Pat: What is the relationship of children to their parents?

Answer: They are essentially free and independent of their parents. They do not belong to the parents, they are born to them for shelter and care during their early years. In the ordinary course of events there will be a certain amount of reciprocity between children and parents. There are many deviations from this, of course. At the moment I am talking about the normal case. As parents give care to their children in the early days, so in later years the children give care back to the parents. As it is given to them, so it is given back. Occasionally there is a link from a previous life, but this does not have to be. It is not always the case. You are rather brought to parents because of the vibrations of their auras, and because of the feeling that the incoming spirit wants certain conditions and these are the best set of parents to give those conditions. Even when the conditions are not ideal, it is set there for a purpose, it may even be for the purpose of raising the consciousness of society. In some cases it is a way of breaking a link that has been formed, and the child's soul wants to break that link. So when a young child passes over the link may be retained with the parents. This will depend on the quality of the interaction. The child may hang around, it gets instantly greater understanding of what's happening, and will sometimes hang around to comfort the parents. The younger the child the less it has taken on society's expectations and the freer it can be. The older the child the more its reactions will resemble those of the adults. There is always someone to greet a child. Now, if there are some relatives over there - on our side - who are interested in the child, who are capable of giving the child guidance and love which it will need, they will meet the child. Very often when the material circumstances have been less than ideal there will not be, on this side, relatives interested in the child. And in this case the child will be met by its guides and its helpers, because the helpers are those people who are interested in helping you. Someone who is not kindly disposed will not act as a helper for you. So the child's helpers will be the ones to greet it and introduce it into the Spirit World. Now, as you know from your contact with Margaret McMurray, those helpers may be wanting to go on with other things of their own. They may have a child who is ready to shed the child form and who is ready to go on in the Spirit World on its own path. But sometimes, the soul has not shed its child-form, or its baby-form, and will still be in need of the care it has experienced or expected to receive in its material incarnation. And in this case the child will be taken to someone like Margaret McMurray who will help the child to grow to the point at which it can be independent. And, as you know from her, it can take various periods of time as measured in your material world. The child has, perhaps, had less than ideal conditions in the material world, it may need a longer period of care. On the other hand, it may not. Always remember that nothing is set, I must impress this on you all the time. The child who has had good experiences in the material world, will probably grow quite quickly in the Spirit World. The children, whether they are looked after by their relatives, or whether they are in an orphanage, can visit their parents when they wish. There are many different attitudes, some may actually stay with the parents as a helper; others may not be even interested in visiting them. Others may stay with the parents for a short while, and will gradually be attracted to the Spirit World conditions. Remember that young children have great innate curiosity. Spirit World conditions can be very interesting. When you come over here just try pretending you are a child and see what fun you have. It's even better than sand-castles. Remember, too, that for some children being born in the material world, it will be their first incarnation. And if they pass over at a young age, they are the ones who will quite rapidly understand. They will develop mentally almost instantaneously as they shed the material body, and they will have a lot of wisdom. They are the ones who can contribute a lot to the parents, if the parents are receptive to them, and who can pass on quite quickly into work in the Spirit World. They also will have the choice of incarnating again at some stage. Reincarnating souls are usually those who have lived for some time in the material world and have become accustomed to it, and so seek to return. Those who are incarnating the first time, most often pass on quite quickly into the Spirit World. Are there any other questions on that topic?

Guy: OK. A related question but on a different plane. I have been involved in a lot of arguments in philosophy about thinking and language. Now, take a child who departs into the Spirit World before he learns to speak, or take a soul who has never incarnated on earth. Such entities would have no concept of language as we know it, they would have no concept of bodies, or objects, of trees or buildings, or anything we know, because they are earthly concepts. In what concepts would they think or talk, telepathically or otherwise. Try to cut out from our thinking process all objective experience, and all linguistic experience, in what terms then would you think and communicate?

Answer: In concepts. You do not have to use words on this side, you transmit your feelings, your ideas. Words are not used. You use pictures and can picture what you want. And that is what is transmitted.

Guy: It is hard for me to envisage a picture that does not have reference to any earthly object, for all earthly objects would be absent.

Answer: They can be spirit objects.

Guy: So you have spirit objects which have no relationship with earthly objects?

Answer: Oh, yes.

Guy: Even rainbows are earthly objects and crystals are earthly objects.

Answer: We use those words as metaphors. So be prepared. You can cling to your material objects for a while, but remember that they are not the be all and end all of the Spirit World. We talk of crystals and we talk of rainbows, because those are the closest concepts that your material world has, that we can link up to the other areas of the Spirit World. So be prepared. There will be other things when you can see them. This is one of the things which we keep trying to get across to you: not to expect set things, because you will see what you expect. And if you are prepared to look for things you do not know, you will see them. Get out of the confines that you get put into in the material world. You will see a lot more even in your material world if you could break out of it.

Guy: Is there anything to be seen at all in any world, Spirit World or earth world, which is not really projected out of your own mind?

Answer: You have the collected unconsciousness. There is a certain agreement between you of what is there. At a deeper layer there is an agreement between all your souls about this world.

Guy: As you enter different regions, lets say, vibration bands of the consciousness, you enter different bands of agreement, you see different things?

Answer: Let me pass on to you an analogy the medium has suggested. If you go to the North Pole you will see snow and ice, and perhaps some water. But the Eskimos who live there will see eight different kinds of snow. Whereas you will see one snow. Expand your terms of reference. Think of all the colours that you have, yet there are people in your world who see only warm colour and cold colour. It is like that too. What you look for, you will see.

Pat: If we are all, in a sense, humanity, be it on this side or, the other side, how can we tell who are our guides and helpers. If you see such a crowd of relatives and friends and those people who care about us, and there is the generic term of guides and helpers, how can we recognise everyone, they all seem so terribly human.

Answer: I am not sure I fully understand your question. Do you mean how do we know who are our guides and who are our helpers?

Pat: Yes. And which are family and friends and people who care.

Answer: Do you mean when you pass over to the 'other side' or when you are still in the material world?

Pat: When I am here.

Answer: Your guides will be people you do not know, and do not have any genetic link with you in this material life. They will have a different kind of radiance around them. Your helpers will look much more like a material person. They are much more likely to wear clothes that you are familiar with. Whereas your guides you will tend to describe as wearing a white robe. They do this because it gives you some sort of frame of reference which is more acceptable to you than if you simply see them as a kind of light. You will be much more likely to interact with them if they still have the material frame. You will also know on an intuitive level those who have been working with you, and those who have not - helpers I should say I am referring to. Most of your relatives will have visited you after they have passed over. The visits will last for varying lengths of time, as measured in your world. It is those who have stayed with you for a considerable length of time who will have been acting as helpers. Some people will suddenly realise that they have been aware of this person, its a sort of hindsight reaction. They have been aware of the person, yet they haven't been aware of the person. Its a bit difficult to explain, but when you pass over you can see someone who has acted as a helper to you for a long period, and you will realise that all along you have known that they are there, although it hasn't come into your full consciousness. Interactions with your guides will usually be on a different level to the interactions with your helpers - this is when you come over here. The guides will have an attitude which is much more philosophic, much more concerned with your progress when you pass over there. Whereas your helpers - interaction with them - will be much more concerned with the material world concerns. Not entirely of course, but that will be a large part of their interaction. You really will just know. Let us have one more question.

Doreen: Do you have just one guide around that teaches you or helps you?

Answer: It can vary, some people will have one, some people will have more. You can have one guide for one type of thing, another will be there for something else. But they also come and go. You may have one guide for a certain period of time, then they will go and other one come.

Doreen: Karl has an Indian guide who is a healer, and I have seen him too. Do they go from one person to another to help two people at the same time, or do they just help one person?

Answer: It is more usual to only have one person. But it has been known for a guide to have more than one. You see it is necessary to really mesh in with the incarnated person's aura, so you tend to just focus on one person so you can mesh with them more easily. You see, we will have more things to do than just working with one person on the material plane. So it can happen but it is unusual. It is much better to work with one person and really strengthen the link there. You can also get all spiritual matters, whether it is clairvoyance or healing or whatever, by linking directly with the Godness rather than linking to the guides. You can call directly to the Godness and in this case the guides will focus to channelling. It is usual to start off by linking with guides, because they can sort of tone down the vibrations to those which you can handle, but as you progress you can go deeper and contact that Godness direct.

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