6th July, 1989.

First, see yourself as a centre of light. You may choose any colour you wish for yourself. Now, picture yourself moving to the centre of the circle and joining up with the other coloured lights of your fellow sitters. See the greater energy that is generated by your closeness and interaction with the other different colours. That energy is now lifting you up through the ceiling and up through the roof of this building. Together you are rising up into the night sky. You are now far above the earth, you can look down and see it there, beneath you. On your left you can see the moon, gleaming in the reflected sunlight. As you leave the earth's gravity you can now see the sun in the distance. But you are leaving those three spheres behind, you are moving into deep space. See the blackness of the sky around you and the stars. See the stars coming closer to you. And now you are so far out that you can look around and you see, not individual stars, but whole galaxies.

And now as you travel, you are all linked together holding hands, and feel your circle now expanding, and yet, large as it may be, you are still linked. Experience the aloneness of this expansion and yet, at the same time, you are still together. Feel the space around you, the immensity of nothingness in space. You have no fear because you know the angel helpers are near you, and yet you are alone. This paradox is solved by understanding the co-existence of the two spheres - the sphere of the angel helpers and your own sphere. You can make contact and yet you are alone. You know too, that the underlying Godness is permeating everything, even where there is nothing, that is. That alone is. Behold, now, you are out in deep space, alone, yet with the others, an individuality and yet a plurality, for you are everywhere. Look at your body, see the millions of star systems held within that body. And yet that body is not there, it is there but it isn't there. Feel the freedom of this concept. There is no more confinement. Feel the bliss that comes from shedding the material surroundings. One day you will savour that bliss to its utmost, for now you have but a mere shadow of it. Feel the joy building up within you. Let it burst out from you in a stream of fiery stars. Think of the stars as the expression of that joyousness in Godness. Each star is a little burst of laughter of Godness, and the joy of each one of you is sending forth stars. See them shooting across the infinity of space, and yet they remain within your body.

Glide through that space, if you have ever wanted to fly, now is the time to do it. Feel yourselves sliding through the galaxies, feel how they tingle as you slip through them. Feel like a child, moving, sliding, soaring, gambolling through the depth of space. See those cascades of waterfalls, they may fall forever and ever, and never reach the end. Slide down them, slide up if you wish, for here is no limitation. You are at the edges of the universe, on the edge of the world around you at the edge of see-through land. We are seeking to unlock the directions of your thoughts, to help you discard all concepts. We seek to free you, to ready you, for what comes next. We are trying to prepare you for the shedding of the material plane. To free you, so you won't have firm expectations of what comes next. Do not be hidebound by your expectations, by your concepts, by your ideas of what must or should be. Be free of all expectations so you may be ready to receive, to perceive what is real. Not many people know that you can come straight here. If you don't hold on to your expectations, to what is familiar to you, you can come straight here. Let go, let go of your earthly logic, your earthly concepts, let them drift away, and come here, the centre of the Being of all Being. Do you feel that peace, that love, within which you can let go all the stars, the galaxies and the waterfall? Feel how you are all together again, you have really never been apart. You are the very small centre of everything, this tiny pin-point. Do you know what is at the other side of the pinhole? It is yourself. It is your body, in this room. Try passing backwards and forwards through that pinhole. Be here, and then be there. Be there and then be here. It is all that close, and you don't have to do anything in particular to get there.

That pinhole is the centre of your own being in the material plane. When you go through it, you will find that you are at the centre of All Being. Just give us a few minutes each day, a few minutes in which you remember this. It does not have to be long periods, we ask only a few minutes.

I shall leave you now. Gradually, as you can, wake up in this room, in the material plane. Each one of you, let us know when you are back here.

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