I come tonight to bring you my Christmas greetings. Several of my companions have been through these last few weeks and now it is my turn. I come to bring my strength to you; this is my main role in this circle. I help to bring the strength and the steadfastness. And so, tonight, I will be giving each of you energy. And I, too, have my Christmas gift for you which I will give you in a moment. One of the features of the man you call the Christ was steadfastness and honesty and sincerity. This is why this religion has persisted so long and has pervaded so much of your world. At its very basis it has these qualities. Now, we understand that many of its variants, its material manifestations may be criticized in some way, but not the base from which it started. He came into the world from that last level before full merging back with Godness. He was able to bring into your world a tremendous amount of love, and compassion and spiritual energy. We are not going to go tonight into what has happened to those qualities - I am talking only about the manifestation, the original manifestation.

Other people, too, have manifested in the world bringing these qualities. So there is always a focus in your world at any one time. You are concentrating on one point only. We hope that many of you who are coming in contact with these teachings are also spreading your horizons to take in other points of this focus. They all bring something which is presented in different ways to take account of the prevailing world attitude, and the particular attitude of the people in the country of the manifestation, and in particular of those in closest contact with it and then it spreads out further and further. So all parts of the world benefit to some degree. Your world is always constantly changing and so the manifestation of the spirit also changes. It is necessary. Spirit always brings what is needed at anyone particular time and place and group of people. Many people will be attracted to a particular manifestation, and they will drift away again. There is something about it that isn't quite right for them at that time, but they are still affected and uplifted from it. They have taken what they needed. Does not matter that they did not need to stay with it - they have taken what was necessary for them. And we always take this approach with our own small group. Some come to stay and some come for a while only - that is all right, we give freely. We give freely in an attitude of love, because there is only one spirit and all manifestations are building through the one - it is ever new at its source. Take the manifestation that you need and take as much as you need.

Remember with joy your Christ child. Does not matter if the details of His life as passed down to you are correct or not. Just remember the underlying spirit that is being given out to you. Have you ever wondered why you have so many sparkling decorations at Christmas time? It is the reaction of your innermost spirit, because the innermost spirit within you remembers the spirit world and how it sparkles. So at Christmas time the vibrations of the earth are being uplifted, and so you react to these sparkling decorations. Each little sparkle is like a star - and remember the star that guided the three wise men. It reminds you of that search for the inner Godness which all of you are undertaking, even though you don't realise it. That search is still there within you.

Now I am going to give you my Christmas present. In front of each one of you is being placed by one of your guides, a scroll from me. Mentally look at that scroll and see what yours looks like. Now, unroll it, its not a very long scroll and on it you will see some marks. These are the representations of spirit writing. They do not carry any particular words with them, but those marks, the pattern they form, will strike a chord in your inner soul. And you will respond to them. And through the coming days and weeks, for as long as you wish to do so, whenever you picture my scroll, your inner spirit will be stirred and will respond and remind you of the underlying spirit of all life.

This is my gift to you. I wish you good-night and a very happy festive season to you all.

(End of Sertorius' address)

Arrian's Christmas Meditation.

Good evening. I come tonight to lead you in a meditation as preparation for your Christmas time.

Go gently within. Be aware of the energy that is building up in this circle around the centre. You are part of that energy. It is pure spirit. You see only the material body and the material plane, but I remind you, you are also in the spirit world at the same time you are in the material world. So you are part of this energy, you are part of this beautiful golden light building up between you. Feel this golden light spreading, encompassing all souls in the material world and in the spirit world. May those who are sad and disheartened feel this energy and be uplifted. May those who are happy and joyful be aware of this energy so that they remember the spirit within. Take this love and give this love. Absorb this love, and in absorbing it you are in no way diminishing it. Your destiny is to wholly become this love, you cannot avoid that destiny, one day it will be yours. My love and my peace I leave with you. Remember me in the midst of all your doings and I will be with you, now and for evermore.

(End of Arrian's address)

Verna then entered and in reply to a question which was not recorded, but which seems to have been about the previous speaker, said:He is barely at the level of some resemblance of manifestation.

Norman: In relation to that last statement: Many teachings have the implication or say that Christ may return to earth. There are various Christian teachings about Christ's return. Would you say that it will be a spiritual return or a physical return?

Verna: What is there to return? What is there that has left?

Norman: Well, people have a belief of his return. Whether it is a spiritual one or a physical one is left up to the individual.

Verna: He has never left. Because the entire universe is made up of the one substance, so as you merge back into the Godness you are everywhere.

Norman: How do these things come about then. In the Great Invocation it says: May Christ return to earth. That seems to make nonsense of it.

Verna: I leave it to you to judge.

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