Although the entity came "in" quite quickly it was a few minutes before she could speak. She had some trouble in breathing and spent a few minutes in obvious distress. She held her throat for a while and gasped as though she was having trouble breathing in. Eventually, with some difficulty and with hesitations and repetitions she said:

"What have - what have you - to do - with me?" The tone was hostile and sharp.

Guy explained, "We are a group of people who meet here to communicate with spirits like you. Sometimes we can help them, sometimes they can help us. If we can do something for you we will try. We wish you all well. We do not know why you have come here, but you must have a reason. You have been brought here no doubt."

The entity made more gasping and choking noises. Guy continued "Friends of yours brought you here who wish you well ..."

"They are no friends ..." the entity flared angrily. Again she made a choking noise.

Guy went on, "You do have friends. Somebody must have helped you to come here. That somebody is very friendly towards you."

"They are not friends," she croaked.

"Do you realise that you have died?" asked Guy. "Because you are now occupying another body. The body you occupy is not yours, it belongs to the medium who has lent you the use of her body for a while, and no doubt, it has been done in the hope that it will help you in some way."

"Nobody wants to help!" She spoke with some venom.

"We do, and there are other people who do." Guy persisted.

"Nothing helps." The entity was now almost crying.

"If you relax you might feel that everybody in this room wishes to help. We all wish you well, and we all send kindness to you."

"There is no kindness." she groaned as if in agony.

"What makes you feel like that? You've been let down by people have you?"

"No-one helps. Nothing helps. They said it would help and it didn't - it got worse."

"If you tell us a little about your problem we just might be able to. I promise you we will try."

"I'm sick of people trying." She was showing signs of extreme distress. "Nothing helps."

Guy: "It is difficult for us if you don't tell us what the problem is. If you tell us what your problem is, we might be able to help. Or we might be able to get somebody else who can."

"No-one helps. The pain never stops. They said it would and it didn't. It hasn't stopped now."

"It hasn't stopped doing what?" asked Guy. He was trying to get her to give more details of what she was experiencing. Guy now asked the

other sitters to join in if they could. He explained briefly that it was a rescue.

Phillip asked: "Why are you suffering?"

"Why do you think," she cried angrily.

"If you tell us we can help you," Phillip repeated.

The entity was groaning and gasping, almost crying.

"You had troubles with your throat when you were living," said Guy, "You seem to be choking and having trouble breathing. Is that your

"That's only a memory now, because you are no longer in a body," said Phillip.

The entity responded with "Don't be soppy."

Gina asked very gently, "What's your name?"

The entity seemed to react to the gentleness in her voice, but was again gasping for breath and did not answer.

"Do you realise you have left the physical body and are now a spirit? Do you understand that?" asked Guy.

"You are in someone else's body at the moment. She has let you come in," said Phillip. "You are a spirit."

"The disease that troubled you when you were living on earth is now only in your mind because you no longer have a body, because you NO longer have a body." Guy emphasised.

"You are attached to someone else's body. It's not yours." Phillip added.

The entity curled up in the chair crying "Stop it. Stop it."

"Hey, come on," Gina spoke quietly and gently, "Hey, relax, come on. Relax. Come on, just relax. Come on, you can't close us out. Just
relax." She spoke like this for a few minutes, very beguilingly and very gently. "I'm Gina. Hey, I'm trying to be a friend."

The entity was shaking her head and covered her face with her hands. (Strictly speaking, my face with my hands.) She was now tightly curled up. "No-one's friends," the entity moaned.

"I'm your friend," said Gina, "So don't say I'm not." Gina introduced a little firmness into her voice at this point, "'cos I'm your friend."

"Voices. Stop voices," was the response.

"O.K. O.K." said Gina, still softly and gently. "It's O.K. Come on, just relax."

"They keep saying relax - they don't know," the entity cried.

"You've been through a lot of pain. You are remembering a lot of things," said Guy.

"If you're strong enough you can find the will to relax," said Gina.

"I'm not strong," said the entity, weepingly.

"I'm not either," said Gina "I know that. I know what you are going through. I'm not strong either. But you've just got to get in there and keep on slogging. You've just got to hang on. Whatever is upsetting you is not there any more."

The entity was beginning to react to Gina but was still curled up.

"If you would like to open your eyes you would see where you are," Gina went on.

"No. No. No. No."

"Hey, you're not where you think you are," said Gina. "You are not where you think you are. You are in a nice house, with a very relaxed
atmosphere, with people who may help you."

"Nobody want ..."

"Hey, don't cut me out," said Gina still very gently. "Yes, come on, have a good cry. Having a good cry is the best thing you can do."

"I cried, and cried, and cried." Pause. "They kept promising help and nothing helped."

"Who kept promising?" asked Gina.

"They - the people."


"Doctors, nurses, people."

"What was wrong with you? Did they tell you?"

"Lungs ... I hate them all!"

"I don't blame you. I hate doctors too," said Gina. "But if you want to look around now, there aren't any doctors here. There are no doctors here."

The entity screamed "Well, there should be. They should be helping me."

"There are other people to help you here now. People who can help you. But you've got to look around to find them. They can only help you so far. You've got to look round. You've got to do your bit too."

"They stayed healthy and I didn't."

Guy asked, "They were healthy and you were sick, and they wouldn't help you? What kind of disease did you have? What troubled you?"

"What have you to do with me?" she asked Guy again.

"We would like to try to help you," he answered "Like Gina we all would."

"Hate them. Hate the lot of them."

"You don't hate us?"

"Doctors can be pretty obnoxious if they want to be." Gina was almost seductive. "They really can. They think they are so big. But they
are only human. Feel sorry for them."

Guy: "They probably tried what they could. May be they really did try all they could."

"You've gone past them now. You are ahead of the doctors now. You're way ahead," said Gina.

"I'm way ahead. I'll get my revenge," the entity replied.

"We're not going to talk of revenge here. That's the biggest waste of effort. Revenge is nice to think about, but you've got to get past it," said Gina.

"I'll teach them," the entity said maliciously.

"Why? How are you going to teach them?" asked Gina.

"There are some here who will help. They know, they'll do it."

"Now, don't drag anyone else into this. Don't drag, come on, come on. Don't drag anyone else into nastiness."

"I don't have to drag them. They are already there. There are ways."

Guy interrupted, "If you open your eyes and have a look round, you can see who we are. You can see through the eyes in the body of the medium."

"Are you scared to have a look round?" challenged Gina. "Come on, are you scared?"

"We are strangers to you," said Guy, "but we wish you well."

Garry spoke, "You could be able to escape this in your next life."

"What's done is done," said Phillip, "You've got a second chance. Another try."

"The only thing revenge does is screw yourself up," said Gina.

"That's screwing him up," the entity said.

"Revenge only hurts you," said Gina.

"I'll hurt him as well."

"Oh, come on ..."

"He'll suffer as well," the entity spoke maliciously.

"Make who suffer?" asked Guy.

"You will suffer a hundred times more than he will," persisted Gina.

"Don't you think you have suffered enough?" asked Guy. "Would you like to get rid of your suffering? It's up to you."

"It's not fair," she said "that he should get off lightly."

"He won't get off. He will pay his price when his time comes," said Guy, "But it is not up to you. God will decide what price he has to pay. You will only punish yourself if you try to punish him."

At this point the entity started to grin and to giggle sardonically. "I will make certain," she laughed maliciously.

"Is it one particular person?" Guy asked.

But the entity only giggled in malicious anticipation.

"Do you know how long you've been on the other side?" Phillip asked.

"Was it a long time ago?" But she did not answer him.

"Is it just possible that I know who you are?" asked Guy.

She just giggled sardonically and in glee at him

"Do I know you?" she giggled again. "I am guessing. Can you see what I am guessing?"

"At what?" asked the entity.

"Am I guessing right? Am I? You have suffered enough. You have suffered in life. You do not have to suffer now."

"But he hasn't," she replied with venom.

"But that is up to God," Guy insisted.

"God!" she exclaimed, she laughed. "God can't do anything. He's never helped anyway has he?"

"Perhaps you don't know who He is. You excluded Him when you were living. You shut Him out. He never could get through to you."

"Why did He let it all happen then? If he is so marvellous," she was very hostile.

"If I am right in guessing who you are, you have been dead for one year. What have you been doing in that one year?" asked Guy.

She giggled, and said with glee "Organising my revenge."

"You've been suffering too. You haven't been happy have you?" Guy pointed out.

"There's no happiness."

"Yes there is. You're just shutting it out," said Guy. "Is the world around you dark?" he asked, "You live in a dark world?"

The entity replied "There is no light."

"There is light. There is a tremendous amount of light and love, in the world where you are. And you know who is shutting it ..."

But the entity interrupted him, "Well, I've not seen any."

"No, because all you want is revenge. Your thoughts of revenge are shutting out the light. By seeking revenge you are imprisoning yourself. I know your story. I know what happened to you, and I am not saying that he is not to blame. I don't know. He probably is to blame, I don't know whether you are to blame, or how much. But I wish you well. I have no hate towards you. Everyone else here wishes you well. You have been brought here by some entities on the other side, who have seen what problems you have and they thought that the only way they could help you was to bring you here and let you talk to us. You see, you hold the key to your own prison. You imprison yourself by your thoughts of revenge. I know that to forgive is a very difficult thing for you, but if you try to send just a tiny, tiny, thought of forgiveness, thinking perhaps of the good and happy times you might have had - you must have had some happy times together at some time. If you just try to think of a little bit of happiness and kindness, you might find that light starts shining in your darkness. Would you like to try that? Don't believe what I say - try it. Open your eyes and look. God doesn't hate you, we don't hate you. It is your own hate that has imprisoned you. That is the law in the world where you live now. It was not the law on earth when you lived there. I am very, very, glad you came, because I had been writing him a letter trying to explain what happened to him. I don't know what you did, because he never told me. Just try to remember something kind and nice. See if a little bit of light comes in."

"I can't."

"You can't?" asked Guy.

"No, no, no."

"You don't have to do it all at once. I know it is a lot to ask. Think of something nice, that's all we ask of you," Gina said. "Think of someone else you liked a lot," she went on.

"Your mother or father perhaps. Something in your childhood," suggested Guy.

"Think about them," Gina said.

"Think of your life. There must have been somebody who was kind and loving to you at some point, and who died and meant a lot to you.

Think of them," Guy continued.

"They went away again." The entity was now almost in tears.

"They are probably over where you are now, and if you call them, they will probably come up to you, and they will show you the way. Whom did you love on earth? Who was the person you most loved, who has perhaps now passed over?"

"Mother was kind."

"Mother was kind," repeated Guy.

"She was taken away."

"Has she passed over now?" Guy asked, "She would be pretty old by now, wouldn't she? She is probably on your side now."

"They are taunting me. They are saying it's not true."

"They are your prison guards. They are taunting you and they are holding you prisoner. But it is for you to break out of the prison and you can get out."

"They shoot if you break out of prison," she was suddenly hysterical.

"Oh no, not that kind of prison, because all the light of the worlds, all the forces of light will help you. They are stronger," Guy reassured her.

"You know what to say to those sort of people?" asked Gina, "Get nicked! Tell them to piss off! That's all you've got to say. Just tell those nasty individuals to just piss off!"

"They have no power over you," added Guy.

"They are helping me," the entity said defiantly.

"Yes, and they are also screwing you up," retorted Gina.

Guy backed her up, "They are helping you to seek revenge, yes. But that is not helping you. That suits them. That makes the darkness darker, they belong to that."

At this point the entity was almost in tears again.

Guy went on, "It's a very hard thing to ask. It is too much to ask you to forgive now. But if you can remember that nice thing. Think about it later, and don't listen to what those dark beings tell you, because we are trying to lead you to light. You can leave the world of darkness and go into the world of light. And you will find, if you can produce within you some thought of love and kindness - for your mother may be, or whoever has been good to you - think of that, and you will gradually find that she will come to you, and she will lead you out of that darkness. You will be able to forgive the hurt and suffering inflicted on you by that particular person. We both know who he is.
If you can only half forgive, you will be able to shake off the world of darkness, and your world will become light, and you will be free."

Gina now spoke, "If you can't do that, try to fill your time with nice people, tell those bastards to piss off! Find some nice people and fill your time talking with nice people. If you get your mind off this bloke, and talk to some nice people and get some interests somewhere else, you will be well on the way."

"It hurts," said the entity.

"'Course it hurts," said Gina firmly, "If you grow, growing hurts. Hey, come on, you're doing really well. You've been doing really well."

"Try this, I can't say it will succeed," Guy interjected, "Think of your mother, think very strongly of her. Think as strongly of your mother as you can. Think of the kindness she showed you. And when you've done that, call her, open your eyes and look. It just might be that she is here, because the people who brought you here have something in mind."

"She's wearing an apron!" The entity was speaking in a manner that was almost childlike.

"Is that your mother?" asked Guy.

"It's a white apron."

"Is she smiling at you?" Guy asked.

"She's baking, she has cakes."

"She wants to share it with you," said Guy. "She wants to offer it to you. She offers you love, the cake is a symbol of love."

"Hey, are you feeling hungry?" Gina asked brightly.

"Your mother's come to receive you. she will show you the way out," said Guy, "Tell those dark prison guards to nick off. You have nothing to do with them."

"I'm confused. I don't understand all this."

"Go to your mother, she will explain. There are other people around who will explain everything to you." Phillip said "Your mother's waiting for you."

"Go to the people, your mother didn't come alone," said Guy.

"It's strange - I don't know ..."

"It's not going to hurt you to go over and eat a piece of cake is it?" Gina asked.

"The light's hurting."

"You are not used to light," said Guy, "You are used to darkness. See, there is light in your world. Your mother is in light, isn't she?"


"Well, wouldn't you rather live in light with your mother, than in darkness with those horrible guards of yours?" asked Guy.

"Just make the step," said Therese, "Just one step." She too, spoke gently but also with calmness and assurance.

"Yes, step by step," added Guy, "Just one little step, but in the right direction. Go to your mother. Those dark guards will try to hold you back, don't listen to them."

"They keep saying it's not true."

"Of course, it's true. They want to keep you in prison. They will tell you it's not true, but they are all lying. They love prisoners in the darkness, because they are in darkness themselves. You have suffered enough, and whatever you did wrong, you have paid your price. You are free to go."

"I don't understand all this. They always said there was nothing after death."

"There is, isn't there?" said Guy.

"Those people who said there is nothing after death are wrong," said Gina gently.

"They can't all be wrong," cried the entity.

"There are lots of people on this earth who are wrong. What you are seeing now - that's the truth. You see your mother there, that's the truth. Why do you accept what other people say, when you can see in front of your eyes what the truth is?" Gina was persistent.

"There are so many dreams - so many fears."

"There is nothing to fear. God is always loving. He will receive you. He holds nothing against you," Guy was reassuring her.

"I've never had a dream like this."

"It is not a dream. Open your eyes and see who else you can see," Guy instructed her. "I am sure there are some very kindly beings around you who will help you and lead you, and get rid of those dark beings, guards of yours. You see, they will retreat. They can't touch you, they must retreat from the light. They've got no power over the light. You are free if you want to be."

"What's your mum saying?" asked Gina.

"Come on, lovey."

"Go on, go to her," said Gina, "Go on."

"Don't you trust her?" asked Guy, "Surely she wishes you well, more than those dark guards. She wouldn't lie to you now, in this situation."

"The pain's stopped," said the entity wonderingly.

"Strange about this isn't it?" asked Gina.

"Were you in pain all this time?" asked Guy.


"You don't want it back, do you?" asked Guy, "If you go to your mother, you will find your pain will be stopped for ever. It will never come back again."

"What have you got to lose?" asked someone.

"Only that pain!" said Gina.

"And revenge, for the time being just forget that revenge," said Guy.

"I don't want revenge. Revenge for what?" the entity was now somewhat bewildered.

"Revenge for bad dreams," said Guy, "It was a bad dream. You have woken up now, so dream no more, go forward."

"What's the cake like?" asked Gina.

"Small and round. Lots of small round cakes."

"What's it taste like?" Gina asked.


"Sweet. So your mother's giving it to you?" asked Guy. "So you can eat it? Your throat doesn't trouble you any more?"

"No. I can eat." The entity was surprised and pleased.

"Yes, your throat is healed. Your whole being is healed," said Guy.

"They got angry when I was angry."

Guy said, "I was told that they paid a visit. I know you paid a visit."

"No, no, no. Before then ..."

"Forget it," Guy said.

"They were kind."

"Eat more of the cake," said Guy, "See if your throat has healed. Is there more light in the world?"


"Yes, well you said there was no light," replied Guy.

"There's a boy there too."

"Do you recognise him?" asked Guy.

"I think - brother - or - he has a toy horse."

"Can you remember who might have had one?" Guy asked.

"Curly hair."

"He is friendly, isn't he?" asked Guy, "Did he come with your mother?"


"Would you like to play with him?" Guy asked.

"Why don't you? Toy horses are good fun," added Gina.

There was a long pause.

"What's mum saying now?" asked Gina.

"She's not here now," the entity replied, but she was not distressed by this. "There's peace. There are trees. It's good to see the trees again."

"You are between dark and light. Green grass and light. You are out of the darkness," said Guy.

"Trees are very, very peaceful," added Gina.

"Are there other people you can see?" asked Guy.

But there was no reply.

I was almost 'back' and said "She hasn't quite gone yet, but she's going."

Phillip asked "Do you want to go with her?" He didn't realise that the entity was going.

"It's half me," I replied. "I'm still sort of half seeing what she is seeing. She is wandering through the fields, she's at peace now. she's O.K."

This entity went through a wide range of emotions and the printed page cannot convey the expressions in her voice. She went from hate and revenge, through bewilderment and finally to a peaceful, almost dreamlike state at the end. I am sure that she was soon approached by her loved ones and that this time she would be receptive to their words (or thoughts). As I typed this up the feeling came to me that she would spend much time trying to bring other people out of the darkness - including her tormentors.

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