there is no real harm in this. There are still valuable properties in those foods, but the vibrations are altered somewhat - they don't have quite so much energy as the fresh foods have. So do not depend completely on the preserved foods. Try to make the bulk of your diet fresh, natural foods. You cannot do it completely, we understand the conditions of your world. I understand that in your society, particularly, conditions are quite different to the ones in the society I lived in. In my society, too, we had to preserve foods to see us through the winter - and our winters were very much harsher than the winters in your country. So it is necessary to do this, but take advantage of the great numbers, the great quantity of fresh food which is still available, to you and make that the greater part of your diet. We know that many chemicals are used in the production of that food, without some of those chemicals you would hardly have those foods, because those insects, birds perhaps, and other animals would get there before you. We also feel that there is a greater interest in the effect of these chemicals, there have been many protests about them and the possible effects on your bodies. And with time, much safer chemicals will be produced so that the need for these deleterious effects will no longer exist.

But food is only one aspect of health, another important one is yourselves, your attitudes, your inner thoughts. A joyous attitude towards life will greatly contribute towards good health. Kindliness to others, a genuine ability to forgive, these are some of the greatest aspects towards a healthy body in your material world. We understand, we still remember what it is like in a material body. You DO have feelings, you cannot do without them. It is part and parcel of being human. Accept those feelings. But also remember that you, too, are not perfect, and be willing to put aside the slants and hurts of others. Let them go. They are separate people from you, do not cling, do not try to force them into a certain pattern of behaviour, just accept them for what they are. Sometimes I know this is difficult and sometimes you may need to, shall we say, 'put on a bit of an act', to pretend that this is the way you feel. That is the first step. You are aware of what is right. You are aware of what is happening inside you and from that you will often find that in time a genuine love of forgiveness will come forth.

As often as you become aware that you are thinking negatively about someone else, deliberately sit and consider the good points that person has. Everyone has some good points and as you concentrate on the person's good points, their bad points, their negative points, from your point of view - because another person may not view those qualities negatively - they will become less important to you and this too, will help with the forgiving process.

And so there is more than one aspect to health. Try to take into account all aspects. And with genuine love and sincerity I trust that all will improve for you.

And now, my friends, if you have any questions I am willing to answer them.

Pat: Does it matter what combination of foods you have at one time?

Silver Moon: In general principle, no. If anything, there is an advantage in taking different foods because then you are taking a wide range of vibrations at that time. However, an individual may find that certain combinations of food do not agree with them. If you find that, then do not consume those combinations. But generally speaking the combinations of food in anyone meal do not matter greatly. Always try to keep things balanced.

Guy: Could you comment briefly on the merits and demerits of eating meat, and various types of meat. I believe in your country and among your people meat eating was universal.

Silver Moon: There are parts of your world where it is essential to eat flesh, because it is virtually all that there is in the natural course of events. From the health point of view it is not greatly harmful unless you are eating excessive amounts. You do not need meat every day, you certainly do not need it at every meal. Our personal preference is that the white meats, poultry, from the vibration point of view are the best. The red meats, beef and pork have, sort of, lower vibrations. Meat does provide some substances which are difficult to obtain for your body. On a strictly vegetarian diet you should include at least some eggs and dairy products. Fish, too, could be included with the white meats. If anything, from a vibration point of view fish is superior to those. We mean the 'true' fish, not the other sea creatures which some people consume. But the main thing is on an individual level, to eat that which is acceptable to you, without being too dogmatic.

Angie: Why do fish have higher vibrations?

Silver Moon: Because they live in the water. They are not so much in contact with the earth, which, itself, has a lower vibration. The earth is the more solid vibration. It is solid, a slower vibration than water and air. So fish have less contact with the solid, slower vibrations of the earth than the other creatures.

Angie: In addition to fish you mentioned the other sea creatures, why do they have lower vibrations?

Silver Moon: I am thinking mainly of those which are more in contact with the bottom of the sea, those types of creatures.

Guy: What effect does freezing or canning have on the vibration of food? Drying, canning and freezing, is there much difference?

Silver Moon: The effect of these preservations is to slow the vibrations. Now, you will need to take various practices into account when choosing the best type of preservations. Some foods are more suitable for one method than others. So I do not completely dismiss all methods. Preferable are methods which do not use heat. Freezing preserves more of the natural vibration than your bottling or canning methods. Drying is very good, it is slightly superior to freezing methods. Especially if it can be done in the open in the sun, because with that method you are using the vibrations of the sun. This isn't always possible, but those foods which can be dried that way are superior to the others.

Guy: Silver Moon, myself and the medium also, we are aware of the work of a certain healer by name of Edgar Cayce. He is now in the spirit world. His method of healing was really consulting, I would think, spirit guides or advisers. Do you have any knowledge of him, do you have any contact with him? Would you be able to do similar things like he did?

Silver Moon: We do know of him, mainly through the books that you have read. We do not have a particular knowledge of him. His guides used one approach to healing, we do not wish to use that approach - at least at the moment. Most of his methods of healing were given to specific individuals and their efficacy is, therefore, somewhat uncertain, but they are worth trying. They may be right for you, or they may be not right. Give it a try.

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