Pat, speaking by invitation:

I have been thinking lately of stories about sickness and people, near death situations, fear of death and dying, that they haven't finished their work on the earth plane, that there won't be anyone to take care of that work, or that they haven't achieved that which they want to do. The people concerned are the ones who believe that they are going to a better place initially - they have learnt their lessons on the earth plane and graduate into the next plane. They can still help people on the earth plane and even, through their sickness, they allow others to learn their lesson which involves sending love and light to people, teaching endurance and the will to continue this sort of work, even if it is only sending love and light; to give out, not just what they think is necessary, but because there is a need to. It relates to the eternal laws, the laws of nature, or God, or whatever; to open oneself to Spirit, to channel the energy, to give it out to everyone, not just to those which are being good or needy.

So, whatever you do, and whether you feel it's not enough or unworthy, just the fact of doing it is an achievement. It's a lesson learnt, it's a stepping stone, and that's the next opportunity to do something more.

What I feel is disappointing is people feeling inadequate, dropping out or opting out - because you are NOT. You are giving other people an opportunity to do that which is necessary, as part of the learning process here on earth. Part of it is a reward for you, and an achievement for those left behind, because they have learnt so much from you.

It's just one more bond they have with the Spirit World. We are all learning, and some of the lessons are not easy, and some of our exercises don't seem to achieve much on the surface. It's all because we don't see the larger whole. So relax, be one in ALL, the loving force of God, and stress that it is worthwhile. You are doing something, even though you don't think so, and take life as it comes.


(This evening I was in a deeper than usual trance state. I felt dreamy and very dissociated from what was happening. Pat was asked to talk spontaneously at the beginning in order to draw attention away from me so that the spirit could take me deeper. The entity was not identified and it is possible that it was not a separate entity, but my group impressing the concepts onto my sub-consciousness which was able to express them because my conscious mind was 'out of action'.)


We wish to strengthen the link between our two worlds. The beautiful part of life is what you are forgetting about. We wish to renew and strengthen the link between the two worlds, for your benefit as well ours. The more you remember us and know that we are here, the less you will grieve, the better the vibrations we receive from you, the more we can return to you. In days gone by, your understanding of the work of Spirit in the material world was much stronger, much bigger than it is now. Today you look too much on the material manifestations and you do not see the Spirit underneath. The Spirit is always manifesting; do not ignore it. So many discoveries are being made in your world about the structure of your world; do not ignore the implications of those findings. Whether or not they mean much to you, your understanding will affect your progress and development, both in the material world and when you come over here. It is necessary to accept both, to accept both the material and the physical world, and from them the spiritual. You speak of the astral worlds, so often they are spoken of as though they are separate from the physical; they are not. They are all one. They are all interlinked, they are all manifesting one through the other, and it is simply a matter of where you are focusing your attention. Do not forget what is beneath your material manifestation; Spirit is there. One day the world will dissolve, and then where will you be? You should realise already that the world does not really exist, it is simply a picture on a screen in which you are caught up, in which you are playing your part. Tear the screen away and see what is beneath. Do not be afraid of what is beneath. We talk about what is beneath the manifestations which you see when you leave your physical body - they too are illusions, they too do not really exist. What you see beneath that, you see as a void. Do not be afraid of that void. It is warm and welcoming; and when you become part of that void you will be part of the ALL. And more of that I cannot bring through to you for you cannot comprehend it.

When you tear away the remaining shells of the physical body and of the astral and ethereal body, then you will understand. Then you will see the dark light, the light that is dark and yet it illumines ALL. There is never any danger. Fear is what is holding you back; there is never anything to be afraid of. In the ultimate sense we are all a part of Godness. We can never come to any harm. Go along with us, come to the light. The light is always there. It is not an illusion, it is the Spirit manifesting, adopting various guises so that you can accept and will not reject it.

This is why we say: regard your life as a game, play it, but remember, it is but a game. All the things that you worry about, get involved in, they pass away; only the Godness is permanent. Don't let this be depressing to you, rather let it be joyful. If you truly can adopt this feeling, you will cease to have any concerns about the material world, about what is there. Seek always to express that love, that Godness within you. Remember, it is there. Provide a home for it to express itself, to manifest through. Manifest it in your world. If you mean life to be a game, you will manifest a slightly different attitude to the others. They do not know.

Try to hold onto this concept of the Godness within you. Hold on to that delicious void, that warm, comforting, encompassing, joyful void. See it as a game. Have fun and laugh about your little world, but remember the only permanence beneath it. When you can realise that permanence, you will have all the security you need. There will always be a way for you. Step on your pathway with joy.

You will forget my words, you will be absorbed by your little world again, but try to remember them. Remind yourself every now and then. Play with this world as the child plays with a toy. You will outgrow it one day, but take the lessons that you will learn. One day you will lay by all those lessons too.

Do you see how the Godness wells up, now here, now there, in your world? One nation is dominating, then another nation is dominating, and eventually you forget about those nations that were so dominant. Do not be sad about it. The Godness has many ways in which to manifest, and if you seek to hang onto the old forms and old ways, you will restrict that Godness. This is why there is always change. It is like a boiling over. If you boil water you get many bubbles coming to the surface and bursting, and that is how the Godness is. But see the joyousness in it. Can you feel that? The joyousness, that newness which is yet permanent? The ever new, it is manifesting in the physical universe as much as it is in the spiritual, as much as it is in the void beyond. It is joyful. This is what we wish to stress to you - the joyousness of it all.

It is not annihilation. It is not negation. The old truth will ever come again. The ancients saw the One God manifesting as many. The trouble was they saw the many and forgot the One, and then they tried to have the One, and forgot the many. By having only the One, you see, they separated it. We wish you to see the One AND the many. When you can accept that, you will know you are returning.

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