1st February, 1990

This entity did not identify itself to us and I had the impression that the answers were provided by my guides as a group. There were changes in the delivery; the speed of speaking changed considerably, varying from very rapid to very slow and in between speeds; the loudness also varied from very quiet to normal volume but not to shouting level. Afterwards the sitters reported feeling fluctuations in the energy level, and some said that the temperature had also varied. For my own part, I felt that at times I was in a deeper control state than at others. During meditation before the control had taken over, I had felt as though someone had moved to behind my chair, and there was a sort of 'pressure' in the air in front of me. I also felt a strong tingling sensation in my face, especially around my mouth. For me this is a sign of an entity taking control.

We are going to attempt this evening to answer some questions which our honoured helper (my husband, Guy) has given us.

Guy: Are communications which come through a medium always spirit communications? Sometimes they probably are not - they could be manufactured by the medium's own subconsciousness. Sometimes they could be influenced by something like the Jungian sub-consciousness, if such a thing exists, to which a medium could be tuned in. How and if, we can tell the difference, what is and what is not a genuine spirit message. Let's start firstly: is there such a thing as Jungian collective consciousness?

Answer: The thoughts that you put out set up the vibration around the world - it is not really the atmosphere, let's call it a spirit atmosphere round the world - and your thoughts set up vibrations in THAT. That holds thought forms. Beyond this you have a space which - it gradually weakens further from the earth - for thought transmission. The distance from the earth that your thoughts travel depends on the strength of the thought, whether you are DELIBERATELY trying to send it a long distance or not. You have many thoughts which will just affect the immediate surroundings. Thoughts which are sent deliberately with some intent or with emotional strength will travel further. The distance also depends on how far away the receiver is. Of course the majority of your thoughts are not being sent to a receiver. So, if you have someone in one of your spaceships it is possible for a very strong person to send thoughts to somebody on that space ship, if it is sent with enough intent and with inner imagery. Now, if a lot of people have the same thought, you will constantly have that vibration in this atmosphere around your world, and so other people will pick it up and they can add strength to it. And so, eventually, it can be materialised in your world. This is one reason why? we do not stress these predictions of doomsday, of great catastrophes, and the rest of it, because if people thing there is going to be a catastrophe and enough people think it, they will become afraid and there is emotion attached to it, and there will be one. If the people hadn't been thinking of it in the first place it may not have happened. Or if it had, it would have been a small local effect. Because there are things going on in your world that are in the nature of the world, for instance, the way earthquakes occur, the way you have your storms, there will always be those. But if you are feeding thoughts of catastrophes then they will become very much worse. And the more you look for all these signs of catastrophes the more you will see, the greater importance you will attach to them, and so they will build up and build up. Watch what thoughts you are projecting. Now, how do you know that what you see is the same as what someone else sees?

Pat: We tested it out on one occasion with the perception of a coloured blouse that a person was wearing and out of six to eight people we were all seeing something different.

Entity: Exactly. And how do you know that what you call 'blue' is the same what another person calls 'blue'? You see a distant scene, how do you know that other people see the same scene that you are seeing? So, is there a collective unconscious? You have these thoughts that I have just been describing, that are being fed by you, giving them strength, but you also think counter-thoughts and, naturally, the stronger you send them the more you will be able to counteract the other thoughts. There is a certain amount of agreement of what is in your world. That is why you are here, and that is why a certain amount of the Godness has been solidified into the world for you all to feel. When enough people think of something, it will be there. And certain thoughts can last in your atmosphere for a very long time, if they are being fed, if they are being repeated. So there is your collective unconscious. It can also be your collective conscious! And this is one of the things which we are trying to spread and teach through people like yourselves. Does that satisfy your question?

Guy: Yes. You have answered the first part of it all right. They are ALL related actually. I have often sat and wondered in the church when the clairvoyant gives the messages: that he or she sees this, or, say, Aunt Mary brings you a red rose, or something like that happens, or there is some journey to come, or some kind of thing is going to happen. And I often wonder, is the clairvoyant getting these ideas from the actual departed spirit who is putting these things through the medium, or is the medium tuning into the subconsciousness of the person receiving this image and picking things out from the memory of that person, which may, or may not, have entered the collective kind of psychic memory you just talked about. In other words, how can we tell what is picked out from the collective or individual sub-consciousness, and what is a true actual spirit message? Can we tell the difference?

Answer: Some mediums do one thing, some do another, and some do both. Some do one at one time and some do one at another. Spirits do come and communicate directly with your medium. (Sigh) It is difficult to explain. The spirit will often give a piece of information to the medium who can link it with the person, and both approaches are working - the medium is both picking up something from the person's sub-conscious and the spirit can also elaborate on that. It is rare for a medium to ONLY pick up something from the subconscious. There is usually the spirit acting as a catalyst to start the train of thought. Now, it is usually when the person does not recognise the entity being given, or does not remember a situation or event. Then the medium will pick up from the thoughts that are in the sub-conscious to try to find something to trigger the conscious memory. On other occasions it is purely or entirely from the spirit. How can you tell the difference? For the person receiving the message the proof will usually come in the accuracy of any prediction. The ones that come from spirit will be correct. Now, sometimes, of course, the medium will be picking a trend, the medium may pick up a situation where there is a decision to be made, and they may be able to pick the unconscious desire of the person. The person faced with two choices will very often, deep down, have an unconscious desire to go one way or the other, and so the medium may bring that to the fore. In those circumstances we cannot guarantee the accuracy or the desirability of the action. But there is always, at least some spirit contribution to these messages.

Guy: Following one step further, I have had long discussions with the medium about it, take the case of multiple personalities, well-known in psychology these days. One theory would be that they are different spirits possessing or manifesting through that person. Another, and probably more likely explanation, is that the individual somehow manufactures theses various aspects of personality out of his own psyche. Again, where are we? Are both answers correct, and can we know the difference?

Answer: In the majority of cases it is spirits. The person has a weak aura which allows the spirits to work through a person in the world. Possession is an incorrect word. Another spirit cannot possess your own body, but they can come into your own aura to influence your behaviour. Usually it is someone who has allowed this to happen. They may feel the presence of a spirit and be willing to allow that spirit to come into their aura and allow them to influence them. On rare occasions the person is someone who has been frustrated in some way, and then it is a sub-conscious up-surging of the spirit forcing into the conscious - forcing a kind of extreme version of how the person would like to behave. That is the situation that is usually caused by certain conditions - material conditions - in the material world. Usually the split personality is spirit influenced.

Guy: Last question in the series. We were discussing the specific case of a book written by a medium, Jane Roberts, which recalls the world view of William James. Now, William James was a famous philosopher-psychologist in America who lived early this century, and was very well-known. And this medium claimed she was contacting the psychic world, the thought world, of William James. She wrote a book about what she found there. Now she was most insistent that she did not contact the spirit of William James, in other words, the thoughts and feelings and ideas of this departed philosopher somehow hold together and keep their energy to exist in the psychic environment, and she claims she was able to tap into it and explore what is in it. But somehow this mental world of that man exists separately from the spirit of that man. Would you like to comment on that?

Answer: It is the thoughts and memories still lingering in the world atmosphere. He was a well-known man who is still remembered today, and so energy is being fed into his thoughts and memories in the spirit atmosphere. The spirit of the person concerned would not be very far away, insofar as we must pre-suppose distance in the spirit world. He is still being held around the world by these memories of him, by the remembrance of him. As we have explained on several occasions, you move away from the world when there is no-one left to remember you, or when there is no-one left in the material world about whom you are concerned. There are still people who remember him, and he still has some interest in the movement he helped to start. And so he was not far away.

Guy: So achieving fame and memory on earth may not be a good thing! I think I have completed my questions, I have hogged the floor tonight. Time for others. Thank you.

Jackie: Thinking about the way William James left his thoughts for people to be able to pick up, on a lesser degree, does this happen in regard to buildings, where people have lived in buildings? Speaking personally, I can walk into a building and feel the atmosphere. Is it the vibrations, the thought vibrations, of people who have lived there previously and have passed on?

Answer: Yes, people's thoughts affect the vibrations of the building, and as other people respond to those vibrations so they will be maintained or changed.

Jackie: The interaction of people will either maintain or change it?

Answer: Yes. This is why it is very important for those of you who have some understanding and knowledge of these matters to be careful what you are thinking. Your thought vibrations will be very much stronger than those of people without this knowledge. If you ever find that you are thinking some sort of negative thought, always immediately replace it with a positive thought about the person or situation that you were thinking.

Guy: The events that go on in our world, there is a tremendous turmoil going on in the Soviet Union and eastern bloc countries. There are currents and counter-currents, thoughts and ideas. And nobody on earth knows what will finally happen there. So it would seem that whatever the dominant psychic current turns out to be will determine what the physical reality will be. People are now throwing up all their thoughts and emotions and whatever turns out to be the dominant way will materialise.

Answer: Yes. This is why we ask you to send golden light and thoughts of peace and calm to those areas of the world.

Norman: Is this our reaction to events in that part of the world?

Answer: To some degree, too. Much of it is a simple building up of a desire for change amongst the people there. Change, any change, at any price.

Norman: The price is freedom. I have been focussing my thoughts on those people for a long time

Answer: The desire for freedom. But what IS freedom?

Norman: Freedom from oppression.

Guy: Freedom from hunger.

Norman: Freedom to express yourself. Is there a possibility that individuals who concentrate on higher thought forms will attract to themselves other thought forms in the same vein?

Answer: I take it you mean you wish to influence events in a positive way.

Norman: That's one part of it, yes.

Answer: The best way is, as we said, send them golden light. Picture very strongly reason and sense prevailing. You are putting those vibrations into their atmosphere. The workers from spirit can use these vibrations in their efforts too - there are many hot-heads here in spirit who are just the same as the hot-heads in your world. They have not been over here long enough to learn. Some came over in situations of great trauma and unhappiness, and they have not yet worked that out. And so they, too, are joining in this movement for freedom. If you send your thoughts, your pictures - pictures are better than words - send your pictures, peace and calmness, and especially send the golden light.

Ken: I have a query about mediums passing messages on. They tend, usually, to be good messages. Do mediums filter out the bad things from messages that they receive and pass on?

Answer: Mediums usually will not pass on a message of a coming death. If there is a dying message it will usually be given as a warning, a general one. Such as: 'Check the brakes on your car' or 'be careful when you are going down a flight of stairs' or something like, this because mediums pick up trends, and trends can change. Also, if we were to say that there is a death coming the person receiving the message will be severely disturbed by it. Their aural vibrations could be disturbed and so they would be in situations where they cannot help. If it is another person who is going to die, they will - er - can you understand what I mean? They will be disturbed, they will not be able to help the other person. And, naturally, if it is their own death it will be even more disturbing. Many people come into the church seeking help and comfort and this is what we, in particular, seek to give in that setting. So coming difficulties and troubles are usually hinted at, and perhaps some word of advice given. But for these reasons we consider it better not to say outright, particularly if it is the person's death. Naturally, if we think that there is an illness coming we may suggest ways to sway the illness away, or at least to make it less severe, or something like that. But we do NOT say outright that there is a death coming. We wish to encourage people. It is better for them to pass in an attitude of hope than to pass with a feeling of despair, which is what may happen if they were told they would shortly die.

Guy: Suppose that somebody is shortly going to die. Now, I am going to jump into deep water here, I am going to jump into physics which you may or may not know about - the medium knows a little bit. I am going to jump into the theory of relativity a little bit. According to the theory of relativity, if a signal can travel faster than light which, in our physical world is held to be impossible, but possibly the thought could travel or move faster than light, then according to relativity, a future event could be given backwards in time. In other words, the future event already exists on the world line, the Einstein-Minkowski world line as it is called, and provided an instantaneous signal is possible, then, theoretically, backward movement in time is possible. In other words, I could know what is going to happen tomorrow, and tell you today quite legitimately, according to our physics. Provided my thought could travel faster than light. Is that the way Spirit sees a future event? Or it just picks up trends and probabilities?

Answer: Spirit easily picks up trends, except for those things which were laid down at birth. As you recall, we have explained that at birth a person has a broad, general outline of their life. Much of that outline can be changed depending on that person's behaviour in certain situations. You always have the choice of how to behave in a certain situation. But there are some events, the main, major events, which cannot be changed.

Pat: Can these major events, perhaps have a potential for different individuals interacting at that time. Perhaps a scenario in general terms could take place but in a different setting and with different individuals. Is that clear?

Answer: And with different outcomes.

Norman: But we have a choice of action?

Answer: Yes.

Guy: Somebody put this kind of picture up about life and future events, future events in a sense already existing in this world-line theory: Imagine a man walking along a picket fence at night, with a small torch. He can light up two or three palings at a time, and that is the present, he sees the present and experiences the present. As he walks along the fence he lights up different palings, and maybe there are different kinds of colours and different kinds of palings, and so he moves on. But the fence, in a sense, already is there, although he doesn't know it. Now, according to what is being said now, I would see it this way, that the main posts in the fence are already set, that's according to the life plan - and it is a pretty hard job to uproot a post. But we, sort of, make these palings as we go along, and we light them up with our little torch-light or spotlight, and that is our present. Would that be a fair description?

Answer: And if you happen to lift the torch-light you can see ahead.

Guy: But the palings are already there? You sort of feel what's coming?

Answer: The person on the fence also has the option of jumping down on one side or the other and following along the path. No doubt at times you will also come to a fence crossing this fence, and you have the choice of either continuing on, or of going to the left or right.

Jackie: So its always a matter of choice?

Answer: You always have the choice in all situations, the choice of how you behave, and how you behave in that situation influences future situations. So you may, at birth, have agreed to have certain situations, and you will be put in those situations, but you can influence the outcomes of them. And the less important situations of your life you can change.

Guy: It is both predestination and free will?

Answer: It is a combination of both.

Pat: Can we change the past?

Answer: No.

Jackie: If we come into the world with a plan, is there a part of us that is unconscious, but can also work with our guides as being very much that part of us that is controlling our own path, even though we are not aware of it?

Answer: Yes. You have heard of the sub-conscious mind, that is usually pictured as a place where past memories are put. They may not be accessible to the conscious mind, at least no easily. It is also pictured as that place where we have the 'darker side' of human nature. I could even term it the 'animal side' of human nature. But you also have the super-conscious mind, and THAT is in touch with spirit. Now, the three are not separate, it is sort of a blending and the idea of walking along a path with a torch is, perhaps, a good one. The path is your life and you can see what is immediately in front of your feet. You can turn the torch and shine it backwards and remember things. You can lift it and see other things. But it is just one. All analogies are imperfect. It is like a slot, you can move it up and down or focus on the present. You can focus in the past, the lower part, or you can focus to the higher part, contact with spirit.

Norman: What are clairvoyants reading then? We are really going back to the question, is the clairvoyant reading the individual's mind or getting information from spirit?

Answer: They will pick up the trend. There is usually a spirit contact and some of the information will come from the spirit. They will contact the person's sub-conscious if they need some elaboration to help the person to remember.

Guy: This medium has often given the analogy of the umbelliferous flower, or the tree - you know what I mean, branching back to thicker and thicker branches and stems and all that. When a clairvoyant message is given, does the medium's part higher self, which goes back higher into the tree, to a larger branch, communicate or get into the deeper part of the other person's - in other words do the branches merge at the level where these messages are given? The thicker branch in the tree is aware further along the picket fence what is going to be happening. In other words, because it is already visible to him there, and the message is obtained that way, the two higher selves communicating with each other. Rather than having a separate spirit brought into the picture.

Answer: It depends how far apart, shall we call them 'the twiglets', are for two people to communicate on that scale. It is sometimes not until the very highest branch that the connection is made, and so there is usually the third party needed. It is only when two people are very close, the medium and the person who is receiving the message, that the communication can take place at a higher level up the branch. If it has to go back too far to the thickest branches it is too far removed from the material world.

Norman: Would it make any difference if we said that the medium and the individual make contact by a merging of energies?

Answer: What do you mean by energies?

Norman: All life is energy in some form or other. Since we live on this particular earth plane we are aware of the energies of, shall we say, nationalistic types of energies and thought forms. We, in this room, are conscious of each other's energies, because we are merging with them all the time. Does the same thing happen between the medium and the person receiving the message and information? Is it a merging of energies, the touching of energies?

Answer: There has to be some touching of the auras or energies in order for the spirit contact to be made. But between people who are not close the information is passed through a third party in spirit. The touching of energy usually helps with healing and health conditions. Not usually of the predictive type of message or the proof of survival aspect.

Norman: What prompted that was that there have been some recorded instances of instant thought communications. The other idea that prompted that question was the fact that on occasions Sri Satya Sai Baba was officially recorded as being in four places at one given time. Which might partially answer the previous question.

Answer: He can project a thought-form.

Guy: I have a feeling we have come to an end.

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